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SAP BW/BI/BOBJ Developer

New York, New York, 10019, United States
February 17, 2012

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SAP BI/BW/BOBJ Application Developer


• Over 7 years of IT experience in SAP BW/BI and 2+ years Integrating BW with BOBJ.

• Involved in two full Implementation cycle development of BI project.

• Worked on Net Weaver 2004s and Knowledge of SEM/BPS in a Global customer environment.

• Integrated Business Object Data Services (BODS) with BW 7.0. Involved in development of Business objects reports via Web Intelligence.

• Attended Teched conference and ASUG conferences on HANA, BI 4.0, BW 7.3.

• Worked on Business Objects by Building Universes, WEBI Reports, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius dashboards using BI services, QwAAS and BICS connectivity.

• Worked on FI, SD, MM, OPS, HCM and CRM Data sources and also used BI content HCM cubes for reporting.

• Exposure to Strategey Management Tool. Involved in creating Dimensions, Measures for PAS, Scorecard, Initiatives.

• Extensively involved in analyzing, creating requirements and developing advanced Xcelsius Dashboards and WEBI reports for business users in Marketing, Sales, Finance and Operations. Expertise in advanced Excel programming for analytical models and Xcelsius dashboards. Achieved data acquisition using QAAWS, Live Office, XML Data connection and Flash Variables.

• Also Worked with business areas like PLM, xRPM-PPM, Supplier Portal.

• Created and Build BIA indexes for the Cubes for NW2004s.

• Experience in developing Statistical Queries from the new Technical Content in BI 7.0.

• Worked extensively on APD (Analysis process Designer).

• Analyzed the performance details of DTP (data transfer processes), InfoPackage and process chains.

• Involved in mapping of new Infoobjects in the new Statistical Content with Business Content in BW 3.5.

• Experience in Data-Modeling - Data flow strategy, Source system, DataSource, InfoSource, InfoObject, PSA, ODS and InfoCubes

• Proficient in 3-Tier SAP BW Architecture including Extractors, Info Objects, Info sources, ODS Objects, Info Cubes, Info Packages, and Hierarchies.

• Knowledge of ABAP/4: BDC, Open SQL, Area Menus, Function Modules, Variants, Data Dictionary.

• Created queries in BEx Analyzer and via WEB

• Extracted data for different modules like FI/CO, ECCS, and LO Cockpit for SD, MM, Generic DataSources and Flat Files

• Evaluated statistical performance and suggested recommendations to Basis support for optimization. Improved data load and query performance

• Expertise in front-end Business Warehouse components like Queries, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, R/RI, Ad-hoc Queries, InfoSet Queries and WAD

• Knowledge of Remote Cubes, MultiProviders, Data Mart and Open Hub Service.

• Performed Data load management, Scheduling Process Chains, Creating InfoPackages.

• Experience with Peoplesoft Enterprise tool, Rational Robot, Script generator, PeopleCode various tools of ERP package.

• Good understanding of J2SDK1.4.1, JSP, JavaScript , SQL Server 7, JDBC, Tomcat 4, Jakarta-ANT1.5.1 Applications.

• Familiar with HTML, JAVA, ASP, OOPS, UNIX.

• Knowledge of other computer applications: Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, PowerPoint, Corel applications, Adobe PhotoShop, Visual Basic, Oracle and many other.

• Good knowledge of hardware, ability to maintain and repair computers.

• Competent Information Technology professional with good interpersonal and communication skills.

• Energetic, hardworking, responsible, individually capable to perform under extreme pressure and time constraints


BIW - SAP BW 3.0/ 3.5, NetWeaver 2004s.

R/3 – SAP R/3 4.6c/4.7 with functional knowledge of SD, FI-CO

BW Connectivity, Business Content, Data Model

ABAP/4: BDC, Open SQL, Area Menus, Function Modules, Variants, Data Dictionary, User exits

Reporting Tools - BEx Analyzer, BEx WAD, Browser, Information Broadcasting. Software/Tools - Mercury Test Director, BMC Remedy, MS Project, Microsoft Outlook.

Formal Exposure with SEM/BPS, IP

Other Software Skills

OS : Windows 3.x/98/NT/2000/XP, DOS, UNIX

Languages : C/C++, Java, VB

Database : SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle 9i, MS Access

Other : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front page, HTML, XML, JavaScript.

