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Oracle Functional Consultant

United States
June 29, 2009

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Vallisha, senior professional has over 20 years of Customer focused, creative and results driven I.T. experience including over 16 years of Oracle Applications experience, 8 years of Oracle e-business Suite functional knowledge.

Mr. Shastry has performed as a Project Lead for prestigious companies such as:

CISCO, SYMANTEC, AT&T and ORACLE CORP (worked for 2 years)

*Vallisha has over 15 years of managerial experience with over 6 plus years of

"hands-on" Project Lead experience in the U.S.*

**Mr. Shastry has worked in a global environment including the (UK, Italy, Saudi Arabia,

UAE, France, Singapore and India) in various capacities as a Sr. I.T. Mgr. Project Mgr. and

Delivery Mgr. **

Oracle Apps R12 "ERP" Functional knowledge: Order Management, Pricing, Inventory,

Bills-of-Material, Service Contracts, Configurator, WIP, ASCP & Accounts Receivable

Oracle Ver.11i "ERP" Functional knowledge: Order Management, Pricing, Inventory,

Purchasing, Bills-of-Material, Configurator, Costing, Work-in-Process, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Service Contracts,

General Ledger - Multi-Organization, and Cash Management.

***Excellent Communication Skills***


• Over 10 years of experience on Oracle Applications ERP, focusing on process areas within Order to Cash, Manufacturing, Procure to Pay, Supply Chain Operations and Customer Relationship Management with current emphasis on IT Strategy, Project management & IT Operations. Gained expertise by working as independent consultant and as well as an employee in various global and dynamic environments, including BIG 5 Organizations in various countries such as United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Egypt and Middle East countries including USA.

• Vallisha is working on a Oracle Applications 12i project Order-to-cash for manufacturing industry. Just recently Vallisha has completed a project in CISCO as an independent consultant with the capacity of Project Lead, responsible for determining Product & Pricing strategy and implementing the changes to realize the benefits. Drive process innovations and implementations of the supporting Information Technology and associated organization changes. As a senior Oracle Applications consultant lead several teams in big organizations such as AMERON, Verisign, Symantec, Agilent Technologies, Beckman Coulter Inc., Alien Technologies, role entails developing innovative solutions various custom requirements and delivering value-added solutions to Oracle ERP across diverse business and industries. Strong technical background with years in System development and implementation as Senior applications consultant with Oracle Corporation, as Senior IT Manager with SAVOLA Saudi Arabia and EDP manager with GRASIM industries group in India.

• Good project management experience with management responsibilities for teams as large as 30-35 personnel consisting of Functional, technical & End Users that helped to develop excellent communication, presentation skills. Responsible for managing workload, ongoing coaching, mentoring and conducting joint sessions with end users and IT team.



Industrial Scientific Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA Jul-2008 till Today

12i Order-To-Cash Modules(OM, Adv. Pricing, Shipping) & Service Contracts

Roll out: USA, France & China

Main focus: Working on a Oracle Project for a Industrial scientific company to implement Oracle Release 12 Order-To-Cash modules as the lead.

- Conducted requirement study

- GAP analysis.

- Designed Solutions

- Conducted CRPs & SITs

- Implemented successfully

- Supporting users by training & Trouble shooting

The scope of the project is to implement in Americas, EMEA & APAC consisting of 9 countries. Worked on OM, Adv. Pricing, Shipping & Configurator modules. The tasks include preparation of BR30, BR100, MD50 documents, configuration of the system, Setting up Golden instance and CRP instances. Special handling Inter Company Orders.

Responsibilities :

- IR ISO Process setup

- Inter Company Drop Shipment Process

- External Drop Shipment Process

- Solution Design for OTC Requirements

- Customer Conversion

- Open Orders Conversion

- User Training

- Service Contracts

Major Challenges in the Project:

- Ship Set setup at Customer Site level

- Shipping

Assisted in other Modules:

Depot Repair & Service Contracts: I am part of the Depot Repair team & service contracts to implement Order Management & Install base pieces.

ASCP: Serving as part of the Inventory & ASCP Team assisting in Designing Inventory Organizations, Subinventories, Setting up KANBAN, BOM, routing & ATP Rules.

Conversion: As Functional part of the conversion for Customers & Open Sales Orders, I was fully involved.

Rollover in France & China: Implemented successfully in China Organization also. France is Going live on 20th March.

The whole project included 9 countries, 8 currencies , 3 Mfg. Units & 9 Sales Divisions & 3 Service divisions.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Business Process for Software Selling (OTC & Service Contracts) Nov 2007 – May 2008

Working as IT Solution Architect for SBBI team to implement software business Gathered Business requirement, developed Solution for the business model, designed Pricing of Software & Service, Developed E2E design flow for handling service Contracts, Physical & E-Delivery solutions, Introduced Quantity based pricing & Formula pricing, Managed following processes:

• Business Requirement gathering

• Working with business to define rules for SKU set up and software pricing of subscription, renewal and Initial support.

