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BANGALORE, Andhra Pradesh, India
March 02, 2011

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SAP BW/BI Consultant. Email id:

Ph: 949*******

Professional experience:

Around 4+ years of experience in SAP BI/BW which include two implementations and two production support project.


Key focus areas in Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing to enhance and improve business processes. SAP BI Solution Consultant with more than 4+ years in Business Intelligence solutions. Extensively used ABAP in writing customer exist, enhancements, routines. Had been involved in one BI End to end Implementations & possess working knowledge of the Various Processes in the Procurement business cycle (Material Management, Sales & Distribution, and FI in deployment and management of software solutions with focus on multi-tier distributed computing paradigms. I am truly a team player with excellent technical, communication and leadership skills.

Having strong knowledge in SAP-BO.

SAP BI Expertise:


Info Objects, Info object Catalogs, Info cubes, DSO objects, Info Sets,

MultiProviders, Application Component, Info Sources, Data Sources, Update Rules, Tranfer Rules, Communication Structure,Tranfer Structure, Info Packages, Info Package Groups, Process Chains, PSA, Transformations, Data Transfer Process (DTP) etc.


Used Business Content extensively, loaded statistical data using (BC) Technical Content. Extracted data from ECC, classification system, through Web service and Flat File. LO Cockpit Extraction, Generic Extraction, Flat file Extraction for Master data and Transactional data, and Activating Data structure, Transporting data sources, customizing and Enhancement of Extract.

Scheduling: -

Creation of Batch process and scheduling load jobs in parallel. Process Chain Maintenance.


Expertise in Reporting with Business Explorer using BEx Analyzer, BEx Query Designer, Web Application Designer, Condition Reporting, Exception highlighting, developed Queries, queries using Filters, Free Characteristics, Calculated Key figures, and Restricted Key figures, Variables, Structures and RRI (Report to Report Interface).

Strong Knowledge in BO:

Expertise in Reporting with Business Objects using Universe Designer, Crystal Reports, BO XI-R/3 Features, QaaWS, Xcelsius, Web Intelligence, Dashboard Builder.


Working in TCS, Bangalore, since April ’2008 to till date .

Education Details:

Master of Business Administration from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.

Technical Skills:

Data Warehouse : SAP BI 7.0, SAP BW 3.5.

ERP Packages : SAP R/3 4.7EE, ECC 6.0.

ERP Integration : SD, MM.

Reporting Tools : BEx, Query Designer, WAD, BO.

Programming : ABAP Routines.


Project #1 (Dec 2009 to till date)

Client : Ann Taylor (Implementation & Support)

Role : Team Member, BI Consultant

Environment : SAP BI7.0, ECC 6.0.


Worked Extensively on Data Warehouse Workbench and customized info objects, info cubes, DSOs, Data Sources, DTPs, Transformations and multiproviders

Set up periodic Data loads from legacy system (flat files)

Involved in extracting the data from External Source system like Informatica.

Installing and creating BI objects like info objects, DSOs, Info cubes

Creating and managing dataflow using DTP, transformations and info packages

Data Source Enhancement according to customer requirement

Experience in writing programs using ABAP, written start routines and characteristic routines.

Designed and developed queries to generate reports in BEx Analyzer.

Worked extensively on query designer.

Involved with performance tuning of queries by compression, repartitioning of info cubes

Created aggregates for InfoCubes to improve query performance.

Extensively Worked on Lo Cockpit and performing necessary procedures like setting up of update Mode, deleting set up tables, filling up of set up tables and loaded data from SAP ECC to SAP BI and used initialization update and delta update

Created custom InfoObjects, DSO, DTPs and InfoCubes-sales data

Schedules DTP for loading Transactional Data from PSA to Info Provider using process chains.

Involved in the transportation of BI objects from development to quality and production.

Worked extensively on BEx query Designer and Developed flexible queries using navigational attributes in BEX analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detailed levels of information. Created custom queries using variables and structures.

Extensively used Structures, cell definition, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, new selection, new formula, exceptions and conditions. Worked on report-to-report interface (RRI), to enhance the reporting features in BEx analyzer.

Project# 2 (April 2008 – Nov 2009)

Client : Adobe (Support)

Role : SAP BW Consultant

Environment : SAP BI7.0, ECC 6.0.


Involved in the enhancement of Datasources 2LIS_02_ITM.

Modified the existing reports with new fields and transported to production system.

Involved in the activities like root cause analysis for aborted process chains.

Worked extensively on issues raised by the business users.

Rectified the data in PSA level and processed manually up to the data target, whenever required.

Managed the data loads using full update and Delta management.

Monitoring the process chains.

Involved in understanding the business processes which is very important to work on a process.

Involved in mapping of data source to info source with transfer rules and communication structure in SAP BW.

Involved in Performance tuning by creating Aggregates, load balancing, compression, optimizing the code, refreshing the statistics etc.

Developed new SD reports like Billing detail by customer, Top 50 Customers based on billing and products.

Extensively used Error DTP’s for the master data loads.

Developed user interface (T-code) to upload the data from the file to direct update ODS.

Utilized the advantage of Transitive attributes property using Infoset.

Added Attribute change run in the master data process chain.

Handled the tickets using Remedy tool.

Project #3 (Jan 2007 – March 2008)

Client : GE Water (Implementation)

Environment : SAP BI7.0, ECC 6.0.

Position : SAP BW Consultant.


Created Info Cubes, Info Sources, update rules, Data Sources and replicated Data Sources.

Experienced in Designing of queries, workbooks from Info Cubes.

Created Communication structures, transfer structures, transfer rules & update rules for the info cubes and the ODS.

Installation of Business Contents objects as per Business Requirements.

Involved in extracting data from SAP R/3 using LO Extractors.

Created characteristic and key figure Info Objects from the Standard Content, customer defined and loaded into Info objects, ODS objects, Info Cubes, Created Info Packages, scheduling and monitoring.

Transported the developed BW objects to quality and production.

Actively involved in monitoring the data transfer from source system into BW.

Data uploading from R/3 & non R/3 Systems (Oracle / Flat Files).

Support, Optimization and revamping of scheduling and monitoring the system.

Problem resolving related to data loading and query performance.

Optimization of major cubes with aggregates and compression.

Involved in creation of reports using Query Designer such that by using Conditions, Exceptions, Free Characteristics, Restricted Key figures, calculated key figures, user entry Input Variable and formula Variables.

Project #4 (Nov 2006 – Dec 2006)

Client : Hitachi (Support)

Environment : SAP BI7.0, ECC 6.0.

Position : SAP BW Consultant.


Analyzed and corrected production problems as they occur in the SAP BW system

Monitoring of Info packages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of Info packages.

Maintaining Reconciliation’s to verify the data in SAP R3 and SAP BW are same or not after the data loads.

Maintaining Work History for all the tickets until it is closed down.

To communicate with the customer who posted the Ticket.

Resolved customer reported tickets through email and phone

Provided high level of customer service to end users, business units and groups

Monitoring the daily loads through RSPCM and also monitoring the Info cubes and ODS object requests.


Fathers Name : P. Narayana.

Present Address : 26-91, Old Town, Anantapur.

Passport No : J2835300.

Nationality : Indian.

Languages : English, Telugu, Hindi.

Marital Status : Married.

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