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.NET Developer

Lakewood, New Jersey, 08701, United States
March 24, 2011

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Rasha Garfinkel

*** ********* ***. ******** **, 08701

H: (732) 886–7070 C : 732-***-****



Seeking a professional and challenging position as a software engineer.


Eleven years of professional experience in Software and System Engineering; extensive experience in the full life cycle of software development including requirement definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance.


Systems: Windows (98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista), Unix, Linux

Software Systems: ASP.NET, IIS, Eclipse, ActiveMQ, Tomcat, Micorosoft Visual Studio .NET/2008, Visual Studio .NET/2010, WCF, WPF, MS Surface Touch Table, MFC, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, StarTeam, Rational Rose, Visio, SlickEdit, SVN, Microsoft Project, wxWidgets

Languages: Javascript, HTML, JQuery, C#, JAVA, C++, Visual Basic, SQL (Access)


Viecore Federal Systems Division, Eatontown, NJ 12/1999 – March 2, 2011

Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead on leading military planning and execution applications

• Worked on web development using the OZONE widget framework.

o Technology used was Javascript, html, json and jquery.

o Developed graph widgets to display logistics data over time. Read in the data using AJAX calls to json files.

o Developed a map widget using the Google maps javascript API.

o Developed a WCF service using VS 2010 that returned json formatted data to interface with JQuery calls.

• Lead developer on the C2D Net Mining Touch Table Project. This project involved WPF & MS Surface Table development, using Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, and C#. Developed a pluggable interface based framework using MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework), a .NET library. The framework surface application successfully ran on the Microsoft Surface Table & on the Surface Simulator.

o Responsible for the design, implementation, documentation, and testing of the Touch Table Project.

o Developed stand alone WPF controls that were successfully integrated into the pluggable interface framework:

Developed a CJMTK map control using ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF to run on the surface table.

Developed a VNC (Vitual Network Computing) control, integrated into the framework and was used to control remote applications from the Surface table.

• Worked on the development of planning software for integration with FBCB2 (An army force tracking system). Technology used was C++ with Slick Edit on Linux and wxWidgets for GUI development.

• Developed a Java based module to interface between the Command and Control of Robotic Entities (C2ORE) program, and the WMI (Warfighter Interface), to allow for the C2ORE simulation feed to populate in the WMI user interface.

• Technical Lead on the Command and Control of Robotic Entities (C2ORE) Advanced Technology Objective (ATO) program.

• C2ORE provided sets of services aiding decision makers in their placement and routing of robotic entities (UAV, UGV, and UGS).

• Assisted in maintaining the C2ORE project to be on track with customer requirements and ensure a successful project completion through good program reviews and experiments.

• Supported the System architecture design, and the requirements documentation.

• Created, monitored and updated a project schedule using Microsoft Project to ensure deadlines were properly met.

• Involved in the system optimization, development, integration of the following planning services: Maneuver Planner service, Sensor Placement service, Mission Analysis service and R&S Planning service, using Java within an Eclipse environment and ActiveMQ as the JMS messaging service.

• Supported the programs live experiment at Ft. Dix & simulated experiments at Ft. Monmouth.

• Project Lead on the MC2 NSFF (Net Sensors for the Future Force) application.

• MC2 NSFF is a set of specialized functionality that has been embedded into the MC2 software. It provides the capability to plan and then manage sensor assets in an execution mode (current situation).

• Software Engineer on the Mobile Command and Control (MC2) application.

• Responsible for implementing core functionality for the MC2 application used at various experiments, using Visual C++ and MFC.

• Developed a Web Service using C#, to interface with the MC2 C++ application.

• Software Development of the Distributed Analysis and Visualization Infrastructure for C4 I (DaVinci) project. DaVinci moves the focus of digital planning away from low level details to higher-level aspects of the military planning. Responsible for the design, development and integration of new software using C++ and MFC technologies on a Windows platform. Documented components functionality for inclusion in DaVinci functional specification.

• Integrated previously developed components from DaVinci into the Future Combat System (FCS) project.

• Software Engineer on the Distributed Analysis and Visualization Infrastructure for C4 I (

• Software Development of the Battle Planning and Visualization (BPV) project. The BPV application is utilized as a mission planning tool. Responsible for the development and integration of new software, and modified existing functionality using C and Motif-X Windows technologies on a Unix platform.

• Software Development of the Battle Planning and Visualization (BPVWin) project. BPVWin is a windows based version of the BPV application. Responsible for the development and integration of new software, and modified existing functionality using C and Motif-X Windows technologies on a Windows platform.


Active Department of Defense Secret Clearance


Touro College, Brooklyn, NY

Bachelor of Science in Computer/Management Information Systems, Magna Cum Laude

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