• Setting up items and its characteristics for subscription, service contracts, Software upgrades.

• Establishing relationship between serviceable product (license) to support (Initial support and Renewal)

• Designing a E2E process for Software Upgrades

• Designed changes to Front Systems to handle Software subscription Bundled Items

• Handled IB Records & Service Contracts for Software subscriptions

• Physical delivery & E-Delivery of software Products

• Licensing – One-to-many and many –many types

AMERON (OM, Pricing & Shipping) Apr 2007 – Nov 2007

(Manufacturing Environment)

• Worked as independent consultant with one of the leading manufacturers of Cement Water pipes, windmill Pipes and Tunnel pipes. The project included

o Requirement study

o GAP analysis

o Structuring Engineering Item


o Product Life Cycle Management


o Product Costing

• Studied the current business & mapped the process to variety of modules in Oracle applications. The project included


o Solution Design

o User Training

Verisgn (Product & Pricing, Quoting, Configurator & OM) Feb 2007 – Apr 2007

• Worked as an independent consultant with one of the major internet security Software Companies Verisign. I was responsible for determining Product & Pricing strategy and implementing the changes to realize the benefits. Drive process innovations and implementations of the supporting Information Technology and associated organization changes. Product Master & Pricing optimization is the goal of the project. Implementing Product Life Cycle Management. The deliverables include recommendation to follow the industry best practices in maintaining the Product master and its life cycle management, as well asoptimized approval process for new items, & BOMs. Revised configurator rules. Oracle Quote Business processes are being analyzed for the optimization of the Creation & maintenance of Product Master, Price Lists, Configurator Rules & BOM. Rel.11.5.10. Installed Oracle Configurator & implemented with optimized rules to benefit the company. Introduced Automated method of new Item & BOM introduction process.

SYMANTEC Corporation

(Order-To-Cash OM, Item master & Adv. Pricing) Feb 06 – Feb 07

• Contributed to consolidation of corporate business operations in automating SKU creation and pricing. Delivered more than million $ in savings and eliminated manual creation of SKUs and pricing of the same for more than 25 price list all over the world and different sales channels.

• Delivered a sophisticated auto-creation of SKU & Pricing Tool (AutoGen), which includes the auto creation of Items (SKUs), organizational assignments, creating pending statuses, Price list lines, modifiers. That includes the categorizing the SKUs in more than 30 Buying programs & 3-7 Bands in each program type, 25+ price lists and 10+ sales channels.

• Delivered increased Pricing efficiency and standardized process across business units by implementing Autogen (Custom package) and integrating to Oracle 11i (11.5.10). Led the Product & pricing track for retail and direct business. Managed a team of 15 team members comprised of designers, developers, end users and cross functional members. Partnered with business to gather business requirements, designed new process flows, worked with developers to develop the package and worked with users to implement the new system. Drove user acceptance testing and development training materials for more than 100 users in Product & Pricing team. Providing post implementation support.

• Responsible for Order Entry & Accounts receivable implementation. Handled complicated Order Types, and billing procedures typical to the software company.

• Role entailed to build a strategy for data conversion for Items. Responsibilities included design & implement the data conversion.

• Utilized Outsourcing team in India for the several areas of the project, like Data conversion & Data loading.

Senior Consultant for APC, Rhode Island Jun 2005 – Dec 2005

(Manufacturing Environment)

• Delivered increased efficiency in upgrading the existing 11.5.4 to 11.5.10 of Oracle Applications ERP.

• Responsible for upgrading Distribution Modules including Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing and MRP modules, incorporating new requirements and features.

Senior Consultant for TASQ, Technologies, Roseville, CA Feb 2005 – May 2005

(Manufacturing Environment)

• Contributed for huge savings in designing an interface from WEB front end applications to the Oracle Order Entry.

• Responsible for Implementing Order Management and MRP modules, integrating with Web Applications.

• Delivered a real time integration of Price query by front end using Oracle Applications advance pricing modules.

• Worked on MRP & PO modules

Senior Consultant for MOTORALA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Oct 2004 – Jan 2005

• Partnered with business to gather business requirements, designed new process flows, worked with developers to develop the package and worked with users to implement Supply chain modules.

• Drove user acceptance testing and development training materials for more than 50 users in Product & Pricing team. Provided post implementation support.

Project lead for IDT Corporation, Newark, NJ Oct 2004 – Jan 2005

• Discussed with business executives to suggest various solution & recommended Oracle Application solution.

