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Engineer Power Plant

Abu Dhabi, AZ, United Arab Emirates
August 09, 2012

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Curriculum vitae


Personnel information:

Nationality : Lebanese

Date of birth : 1961

Marital status : Married, having two children

Contact No : 050-******* / 050-*******

Office : 02-4018222 ext.8217 / 02-4018217

Contact address : P.O.Box 5592 Abu Dhabi

E-mail address 1 :

E-mail address 2 :

E-mail address 3 :

Educational Profile:

Bachelor in Engineering : Electrical / Communications & Electronics Engineer 1986-1987

Name of university : BAU (Beirut Arab University) – Beirut


1. Present organization : Institute of applied Technology (IAT)

Abu Dhabi city-Boys Campus

Designation : Technical Instructor/Applied Technology

Period : 1st July 2007 –till today

Nature of work : Applied Technology Instructor

Instructing students, examining them

Preparing assessment and evaluation

Train them in electrical workshops

Supervising their practical tasks

Sending feedback to line manager

Taking part in curriculum development

Taking part in summer school activities

2. Organization : Technical Studies Institute -T S I, UAE Armed Forces, in the Specialized Training Wing (STW)

Designation : Technical Instructor/Advisor

Period : 1st September 2004 –till July 2007

Nature of work : Technical Instructor, Telecommunications and electronics as well as taking part in curriculum development

3. Organization : ETISALAT- Emirates Telecom Corporation.

Designation : Radio engineer / Microwave maintenance of radio link and installation of radio LCDR.

Period : May 1999 till September 2004.

Nature of work : Installation of LCDR (Low Capacity Digital Radio) 2GHZ, 7GHZ, 15GHZ and 23GHZ link

Maintenance, troubleshooting of faults and clearing it.

: Ensuring Digital links for remote sites for GSM mobile BTS as well as customers land lines through MUX + switching as well as project Management.

: Farinon 7 GHZ Installation and maintenance 8x2 Mbit/s

16x2 Mbit/s

: Nokia 2 GHZ installation and maintenance 16x2 Mbit/s

8x2 Mbit/s

: Ericsson 15E Mini-links as well as 23E

4x2 Mbit/s

8x2 Mbit/s

16x2 Mbit/s

34x2 Mbit/s

: NEC 17x2 Mbit/s

: NEC Paso-link 8x2 Mbit/s

: NEC SDH Paso link (paso+) STM1

4. Organization : Abu Dhabi Police Telecom & Information system Dept.

Designation : Communication & Telecom Engineer / Hardware Engineer

Period : May1988 – May 1999

Nature of work : Installation, testing repairing troubleshooting and fault clearing of repeater stations as well as base stations and installations of these stations on site (VHF, UHF&HF) also programming the equipment's

: Testing, Repairing and trouble shooting and fault clearing of hand held portable transceivers as well as programming those (VHF & UHF)

: Installation, testing repairing of mobile radios HF, VHF and UHF as well as programming them (hardware engineer)

: Aerials and Antennas installation and commissioning for HF, VHF& UHF stations

: Installation of sirens and light of Abu Dhabi Police car as well as maintaining and repairing these signals

: Commissioning and servicing of Abu Dhabi police network of communications between Abu Dhabi and the island of das ZIRCO, ARZANA, MUBARAZ etc.

: Supervising the installation of communication systems made by contracting companies that where responsible for supplying the Abu Dhabi Police with such systems. E.g. The Abu Dhabi Police Control Room (Central Electronic Bank) which controls and Coordinates the communication between the various Police troops and forces in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

: Maintaining the electronic equipments used by Abu Dhabi polices forces. Tracing Voice Transmission and best Signal received and transmitted by adjusting minimum reflection and noise interference.

: Participated in the Installation and commissioning of the Meridian PABX option 51 and 61 (NT), NORTHERN TELECOM

: Repairs of all kind of battery chargers used by Abu Dhabi police Force.

: Leased Line testing and commissioning, level measurement readings, frequency measurement as well as adjusting these readings using Transmission test Set / Receiver test Set

: Installation and maintaining as well as Operation of Philips M87 Switcher which connects some sites of Abu Dhabi Police with a Central Console in the Control Room.

