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Results-oriented professional with over twenty years experience

Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53188, United States
70 per hour
September 15, 2010

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Timothy Berg is an IT Director/ Project Manager/Senior Developer with over 20 years experience designing, developing and managing enterprise wide systems and application support. Solid team player with enthusiastic attitude; adept at building relationships with users and colleagues. Core professional strengths include strong diverse systems background, the ability to run large data centers and the construction of cohesive, world-class MIS teams.

Project Manager / CTO / CIO / IT Director / Senior Developer

Professional with impeccable analytical skills who is familiar with both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Responsible for developing designs, servicing clients and motivating internal team. Full life cycle software development management experience. Proven experience as a team or project manager. Strong verbal and written presentation skills. Additional responsibilities included development of plans and schedules, interfacing with vendors and providing hands on assistance when necessary. Developed and maintained MS Project schedules in order to properly plan, implement, track and communicate status of projects. Facilitate project kickoff meetings for project overview; establish roles and responsibilities of the core project team members and project execution plan. Established deliverables required and delegated responsibilities to appropriate team members and subject matter experts (SME's). Facilitated regular project review meetings and published minutes and follow-ups on action items listed. Anticipated problems and complications, and formulated solutions so as not to impede the progress of the project. Escalated issues that may become deadlocked within the core project team to appropriate cross-functional managers and/or program managers. Understand and managed the project jeopardy process to insure efficient department leadership awareness/intervention and mitigation of the issues presenting the jeopardy. Maintained clear, complete and concise files and Project documentation e.g. Implementation Plans, project schedules, org charts, minutes of meeting, jeopardy notices, etc.

Application Programming Experience

Visual Basic / COM / DCOM expert. Over 18 years of experience in full life cycle development such as analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of various software projects, applications and database management systems with expertise in client/server and n-tier architectures. Extensive experience in Internet based Project development using ASP, OLE, MTS, DTS, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, XML, PHP, DHTML, ActiveX, MS Visual Studio, Visual Interdev Components. RDBMS skills include Oracle, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2003 and Expert GUI development skills using Visual Basic 6.0/5.0/4.0, Business Objects, Crystal Reports 5.0-11.5R2. Additional skills include: MS Visual Interdev, ASP 2.0, IIS, MS Access 7.0, ORACLE 7.X,8.5, PL-SQL, Sybase, Windows XP, 2000, NT & 9X

My previous experience as a consulting professional was to help clients achieve their business objectives by having a significant impact on their efforts to improve the state of the software development process within their organizations. I fulfilled this role by offering my advice, leveraging my diversified experience, and helping others come to grips with the difficulties and rewards of software development as it applies to their business.

These are some of the types of work I do for my clients:

• Help my clients and their staffs define the process of software engineering as it applies to them.

• Act as a mentor on Object Oriented Technology to the less experienced members of the clients’ staffs.

• Help the client to build, hire, and train their development teams.

• Consult and strategize with the clients’ design teams.

• Review the designs and plans of the clients’ staffs and advise on any modifications I think are appropriate.

• Analyze and design systems and subsystems for my clients.

• Implement systems and subsystems for my clients.

• 18+ years as a professional software developer/consultant.

• 7+ years experience with Object Oriented technologies.

• 6+ years experience with the Visual Basic(tm) language and platform.

• 4+ years experience with the C++ programming language.

• Various experiences with other programming languages.

• Experience with Client/Server, Multi-Tiered Client/Server, database, multi-threading, multi-tasking, distributed processing, process control, reentrant programming ... on many projects and teams.

• Instructor – Waukesha County Technical College

• Chief Information Officer

• Chief Technical Officer

• Project Manager

• Project Technical Lead

• Lead Analyst

• Lead Designer

• Lead Programmer

• Tester

• Internet - WWW

• Client Server, n-tier

• Marketing

• Financial

• System Software Utilities

• Telephony

• Real Estate

• Materials Management

• Hospital Systems

• Transportation

• Visual Basic 3,4,5,6 .NET

• C++


• Visual Studio

• Java & JavaScript


• VBScript

• Access (all versions)

• Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000

• Oracle 8.5

• Sybase

• DB2

• Dbase

• Rbase

• Paradox

• Btrieve

• Microsoft Access

• MS Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP


• OS/2





• Novell Netware

• Microsoft

• Net Manager

• Requirements Analysis

• Specification Development

• Interface Design Documents

• Configuration Management

• Software Architecture

• Modeling and Simulation

• Requirements Analysis and Specification

• Application Design

• Application Development

• Test and Evaluation

• Software Project Management

• Software Development Life Cycle

• Business Process Re-engineering

• Process and Data Modeling

• Client/Server

• Architecture Development

• Object Oriented Design and Development

• Structured Design

• Structured Analysis

• 1975 - 1978 University Wisconsin Madison, Washington County Extension.