• Designed & implemented various discount plans incorporating into Oracle Applications OM Module & Inventory module.

• Implemented OM, INV & PO Modules successfully and handled post go-live support.

• Saved big money in discounts from the sale of Pre-paid Telephone Cards.

CSC & JOL Short Term Projects Dec 2003 – Mar 2004

- Techno functional role involved that implementing Oracle Order Management & Order Management with Advance pricing solution. Role entailed design, development, data conversion, UAT & Post production support.

Alien Technologies, San Jose, CA Aug 2003 – Oct 2004

(Manufacturing Environment)

• Functional Lead for Item Master, BOM

• Item Revision & BOM revisions using ECOs

• Dealing with Work orders & Sales Order integration in WIP

• Product Costing

• Conducted CRP, UAT

• Trained of Users

• Part of Go-live team

Agilent Technologies, CA May 2002 – May 2003

(Manufacturing Environment)

• Drove an accelerated solutions environment process where a high level set of requirements were defined in a week, by leading a team of senior executives through a series of guided brain storm session. Added value by bringing in best of breed process knowledge specific to the industry. Led a cross functional team for the implementation of Oracle Order Management, MRP, manufacturing & distribution modules.

• Contributed to consolidation of corporate operations by eliminating 50% of 22 existing order sources. Delivered increased order efficiency and standardized process across business units by implementing Oracle 11i and integrating to Siebel CRM applications. Led the Order Management/Returns track for direct business. Managed a team of 15 members comprised of IT team members & End Users. Partnered with business to gather requirements, designed new process end-to-end flows for the track and implemented the system in all the regions of the company including Singapore & Malaysia

• Configured & implemented WIP with an integration to Sales Order for ATO Items

• Efficiently managed project by Deloitte Consulting, my responsibility was also in another track Planning & fulfillment. The effort was to consolidate Planning for all the warehouses in US & Europe regions with the implementation of APS module as part of Advanced Supply chain Suite.

• Responsible for implementing the Part numbering & Multi Org design for the business.

• As part of the team I was responsible for setting up configuration rules to determine the correct pricing.

• Led the team to integrate Advance pricing features to the front end pricing inquiry web tool.

• Implemented WMS on a trial basis at Agilent’s wear house in Roseville.

• Utilized the Outsourcing team to implement the various reports.

Beckman Coulter Inc, Brea, CA Mar 2001 – Apr 2002

(Manufacturing Environment)

• Led the design of Advance pricing process at Beckman Coulter. Designed and implemented an efficient discount structure for retail & direct business using Oracle Applications.

• Led a technical team to recommend a solution for consolidated shipment.

• Drove significant efficiency in Order Management, Manufacturing and inter-company operations for this global Medical instruments company by integrating all global sites into a common application.

• Oracle has selected this as the Study site for the new module WMS & attended many sessions on WMS implementation

• Led the command center during Go-live.

Multi Projects Nov 1998 – Dec 2000

The following is the list of Clients I have worked on different Oracle Projects starting from Oracle Applications Rel. 10.4 to Rel 11.3. The role typically to implement the Oracle Applications involving various modules.

• AIRPRIME, California, USA (Manufacturing Environment)

• FORTEL, California, USA

• McKinsey’s Consulting, New York, USA

• AT&T, USA, UK, Philippines

• Coco-Cola, Egypt (Manufacturing Environment)

Oracle Corporation, Middle East, Dubai, UAE Jun 1994 – Oct 1998

As a Senior Principal Consultant at Oracle Corporation role entails designing, developing & delivering various value added solutions to the following clients in Middle East:

• SIXTEL Olivetti, Italy (Manufacturing Environment)

• QUAPCO, Qatar

• SAVOLA, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Manufacturing Environment)

• ADMA OPCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE

• Ministry of Finance & Economics, Bahrain

• Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Various Positions in IT industry in India & Saudi Arabia Jun 1974 – Jun 1994

• Worked from Statistical assistant to Systems manager in various companies including GRASIM Industries in India and SAVOLA in Saudi Arabia. Gained a lot of IT technical knowledge through experience & trainings.

Technical Skills

• Oracle 11i (11.5.10 versions & below)

• VESTERA – Trade compliance software

• Project management Tools: MS Project, Visio, & MS Office Tools

• Testing Tools: Test Director

• Reporting Tools: Business Objects

• Languages: PL/SQL, SQL*Plus


• Masters Degree in Statistics, Bangalore University, India

• Post Graduation Diploma in Comp. Science,

Awards & Recognitions

• ‘Excellent’ award from Govt. of Karnataka for efficient implementation of Post Examination system

• Outstanding award for Simplifying Order Flow Process from Agilent

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