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Engineering Expert.Consultant. Leather & Garment Machinery.

Vellore, TN, India
August 05, 2012

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H.MOHAMED GHOUSE ***/**.A,Khader Vali Janda Street


Tamil Nadu. INDIA.

Tel: +91-979******* ; +91-956*******.

E.Mail ID:


Looking forward to challenging and competitive work atmosphere leading to a professional experience technical achievement.

Summary of Experience

• Having 30 years experience in the Maintenance all types of Machineries

• Installation and Maintenance of all types of Leather Tanning & Footwear machineries.

• Trouble shooting and rectifying of any problems arising production area and in the shop floor.

• Setting of machines and usage of tools and attachments for different types of fabric and garments.

• Installation and Maintenance of all types of Treatment Plants.

• Installation and Maintenance of HV & LV Panels.

• Honest, Hardworking, Loyal and Energetic.


Company :CLRI. Govt.of India

Position :Consultant. Machines Engg Expert in Africa Project.

Period :2011 - Present. (Handling 3 Units with 45 Persons Ethiopians )

Company : Super House Ltd. Unnao, Kanpur

Position : SR.Manager –Maintenance

Period & Duration : 2009 – 2010 (Handled 50 Persons Maintenance Dept)

Company : Kwun Tong Apparels Ltd( Bangladesh) Must Garments Group Hong Kong.

Position : Manager –Maintenance

Period & Duration : 2008 – 2009 (Handled 40 Persons Maintenance Dept)

Company : Pearl Global Ltd

Position : Manager -Maintenance

Period & Duration : 2008 – 11 Month (Handled 45 Persons Maintenance Dept)

Company : Celebrity Fashions Ltd

Position : Manager -Maintenance

Period & Duration : 2005 – 2007 (Handled 42 Persons Maintenance Dept)

Company : Intimate Fashons (I) P Ltd.

Position : Chief Engineer

Period & Duration : 2001 -2005 (Handle 60 Persons Maintenance Dept)

Company : Chevro Leather Manufactures

Position : Maintenance – Engineer

Period & Duration : 1993 –2001 (Handled 35 Persons Maintenance Dept)

Company : Habiba Sewing Service

Position : Chief Executive

Period & Duration : 1990 –1993

Company : Leather Machinery Corporation. (PFAFF ) Industrial Sewing Machines.

Position : Service Engineer

Period & Duration : 1984 -1990

Company :Al-Zahri Est.

Position : Electrical Assistant Engineer in Saudi Arabia

Period & Duration : 1982 –1984 (Handled 30 Persons Team)

Company : Farida Shoe, TAW,SSC Shoes

Position : Maintenance In charge

Period & Duration : 1978 –1982 (Handled 25 Persons Team)

Technical Qualification

• Diplomo Mechanical Engineering (DME)

Computer Knowledge

• Computer Basic, D-base, WordStar

• Working knowledge of MS Office

• Working knowledge of stage 4.0 and Proman Software package

Additional Qualification

• Undergone Bench Marking Prog. Ethiopia.Africa.

• Undergone training program in Fire Safety and First Aid

• Done a course on Garment & Leather / Shoes Machineries.

• Undergone a 3 month Training in PFAFF- Germany.

• Undergone a 2 month Training Gabor Shoes & Fashions, Austria.

• Undergone a 2 month Training in Garment machines in Body Line, Srilanka.

Responsibilities as a Maintenance Manager

(I.a) Installation and Maintenance all types of Leather Tanning Machines like.(Imported &Local )

Fleshing Machines. Roller Coater Machines

Drums & Paddles Auto Spray & Dryers

Buffing Machines Dusting & De-dusting Machines

Samming Machines Staking Machines

Measuring Machines Toggle Machines

Splitting Machines Milling Drums

Shaver Machines Hydraulic Press

Setting out machines Contilux Press

Vacume DryerMachines Kombi Press, Rotopia Press.Etc.

(I.b)Installation and Maintenance of all types of Footwear & Garment Sewing Machineries like.

• Single needle machine (Brother, Juki, Singer, Pfaff, Consew, etc.,)

• Double needle machine (Chain stitch & Lock stitch –All models)

• All types of Leather & Leather Garments, Shoes Machineries.

