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Project Engineer

Chennai, TN, 600018, India
August 29, 2012

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To excel in the dynamic and developing field of Aeronautical with CFD and

FEA technology

by utilizing my technical and interpersonal skills and also to obtain a

position in your industry and to

achieve better utilization of my innovative thinks and hard work together

with your company goals.

Academic curriculum:

B.E. Aeronautical Engineering completed in the year 2008 in Mohamed Sathak

Engineering college affiliated to Anna University,in first class with an

aggregate of 72%

H.S.C., Tamil Nadu State Board of Higher Secondary Examinations in the year

2004 with 75%.

S.S.L.C., Tamil Nadu State Board in the year 2002 with 85%.

CFD & FEA Skills:

Modeling : Gambit, Solid Works

Meshing : ICEM CFD, Gambit, TGRID

Analysis : Fluent, Icepak, CFX, Turbo grid, Star CCM+,

Ansys All packages (Work Bench), Autodyn.

Professional experience:

Overall 4 years of experience in CFD & FEA

Company name : Extreme Mech Experts,

Period : June 3, 2008 to Jan 10 2011(2.5 yrs)

Designation : Wind Tunnel Design & Analyzer


High subsonic wind tunnel designed to achieve speed of 80 m/s with the mach

number of 0.8, contration ratio of the tunnel is

9:1,blower is used to suck the air into the tunnel,

Supersonic wind tunnel designed at Mach number of 1.2, with storage tank &

smoke generator is used to

identify the flow streamlines of the flow.

High supersonic wind tunnel designed at mach number of 2 with anechoic


Schileron apparatus, and shadow graphy system, storage tank and reservoir.

Also designed the test section for the wind tunnel according to need of

industrial purposes.

Handling Research projects on Industry sides, Ph.D, M.E, B.E Projects using



Company name : Mecavia pvt ltd, Chennai.

Period : Jan 16, 2011 to till date (1.5 yrs)

Designation : Project Engineer


Planning the procedures for the specific project

Estimating the time and cost of the project

Allocating the work to resources

Attending the client meeting


Title : Estimation of roll rate for LGB using Gambit- Fluent


Analysis roll rate for SUDARSHAN laser guided bomb at mach no. at 0.7, AOA

at 0- 90 degrees for canard deflection with step increase of 7.5 degree

Title : Numerical analysis of IC engine for variable combustion ratio using



Analysis to carry out for the various Combustion volume ratios, Ignition

time, fuel properties like Diesel, Bio-diesel, Jetrofoil.

Title : Numerical Analysis of Fuel Cells for Using Gambit-Fluent


Study carried out the losses at each bend of the fuel cell for desire


And determine the desired velocity and Pressure.

Title : Numerical Analysis of Rocket Engine Combustion Chamber Using GAMBIT-



Analysis of Rocket combustion chamber thrust for liquid propellants like

N2O4 (Nitrozentetroxide), UH2O5 (Dimethyl hydrazine & hydrazine hydrate)

using bell type nozzle.

Title : Numerical simulation of Aerofoil for high lift application using



Naca 65212 (6series) aerofoil which is used with high lifting devices as

slots & flaps

For shortest distance takeoff and landing purpose.

Title : Numerical simulation of flow over Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

(AUV) with propeller interaction



Analysis of flow over autonomous underwater vehicle with propeller

interaction under various latitude of pr conditions.

Title: Heat Transfer simulation of Turbine Blade. Using GAMBIT- MATLAB


Analysis of Turbine Blade heat transfer is carried to reduce the

temperature and increase the life of turbine blade. It also helps as how

turbine blade cooling is taking effect as by simulation.

Title : Numerical Simulation of Cyclone Heat Exchanger Using GAMBIT-FLUENT


Analysis of cyclone heat exchanger for various the size of the

particle,velocity,and time to track the particle reach out time of the

collector of holdup mass, when laden gas get pass out.

Title : Numerical analysis of Thermal spray gun for coating metal by using



Analysis of thermal spray gun which is used to coating metal with reaction

spray type.

Title : Numerical analysis of Turbine Blade using Turbogrid, CFX& Ansys



Flow & structural analysis of turbine blade is carried out at 800 & 1200'C

for various high temp materials like Inconel600, Inconel718,

Udimet720, RR1000, Alloy 720 Li.

Title : Numerical Analysis of Explosive Welding Of Metals With And Without

Interlayer using ANSYS-AUTODYN


Analysis thermal explosive of welding, how the metal is welded when the

explosive taken with without interlayer of the metal like SS-Al, SS-Cu,

SS-Cu-Al, SS-Al-Cu,

NEOGEL used for detonation, & to calculate the flyer plate velocity &

energy when explosion take place.

Title :-Numerical Analysis of Performance of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Wrapped Elliptical Columns by GAMBIT-ANSYS WORKBENCH


Analysis the performance of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Wrapped

Elliptical column, for the various size of concrete, Young's modulus,

loads& number of wraps of GFRP is increased, and how the deformation takes

place and how much the elliptical column can withstand the applied load.

Title: Numerical Analysis of Aircraft Landing Gear for Gradual,

Sudden& Impact Load by ANSYS-WORKBENCH


Analysis stress, deformation on the landing gear when G-load, Impact load,

sudden load, gradual load on the landing gear at landing.

All project accompanied by data interpretation, analysis and technical

report generation.


Date of Birth : 3rd Feb 1987

Father's Name : M.Sheik Ali

Nationality : Indian

Passport no : G9309754

Languages Known : English, Tamil.

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