Familiar with : J2SDK1.4.1, JSP, JDBC, Tomcat4, Jakarta-ANTI1.5.1, PeopleSoft Enterprise Tool.


Southern California Edison Oct 09 – On going

Role : Application Developer 4

BI Application Developer role associated with the SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) functions.


• Worked on a number of PLM-EAM [Enterprise Asset Management] related issues. This includes break-fixes and enhancements

• Design and Development of Work Order Closing CRO report which involves extraction of data within BI system on integration with Financial related information i.e. Actual cost at line items and RWIP costs

• As a part of CCI team, dealing with issues related to load failures, daily status statistics reports, CPS scheduled jobs

• Build Universes, Crystal and WEBI reports for Cost Center Analysis Report, Work Orders and Notification Data.

• Also involved in issues related to Work Orders i.e. redesign of DSO and cubes for capturing Snapshot data.

• Involved in Performance Improvement for high runtime queries. Also involved in defining and configuring indexes for BWA.

• Performed reconciliation tasks by complete design of new structure by comparing data from PSA to the Target Cubes and DSO’s for Audit purposes

• Involved in configuration, breakfixs and enhancements of both EAM TDBU and Non-TDBU.

• Involved in gather requirements from Power plant onsite customers and resolve issues there.

• Worked on configuration of BI Admin cockpit on BI Portal.

• Worked on SAP BODS and BOBJ and integrated with SAP BI.

• Developed 3 Xcelcius dashboards using QwAAS and BICS connectivity.

• Performed Administration activities using CMC.

• Created jump to reports using opendoc url.

• Skimmed down large universes using VB scripts.

• Involved in Upgradation in BOE XI 3.1 SP2 to SP4

• Defined user level security, defined and assigned roles in Business Objects (CMC) and integration of security with Business Objects and SAP BW

obtain data for Xcelsius from BO universe. Designed and created Universes

• Extensively used BO & WebI reporting functionality to include Slice and Dice, Sorting, Hierarchies, Drill Down, Drill up, Filter, Calculation, Report Layout, Prompts, Tabular, Cross-Tabular, Bar-Chart reports, Aggregates and formatting.

• Used open doc functionality for detailed analytical reports

• Troubleshooted BOBJ related issues/tickets.

• Created Query and workbooks to gather BI Portal statistics information.

• Involved in break-fixes and configuration of HCM related areas such as Personnel Administration, Organization Management, Time Management and Payroll to support the integration points

• Involved in WISER project which require creating 17 Dashboards in Xelcius. Overall 48 reports in Bex and 4 Universe along with WeBI reports in BOBJ.

• Worked extensively on ABAP code optimization in routines in transformation

• Worked on reducing load time for CPS Batch window which involved Analyzing the longest running process chains and significantly reduce their load time.

• Developed and Modified Bex including creating restricted and calculated key figures, Formula Variables.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, BI 7.2, SAP R/3 4.6C, BEx Analyzer, BEx Browser, Windows XP

Siemens Building Technologies Jan 08 – Sep 09

Role : BW/BOBJ Application Expert

BW Application Expert role involved in BI Upgrade and daily application and change request issues


• Worked on a number of IMS [Issue Management System] related issues. This includes providing solutions to production tickets from customers.

• Worked extensively on the BI 7.0 upgrade which includes reviewing the plan, providing assistance to offshore team on critical issues regarding prerequisites, OSS notes and Global Transports.

• Restructured critical objects in all environments to synchronize the landscapes and prepare them for the Upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7.

• Resolved multiple issues from the user on the Backlog and the BW OCC report.

• Created BOBJ reports on Desktop and Web Intelligence.

• Integrated BW with Business Objects. Involved in security configuration by setting up roles.

• Involved in the design and maintenance of the Universe.

• Created What if Scenarios in the Xcelsius 2008.

• Created dynamic Dashboards using Xcelcius based on the requirements.

• Extensively worked on using various functionalities in Xcelsius such as dynamic visibility, combination charts with multiple functionalities, Custom colors, cascading filters, alerter, list builders, maps, menus and combo boxes.

• Extensive experience with Infoview and CMC (Central Management Console).

• Involved in setting security privileges in CMC.

• Extensively used the Web Connectivity Options like Refresh, Reset in Xcelsius for retrieving Dynamic data.

• Extensively used QAAWS for retrieving the queries from the universes.

