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High School Quality

Rockwood, MI, 48173
13.00- 15.00
August 27, 2012

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Zackary sandy

1-734-***-**** (cell)

1-734-***-**** (home)

Seeking full-time welding position requiring minimal welding experience, to get my foot in the door.

My name is Zack sandy, and I have many skills that can be transferred to a wide array of jobs. Some of which include

• 2 years or 720 hours, worth of vocational welding at flat rock community high school. As well as a recent graduate of flatrock. Which included the following areas

• safety



• GTAW (aluminum and steel)


• manual oxy-fuel Gas Cutting

• Mechanized oxy-fuel Cutting

• Drawing and welding symbol Interpretation

• Plasma Arc Cutting

• Weld inspection and testing

• Air Carbon Arc Cutting

• Prefer mig but can arc as well as cut proficiently.

• Can gas and tig corner welds great. Especially vertical up.

• Have a good basic understanding of gas and tig but don’t have as much practice as mig or arc.

• Like to not only find a solution that works, but to find one that works well and looks like it belongs.

• Can reorganize any area to make it more effective.

• Enjoy working by myself or even with a few people I find that can think better and work more when distractions are kept to a minimum.

• I have good morals and work ethic. People pay good money for products or services and they should get a product or service that will bring them back.

• Hate wasting time I figure if I have to wait for someone else or something else to finish up I can always clean, sweep, or put something away while I wait.

• Can start immediately

• Grew up fixing cars, cutting down trees, splitting logs and digging trenches so I love working outdoors.

I am good with budgeting and saving as much as possible without sacrificing quality. Yes it is possible to save money and improve quality at the same time.

I am able to learn at a moderate pace, and great at using one or multiple small tasks or procedures to complete assignments. Willing to work till the job is finished in order to meet reasonable deadlines. Constantly wanting to improve quality and speed of operations without adding cost.

Am creative and flexible about solutions to problems, can take criticism about my ideas and often can come up with solutions or alternatives on the spot.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if I sound like someone you would like to hire I can be contacted by email at:

Alternate by phone at 1-734-***-**** (but email will probably be the best)

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