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Engineer Manager

Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210000, China
August 18, 2012

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Name: ZhiJin Meng

Gender: Male

School: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Major: Communication and Information system

Mobile phone: +861**********


Education: Master

Knowledge and Skills:

o 2 years working as a BSP driver developer of SDH/PDH in ZTE( TOP 5

communications equipment producer). Deep understanding of SDH/PDH and

synchronized clocks PLL,GPS,LIU chips.

o Having a solid foundation of knowledge of communications including

wireless communication, CDMA mobile communications, technology of future

wireless communications (MIMO, OFDM) and especially technology of

reducing system feedback. Be able to do the programming and simulation


o Apprehended the principle of analog, digital and communication circuit,

be able to simulate them and have certain development experience.

o Be able to do programming with HDL, have certain development and

verification experience of FPGA.

o Be able to do programming with assembly language, apprehend the

principle of micro-computer, have certain development experience of MCU.

o Have certain knowledge and experience of optical communications and PLL.

o apprehend the principle of computer network, TCP/IP;

o Be able to do programming in C/C++, have some knowledge of data

structure and database.

o Be able to read English material fast, write and communicate in English

fluently. Passed CET-6; Cantonese and Chinese are my mother languages.

o Be familiar with usage of common instruments.

Recent Experience

05/2010-Now Working as a BSP programmer in ZTE Corporation, focusing on


03/2009-08/2009 Research on Limited Feedback of Wireless Communications

To reach the capacity of wireless channel, transmitter must have the

channel state information sent back by receivers. The large amount feedback

information needs to be reduced. I read recent papers on this subject,

recovered knowledge of wireless channels, OFDM, MIMO, capacity of fading

channel and information theory and kept reading papers until found out an

idea to improve the original feedback scheme. When an idea came, I analyzed

it in math. If the result turned out good, then further analyses would be

done, at last a model was built in MALAB to simulate the improved scheme

and verify analytic results. Published a paper 'An Improved 1 bit Limited

Feedback Scheme in OFDMA Systems' on Journal of Nanjing University of

Posts and Telecommunications.

03/2009-12/2008 took an internship in Ericsson. My responsibility was to

maintain equipments in the laboratory and cooperate with varied teams to

test mobile system. Though this internship, I Got a clear mind of the

structure of 3G mobile communication, improved ability of communications

and cooperation with others and strengthened team work spirit.

08/2008-11/2008 took an internship in Alcatel-Lucent. My responsibility

was to build optical communications platform and test varied parameters

such as power spectrum, BER, eye diagram and so on. At the end of

internship, I got a high commend from experienced engineer and manager. I

learnt basic theory of optical communications and the course of hardware

development. Under guidance of experienced engineer, I built up the optical

communications testing platform, tested all relevant parameters and solved

the problems that showed up in this process, such as modifying circuits. I

proposed some ideas to improve efficiency of test method and compared the

test result with theory, through which my understanding of baseband

communications was improved.

During the period in college, I was interested in varied kind of student

technical organization and made something such as FM radio based on PLL,

some MCU applications and some other communication circuits of analog,

digital and high frequency. In teams which built smart car and robot, I did

some programming using C and assembly language. As an assistant in

communications lab, I built things such as signal generator, second order

active filter. Using VHDL, I built frequency counter, ROM, digital PLL and

ADPCM Codec which won the 2nd prize of excellent graduation design. All

above designs was analyzed in theory then simulated by software to fix

component parameters, transformed PCB. After components were soldered, the

design was not completed until the whole board pasted the test. For home

application, I built an electrical light controller and a circulating

timing switch based on MCU. Until now, the former has been working for

about 2 years without malfunction and the latter is accurate. I have the

ability to apply knowledge to daily life.

Self Assessment

I am an active, innovative and good team-worker, always passionate to

create new things and good at discovering, thinking, analyzing and solving


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