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Electrical Engineer Project

Arlington, Texas, 76010, United States
April 08, 2012

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Arlington Texas – 76010



Worked on several wireless radio frequency projects and telecommunication projects in The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) under the supervision of several professors. Proficient as a analytical thinker with good technical and presentation skills. Experienced working in fast paced environments.

Strong background in radio frequency (RF) communication field, digital communication, data communication, wireless communication and embedded microcontroller systems.

Experienced in debugging RF circuits, antenna fabrication, using electromagnetic simulation software and 3d softwares.

Worked with teams on the timely completion of several programming based academic projects.

Assisted PhD students and Master’s students in completing their thesis work.

Awarded Wave Scattering Research Lab Scholarship and iMems Research Fellowship award in UTA.

Exercised leadership skills in monitoring colleagues on several academic projects and part – time jobs.


Ansoft HFSS Electromagnetic simulation software, Photolithography for antenna fabrication, Laser machine handling, Alphacam software for laser machine fabrication, Autocad 2010, Bonzai 3d software, Matlab programming, CCNA basics, Wireshark software for internet packet snipping, Programming using C, MPLAB IDE for programming and debugging PIC microcontroller, Assembly language programming, Express PCB, Pspice, MS Office tools


The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX August 2012(expected)

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, CGPA : 3.625

Thesis: Efficient wireless powering of body implants through magnetic coupling using planar spiral antennas on flexible substrate & Ansoft HFSS software

Visweswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum, India June 2009

Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering, CGPA : 3.6


Electromagnetic Theory, Digital Communication, Wireless Communication, Advance Wireless Communication, Data Communication, Information Theory & Coding, Embedded Microcontroller Systems, Renewable Energy Sources


Embedded Systems

Built a line follower and remote controlled robot in a workshop conducted and certified by IEEE (undergraduate project)

Implemented a wireless hot spot to guide new visitors to different departments in an institution using Zigbee Technology, Visual Basic, ATMEL Microcontroller 8535 (undergraduate team project)

Implemented a low frequency function generator & signal Analyzer using PIC33FJ128GP802 microcontroller & MPLAB IDE software. Analog signals could be captured and various waveforms generated. Scalar network


analysis, voltmeter operations were implemented, a command line interface was added & captured signals were given back to the user (team project)

Wireless Communication:

Research projects on LTE SON, LTE Coordinated Beam Switch and Zigbee Technology.

Implemented MIMO simulation, studied & compared its performance with other systems using Matlab.

Implemented Space Time Block Coding using Matlab and studied its performance using different size MIMO systems. (team project)

Digital Communication:

Designed and Implemented a Digital Communication system and analyzed the performance of it using Matlab. The system has a channel equalizer that is implemented using Viterbi & Minimum Distance Decision algorithm, a multipath channel into which Inter symbol interference is introduced. (team project)

Information Theory & Coding:

Completed a project on Wireless Channel Capacity Analysis where the performance -Rate Vs Power control of different power control techniques used in the IS 95 and CDMA 2000 was studied using simulations in Matlab for different MIMO systems. (team project)

Data Communication:

Completed a project on snipping and analyzing information from the internet using WireShark software.


iMems Lab, UTA May 2011 - Present

Research Assistant

Fabricated Planar Spiral Antennas using Photolithography process & laser micromachining process for wirelessly powering body implants.

Used Impedance Analyzer, Oscilloscope, function generator for conducting wireless RF experiments.

Used Ansoft HFSS software, Autocad 2010, Bonzai 3d, Alphacam to design and analyze the magnetically coupled planar antennas.

Developed innovative methods to increase the power transfer efficiency. Studied and improved the performance of the magnetically coupled antenna system as part of my Master’s thesis work.

Wave Scattering Research Lab, UTA August 2010 – April 2011

Research Assistant

Designed Microstrip Patch antennas using Ansoft HFSS software and fabricated them using photolithography process.

Used power meter, microwave amplifier, horn antennas, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and helped a thesis student in testing a rectenna that can power an LED using a 2.4 GHz wireless power source.

Used Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Current Measuring Sensor, Matlab and helped a thesis student in building a voltage pattern that can be used to detect faults in a random circuit using Discrete Time Fourier Transform.

Altisource Portfolio Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore India January 2010 – July 2010

Product Support Engineer

Managed 3 products including the servers which hosted them and assisted product development team in changing product code based on customer’s requirements.

Quickly troubles hooted all technical issues being faced by product users (American clients) over phone, convinced their managers & coordinated with other teams in solving them. Experienced with – Basic Linux, sql commands, remote desktop Protocol, remote session feature of Windows, html commands, Microsoft Outlook, Remedy software, NCI Collection scripting system software.

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