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Developer Engineer

Castro Valley, CA, 94546
August 27, 2012

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Joseph A. Coleman Sr.

Address: **** ******* ** ****** *****: 510-***-****

Castro Valley, CA 94546 Decision Net Technologies 415-***-****

Email: Mobile: 510-***-****

Summary Expert level knowledge in Systems Architecture, Application Programming, Business Intelligence Systems, Data Analytics, Corporate Dashboard, Social Media Technologies, Application Development, Mobile Application Development, WebD3, Web 2.0/3.0 Technologies, Advanced Media Streaming Technologies and Website/API design.

¬¬¬I designed and built dozens of Business Intelligence dashboard applications as well as desktop and mobile applications, from inception to production implementation. I have upheld C-Level positions (MIS Mgr., Director and CTO) with experience in directing multi-million dollar projects. My primary goal is to help companies utilize current and emerging technologies to achieve innovative and cost-effective solutions to drive their business of offering/service to the next level.

Role Description Chief Technology Officer, Director of Systems Integrations/IT,

Project Director, Web 2.0/3.0 Architect, Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer, Web Application Developer, Cloud Computing Consultant, Streaming Media Consultant

Technical Skills Application Development:

Javascript, WebFOCUS BI, FOCUS, Qlikview BI, Jaspersoft BI, Python 2.7,3.2, SQLAlchemy, Hibernate, SSIS, Business Objects, Android, iPhone iOS, Xcelsius 2008, Delphi, PowerBuilder, DB2, Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Rexx, ASP, Java, Unix Shell Programming, Ruby, JackBe Mashups, GAE, Google Wave, NodeJS

WEB Application Development/Mashups:

SquareSpace, PHP, Joomla, Python, Django, Google GWT, Open Social, Zembly, ASP.NET, C#, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, DNN, WAMP, MAMP, Javascript (Ajax), Comet (Reverse Ajax), DOJO, Dreamweaver

Operating Systems:

OSX Leopard Server, Mint 10, Ubuntu, Windows 2008/2003 Server, IBM Blade Center HS21, MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, VAX/VMS, UNIX, OS/OCL, Sun OS, Solaris, MVS/MSO, Roscoe, Win NT, Win2K, Win XP, Linux

Database Systems:

VoltDB, MongoDB, CouchDB, SQL Server 2K, 2005, 2008; Oracle 8, 9 & 10G; MySQL 5.1.29; Colada, MS Access; DB2; Datacom, SQLite, Teradata, ISAM, VSAM, IMS

CLOUD Computing Systems:

Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Zembly, ZOHO

Data Interchange Protocols:


Business Areas Information Technology:

• Website Design/Development

• Web 2.0/3.0 Technologies, Enterprise Mashups, Web Services, WebD3

• Business Intelligence Dashboards, KPI’s, Advance Graphs, Multi-Quadrant views

• Systems Integration, Application Management & Profiling, Portal Integration

• Multilevel Security Systems including Video Surveillance Systems

• Systems Administration, Security and Upgrades

• GCD (iLCMS) Systems Architect

• RDBMS Replication Framework

• Best Practices / Technology


• Multi-Site DC Operations

• Policy and Procedures

• Training and Development

• Resource Allocation

• Customer Relations



Federal Reserve Bank

05/2012 – Present

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Trained WebFocus development team on advance graph development

• Developed 17 unique and custom graphs within a two-week timeframe, using DevStudio Development was mostly done remotely.


Carlson Worldwide

02/2012 – Present Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

• Remote management of enterprise Business Intelligence tool (WebFOCUS) and all Business Intelligence dashboards and all administrative tasks.


EJ Gallo Winery

02/2012 – 05/2012 Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Development of 42 custom tabular reports

• Prototype new custom launch page UI screens to get corporate buy-off from existing Gallo business partners as new standard for BI UI screen development. Implemented strategy to allow for agile development to continue, due to unforeseen roadblocks, which was presented from the business.

• Multiple versions of BI tool were used. WebFOCUS 7.7.03 was primary development environment.


