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Project Manager

Goa, GA, 403711, India
August 28, 2012

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Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture D.O.B: 22/11/1988


Certification/ Degree Year Institution Marks

Dual Degree (B Tech + M Tech) 2006 2011 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 6.83/10

WBHSC (XII) 2006 Nava Nalanda Higher Secondary School 78.9%

WBSC (X) 2004 Nava Nalanda Higher Secondary School 85.125%


ORGANIZATION Goa Shipyard Limited, Ministry of Defence India

POSITION Assistant Manager (Naval Architect) Since July 2011

JOB • Currently posted in the Technical services department in the Design Hull section

1. Decided the hydrofoil section for the V-struts; modeled the mast, the mast base & different blocks, made the framing sections, water-tight, auxiliary bulkhead & block drawings of 100 meters Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) for the Indian Coast Guard using Tribon

2. Calculated steel weight for the Hull and Aluminum weight for the super structure, estimated the equipment number and working on the mooring and towing arrangements.

3. GA and lines plan drawing, stability, scantling calculation of ASW (anti submarine warfare shallow water craft) for the Indian Navy using Tribon and Auto-cad

4. Estimated the lightship weight, did scantling and powering calculation of 40 meters Fast Patrol Vessel for the Indian Coast Guard.

5. Made the GA drawing of a 90 meters OPV for Myanmar.

• Worked in Production department in Hull-outfitting section on 90 meters OPV for the first two months.

1. Conducted the PIs (Preliminary Inspections) of different compartments along with the Coast Guard representative and guided the supervisors to rectify the defects found

2. Assisted the ABS Surveyors during the dry surveys of the vessel.


ORGANIZATION Shipping Corporation of India, Mumbai [May 2010]

PROJECT • Worked in the Ship Building & Services Dept. on the ship acquisition process

• Reviewed the stability calculation, vibration analysis & GA drawings for the acquisition of a 57,000 ton DWT bulk carrier

• As part of a team, analyzed and recommended changes to the ship design; sent for approval


ORGANIZATION MIT, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute of Technology Massachusetts, USA [May-July 2009]

PROJECT TITLE Dispersion Relationship of the Kelvin waves in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean

PROJECT BREIF • Fourier analyzed Sea Surface Height data of these oceans, acquired through Satellite Altimetry, to compute the power spectral density, to find out the contribution of the different frequencies.

• The analysis showed that the waves run parallel to each other with almost the same velocity and the higher power levels are at low frequencies, and that the waves move eastward.

• Having concluded that these are Kelvin waves, the dispersion relation was used to establish that the waves are more visible in the Pacific Ocean, a fact attributed to the superposition of waves in the Indian Ocean due to the presence of many islands and smaller size.

ACHIEVEMENTS • Developed a method to identify Kelvin waves on the ocean surfaces

• Concluded the presence of Kelvin waves is much less in the Indian Ocean than the Pacific Ocean

• Received a verbal Invitation for a graduate internship with the Dept. of Physical Oceanography


MASTER‘S DISSERTATION Harnessing tidal current energy in the form of renewable electrical energy [2010,11]

• Designed & Fabricated a Gorlov Helical turbine that rotates under the action of tidal current and produced more than 3 watts of power.

BACHELOR’S DISSERTATION Conceptualization of a device to harness wave energy in the form of renewable electrical energy for an industrial consultancy project sponsored by ONGC [2009,10]

• Developed a method for manufacture of devices which use the heaving motion of the wave to induce relative motion between coil and magnet, thereby producing electricity

TERM PROJECT Design and Conceptualization of PANAMAX bulk carrier using HYDROMAX, MAXSURF, AUTOCAD

• Composed the lines plan & the GA drawing; carried out the stability analysis of the hull [2009,10]

• Learnt about the commercial viability, expected life and the required capital investment of the ship

• Gained an insight into the structural and hydrodynamic design of the vessel and its economic implications



BRIDGE • Led the team to win the Silver medal (12 teams) in the Inter Hall Bridge Championship

• Conducted trials for 250 freshmen to scout talent & groomed 4 new players [2010]

• Introduced a new bidding system to consolidate our game playing strategy

• Guided the Hall team to 3 medals in district level competitions, Midnapur [2009,10]


LIGHTS • Supervised a team of 15 members to win the gold medals (11 teams) in dramatics [2008-10]

• Devised new light projection techniques for the Silver winning English Dramatics Musical

CAPTAIN CRICKET • Conducted freshmen events to pick and nurture fresh talent in the hall [2010-11]

• Four such freshmen got selected in the Inter IIT probable list for 2010

HALL LIBRARY Library Committee Member [2007]

• Brought in alumni fund of INR 9,000 to procure new books for academic purposes

• Designed a novel portal in the hall website to keep a track of the books issued

• Negotiated with Starmark, India to get a 35% discount on academic books


ILLUMINATION Organized in a competitive environment on the day of Diwali in which, students from different halls build vertical panels of bamboo on which thousands of lamps (diyas) are mounted forming outlines of people/things that illustrate an event or a place of importance Member of the organizing team of Patel Hall of Residence [2009,10]

• Visualized a new aesthetic for paneling and ground decoration to overhaul presentation

• Coordinated with 2 teams of 20 members each to build the vertical panel & for ground decoration [2009-2011]


CRICKET • Represented the Institute cricket team thrice in the Inter IIT championships [2008,09,10]

• Played a key role for the Institute team in 7 state level cricket competitions [2007,08,09,10]

• Won Gold & Silver medals (16 teams) in 2 successive inter hostel championships [2007,08]

BRIDGE • Winner, two Gold medals (12 teams) in 2 successive inter hostel championships [2007,08]

• Winner, two medals in Midnapur in a friendly tournament among 13 local teams [2008,09]

WATER POLO • Winner, one Gold medal (8 teams) in the inter hostel championship [2007]

DRAMATICS • Winner, one Gold medal (9 teams) in the inter hostel Choreography competition [2009]

• Winner, one Gold medal (9 teams) in the inter hostel Bengali dramatics competition [2007]



LANGUAGES • C, C++, Visual Studio, MATLAB

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