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Junior Sous Chef

Toronto, Ontario, M4C 5L4, Canada
March 14, 2012

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In detail, strong character extensive skill and knowledge in Italian both Asian Cuisine for a’la carte menu or banquet catering.

Get used to work under pressure in busy atmosphere kitchen and very well in build the team work.

Ambitious and dynamic person as well as having a good sense of humor and also have willingness to continuously learning.

Have good reputation and recommendation in every company that had been employed previously.

Canada Address : 1 Massey Square 3007, M4C5L4 Toronto, Ontario M4C5L4

Email Address :

Alternate Address :

Home Phone : 416-*******

Mobile Phone : 647 *******


Employer : Renaissance Hotel City Center Doha, Qatar

Category : 5 stars lifestyle business luxurious hotel with 257 rooms

Food Outlet : Crossroads All Day Dining Buffet (Asia/Middle East/Africa)

Period : 8th January 2011 – 10TH January 2012

Position : Assistant Sous Chef (Pre-opening)/ Junior Sous Chef

Website :

Main Duty and Responsibilities

• Creating the basic recipes, menu planning and organizing.

• Implementing menu engineering in the restaurant, to find out profitable item and best selling item.

• Preparing kitchen staff attendance, chef daily meeting and associate daily meeting

• Controlling food cost and tracking down food waste

• Preparing HACCP and Safety (temperature log, great food safe food basic training, etc.)

• To go through the preopening checklist for crossroads kitchen

• Preparing monthly training calendar for kitchen associates

Employer : Pacific Resort, Aitutaki Cook Islands

Category : 5 stars small luxurius boutique hotel with 27 villas

Food Outlet : Beach/Pool Bar, Room Service and Main Restaurant

Period : 6th March 2010 – 21th July 2010

Position : Chef de Partie

Website :

Main Duty and Responsibilities

• Discussing all day, lunch and dinner menu with Chef de Cuisine

• Preparation of Special Menu everyday for Dinner Service

• Leading a shift team

• Kitchen hygiene and safety

• Direct preparation of entree, soup, fish, meat, seafood, vegetables, salads, garnishes

• Discussing kitchen staff schedule to maintain labour cost with Chef de Cuisine

• Discussing guest comment and complain with Chef de Cuisine menu items

• Quality control for all menu items

• Preparing meal for staff

• Monthly stock take together with Chef de Cuisine

• Stock ordering two times a week

Employer : The Address Downtown Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

Category : 5 stars luxurious hotel with 196 guest rooms and626 apartment

FB Outlet : Fazaris All Day Dining Restaurant (Asian/Mediterranean)

Period : 6th July 2008 – 10 February 2010

Position : Chef de Partie – PreOpening Team

Website :

Main Duty and Responsibilities

• Chef in charge in Fazaris Restaurant Breakfast since hotel preopening

• Responsible for every special request in breakfast from the guest include gluten free meal

• Leading a shift team

• Working with Sous Chef to mantain food cost

• Discussing breakfast food station layout in the restaurant

• Discussing breakfast menu planning and special menu event

• Ensuring the quality standard of the food, presentation and refreshing food in the buffet

• Ensuring kitchen operation according Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

• Preparing breakfast staff schedule

• Staff training and upskilling

• Direct involve in a’la carte and buffet breakfast menu rotation every 6 months

• Monthly stock take with Sous Chef

• Weekly stock ordering

Employer : Grand Hyatt , Dubai UAE (HACCP Certified)

Category : 5 stars city hotel with 674 guest rooms

FB Outlet : Market Cafe All Day Dining Restaurant (Mediterranean/ Asian)

Period : 3rd March 2007 – 31st May 2008

Position : Cook 1

Website :

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Cook 1 in charge in breakfast, lunch and dinner as per weekly rotation

• Direct preparation cutting and cooking of vegetable, meat, fish, seafood, pasta, pizza, salads, eggs, shawarma, soup, poultry, little of Indian and Arabic cuisine, most of Mediterranean cuisine

• Maintain cleanlines, hygiene and safety at workplace

• Report to Chef de Partie for every job/task done

Employer : The Ritz Carlton , Dubai UAE (HACCP Certified)

Category : 5 stars resort hotel with 197 guest rooms

FB Outlet : Splendido Italian Restaurant

Period : 15th November 2004 –10th February 2007

Position : Cook 2 promoted to Cook 1

Website :

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Cook 1 in charge in Splendido Italian restaurant

• Prepare and cook complete meals or specialty foods, such as pastries, sauces, soups, salads, vegetables and meat, poultry and fish dishes, and create decorative food displays for special events such as banquets and brunch

• Direct preparation including cutting and cooking such as fresh pasta, pizza, antipasti for buffet and a’la carte menu

• Cook 1 in charge in room service, job task including room service kitchen operation.

• Responsible for checking food quality and safety as HACCP standard.

• Training and giving direction to Cook 2 and Cook 3

• Assisting Demi Chef de Partie and report to Chef de Partie for every job/ task done

Employer : The Ritz Carlton Millenia, Singapore(HACCP Certified)

Category : 5 stars city hotel

FB Outlet : Greenhouse All Day Dining Reastaurant (Asian)

Period : 17th May 2004 – 28th September 2004

Position : Culinary Trainee

Website :

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Following the kitchen SOP guided and supervised by Chef de Partie.

• Training including cutting and cooking under supervision

• Focussing training in Asian Cuisine

• Preparation including soup, sauces, salads, dessert and tapas

• Maintain cleanlines, hygiene and safety at work place

• Reporting duty to Chef de Partie

• Assisting kitchen brigade for special event Annual Food and Wine Festival 2004 hosted by The Ritz Carlton Singapore introduced famous chefs including Iron Chef Marimoto from Nobu restaurant.