First Data Corp.

07/2011 – 08/2011

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• The main focus of this contract was to provide senior technical support for the migration of WebFOCUS databases from AIX to Linux. I designed and wrote dynamic dump and load procedures which enabled First Data to be able to migrate databases written for the AIX 32bit environment to the Linux 64bit environment. The dump/load procedures were designed to handle multiple segments/keys.


Pacific Maritime Association

05/2011- 8/2011

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Designed and built Strategic Business Analysis Dashboard for PMA. The dashboard was built using the latest version of WebFOCUS 7703 Business Intelligence suite of software. Based on the design we were able to effectively show 18 different reports from a single dashboard view. Specific code was written re-launch different reports based on values selected in radio controls and drop-down lists.



09/2010 – 06/2011

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Design and built iMDM Reporting Services Dashboard for their ActiveCare, Mobile Activate and Mobile Update applications for one of the largest telecom companies. Entire platform was design and built using WebFOCUS’ Business Intelligence applications.

• Designed customized CSV reports of different sizes into a consolidated compound report structure.


12/2009 – 09/2010

Director of Systems

• In my role of Director of Systems for Marsys, I was responsible for the design and integration of our global content management systems and applications that provide our content to the edge using our MARSYS Digital Network.

• Managed the ongoing development and design of site design and developed custom reports for various clients



12/2008 – 09/2010

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• ebrary is a global digital content publisher/provider. I built multiple internal dashboards for ebrary delivering usage and revenue data. The data was aggregated from several independent sources (Oracle 11g, Saleforce and SQL Server 2008).

• Integrated self-service reports with current Partners Portal. Added extra layer of security by encrypting session data from Partner Portal to BI server using JAVA. Created Publisher, Title, COUNTER and Site Activity reports for external Partners. Developed UI for all reports using BI tool.


Universal Ballers

05/2008 – 08/2009 Chief Technology Engineer (Web Architect, BI Metrics, Database Architecture)

• Working on multiple projects with multiple roles. Sr. web architect for DRP, a web based content distribution application with monetization built in and accessible via all mobile phone with integrated SMS payments structure.

• Universal Football – A unique and one of a kind multi-player game that incorporates five different games into a single framework. The game is design to be delivered to mobile devices as well as web browsers that support the HTML 5 standard and with monetization built in.

• Spec and prototype using Qlikview BI tool to integrate with Google Fusion Table to pull Green Metric data and provide analytics similar to GapMinder from Google.


Systron Donner

10/2007 – 5/2008

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Build Executive Dashboard application for Systron Donner Automotive

• Design and build 7 dashboards TABs that enable the client to have a one-touch view into their backend systems. The tabs include graphical charts with drill downs to detail level data. Dynamic Parabolic charts were chosen as the end-point of the drill downs. The parabolic chart has ActiveX properties which extends user functionality and gives the user ability to resize, resort and change the graph dynamically once rendered

• Implemented live data model for rendering ActiveX graphs

• User-Training of Adhoc Reporting system

• Setup and built dashboard content using MRE administration tool


McCoy’s Patrol 06/2008 – 09/2008

Qlikview Business Intelligence Developer

• Spec and prototype two different dashboards. Scheduling and dispatch dashboard and finance dashboard. Reviewed backend data warehouse to determine if subsequent summary tables were needed for the analytics requested.

• Project temporarily suspended due to budgetary plans


Charles Schwab

04/2007 – 04/2008

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Maintain and support over 300+ production jobs for Schwab Operations

• Use Business Objects (infoview) to build new reports for various business units

• Develop reports in Crystal Reports with access to BO Universe

• Redesign Verification of Deposit Letters job, setup in Schwab production environment.

• Perform testing of mainframe FOCUS 7.3 release


Intersil Corp. 04/2007 – 06/2007

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Design and built BackEnd Portal Revenue Tab

• Designed complex bar and line graphs based on revenue data from the BackEnd Portal data sources

• Create Excel charts and data, which users can save to their local desktops

• Designed Stacked Bar graphs with horizontal indicator for comparative analysis

• Created chained parameters for user selection


Intersil Corp.