• Exported the dashboards in to various formats like swf, PDF, and business objects enterprise.

• Extensively used Web Intelligence, Infoview, reporter and explorer for quering, reporting and analysis tasks.

• Extensively used Created Dynamic and complex visualizations in Xcelsius.

• Design and Developed Contract Net Change report as defined in Change request for our Client SBT which required data for contracts in R/3 to improve level of accuracy of reported results and provide additional information to better analyze the net change transactions impacting Contract Base.

• Designed and developed Customer Focus project which involves survey data from SBT linking it with CO Financial data in R/3 and building bubble chart on the reports

• Worked on Change order Margin project which required the data to be fetched from Project systems and build reports for specific Sales district.

• Worked on Claim report change request. The purpose of this request is to provide the company with the ability to identify root cause of Cost Overrun or NCC.

• Exclusively involved with testing of new and existing process chains for completeness and functionality.

• Worked on complex automation reporting project. SBT client require to publish ATB automation report to Share point which requires to enhance BW receivable extractor 0FI_AR_4

• Extracted data from Project systems, FIAR, FIAP, COPA both Delta and Full update.

• Worked on Initialization and Delta concepts for LO cockpit.

• Created Update routine and Transfer routine for the Change requests for SBT.

• Worked on User exists to specify date ranges for the Contact Net Change report

• Worked on APD (Analysis Process Designer) to manipulate data for Customer Focus and ATB project.

• Involved in OCC T & M report development which require report development for service orders that shows all financial information and also ties to P & L.

• Analyzed and Imported Global solutions in our production system.

• Involved in Analyzing and solving process chains related to SERVOR [Service Operations Reference Framework for Maintenance Operations].

• Involved in one of the Change Request to design and develop Customer Focus: Strategic Report which also involves developing chart reports for relationship surveys conducted on a monthly basis to SBT customers in the CRM system.

• Worked on reconciliation of critical R/3 reports with BW as part of the BI 7.0 Upgrade project.

• Developed and Modified Workbook and Queries including creating variables restricted and calculated key figures.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, BI 7.0, SAP R/3 4.6C, BEx Analyzer, BEx Browser, Windows XP

Warner Bros, Burbank, CA Jan 07 – Dec 07

Role : SAP BW Consultant (BW Upgrade)

Warner Bros. Entertainment Studios in Burbank California is expanding its SAP footprint. The implementation will support the Warner Bros. Home Video/DVD Production global business unit, the largest home video business in the world


• Involved in reviewing application dependencies, bug fixes, object migration, and evaluating upgrade processes, including change management and testing.

• Involved in Major BW performance enhancements

• Involved in solving Remedy tickets related to upgrade for end users.

• Involved in Proof of Concept that is testing the benefits and functionality of BI Accelerator.

• Created and Build BIA indexes for the Cubes.

• Performed Selective deletion for the InfoCubes and determine selective delete impact to BIA index

• Involved in BIA Data Integrity tasks.

• Executed reports on BIA enabled cubes using RSRT and tested different scenarios – post and pre BIA.

• Involved in Benchmarking of post and pre BIA on the queries.

• Created new statistical queries – Query performance, InfoPackage load queries for new stats cubes and performed mapping of new Info objects from the Cubes using the new Technical Content in BI 7.0.

• Analyzed the performance details of DTP (data transfer processes), InfoPackage and process chains.

• Also created BPS queries to get the OLAP time, DB time, Total time, Response time for the loads and the reports.

• Tested all BW functionality (Queries, Process Chains, Delta loads, Full Loads, BIA functionality, Compression, BPS layouts) as per the technical upgrade.

• Modified Process chains for BIA.

• Involved in Migrating the Queries to NW 2004s.

• Involved in monitoring jobs using Informatica. The data was fetched from non-sap systems

• Involved in the process of golive.

• Took part in the change-management process of revised reports

• Extensively used calculated and restricted key figures, variables and conditions for customizing queries based on user requirements

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7, BEx Analyzer, BI Accelerator 7.0, BEx Browser, Windows XP

Warner Bros, Burbank, CA May 06 – Dec 06

Role : SAP BW Consultant (Production Support)

Warner Bros. Entertainment Studios in Burbank California is expanding its SAP footprint. The implementation will support the Warner Bros. Home Video/DVD Production global business unit, the largest home video business in the world


Worked in a BW production support role with daily hands on support of production activities including system enhancements, break-fixes and end user support.

