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QA Tester

United States
September 01, 2009

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Jithesh Nandireddy



Over eight years of experience as Quality Assurance Tester with Client Server and Web-based applications in Automation testing using HP/Mercury Interactive Test Suite (Quick Test Professional ,WinRunner, LoadRunner and Quality Center), Manual Testing (Black Box and White Box Methods). Background includes concepts, requirements, design, development, implementation, testing and maintenance of complete Software Development Life Cycle projects. Have programming skills in C, C++, VB scripting, PL/SQL. Experience working with Banking, Financial, Insurance, and Pharmacy clients.

• Excellent knowledge of full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) .Familiar with RUP and Software Methodologies like Waterfall/Classical, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Spiral, Prototype and Iterative in relation to development and testing.

• Expertise in developing Test Strategies, Test Scripts, Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Procedures, Test requirements and Testing standards.

• Experience writing and reviewing Business Functional Specifications, Functional Design Specifications, Integration Test Specifications, and Detailed Design Specifications, Risk Assessment.

• Analyzed End-User requirements and created solutions in relation to Business and Technical specifications.

• Extensive Knowledge in writing Test Scripts using VB Script in Quick Test Pro.

• Experience in Integration, Interface, Functional, Regression, Compatibility, Acceptance, Stress, Load and System Testing using Black Box and White Box methods for eCommerce applications.

• Tested the GUI and UAT of the application to improve the functionality as per the business requirements.

• Strong in back-end testing using Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access.

• Strong experience in coding using SQL, PL/SQL, Procedures/Functions, Triggers and Packages.

• Experience with software change management tools like PVCS, Tele Logic, and VSS.

• Working knowledge with Agile Methodology.

• Expertise in Analysis of Problem Severity, Defect tracking, Defects reporting. .

• Experience in Quick Test Pro, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Quality Center, BugZilla.

• Experience with Microsoft Visual studio Team Edition and Team Foundation Server.

• Excellent skills in Business Modeling using UML methodology. Drawing sequence diagrams and activity diagram using tools such as Microsoft Visio and Rational Rose.

• Experience in working with Health Care (HIPAA), Clinical Trials, FDA Regulations (21 CFR), cGMP, cGLP.

• Familiar with CMM, ISO 9000, IEEE and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


Testing: HP/Mercury Interactive Test suite (Quick Test Pro, WinRunner, LoadRunner and Quality Center), Manual testing.

Languages: C, C#, DOTNET, Java/J2EE, PL/SQL, XML and HTML

RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access XP/2000/97.

OS: Sun Solaris, MS Windows NT/2000/XP, MS Windows XP, AIX, HP-UNIX.

Tools: Site Scope, Visual Interdev, Visual Basic, Developer2000, Documentum, Rational Clear Case and Apache Ant.

Servers: Web Logic 8.x, Websphere Application Server 3.5/4.0, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6, Netscape Directory Server (LDAP).

Server side scripts: JSP, JavaScript.

Validation Tools: Documentum, Sharepoint 2007.


Nike, OR May. 2009- Present

Test Analyst

Nike plus is one of the Nike’s brand project which provides customers to sync details of the run through IPOD , create challenges with other people during marathon and create goals in their profiles. Project uses Java and Adobe Flash. BNX is another brand project which is used to create profiles and add friends through social network sites like MySpace and Face book. Project uses documentum as backend.


• Involved in writing Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Summary report, Risk Assessment, Performance Test plan/report.

• Followed Agile methodology and used scrum development process with short iterations.

• Executed smoke, functional, regression and performance testing.

• Developed performance requirements, created scripts with load runner using HTTP, AMF, AJAX protocols.

• Executed performance test scripts in performance test center. Executed stress, load and rendezvous scenarios.

• Added performance measurements for UNIX, Oracle, Apache server in Performance center and monitored online transaction response times, Web hits, TCP IP Connections, Throughput, CPU, threads, Heap sizes, Various Http requests etc. Monitored Oracle database V$ session and system table stats.