02/2007 – 04/2007

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Designed and built the Executive FOUNDRY portal that supports over 9 FABs worldwide

• Built multiple tabular summary and detail reports to support the analytics for the number of LOTS

• Developed FAB WIP, FAB Metrics and FAB Trends tabs to be analyzed by Executive management, which will give them the appropriate view of the FAB data to make the best possible decisions

• Developed historical and forecasting graphs with drill-down capability to detail data

• Developed {On Time, Cycle Time and Line Yield Percentage} graphs to support Foundry measurements

• Developed multiple graphs for FAB Foundries for trending purposes to determine who is giving the best performance for {On Time, Cycle Time and Line Yield Percentage} metrics

• Designed and built Active Reports with complex drill-down capabilities that allows you to slice and dice tabular data in multiple views


Resilient Business 12/2006 – 04/2007

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Convert Business Objects universe to WebFOCUS ‘Metadata’. Build necessary join structures in WebFOCUS to accommodate entire BO universe.

• Redesign Security scheme for WebFOCUS client and Reporting Servers

• Redesign infrastructure of current BI platform to support a more scalable and distributed architecture

• Designed over 20 reports for new Sales Consolidation Project


Charles Schwab

09/2005 – 09/2006

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Provided management information support for all of Schwab Operations.

• Maintained over 300 production iSchwab-BITS mainframe jobs and/or data extracts to various other platforms.

• iSchwab-BITS group consist of two persons interacting on a peer relationship to support the groups main objectives.

• iSchwab-BITS is also responsible for enhancements to existing reports and/or downloads and new report development.

• Was solely responsible for re-engineering the Limited Partnership Letters for the Stock Record department.

• Performed detailed analysis of the existing job stream with the business partner to add clarity to the initial requirements.

• Re-engineering the LP Letter job provided Schwab-Operations with a cost-savings of over $300K annually.

• Another project consisted of performing technical analysis of 300 production jobs to identify pilot one-offs to be converted to the Teradata RDBMS


Mariner Systems

09/2004 – 03/2006

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer

• Designed and architected custom dashboard reporting system-using WebFOCUS and iWay software for a company that processed credit cards and mail set inserts for fortune 500 clients like (i.e. Verizon)

• Implemented multi-quadrant dashboards with multi-level drilldown reports and advanced charting capabilities

• Built reporting data marts using Data Migrator to perform ETL processes from their transactional fulfillment system. Transforms and data aggregation needed to build mini data marts for reporting


Mariner Systems

11/1999 - 09/2004 Director Systems Integration/Project Director

• Directed building multiple redundant Data Centers with the infrastructure designed to manage multiple clients, in our Managed Service Provider business model for several very large-scale clients, with a total of over 500,000 users.

• Integrated emerging technologies into applications', delivering optimum performance and scalability gains. Implementation of high availability solutions for multiple backend host segments.

• eLearning System: Directed/Managed Application and Database production services.

• Provided technical expertise to application management team for profiling and scalability.

• Certification of application's load capacity and scalability.

• Created iLCMS architecture for content distribution globally.

• Portals: Designed and implemented Plumtree portal for MARSYS.

• Created scalable portal architecture to host multiple clients.

• Integrated Active Directory services within portal framework.

• Integrated several internal applications into MARSYS intranet portal.

• Application Profiling: Detailed analysis of Applications' load capacity and/or scalability

• Extensive load testing of applications using industry-leading providers.

• Advance level scripting in various load-testing technologies (Keynote, Segue & LR).

• Expert level of expertise in application profiling and scalability.

• QA of new and/or existing applications prior to production implementation.

• DB Management: Manage over 20 database segments across multiple data centers.

• Architect high availability SQL Server cluster solution for LMS & LCMS systems.

• Integrated "Colada" Replication Framework into existing applications to allow near real-time replication through existing LAN or WAN infrastructure.

