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Sap Sales

Woodbridge, VA, 22193
August 29, 2012

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* years of IT experience; with *+ years of effective SAP BI BW, and BO experience focusing on successful Enterprise implementations at a global level with a proven ability to quickly learn new technologies and has business acumen.

•Experience SAP BW technical expertise in developing and enhancing DSOs, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, Extractors, Datasource and complex transformations.

•Post Production Support - Technical, Functional and System Administration.

•Hands on experienced in FIGL, Accounting, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables, Cost Center Accounting, Internal Orders, Profitability Analysis, Order Cash Flow.

•Excellent experience in Extraction Lo-Cockpit - Inventory Management, SD, MM, PM, etc.

•Good Experience with legacy system integration with SAP BI and Business Objects.

•Experience with Systems Analysis and Design methodologies.

•BW 3.5 – BI 7 Upgrade experience and Testing, System Refresh, Production Releases, and Transportation of Objects from Development box – QA – Production.

•Hands-on SAP BW technical expertise in developing and enhancing DSOs, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, Extractors, Datasource and complex transformations.

•Involved in the implementation of multiple full life cycle BW projects

•Extensively worked in the designing of performance optimization strategy for BW Data warehouses.

•Solid knowledge in System Administration, Table storage maintenance, Security, Data Extraction, Data Loading (Full /Delta Up-Load), ETL, Scheduling, Monitoring and Data Modeling.

•Maintenance, Installation and Enhancement of Business Content objects.

•Experience in Process chains and Info packages to lay connectivity into various Data Targets.

•Expert in performing routine programs and code modifications, Performance Tuning (Query and Data Loading): Aggregates, Compression, Roll-Up, Indices, Statistics etc., and also the tools available in BI/BW to measure them like RSRV, RSRT, and ST03.

•Extensive knowledge of BEx Analyzer, and BEx Query Designer for developing reports, analysis, Web reporting using BEx Web Publisher and BEx Web Application designer, Infoset query, RRI.

•Experience integrating BW reports in SAP Portal and distributing data to external data marts using the SAP Hub service.

•Solid knowledge of SAP Enterprise Integration to Business Objects Enterprise.

•Strong analytical, conceptual and problem solving skills to evaluate complex BW technical and functional problems and apply knowledge to identify appropriate solutions.

•Experience with BW Security roles and Information Broadcasting.

•Good knowledge in ABAP programming; including use of the various internal tables, function modules and remote function calls, V7 transformation programming for start and end routines in addition to 3.X transfer and update rules, R/3, ECC Datasource customization and code optimization.

•Experience with Non-SAP source of data extraction using Universal Data Connect (UD Connect)

•Experience with SAP BI Accelerator (BIA) setup and index creating.

•Knowledge in Business Objects Data Services (Data Integrator, Data Quality).

•Advanced knowledge of Business Objects Data Services Management Console.

•Advanced knowledge in Business Objects client tools; Webi, DeskI, Designer, Universe Builder, Crystal Reports and Xcelsius Enterprise 2008.

•Expert in Administration, Business Objects, Designer, BOBJ (Desktop/Webi Intelligence), Supervisor/CMC and InfoView. Good in system installations, configuration, and deployment of Business objects. Have good expertise in setting up Test, QA and Production Server Environment.

•Knowledge in best business practices and technology to optimally drive client business processes.

•Excellent communication skills and ability to manage both team and multiple assignments simultaneously, leadership qualities, hardworking and enthusiastic.

•Ability to train and mentor clients in Data Warehousing and Reporting Analytics.

•Strong analytical skills and in depth experience in Business Process analysis coupled with interpersonal communication, documentation and self-organizing skills. Deliver projects on time/budget, in pressure and aggressive timelines.


•Programming Languages: C/C++/VISUAL C++, DELPHI, HTML, MYSQL, ABAP, JAVA, MATLAB*.


•SAP Environments: SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 (Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Universe Designer, Universe Builder, CMC, InfoView, Crystal Reports, and Xcelsius 2008)

BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.1/3.2 (Designer - Data Integrator, Data Quality, Management Console).

SAP Netweaver 7.X, BW 3.0, 3.1, 3.5; SAP R/3 4.6c, 4.7 ECC 5.0, 6.0; Outlook soft 5.0.