• Performed manual correlation for handling dynamic session Id’s in Vuser scripts for performance testing.

• Parameterized Unique and dynamic content in the application scripts for real time emulation during performance testing. Data was queried from Data base and input data for data driven tests were kept in excel files.

• Page level validations were incorporated in each http request in order to avoid any data corruptions. Appropriate think time was introduced in between transactions.

• Analyzed results Using Load Runner Analysis tool and reported the bottlenecks for various scenarios.

• The Event Log Viewer was used to analyze the Application, System and Security errors. Depending on the severity of the errors the developers were contacted and the problems were rectified.

• Developed detailed test cases from use cases and executed them in order to cover the entire functionality of the application.

• Prepared and Updated Traceability matrix Doc by mapping the test cases to business requirements.

• Tracked the defects, managed defect resolution, identify risks related to the application's quality and escalated the issues in the QA meetings.

• Participated in meetings with end clients to understand their application needs and requirements

• Worked closely with Project lead and manager to make sure the new application meets the business requirements

• Documented all test results, identifying and summarizing discrepancies.

• Used Test Director/Quality Center for test planning, executing test cases and writing defects.

Environment: Load Runner 9.5,Performance Center 9.5, Apache, JBOSS, Quality Center, Quick Test Pro 9.5, Ultra Edit 32, XML, Java, Adobe, Akamai, DOTNET, C, Oracle 10g,Load balancers, TOAD, SOA, DOORS,VISIO.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, OH Feb. 2006 – April 2009

Technical Test Analyst

FRBC is a Treasury operated corporate bank. Collection Engine (US Dataworks),, PCC OTC and ECP are the treasury electronic payment system applications operated by FRBC. provides ACH services to facilitate forms acceptance, direct billing and collections for government agencies. PCC and ECP convert’s paper checks received over the counter or through the mail into electronic debts to the check writer’s account. Collection Engine is the back end application that processes the payments received from, PCC and ECP and performs the settlement for debit and credit amounts, sends the deposit ticket and debit vouchers to the concerned agencies. Customers of these projects include US ARMY, IRS and other Government operations.


• Involved in writing Test Plan, Test Cases, Migration docs, SOPs, Test Summary report, Risk Assessment, Validation Report, Performance Test plan/report.

• Worked with different methodologies and stages of testing including Functional, System, Integration, Regression, Data Validation, User Acceptance and Performance Testing..

• Initiated and maintained automation framework.

• Executed automated tests in appropriate test regions in support of integration, functional, and regression testing using Quick Test Professional 9.5.

• Created QTP scripts with Local and Shared Object repositories and maintained them in Object Repository Manager.

• Created Scripts using custom VB script functions by creating external function library.

• Created various check points. Inserted calls to data tables at different levels in the script.

• Good working knowledge with XML. Created QTP scripts for validating XML schema and inserted check points for various tags in XML.

• Written High level scripts Using LoadRunner Virtual User generator and executed the tests using performance center.

• Created and documented the test designs for each functional area mentioned in the Test Plan and created test data set needed for test execution.

• Developed SQL Queries and Procedures to perform database testing using SQL Plus and TOAD.

• Performed SQL 2000 to 2005 migration testing by creating specific database related scenarios.

• Performed testing with crystal reports and validated contents for different data sets.

• Created test scripts for the application which uses SOA, Web services, SOAP and WSDL.

• Worked closely with developers and SME to make sure the new application meets the business requirements

• Submitted Issue reporting and tracking, including management reporting on test progress, Test reports and Test metrics with QA recommendations.

• Responsible for testing Mainframe and submitting batch jobs using JCLs under TSO/ISPF in test environment. .

• Worked with Quality Center for executing test cases, reporting defects and reviewing test plans.

• Tested and validated transaction queues in MQ series.