Employer : Tiara Medan, Indonesia

Category : 4 stars city hotel and convention centre

FB Outlet : Room Service and Airlangga All day dine in restaurant

Period : 1st July 2002 – 30th June 2003

Position : Cook 1

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Responsible for room service night shift

• Preparation for breakfast buffet including egg station and rice porridge station

• Report to Chef de Partie through Log Book about task/job done during the night

• In charge in Indonesian food section preparing a’la carte menu and special events such as banquet

• Training and upskilling Cook 2 and apprentice chef during shift

• Working together with Chef de Partie maintaining food and labor cost

Employer : The View Bandung, Indonesia

Category : Western and Asian Restaurant

Period : 1st April 2002 –30th June 2002

Position : Butcher

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• In charge in meat and fish butchery

• Tenderloin/ sirloin and fish portioning

• Controlling butchery wastage in order to maintain food cost

Employer : Basara Jakarta, Indonesia

Category : Japanese Restaurant

Period : 5th January 2002 – 28th March 2002

Position : Cook preopening restaurant

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Following guidance Japanese Master Chef to cook Japanese food

• Preparing sushi and sashimi

• Taking care all the new chinaware and equipment

• Reporting duty to Chef

Employer : ABR Holding Ltd, Singapore

Category : Western Restaurant

Period : 7th September 2000 – 11th February 2001

Position : Trainee Cook

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Trained in retail kitchen at Swensen’s Restaurant, a high volume and successful household name in Singapore that specialised in Western food and Ice Cream

• Training covered various aspects kitchen operation, including cleanliness, control and coordination of kitchen activities


7th August 1998 – 5th February 2002

DIPLOMA Degree III Bandung Institute of Tourism , Indonesia

Majoring Food Production Management GPA 3.12 of 4.00

2nd June 1995 – 18th February 1998

Hotel and Tourism High School Medan, Indonesia

Majoring Hotel Accomodation


4th August 2011 Renaissance Hotel, Doha Qatar

Manager Food Safety Certification by TAP Series Marriott

Online Training in TAP Series Marriott regarding the Food Safety as a whole package as Manager.

February-April 2011 Renaissance Hotel, Doha Qatar

Marriott Global Source Online Training

Online Training in Marriott database regarding Food Allergens, Renaissance Breakfast Program, Menu Engineering and Buffet Profitability as well as Norovirus Outbreak Procedure.

11th May 2009 The Address Hotel, Dubai (thank you letter)

The Arabian Travel Market Event

Has contributed to the success of the 2700 cover event in 2 days

March 2008 Grand Hyatt, Dubai (Certificated)

Global Hyatt General Managers Meeting

Has contributed as Task Force member to the success of the Global Hyatt GMs Meeting at Grand Hyatt Dubai

12th March 2006 The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dubai (Certificated)

Dubai Quality Award

Has contributed to the success of The Ritz Carlton Dubai

15th February 2006 The Emirates Salon Culinaire Dubai (Certificated)

A Merit Award from Emirates Culinary Guild

Presentation of Tapas, Finger Food and Canapes

25th January 2005 The Ritz Carlton Hotel Dubai (Certificated)

Recognized as the contributor of The Best Idea of The 4th Quarter 2004

25th August 2001 Bandung Chef Association, Indonesia (Certificated)

Participated in making 5 tons of fried rice Indonesia Museum of Record


2011 – Present, Training during presence Renaissance Hotel Doha Qatar

• Manager Food Safety/ Hygiene Certification Online Training

• Food Bourne Illness Training

• Food Allergens Training

• Norovirus Training

• Menu Engineering Training

• Breakfast ME Marriott Training

2008 – 2009 Training during presence in The Address Hotel Dubai

• Passion Plus Training Course

• Fish Philosophy Training

• How to read Gallup Report

• The Basic Food Hygiene Training Course 5th August 2008

2007 Training during presence in Grand Hyatt Dubai :

• Service of Professional

2004 – 2007 Training during presence in The Ritz Carlton Dubai :

• Basic Food Hygiene Training 12th April 2005(Certificated)

• Fire Safety Training

• Bomb Threat Training

• HAACP Training

• Chemical Safety Training

• Job Safety Analysis Training

• Service Value Training (The Ritz Carlton’s Values)

2004 Training during presence in The Ritz Carlton Singapore :

• Basic Food Hygiene by Society of Environmental Health Singapore 17th April 2004(Certificated)


My short term goal is to get an experience and knowledge in culinary as much as I can. And well known in culinary industry. Working with respect, integrity, honest, consistent as I believe can be something to fulfill inspiration inside of me and to give good impact for my working environment.


Reading, traveling, ice carving, playing bass and electric guitar.


Chef Christian Jean

Executive Chef of Renaissance Hotel/ MEA/ Courtyard by Marriott

Mobile : +97466091092

Email :

Chef Uwe Faust

Director of Culinary The Armani Hotel Burj Tower Dubai

Mobile : +971507886584

Chef Dwayne Cheer

Executive Chef The Address Hotel Dubai Mall

Mobile : +971509572641

Chef Sebastian Nohse

Executive Chef The Address Hotel Downtown Burj Dubai

Chef Waleed Al Sadik

Former Chef de Cuisine of Fazaris Restaurant

Mobile : +971503461519

Chef Anthony J. Hannan

Former Executive Chef of The Ritz Carlton Dubai

Email :

Chef Andrea Magnano

Former Chef de Cuisine of Splendido The Ritz Carlton Dubai

Email :

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