• 1978 - 1980 Milwaukee Area Technical College

• 1980 - 1981 Control Data Institute

• 1981 - 1982 IBM

• Microsoft BETA Software Tester

• Software Publishers Association

• Software Contractors Guild

• The Society for Computer Professionals

• Association of Internet Professionals

• Independent Computer Consultants Association

• Association of Shareware Professionals

• Professional Association of Independent Consultants and Principles

Independent Contractor - Brookfield, WI

Thomson Reuters Inc.

5/1/2004 to 6/30/2010

Retained by client to design and develop portions of client software product called BETALink. Participated in a team environment consisting of 6 senior developers using the following technologies:

VB6, COM, XML, Business Objects (Crystal Reports 11.5 R2

Heavy use of COM. Application was based on a container design. These were called workbooks. Originally I was assigned to develop the REORG portion of the BETA workbook suite. Since, I have built several additional workbooks.

Host synchronous/asynchronous communication

Crystal Reports

VB Scripting - VB form conversion to reduce/simplify code updates.

XML/XSL/XSLT - Used to configure "Static" HTML screens which displayed host data based on "access levels"

Rational ClearQuest - internal development issue database, Remedy customer issue tracking.

Lotus Notes - interoffice communication, meeting scheduling & messaging

XRAY XML Editor - used to edit xml files for data and HTML display areas

Cascading Style sheets (CSS) - used in XML files for field data and label formatting.

TTSLink is currently used by 70,000 plus users. Initial responsibility to develop the Reorg workbook. Co-developed the Account Add/Update maintenance application for Brokers. Also took over development of TTSLink Utilities. This application was designed to allow the non-programming user to customize Static HTML screens for displaying host data converted to XML streams and displayed in html forms using xslt translation files.

Recent management related duties:

• Gather and analyze requirements for new or revised code

• Responsible for technical issues such as time to completion, level of effort, code reviews with QA staff

• Specification development

• Business analysis

• Project management

* Additional details upon request.

IT Director

JRS Holding, Inc.

5/12/2003 to 4/2/2004

IT Director of a large group of companies including 4 automobile dealerships, finance and leasing and aviation charter companies. Responsible for all aspects of system operation, development and enhancement, corporate wide network operation, e-commerce and all communications systems. Establish and/or manage vendor relations, review and/or negotiate contracts for services as well as software and systems. A few of my recent accomplishments include:

• Network wide security standards

• Designed & implemented Multiple location Cisco network

• Negotiated corporate-wide hardware supplier

• Design of hardware, software and network infrastructure for the entire enterprise network

• Implemented corporate WAN & Cisco VPN

• Designed & implemented wireless network access at all locations

• Designed & implemented the framework for VOIP

• Establish corporate wide hardware / software standards

• Designed a new, more responsive systems organization to fit the company's changing priorities and new initiatives.

• Designed & negotiated new corporate communications system.

• Additional details upon request.

Independent Contractor – Waukesha, WI

Schaefer Brush Mfg. – Systems Developer / Analyst

9/15/2002 to 6/1/2003

Designed and developed custom manufacturing estimating system. System design included integration into Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002 (XP) providing email and fax routing of estimates with minimal effort. System provided estimate history, sent estimate history and follow-up reporting of estimates based on numerous criteria. Redesign internet access methods streamlining email and web activity, IP routing and security.

Tools and/or experience utilized:

• PHP Scripting and e-commerce cart development

• Linux & Apache web server

• Microsoft Access XP & 2003 Beta

• Microsoft Outlook XP Developers Toolkit


Independent Contractor – Pewaukee, WI.

Roundy’s Corporation – Project Manager / Technical Lead:

3/22/2001 to 8/1/2002

Retained by client to lead developer team to create 3 tier retail accounting database application. Incorporate 3rd party controls for enhanced user interface. Integrate Microsoft Excel for journal entry creation and modification. Provided detail work timeline by developer using Microsoft Project, Rational Rose and Microsoft Visio. Design and launch secure internet application auto-update. Incorporated interactive elements, performed technical coding, review and testing, and worked closely with senior executives to conceptualize, design and launch applications furthering company goals.

Recent tools and/or experience utilized:

• Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

• Visual Source Safe

• Microsoft Transaction Server

• IIS 5.0

• SQL Server 7.0 & 2000


• Infragistics Client & Web Controls

• Microsoft Excel XP


• Microsoft DTS


• .NET

CIO - Pewaukee, WI.

American Disc Corporation - CIO & Vice President – Development

3/15/1993 to 3/12/2001

CIO and CTO of a fast growing Future 50 software services provider. Created new product development processes, which rapidly created numerous new e-commerce products in 7 years. Lead the design and development direction of PowerLock PowerTools™, E-CAT Electronic Catalog & Web-Cat Web based catalog commerce. Directed staff and budget – as technologist, business partner, and change manager. Re-engineered the IT core processes – greatly improving performance and user service level. Directed all corporate technology infrastructure, network, voice communications, PCs, system software.

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