Environment: Load Runner 9.1, Mainframe, RUMBA, Quality Center, Test Director 7.6, Quick Test Pro 9.5/9.2, Ultra Edit 32, XML, Java, DOTNET, Visual Basic, VB Scripting, MS SQL Server 2005/2000, Weblogic, Oracle, TOAD, SOA, DOORS,VISIO.

American Red Cross, VA Oct. 2004 – Jan 2006

Sr. Software QA Analyst

ARC is a non profit organization. It performs various social activities like organizing blood donation, disaster recovery help etc. My role at ARC was QA Engineer with eBDR and eDOCs Applications. eBDR performs a blood donor eligibility check, records health history information and physical findings, and prints a Blood Donation Record (BDR) for each donor ,application has one master which is configured with oracle 9i and 5 clients and uses wire and wireless network configurations for communication. eDOCs used EMC Documentum 5i as a base product for customizing the RDS project to define the structure, content, and use of regulated documents, to ensure documents are easily understood and usable and to define the processes used for production, validation and approval.


• High Level Test Plans were written by incorporating User Profiles, Configurations, Environments, Risks, Test Scenarios, Schedules and Analysis and Presentation of Results.

• Wrote performance testing requirements by considering low and peak real time traffic situations.

• Executed stress/load/rendezvous scenarios and regression testing for various operations in EMC Documentum5i and performed detailed test analysis reports.

• Created scripts using Loadrunner HTTP, Web Services, Oracle 2 tier and GUI protocols, executed scripts using controller. Analyzed results for bottlenecks.

• Executed scripts with IP spoofing enabled to simulate real time traffic with LoadRunner.

• Created specific scenarios for load balance testing with loadrunner like fail over server during peak traffic period.

• Performed load testing on Citrix and VM ware environment.

• Worked on Siebel work flows, Data conversion rules and Change rules.

• Designed test cases and performed load testing for Siebel CRM module and transaction processes.

• Analyzed results Using Load Runner Analysis tool and bottlenecks were reported.

• Oracle data base connections, Sessions, Web logic log files. Issues relating to Indexes, Connection Pools, Thread size and Garbage collections, Memory heap size etc and bottlenecks were identified and rectified by changing configurations, adding Indexes etc.

• Memory Leaks were identified in Different components. Protocol to Protocol Response times, Web Page break downs, Components sizes were analyzed and reported.

• Used Site Scope Performance monitors and LoadRunner graphs to analyze the results.

• Extensively worked on UNIX and executed various programs on C, Korn, and Bourne Shell.

• Web Interface Protocols are initially determined before generating the test scripts and later the scripts are generated.

• Sniffer traces were analyzed for Network Bottlenecks.

• The Average CPU usage, Response time, TPS are analyzed for each scenario.

• Performed backend testing on Oracle, executed various DDL and DML statement.

• Worked on WinRunner 7.6, LoadRunner 7.5, Test Director 7.6 and QTP.

• Developed various reports and metrics to measure and track testing effort.

Environment: J2EE platform technologies comprising of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Server Pages (JSP), C++, JDBC, XML, JUnit, JTest, Documentum 5i, Web Logic, Siebel, LoadRunner, WinRunner, Test Director, Oracle 9i, SQL, Windows NT/2000/XP, Unix.

Bayer, MO May 2003 - Sep 2004

QA Tester and Business Analyst

Bayer application involves compliance of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.) regulation by ACS EDI Gateway Inc. for different client states. The application helps the clients throughout the migration to the new X12 standards to make the transition as smooth as possible. Involved in implementation of HIPAA and CFR Regulated environment’s for the state government of Georgia and Montana.


• Involved in the technical writing of Tractability Matrix and Companion Guides, Test Plans and Creating Test Cases.

• Wrote documents for all aspects of the computer systems validation lifecycle, accordance with FDA regulations in compliance with cGMP, particularly 21 CFR Part 11, including validation plan and protocol, Installation Qualification (IQ) Specification, Operation Qualification (OQ) Specification, Performance Qualification (PQ) Specification.