• Leather Hydralic Press, Skiving M/C, Splitting M/C, Stamping M/C, Fusing M/C,

Grimping M/C, Postbed, Flatbed, All Special Typeg’s of Sewing M/C,s & Bottoming M/C, Etc..

• Computerized Single Needle machine (Can program machine for different operations like Pocket welting, Label attaching, Flap making and Sleeve placket making.)

• Pneumatic machines like Pocket creasing, Collar creasing, Collar pointing, Cuff turning, Pocket welting, Maier blind hem, Surging over lock, Key hole with programmable machines and modsu pattern Swear machines.

• Installation and Maintenance of Band Knife machines.( All models)

• Installation and Maintenance of all types of Fusing machines like Hashima, Kanneigiessor, Veit and Ngai Shing machine.)

• Maintenance of all types Snap Button Machines.

• Installation and Maintenance of Fabric cutting and checking.

• Special machines like Durkopp Adler Pocket welt, Sleeve attaching and surging machines.

(II).Installation and Maintenance all types of Garment Finishing Equipments and Machineries like

• Electrical Portable steam boiler.

• Automatic packaged Thermax Steam boilers – All types.

• Thermic Fluid boiler –All types

• Laundry washing machines like Ramsons and Ngai Shing.

• All types of Hydro Extractors.

• Tumble Driers like Oil, Steam and Electrical models.

• All types of Suction Stem Ironing tables and Inseam Busters with iron boxes.

• Thread Sucking machines.

• Maintenance of Needle Detectors.

Sand Blasting Equipment for Trousers.

(III) Installation and Maintenance all types of Water Treatment Plants with Water Pumps like.

• Washing Water plant

• RO Drinking Water Treatment Plant

• Sewage Water Treatment Plant

• Boiler Softener Water Treatment plant

• Maintaining of Water Analysis Report and Daily water test log books.

• All types of Overhead water pumps.

• Deep well water pumps

(IV) Installation and Maintenance all types of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machineries like

• Air Driers

• Compressors (All models-2HP to 60HP)

• Vaccum pumps

(V) Fabrication of following works

• MS Pipe lines (Water, oil and Air Lines)

• SS Pipe lines (Hot & Cold Water, Air Lines)

• GI pipe Lines (Hot & Cold, Air Lines)

• Others Sheet Metal and MS fabrication works

(VI) Tool Room Maintenance like

• Lathe machine

• Drilling machine (Portable & Heavy duty)

• Grinding machines

• Power hacksaw Cutting machine

(VII) Installation and Maintenance of Electrical areas like

• Transformer with OLTC (100 to 1500KVA)

• Diesel Generator (2 KVA to 6oo KVA)

• HT Breakers (Oil & Vaccum)

• Power Factor Controller Systems

• Capacitor banks

• HV & LV Panel boards

• Stabilizers

• Water Heaters

• Maintaining of daily EB reading logbooks and Electricity bills

(VIII) Installation and Maintenance of Safety Systems like

• Fire Alarm

• Fire hydrant systems

• Fire Extinguishers

(IX) Installation and Maintenance of Air conditioning Systems

(X) Systematic File maintenance and Reports like

• Preventive machine Maintenance Schedule

• Break down Maintenance record

• Machine History record

• Machine Broken Needle record

• Stitch per inch record

• Special machine program setting record

• Machine Emergency requisition reports

• Monthly machinery stock report

• Monthly production report

• Monthly Fuel and Electrical power Consumption report

• Logbooks like boilers, Gensets and Treatment plant

• High pressure vessels calibration record

• Daily Mechanic and Electrical reports

• Record of different types of machine accessory items like pressure foots, Folders, Gauge sets, Electrical and others mechanical spares.

• Calibration Record for Measuring tapes and Steel rule

(XI) Expert and Speedy rectification of any problems arising in shop floor and

Preventing any major problems by doing preventive maintenance. Also ensuring

the time taken for Break down maintenance is very low and thus enabling

speedy production by keeping machine down time is low.



DATE OF BIRTH & AGE : 20.03.1961 (50 Years)


FATHERS’S OCCUPATION : Rtd. Sub-Inspector Reserve Police. Vellore.India.





PASSPRT NO :H2100329

PRESENT SALARY : 5000 USD. + Benefits

I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date : 15-10-2011 ; Place: Vellore.


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