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Engineer Process

United States
August 17, 2012

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Qian Luo

**** **** ***, ***** ****, CA *****

(C) 408-***-****


A senior process engineer position in the innovative thin film deposition area


PVD and PECVD process development for metals, transparent conductive oxide and dielectrics; thin film materials characterizations;

Knowledge and experience in the area of metallization, patterning, electroplating;

Experience of starting up production line, transferring technology to manufacturing, improving operation efficiency, driving cost reduction and handling vendor;

Strong data analysis and troubleshooting skills;

Program management, key account customer management, interpersonal skills;

Innovative and enthusiastic in the emerging technology areas;


Sunpreme Solar Inc., Member of Technical Staff, PVD Module Owner (2011.8-present)

Improve ITO transmittance/resistance and develop metal contact with PVD for Hetero-junction solar cells;

Technology transfer to manufacturing and lead an in-line PVD system startup on the manufacturing site;

Hardware and process modification to improve PVD yield from 75% to 98%;

Drive cost reduction by improving technology, operation and new vendor qualification;

Develop Cu contact technology for solar cells which involves PVD, photo-resist, patterning, wet etching, electro-plating etc.

Applied Materials, Senior Process Engineer, Key Account JDP Lead (2005.12-2011.8)

Process development for PVD Cu, Ta, Ru and other metal films;

Integration of Cu barrier/seed with Cu electro-plating for Cu gapfill;

Plasma cleaning process development;

Technology lead for Joint Development Program with a key customer;

Explore new materials for futures inter-connect technology.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant (2002.10-2005.12)

Modify a MOCVD system into a microwave plasma enhanced CVD system;

Develop high-k dielectric thin film deposition technology;

Characterize high-k oxide films by XPS, SEM, TEM, XRD, Ellipsometry, and C-V, V-I measurements;

Teach general laboratory chemistry.

Shanghai Baoshan Steel Group, Intern (1998.7-1998.12)

Develop formula of cleaning chemical additive for a high speed electrochemical cleaning line.


PhD in Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, 2005

Dissertation Topic: Metal-organic chemical vapor depositions and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositions of high dielectric constant metal oxide films

MS/BS in Chemistry, Fudan University, China, 2002/1999

Dissertation Topic: Synthesis of ordered macroporous materials and nanoscaled materials


Serve as a peer reviewer for scientific journals such as Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Journal of Materials Chemistry, etc


1. Cu surface plasma treatment to improve gapfill window, Q. Luo, A. Sundarrajan, H. Chung, X. Tang, M. Narasimhan, J. Yu, WO Patent Pending, WO/2009/091830, 2009

2. Resputtered copper seed layer, X. Tang, A. Sundarrajan, D. Lubben, Q. Luo, T. Gung, A. Subramani, H. Chung, X. Fu, R. Wang, Y. Cao, J. Yu, J. Forster, P. Gopalraja, US Patent Pending, Pub. No. US 2008/0190760 A1, 2008; The product based on the patent has been widely adopted by industry (including of Intel, IBM, Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba, TSMC etc) for their chip manufacturing

3. A manufacturing method for uniform mesoporous aluminum oxide nano-spheres as separators, D. Zhao, Q. Luo, B. Tu, Y. Zhou, L. Li, Z. Xue, CN Patent ZL 01 1 26878.6, 2/16/2005

4. A method of preparing high surface area silicon oxide, D. Zhao, Q. Luo, B. Tu, Y. Zhou, L. Li, B. Yang, CN Patent ZL 01 1 26876.X, 12/29/2004

5. A manufacturing method for uniform mesoporous silicon oxide nano-spheres as separators, D. Zhao, Q. Luo, B. Tu, Y. Zhou, L. Li, Z. Xue, CN Patent ZL 01 1 26877.8, 11/3/2004

6. A synthesis method for high melting-point photonic crystal materials, D. Zhao, Q. Luo, B. Tu, Y. Zhou, Z. Liu, L. Li, J. Kong, CN Patent ZL 01 1 26879.4, 11/19/2003


1. Effect of oxidant on downstream microwave plasma enhance CVD of hafnium oxynitride films, Q. Luo, D. W. Hess, W. S. Rees, Chemical Vapor Deposition, 12, 1, 2006

2. Comparison of nitrided hafnium oxide films deposited in oxygen and nitrous oxide by direct liquid injection CVD, Q. Luo, W. S. Rees, D. W. Hess, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 153, F1, 2006

3. Cubic mesoporous silica with large controllable entrance sizes and advanced adsorption properties, J. Fan, C. Yu, F. Gao, J. Lei, B. Tian, L. Wang, Q. Luo, B. Tu, W. Zhou, D. Zhao, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 42, 3146, 2003

4. Microwave assisted template removal of siliceous porous materials,

B. Tian, X. Liu, C. Yu, F. Gao, Q. Luo, S. Xie, B. Tu, D. Zhao,

Chemical Communications, 1186, 2002

5. Creating highly ordered metal, alloy, and semiconductor macrostructures by electrodeposition, ion spraying, and laser spraying, Q. Luo, Z. Liu, L. Li, S. Xie, J. Kong, D. Zhao, Advanced Materials, 13, 286, 2001

6. Directed growth of multiwalled carbon nanotubes from ordered porous silica structures, Q. Luo, H. Zhu, Y. Zhou, G. Zheng, D. Zhao, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 11, 2934, 2001

7. Chemical vapor deposition growth of well-aligned carbon nanotube patterns on cubic mesoporous silica films by soft lithography, G. Zheng, H. Zhu, Q. Luo, Y. Zhou, D. Zhao, Chemistry of Materials, 13, 2240, 2001

8. Synthesis of nano-meter sized mesoporous silica and alumina spheres, Q. Luo, L. Li, Z. Xue, D. Zhao, Stuies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 129, 37, 2000

9. Electrochemical property of ordered mesoporous TiO2 films, Z. Fu, Q. Luo, W. Zhang, D. Zhao, Q. Qin, Chin. Chem. Acta, 10, 1226, 2000

10. Three-dimensional ordered macroporous structures with hexagonal mesoporous silica walls, Q. Luo, L. Li, B. Yang, D. Zhao, Chemistry Letters, 4, 378, 2000

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