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Technician Nurse

San Antonio, TX, 78240
August 24, 2012

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Ginny Tumlinson

**** ********* **.

San Antonio, TX 78240


Seeking work in an office environment. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work independently and as a team member on group projects. Strong organizational abilities, combined with excellent communication, self-motivation, time management, accuracy, and problem-solving skills that allow me to work effectively with other people at all levels. Experienced predominantly in a healthcare environment working collaboratively with others, as well as independently.

Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Animal), South Texas Veteran’s Healthcare System, Audie L. Murphy Hospital, San Antonio, TX (1985 – 2011)

Responsibilities and duties include:

Observing animals on a daily basis, recording new births, animals undergoing treatment for illness, and those being used for experiments

Notifying investigators/technicians supervising experiments when obvious changes occur in animal conditions

Assisting investigators and technicians in all areas of animal use

Maintaining routine records such as receiving dates and dates of birth, temperatures, food consumption, and quantity of animals in facility

Maintaining level of supplies and equipment necessary for facility

Cross training in all aspects and duties of Veterinary Medical Unit

Serving as scrub nurse and pre-op/post-op nurse

Implementing innovative techniques due to policy change, new protocols, alternate housing, feeding, watering, observation and reporting

Having good knowledge, understanding, practice and enforcement of all guidelines for all aspects of care and use of animals in the lab settings as set forth by Guide for Care and Use of Animals, Animal Welfare Act, USDA Guidelines, Public Health Policy for Care and Use of Lab Animals, APHIS Guide, IACUC Policy and Regulation, and V.A. and Research-Specific Guidelines and Policies

Chaired Safety Subcommittee

Served as a member of Permanent Walk-Thru

Served as trainer of safety

Served as Chemical Hygiene Officer for Research

Served as trainer of Infection Control

During Combined Federal Campaign, served as canvasser for savings bonds and as a member of the Film Badge Team, and also served on the Research Decon-Team

Palo Alto College, San Antonio, TX (2011), General Office Clerk certification (2011)

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite

Certified Laboratory Animal Technician, American Association of Laboratory Animal Science

Certified Veterinary Nutritional Consultant, Hills Science Diet

Knowledge of husbandry of laboratory animal species

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