• Responsible for testing the entire application as per the HIPAA acts, 837 (Professional and Dental), 835(Remittance Advice) and MEVS 270/271 (Eligibility Inquiry/Response) for Georgia and Montana States and performed Gap Analysis.

• Prepared Crosswalk documents for developers, referring Interface Record Layout (IRL) obtaining from Medicaid and Medicare Management Information System (MMIS) and Implementation Guide (IG).

• Extensively Worked on LoadRunner and worked on various protocols in Virtual User generator.

• Performance of the application was analyzed by changing Bandwidth in Load Runner and analyzed the effect of Bandwidth on CPU utilization.

• Analyzed SQL Servers DB connections, Indexes on tables Deadlock issues on Databases were analyzed by applying proper Indexes and Triggers.

• Added performance measurements for UNIX, Oracle, and Web sphere servers under different Load Conditions.

• Involved in creating X12 837 (Professional and Dental) Test Files to test the claim work flow of Adjudication Systems

• Testing all types of WEDI testing for HIPAA including Integrity testing using the web tools like EDIFECS and Data Transformation Application in Mercator.

• Responsible for testing the transaction on Main Frame using File-Aid, options.

• Expertise in FACETS and EDI.

• Carried out Pilot Testing, Operational Readiness Testing and Submitter Testing as well as System Vendors, Billing agents and Clearinghouses.

Environment: DB2, UNIX, LoadRunner, Windows 2000, Visio 2003, Mainframe, EDIFECS, Ultra Edit 32, XML and Java.

Jackson life Insurance, PA Nov 2001 to April 2003

QA Engineer

Worked as a QA Tester for web application which was developed to meet the online requirement’s of the customer’s. The application provides online information regarding premiums and other benefits of insurance policy to the customers. The data is stored in an Oracle Database from which it is extracted in different forms to the user at the front end, the same process holds good when data is fed to the data bank by proper validation techniques.


• Involved in developing Testing Methodology.

• Responsible for Integration, System and Performance testing.

• Performed Server/client testing using Load Runner.

• Developed base line scripts for testing the future releases of the application using Rational Robot.

• Through understanding of validating the system on user’s perspective.

• Database Integrity Testing by executing SQL statements.

• Performed Integration and User Acceptance test.

• Record, verify and report data accumulated at various.

• Used Rational Clear Quest for tracking defects.

• Used SQL*Loader for copying the data from the Text files to QA Schema Tables.

• Interacted with developers to resolve technical issues and investigated the bugs in the application.

• Change / Incident management using Rational Clear Case.

• Implemented CMM Methodology and Migrated from CMM Level 2 to CMM Level 3.

Environment: HTML, JSP, JavaScript, Oracle, Rational Robot, SQL*Loader, Load Runner, IIS, UNIX, Windows NT, Rational Clear Quest.

Anabolic Laboratories, CA August 2000 to Oct 2001

QA & Validation Engineer

Anabolic Laboratories is a fully licensed, federally registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility specializing in high-tech nutritional and herbal formulations, as well as other specialty products for health care professionals. Worked as a QA Analyst on Modules Product Database (MPD), Equipment Tests Tracking (ET), and Investigation New Drug System (INDS) developed in Visual basic. This application gives good flexibility to store, retrieve and perform different analysis using the information.


• Involved in Planning, Execution and Bug Tracking using WinRunner, Load Runner and Test Director.

• Analyzed system requirements and developed Test Plans, involved in developing Test Scripts for manual testing.

• Assured that all validation documentation such as IQs, PQs, Process Validations and Software Validations are in compliance with cGMPs.

• Performed installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ) for facilities, equipment and systems.

• Verify data integrity between databases sharing the Clinical Trials data.

• Executed automated tests in appropriate test regions in support of unit, integration, functional, and regression testing used WinRunner

• Performed Load Testing using LoadRunner.

• Responsible for entering and tracking bugs in Test Director

Environment: ASP, Visual Basic, Sybase, C++, IIS, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Test Director, Windows NT/2000, UNIX.


M. S. in Computer Engineering at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

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