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Design Project

Bangalore, KA, India
August 15, 2012

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Pruthvi J Pallagatti

Citizenship : Indian Date of birth : 26 Jan 1988


Tel : +91-973*******

e-mail :


o Intern at Broadcom Research India in WLAN team for 10 months from August 2011 to June 2012

o Student of Industrial Electronics, Electronics Engineering graduate

o Have worked on WLAN systems, VLSI Front End and Back End Design, Python scripting, Board design Schematics, RF design and Matlab and ADS

o Familiar with various EDA Tools from Agilent, Cadence and Mentor Graphics on Front end and Back end Design and Verification

o Good knowledge of CMOS VLSI, Verification, RF, Embedded system concepts.

o Experience in RF board design, test, characterization

o Experience in RF and WLAN system performance testing, including use of VNA, Spectrum and Signal Analyzers etc.

o Experienced in Board Design, Schematics,Wireless characterization, Automation and Scripting

o Ability to design and execute engineering experiments in RF and embedded systems

o Able to coordinate several tasks simultaneously and lead others in high demand situations. Also a skilled staff trainer, motivator and quick learner of both technology and management.

Education Education

Current Master of Technology – “ Industrial Electronics “ Aggregate : 61% S J College of Engineering, Mysore CGPA : 7.68

2005 to 2009

Bachelor of Engineering “Electronics and Communication”

Malnad College Of Engineering, Hassan Aggregate : 65%

2003 to 2005

Pre University P.U.C

Bruhanmatha Comp PU College, Chitradurga, Aggregate : 85.5%

2000 to 2003

High School – S.S.L.C

VidyaVikasa English Medium High School, Chitradurga Aggregate : 82.56%

Current Aggregate 200*-****-**** Key Skills


Office software

Operating system


C, Python, Tcl, Shell, SCPI

Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint

Windows 2000/XP, Linux


EDA Tools

RF Design Tools

Front End Tools

Back End Tools

ADE Environment

Analog Simulation

Agilents ADS – Advanced Design System, EM Simulation, Cadence Allegro,

Cadence Orcad CIS, Mentor DxDesigner

Cadence Incisive Enterprise Simulator, RTL Compiler, Modelsim

Layout Editor

ADS, Verilog, HDL

Cadence® Virtuoso® Spectre®

Workshops Undertaken

o VLSI & EDA workshop role of standardization in chip design, benefits,introduction to IEEE standards assoction, IEEE design automation activities organized by IEEE standards association IEEE-SA.

o Indian System C User group (ISUC) conference held at Hotel Taj Vivanta, Bangalore. This event provided a platform for the SystemC beginners, the SystemC experts, ESL managers and the ESL vendors to share their knowledge, experiences & best practices about SystemC usage.

o Practical RF Circuit Designing by Agilent and Advanced design system ADS2011 workshops

o Agilents UGM held at Hotel Taj Vivanta, Bangalore

o Dx Designer workshop by Mentor Graphics at Broadcom Bangalore

Academic Projects and Works

1) Works on WLAN Transceivers as Intern at Broadcom India Research, Bangalore.

RF Equipments Used : Frequency Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, Signal generators, Programmable Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Signal Analyzers, Power Meters, Load pull, Controllers, Rx stations, Tx Stations, Programmable power supplies etc

Tools Used : Agilent’s Advanced design system ( ADS ), Cadence Allegro, Mentor DxDesigner, Python, Tcl, Matlab,shell scripting

Works involve the Characterization of WLAN transceivers, currently working on a MIMO chips of 802.11 a/b/g/n with support for 40MHz channels with integrated dual-band (2.4GHz/5GHz) WLAN radio and with SDIO/HSIC host interfaces, Design of Matching network and Implementation of various FEM’s for improved performance, Troubleshooting RF analog and digital design issues at the component level,Test and validate for performance characterization, Board level debugging and Tuning RF circuit parameters, Automation of various Instrument control using PYTHON, writing various shell and python scripts etc.

Research is carried on improving 5G characterization of transceivers, Harmonics issues using Load pull, developing and improving automation of various RF performance tests, Design of Active and Passive Components for WLAN transceivers etc

2) Works on Python Scripting

Automated loadpull devices, FSV, Spectrum analyzers, VNA

Automated the system for temperature sense characterization using python. This script was developed to measure different currents and voltages of a wlan chip at different temperatures.. Automated various test for WLAN characterization involving both driver and tcl tests.

Developed Python GUI tool that would replace making of shell scripts for various WLAN characterization. This GUI is able to generate the shell scripts automatically, execute it, debug the tests issues for various characterization tests of WLAN system and send the complete results to user mail. This tool helped reduced time and errors making shell scripts, manual debug and gave user an access and control to instruments from his desktop.

3) Harmonic LoadPull in Broadcom India Research Private Limited, Bangalore using Cascading of Focus iCCMT-808

Tools used: Python,Shell,ADS,SCPI

The process of varying the impedance at the output of a device, with separate control of the impedances at F0, 2F0, 3F0.

4) Design of SDIO Host Controller using SPARTAN 6 FPGA for WLAN Characterization at Broadcom India.

Tools Used : Cadence Orcad CIS, Mentor Dx Designer,Cadence Allegro, Agile Product lifecycle Management

The Project involves design of SDIO Host controller using Xlinx Spartan 6 FPGA. The project began by selection of various components required for the design, studying the specs of different active and passive components. Agile Product lifecycle Management was used to request the symbols into library through a centralized system. Schematics are designed using Cadence Orcad CIS, BOM and netlist were created .Cadence Allegro is used for layout design.

5) GSM Based Airport Automation using Microcontroller 8051 Team size : 4

Description: Our project is based on GSM. Our project mainly aims to Centralized control using GSM Authentication, Maintaining the Logs of events with timings, Automatic gate number selection and informing, Automatic door opening and closing in the zones, Display of flight numbers on the LCD’s Zone lighting control, Automatic belt control, Status display of departure flights, Automatic announcements at the airport and in the ATC using microcontroller 8051.

In the current procedure we are using the verbal/vocal confirmation as a part of communication between ATC and it’s clients in the field of aviation which sometimes leads to mishaps in the airports.. Also the manual work in Airport yields erroneous results. Hence airport needs automation, which requires a network and system controllers. This can be done using GSM Based Airport Automation.

6) Projects on Matlab Team size : 1

Project Title : Linear Prediction using matlab

Description : These were done as part of miniproject during the academic course. Simulation tool used is Mathwok’s Matlab

Project Title : Implementation of 32 bit Barrel shifter in verilog .

Description : These were done as part of miniproject during the academic course. The 32 bit Barrel shifter was designed for arithmetic and logical shifts. The simulation tool used was ModelSim.

Co-Curricular activities

1) “Certified Wireless Telecom Professional” Training at NanoCell, Bangalore

Learned about GSM and CDMA concepts well

2) “Diploma in Technology”


1) Participated in State Level Wrestling Competition.

2) Won District Level Wrestling Competition.

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct to the best of my knowledge.


Place: -Pruthvi J Pallagatti

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