: Installation and maintaining as well as Operation of Zetron 4217 DMS (Digital Switcher) which connect all police Channels to a controller in the main HQ

: Perform independent testing / trouble shooting on the following Equipment Zetron Switch DMS (Digital switcher) 4217 B and Philips M87 Switch.

: Utilizing portable electronics test equipment's such as transmission test set, level meter, level generator power meter, frequency counter spectrum analyzer and Audio monitor

: Perform test / troubleshooting which include but not limited to the following:

record and evaluated designated meter and test equipment reading, measure and record signal levels in terms of AGC, base band transmit and receive, power level, IF levels carrier levels, frequency response, noise levels, power supply voltages system circuit adjustment and replacement of unit if system found faulty to correct system performance discovered during performance testing .

: Lecturer for Abu Dhabi Police Telecom officers in which was explained about communication system, means of communication and theory of the operation as well as maintenance procedures .

: Operate and maintain video links both digital and analogue VHF-UHF transceiver, HF Audio / video systems, modem for data communication CCTV,MATV,CATV,PABX equipment which were under contract by another contracting companies and suppliers .

: Perform commissioning, preventive maintenance routine utilizing test equipment such as power meter, oscilloscope frequency counter, level meter transmission test pattern generator / error detector etc…

: Installation and repairs of traffic Violation Radars trouble shooting, fault clearing.

: I.T.T / Mackay (HF base stations)

Dictaphone recording system

5. Organization : Municipality of Saida - Lebanon

Designation : Electronics & Communications Engineer

Period : June 1987 – February 1988

Nature of work : Electronic Maintenance of telephony and wireless communication system radio mobiles (VHF, UHF) as repeaters & base stations installation and trouble shooting and fault clearing

: Tender studying and specifications selection of wireless communication systems and electronic equipment required by the municipality

6. Organization : M/S. Jieh Power Plant – Jieh – south Lebanon

Designation : Trainee Engineer

Period : Dec. 1986 – March 1987

Nature of work : Supervising the staff of the power Plant in the power control and distribution Control section as well as supervising the power generation stabilizing and load distribution.

Suppliers of Abu dhabi police : Philips/PYE/SIMOCO (Portables, Base

Telecom Dept. stations, Repeater,Aerials,&M87 Switcher.

: Motorola (Portables, Base stations, repeater, aerial etc….)

: Tait (Mobiles, (Portables, Base stations, repeater, aerial etc….)

: Tait (Mobiles,base stations & repeater etc

: Key

: Racal ( HF, Base station & Antenna – Military standard

: SEA ( HF and marine band) stations

: Multanova Radar (Stationary cabinet)

: Traffi-pax fixed cabinet and moving radar

: Talco Radios (Mobile hand held and repeater)

: Vertex, Yaesau Mobile & Portable

: Motorola Control Room and CEB of Abu Dhabi Police control room

Training / Seminars : Training of the officers and lecturing them about the equipment’s used and the system used by police as well as guiding them the ways and methods of using and commissioning as well as maintaining these systems.

: Participated in many training sessions and seminars about LAN and Wan with synoptic (Sept 1993) in Intercontinental Abu Dhabi.

: Training course about security Systems and Access Control systems with Sensormatic (June 97 – July 97)

: Training for 3 weeks on Motorola equipment's and radios as well as Voters.

: Training on Radar Equipment's Traffipax

: Training on Zetron (DMS) Switcher.

: Participating always in choosing Specifications of electronics equipment used by police / Tender preparation and Studying.

: Seminar on Motorola Dimitras system on 15 Feb. 1999

Other Qualifications : A member of Technical syndicate (Order des Ingenieurs et Architect, Beirut), Engineers syndicate in Beirut.

: Holder of UAE valid Driving license n: 185921

: Holder of the permit to practice the profession as an engineer issued by the (Ministry of Public Works and Transportation) in Beirut issued on 1988.

Command of languages : Arabic, English & French

(IELTS Academic 7.0),IC3 certificate

Maher Reda Al Bizri

N.B. Documents and references are available upon request

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