• Used Remedy to log tickets and solve the urgent user issues.

• Maintained the production environment, monitored daily loads from RSPCM, recovered failed loads and improved system performance by effectively utilizing functionalities like aggregates, compression, maintaining DB statistics, indexes, timely deletion of PSA and ODS change log data

• Worked on fixing PSA, perfomed logical partitioning of InfoCubes based on fiscal year

• Analyzed InfoCubes. Created and maintained Aggregates to improve query response time

• Loaded the data from R/3 to BW on a daily delta basis

• Maintained all backend objects - PSA, ODS, Master Data, Cubes, Multi-Providers, Info Packages, Process Chains, Info Objects, Info Sources, update rules, transfer rules & Source Systems including enhancements and customization.

• Involved in AMO support by Monitoring and Developing strategies for daily/monthly/weekly and Quarter close data loads using Process Chains, events and scheduler.

• Converted InfoPackage groups to Process Chains and tested all the process chains in development, QA and production environment.

• Created Process Chains (both Master and Transaction Data) to schedule jobs in BW and integrated e-mail alerts in them to alert about load failures.

• Tested multiple scenarios using cube partitioning, compression, query modifications, and aggregates. Reduced the average runtime significantly

• Created and update the reports, user exists for Partitioned Cube.

• Create and enhance workbooks and queries as required using BEx Analyzer & Query Designer (including calculated key figures, restricted key figures, cell editor, virtual characteristics / key figures).

• Created and updated Variations for Warner Home Video Actual and Budget Reports

• Also involved in up-gradation and testing of BI Accelerator 7.0.

• Evaluate system performance, tune queries / reports for better performance.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7, BEx Analyzer, BI Accelerator 7.0, BEx Browser, Windows XP

Gillette, Boston, MA May 05 – Apr 06

Role : SAP BW Analyst

Gillette. Worldwide manufacture and marketing of consumer products in the areas of grooming, batteries and oral care


• Worked extensively on Administrator workbench (AWB), modified transfer structures, update rules.

• Involved in maintaining Info Cubes, ODS, Info Objects, Info Areas, Multi Cubes, Info Sources, Data Sources, and Info Packages.

• Modified standard business content and created custom Info Source/Data Source, ODS, and Info Cubes (standard and MultiCube)

• Scheduled and monitored the data loads from OLTP systems and Flat files.

• Peformance Tunning: Created Aggregates, Compression, Indexes and Multi Cubes for performance and efficient utilization of data.

• Experience in extracting data from R/3 - FI-AR, FI-AP, FI/GL, SD, LO Extraction cockpit to SAP BW using full/delta load.

• Created multiple queries for sales reporting. Defining query in the BEx Analyzer and presenting the result in workbook and integrating the workbook with BEx Browser.

• Extensively used BEx Analyzer to build queries and worksheets to access data from BW data targets

• Created reports with Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Exceptions, Conditions, Variables and Filters.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.6C, BEx Analyzer, BEx Browser, Windows 2000/XP


• vMoksha Technologies, Bangalore Peoplesoft Application Tester Sept 02 – Jul 03

o HCM Automation Project

Performed testing and designing of components sent by our client Peoplesoft Inc. using PsEnterprise tool involving Rational Robot, Wind runner, Script generator, PeopleCode and People tools.

o Also Involved in the design & development of the automation of deployment procedure in the company using J2SDK1.4.1, JSP, JavaScript, SQL Server 7,JDBC,Tomcat 4.

• Neev Education Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi Software Developer/ Instructor Jul 02 – Sept 02

Provided support with hardware and software applications in the institute, also involved in installing, upgrading and troubleshooting PCs.


• Received Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering, Visveswaraiah Technological University – Karnataka, INDIA.

Sep’98 - Jul’02

• SAP Training in Business Objects – Crystal reports, Atlanta, Georgia.

Oct’08 - Nov’08

• Joined a BPS and IP as a self training in Burbank, California.

Nov’07 - Dec’07

• Involved in SAP BW 3.5 training in Enterprise logic, Texas provided by Teksoft Inc.

Jan’06 - Feb’06

• PeopleSoft Internal training was provided by vMoksha Technologies, bangalore.

Sep’02 - Dec’02


Available on Request.


Visa Status : H1B. Validity Nov 2, 2014 (3yrs)

Email :

Phone : +1 (253)***-****

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