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Manager Sales

Nanuet, NY, 10954
August 17, 2012

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Nanuet, New York 10954

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C - 914-***-****


New Brunswick Scientific, Edison, NJ

August 2002 – Jan 2012

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical capital equipment.

Shipping & Receiving Warehouse Manager

• Managed over 30 union and non union employees across the three departments.

• Responsible for all Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory functions.

• Responsible for $70 million in annual sales and $19 million inventory.

• Increased inventory accuracy from 75% to the current 95% by part and 99% by dollar.

• Launched a daily cycle count program for both Stock Room and Point of Use inventory.

• Reduced freight expenses by 10%. Increased freight discounts for all carriers including small package (UPS&FEDEX) and motor freight.

• Project leader on the implementation team to install a new ORACLE computer system.

• Project leader on the implementation team to install a new SAP computer system.

• Created daily training classes on the implementation of the new ERP software.

• Did forklift training and recertification for all employees as required.

• Supported ISO 9002 certification in 2009.

• Increased the efficiency of the shipping department by 80% by changing the layout and software package that was bought.

• Implemented lean manufacturing principles in the warehouse and shipping operations.

• Improved the laid out of the stockroom by product and decreased pick time by 60%.

• Installed bill of lading computer software system.

• Installed and trained employees on a stretch wrapping machine.

• Installed a Sealed Air pillow machine which eliminated the need for peanuts for packing.

• Trained sister company hubs in England and Scotland to improve the process and procedures from orders to receipt.

• Expert with international supply chain design & packaging to and from the US including over seas.

• Proficient in proper import and export documentation procedures.

• Performed all price negotiations for packaging supplies.

• Instrumental in the design of packaging for all new products and coordinated all proper testing procedures like drop and vibration testing.


June 1997 – August 2002

Manufacturer of lighting and color measurement capital equipment.

Shipping & Receiving Warehouse Manager

• Responsible for all Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory functions for an analytical instrumentation company with $60 million in annual sales.

• Automated a Manual location system by adding locations for all part numbers to the Growth Power system.

• Reduced freight expenses by 8% from year to year by negotiating new rates with domestic carriers and international freight forwarders.

• Continually added new Instapak molds to prevent damage to our products while in transit.

• Automated the export paper work process by installing data base software, which eliminated the need for a typewriter and decreased the time to prepare export papers.

• Changed the Receiving process to ensure that all parts with shortages are moved directly to the manufacturing cell, increasing efficiency and responsiveness to customer orders.

• Installed a cycle counting inventory awareness training program, which increased inventory accuracy from 80% to the current level of 98% by part number.

• Worked on the implementation team to get the company ISO 9002 Certified.

• Served as materials manager during transition of production to Switzerland.

• Improved on time customer shipments from 82% to 98%.

• Researched and installed Instapak foam in place system to replace the use of packaging inserts resulting in a just in time packaging system.

• Coordinated drop testing of all units with Sealed Air Corporation laboratory and UPS.

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SHAMASH AND SONS, New York, New York

October 1993 - June 1997

Garment /Textile manufacturer.

Warehouse/Inventory Shipping Manager

• Responsible for Shipping, Receiving and Inventory Control

• $45 million in annual sales.

• Created an Inventory Location System, which increased order-picking efficiency by 50%.

• Initiated a Cross-Functional Training Program to insure that all employees can perform all functions.

• Installed a UPS Manifest System, which reduced labor by 30% for shipping orders.

• Reduced the time to ship orders from 7 days to 2 days.

• Planned and executed a move of two 6,000 sq. ft. warehouses into a 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse in one week including lay out of all racking.

• Reduced Receiving time from 4 days to 1day.

• Responsible for all purchasing of supplies and supplier price negotiations.

• Responsible for two outside public warehouses and all inventories.

• Responsible for all planning of inventory to insure availability of all products.



September 1978 to July 1993

Manufacturer of semiconductor capital equipment

Warehouse/Inventory Control Manager

• Responsible for Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory Control $100+ million in annual sales.

• Implemented an in-house training program on inventory awareness which helped achieve a 25% higher level accuracy.

• Increased accuracy of $17,000,000 inventory from 70% to 95%, which eliminated the need to take a physical inventory for the past three years.

• Completed physical inventory of 20,000 parts in record time of three days. Updated the database with less than 1% variance.

• Organized the pallet storage racking to put all components of the same assemblies in one row which decreased the time to pull parts by 7 hours

• Installed a carousel storage and retrieval system, which increased the efficiency of the picking and put away function. This also reduced the floor space needed by 60% and personnel by 20%.

• Implemented a bar coding system to increase efficiency, which eliminated 2 positions and entry errors.

• Purchased and installed counting scales for all small parts resulting in time reduction to pick small parts and greater efficiency.

• Implemented a first in first out program to assure all parts in stock were used in the order in which they were received to maximize warrantee and control shelf life period.

• Coordinated and scheduled all shipments determining fastest and least cost method resulting in on-time delivery of 95% and a budget that came in at 8% less than projected.

• Reduced domestic and international transportation cost by 30% through negotiations of more favorable rates during the first year.

• Researched and installed Federal Express and UPS computer systems which eliminated the need to write out airbills and reduced the time to ship a package, increasing efficiency.

• Designed special wooden skids and containers to ensure that no damage occurred in the transportation of a $2,000,000 piece of equipment.

• Researched and installed Instapak foam in place system to replace the use of foam peanuts for all components.


Delhi State University, Delhi, New York - Major: Two years of Electrical Science


• Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC)

• American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)

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