Ingenuity America Consulting June 2011 – June 2012


•Installed configured and deployed BOBJ Enterprise XI 3.1 SP2 and Fix pack 2.5 and SAP Integration Kit SP2 and Fix pack 2.5 on BOBJ Dev, QA and PRD systems.

•Setup SAP user authentication for BusinessObjects users.

•Worked with SAP BI team in requirement gathering from business users.

•Built reports that have multiple display objects on a single page (tables and charts) in Web Intelligence for user friendly analysis of data.

•In Webi used Calculations, Variables, Breaks, Sorting, Alerts, Prompts, slice and dice, and Drill down/up functionality for creating Master-Detail reports, Cross-tab reports related to the company’s Accounting and Financial Planning.

•Configured QaaWS and Live office to Dash boards using Xcelsius

•Developed Executive dashboards using Xcelsius such as Net Sales, Revenue and Marketing

•Developed OLAP Universes over BEx queries and applied MDX code on some objects.

•Developed BEx Queries on top of InfoCubes for FICO, MM and PM Modules; configuring them to be exposed to Business Objects Universe.

•Worked on BEx Query restrictions, created Characteristic KF’S, Restricted KF’S and structures and also Selection variables.

•Worked on SAP Authentication in BOBJ CMC to add Multiple SAP Systems.

•Worked on Single Sign On to set up users in SAP and BOBJ systems, and also on security privileges such as Roles and Folders.

•Worked on BOBJ CMC in Servers management, Events Handling and Security of Users, Groups and Folder Access management

•Trained business users on how to use Business Objects Web Intelligence to create reports

•Utilized Crystal Reports to create detailed financial reporting using sub-reports and parameter based reports.

•Developed SAP BW queries and configure them to be exposed to Business Objects Universe.

•Generated, saved and Exported OLAP universe to the CMS.

•Performed Single Sign On (SSO) between BOE Info View and SAP Enterprise Portal.

•Developed and deployed Xcelsius dashboards using BPC Cost Center developed reports.

•Imported transports into SAP BW for crystal publishing to SAP BW

•Setup TCP/IP RFC in SAP BW for crystal publishing

•Installed Xcelsius 2008.

•Used Xcelsius to develop forecast dashboards to also perform “what if analysis”

•Worked on Email Automation and Scheduling of reports using BOBJ Events based on SAP BI Process chains

•Worked on Performance tuning on BOBJ and SAP BI 7.0.

•Responsible for migrating SAP BO Universes, Reports to Quality and Production Environments.

•Worked with SAP Portal team to publish BOBJ reports

•Prepared training documents and provided end user training.

•Extensively did Performance tuning to ensure Data load and Query performance.

•On-call support for escalated production problems.

Environment: Business Objects XI 3.1, SAP BI 7.0, SAP CRM, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, InfoView, CMC, Crystal Reports, QaaWS, LiveOffice.

SENA Inc., Houston, TX Sept 2010 – Feb 2011


•Worked extensively on configuration using Administrator Workbench (RSA1). Customize Data Sources, InfoObjects, InfoSources and InfoCubes. Create FI-SL InfoCube by generating Transfer Structure, Extract Structure for FI-SL Totals table, and defined and assigned data source for a ledger.

•Created Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) Cubes based on the reporting requirements.

•Worked on Procurement Cubes, Cost Center Cube, Investment and Inventory Management Cubes. Involved in uploading the Master data and transactional data from SAP R/3 and also from flat files into BW via Data Staging to PSA, InfoCubes and ODS.

•Developed AR aging report, created Invoice Layout and processed invoices.

•Analyzed InfoCubes (via RSRV), created and maintained aggregates (RSDDV) to improve the performance. Work on CO-PA Extraction to SAP-BW.

•Worked extensively on BEx Analyzer (RRMX). Create queries using BW-Reporting Variables, Navigational attributes and Filters and variables.

•Heavily involved in customizing and activating standard delivered BW business contents in the areas of FI-AP/AR and LO extractors (LBWE).

•Develop Core Universes based on the BEX queries and implemented MDX code

•Developed Summary and detailed reports and Charts based on SAP CRM Leads, Opportunities, and Service Contracts queries using Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports and also BEx Analyzer.

•Developed Xcelsius Dashboards using variety of components such as Charts, Selectors and Containers.