• Manage {Backups, Schedule Jobs, Maintenance Plans & Content Distribution} experience writing T-SQL and PL/SQL


Charles Schwab

10/1997 – 01/2000

Senior Consultant/Analyst

• Responsible for monitoring and maintaining production jobs for Decision Support.

• An integral part of the Y2K Focus team, which was tasked with modifying the production FOCUS jobs to be Y2K compliant.

• Developed and maintained reports for various for key business units.


McKesson Corp.

01/1997 - 01/1998

Senior Consultant/Business Analyst/Team Lead

• My position at McKesson was focused on meeting with key business units and defining requirements for designing several highly visible reports that needed to be distributed to the executive management team and various McKesson business partners.

• Mainframe FOCUS was the primary tool used to develop the custom reports.

• Designed jobs, which started Oracle scripts and returned data to MVS for subsequent processing.

• Migrated newly created jobs into McKesson production environment using INFO/ENDEVOR for Y2K. Modified COBOL batch jobs for data extraction and reporting


Charles Schwab

05/1994 - 12/1996 Senior Consultant/Analyst

• Responsible for conversion of on-line retail marketing and financial incentives databases to a batch environment, using mainframe FOCUS, COBOL, Syncsort, Datacom and JCL.

• Delivered unparalleled technical and production support for major corporate data files


Charles Schwab

01/1994 - 05/1995

Senior Technical Lead/Manager

• Developed and maintained Schwab Institutional Financial Reporting Jobs.

• Hired on as full-time employee to manage our MIS group of 5 that consisted of two FTE's and three contractors.

• 2Worked very closely with end-users on report design, modifications to existing report and the design of new reporting systems. We converted over 95 different jobs to use our user scheduling system.


Unicon International


11/1993 - 04/1994

Senior FOCUS Consultant

• Maintained Unicon's on-line customer survey system, designed and written in FOCUS on the VAX platform.

• Lead team of two focus programmers on a re-design project of the customer survey system.

• Implemented policies and procedures for change management control.

• Tools utilized were FOCUS on VAX/VMS, Optech Sort and the VMS OS.

Charles Schwab

04/1991 - 11/1994


Senior Systems Engineer

• Developed custom databases for the RSD department in FOCUS on MVS/TSO, utilizing Syncsort and JCL.

• Started FOCUS/OFFLOAD project, which took all FOCUS applications written on the MVS platform and converted them to the HP9000 platform, running UNIX.

• Maintained decision support systems in the ISD department. Enhanced a complex VIP reporting system in FOCUS, which was used by the executive management team in Retail Marketing.



06/1988 - 04/1991

Senior Systems Engineer/Technical Lead

• Project lead and Design specialist at MMC.

• Designed contract management application, written solely in FOCUS. This was a two-year project from inception and was implemented into production at various Healthcare facilities across the United States.

• There were three custom applications written to run on a variety of operating systems. MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, VAX/VMS, OS/2 and UNIX/BCD/AIX.

• Managed two full-time FOCUS employees and several IBI FOCUS contractors for the project. Team leader in installation and configuration of MMC's custom Managed Care applications throughout the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast regions


Mariner Systems

04/1985 - 05/1988

Systems Programmer/Analyst

• As a System Programmer, I was responsible for the design and maintenance of the Tariff Base software application written in C and Pascal.

• The Tariff Base publishing system was designed to allow the Tariff bureaus to publish tariffs on an on-demand basis and electronically transmit them to the FMC in Washington.

• Assisted in the design of custom communication compression routines.

• Designed 9-track conversion program to extract data from 9-track tapes and convert to microfiche.


Education Heald College - Business Division, San Francisco CA

• Computer Science, A.S. Degree

City College of San Francisco

• Computer Science/Mathematics


Certifications • MS Active Server Page Certification

• CISCO Advanced Edge Server Certification

• Advance Developer Certificate for DELPHI rapid development programming. DACMS Worldwide Advanced Content Management Certification

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