•Worked on BOBJ CMC in setting up users/groups and also setting up user preferences using Script.

•Worked with SAP Portal team to publish BOBJ reports

•Resolved Issues related to BI/BO integration by creating OSS notes

•Worked with Business users in filling gap analysis.

•Created custom DSOs, InfoCubes, MultiProviders and Infosets based on SAP CRM Leads, Opportunities and Activities.

•Developed end routines and start routines to meet the specific user requirements

•Created InfoPackages, DTP’s and Process Chains and worked on scheduling and Monitoring of data loads.

•Involved in testing and training of end users.

•Developed new extractors for new client requirements and built new targets and InfoProviders for reporting needs.

Tremco: Beachwood, OH June 09 – Aug 10


•Involved in complete life cycle implementation of SAP BW using ASAP methodology as a team member, converting Functional Specifications into Technical Specifications and then to realization.

•Analyzed the requirements and identified the suitable business content for SD, FI/CO and had the standard InfoCubes, ODS’s, Multicubes and various other relevant objects installed and activated.

•Used full features of BI 7.0 (DTP, Transformations, and DSO).

Develop BW Queries, Testing and transporting through landscape.

•Extensive work on translation keys & Function modules for (ODS) to do Currency conversions.

•Involved in testing extractors, data loads and reports before transporting into production.

•Enhanced extract structures by adding new fields and populating them with the user/function exits in CMOD.

•Created the process chains to automate the data loads for transaction, master, text, hierarchies, and currency exchange rate tables.

•Performed standard, application specific and generic extractions such as LO Cockpit, LIS, and FI/GL extractions.

•Extensively worked with PSA in Monitoring the Data Transfer from Source Systems into BW.

•Extensive work on Design & Development of Custom Cubes, DSO/ODS Objects, MultiProviders and Infosets; Enhancements on Accounts Receivables (AR) cube 0FIAR_CO2.

•Delta Management.

•Modeled Data targets according to the reporting requirements.

•Performance Optimization by Tailoring Transfer Structures, Communication Structures, and Update Rules using routines and Start Routines.

•Developed various FI/CO and SD reports such as DSO Analysis Current Period, Days overdue Analysis, Customer Sales Trend, Actual Contribution margin in Sales, Incoming Orders Analysis and Product Profitability Analysis in SD.

•Worked with SAP Open Hub service for sending the data from BW to External Systems.

•Provided complete end user training and knowledge transfer to permanent staff.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, FI, MM, SD, SAP Netweaver 2004s

Vodafone Ghana: Accra April 08 – April 09


•Held workshops to present to functional and technical team of new SAP BI functionality and CRM Analytics

•Gathered business requirements to defined technical requirement for blueprinting

•Defined required DSO Objects (formally ODS), InfoCubes, and InfoObjects for blueprinting documentation.

•Defined custom reports for sales and marketing

•Supported and made recommendations for current BI system performance issue

•Performed data migration from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0

•One of the core functionality the client was looking for is to be able to set qualification levels for leads and opportunities from the CRM system and be reportable in BI; from a Bi standpoint the goal is to set Exceptions and conditions to flag the priority of leads and opportunities.

•Identify Key Performance Indicators to create dashboards through visual composer, considering marketing campaigns, leads and opportunity.

•Compiled BI blueprint documentation to defined future state for the BI system.

•Helped client understand BI functionality and performed knowledge transfer

•Determined parameter for customer segmentation for BI reporting.

•Activated CRM application component hierarchy and CRM data source for data extraction. Put into consideration specific header information, field information, global selection conditions, and attributes.

•Requested Development classes for Datasource and Business Content installation.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP BI 7.0, ECC, CRM, APO, BEx Analyzer, Web application designer.

ConAgra Foods, Washington DC March 06 – Feb 08

SAP BW Developer

•Coordinated integration testing with process teams to validate data in LIS and BW structures and seek end user acceptance. Work with system admin teams to define specifications for frequency and mode of data transfers and setup batch jobs for InfoPackages.

•Gathered user requirements and designed custom InfoCube by enhancing Info Sources and InfoObjects. After the R/3 upgrading to 4.6C, all the Data Sources are replicated and activated in BW. Scheduled the InfoPackages and solved errors involved.

•Created Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) Cubes based on the reporting requirements.

•More than 200 Manual Loads were done for all the application area. Created ODS Objects and did the load monitoring (RSMO) while scheduling the data uploads. Create Transfer Rules, Update Rules and Update Routines.

•Did the Data Extraction and Data Staging using LO Cockpit (LBWE) and extended the structures using user exits to support the business needs. Performed Data Integration test in both Development and Quality boxes and moved the Cubes into Production.

•Created and Scheduled Jobs, Process chains and Info packages to load and monitor the data.

•Worked extensively on BEx Analyzer (RRMX) and Browser for building queries and Workbooks. Create custom queries using variables and structures. Worked on RRI Jump queries and worked on Web Reporting and Web Publishing.

•Developed reports for the sub modules of MM like Purchasing, Invoice verification and Inventory management. Developed interactive reports like Vendor report for Additional information, Duplicate Invoice report, Register for Manual payments report, Variance report for subcontracting, Property tax statistical information report.

•Client had issues with reconciling data in BW to R/3 due to multiple pass-troughs and complex ABAP routines needed for look up. I proposed more effective designs and implemented proposal to solve the issue.

•Architected a complex reporting involving Infoset, MultiProviders, formula variables, exceptions and conditions to send emails and trigger alerts in event of variances in amounts and document counts on reports. Man hours saved on daily manual counts was enormous.

•Implemented query performance techniques including aggregates query cache and indices to improve query response time. Introduce Download Scheduler with the Reporting Agent for needed static daily reports.

•Extensively used Custom variables and custom formula variables for the aging reports.

•Also developed TOP 25 Revenue and sales reports with various exceptions and conditions.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, SAP BW 3.0B, 3.5, FI, CO, HR, MM and SD modules.

Nestle Ghana April 2004 – Jan 2006

Junior BW Developer, /Network Administrator

•Designed and deployed networks as per the company requirement.

•Handled different tasks such as network address assignment, assignment of routing protocols etc.

•Carried out network address assignment, assignment of routing protocols.

•Handled production networking environment by implementing and managing it.

•Handled network infrastructure devices and equipment.

•Involved in a fresh BW implementation. Activated all Datasource in RSA5 and checked extractors in RSA6 and then RSA3. I also documented short dumps and faulty extractors.

•Activated Master Data objects. Performed and documented unit testing for all objects in Sandbox and development system.

•Created many custom InfoObjects documented to satisfy requirements for connectivity with Legacy systems.

•Created Infopackages in Development system and tested new InfoObjects data loads. Check PSA for errors involving invalid characters. Took screen shots and documented all units testing required.

•Involved with designing standard invoice and billing reports for customers using Crystal Reports.

•Enhanced the different Transactional Datasource with new fields and added functionality to populate them.

•Modeling, building and customizing InfoCubes, ODS (DSO), Info Objects, Infosets and MultiProviders as per the functional specifications.

•Involved in Installing Business Content for Standard InfoObjects, InfoSources, InfoCubes related to Sales & Distribution, Material Management and Finance.

•Used the Business Content Sales Overview InfoCube 0SD_CO3, for overall Sales Analysis.

•Developed simple Routines in Update rules and Transfer Rules for the key figures of InfoCube Purchase Data 0PUR_CO1. InfoCube was used for Analyses of Material groups, Vendors, and Materials.

•Monitored data extraction and created queries based on client’s requirement.

•Performance Tuning of queries and data uploads: OLAP Caching, Aggregation and Compression

•Implemented BW statistics to monitor BW system performance.

•Liaised with SAP Basis Team regarding BW Transport requests.

•Worked extensively in creating reports like Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash, Gross Margin, Monthly Sales, Open Orders, Back Orders, Overdue, Daily Sales Reports, Payment History, etc. using structures, formulas and Cell definitions.

•Worked with BEx Analyzer to generate Queries and embedding them into Workbooks.

•Configured BEx Queries for Free Characteristics, Calculated and Restricted Key Figures, Filters, Variables and Exceptions

•Took screen shots and documented all unit testing required

•Created Queries by defining rows, columns and free characteristics providing drill down functionality in reporting

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3, Logistic cockpit, BEx Analyzer, Query designer.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Technical Management

DeVry University

Manassas, VA

December 2012

Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering, CIU LALPUR- RANCHI INDIA

Higher National Diploma, Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana

References available upon request

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