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Engineer Engineering

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
October 27, 2011

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Boniface O. Onuoha

** ******** ****, ******, *** 3TD, United Kingdom

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A dynamic, analytical and energetic Petroleum Engineer, experienced in Laboratory and Chemical Analysis, Minimizing Crude Oil production problems, drilling and well completions, with a solid technical background and excellent communications and organizational skills. Looking for a challenging position to further develop my technical skills related to Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Available to relocate or travel frequently if required and driven by a vision to improve operational efficiencies & maximise the utilization of available resources in optimising client value.



• (Group Project) Cuttings Transport in an open Hole Well completions

o Determined Particle slip velocity.

o Determined cuttings movement rate from bottom to surface with respect to fluid properties, cutting properties, well geometry, and fluid velocity.

• Well Construction Process

o Planning of a Trajectory

o Selection of a drill string considering buckling loads

o Hydraulics optimization with a particular focus on cutting transport and equivalent circulating density management.

• Reservoir Simulation of a Development field

o Determined new well locations based on oil potential, permeability, and high pressure.

o Determined production rate that can encourage high recovery.

o Determined sections of the development field that will require artificial lift to optimize production.

• Recent Developments in Artificial Lift

o Artificial lift methods-Gas lift and Downhole pumping methods

o Primary factors governing artificial lift methods-desired production rate, downhole flowing pressure, gas-liquid-ratio, reservoir drive mechanism and pressure changes.

• (MSc. Research Project) Minimizing of Production problems(prevention of paraffin precipitation and


o Analysed crude oil samples from different wells in Vienna basin and from different oil well locations in Romania

o Characterized various crudes based on their properties

o Determined composition and properties of various paraffin inhibitors.

o Screened various paraffin inhibitors.

o Mastered the use of Rheometer

o Determined viscosity of various oil samples

o Determined Wax appearance temperature for various oil samples.

o Determined performance index for various paraffin inhibitors

o Established two best inhibitors that can be applied world wide to prevent paraffin deposition.

o Optimization results indicate that with lower concentration up to 96% prevention could be achieved, indicating an excellent cost savings.



• (Group Project) Blowout Preventer Systems

• Role of annular and ram as the most important pieces of equipment for blowout prevention.

• Role of accumulator as high-pressure fluid supply and accumulate the necessary fluid volume by a small

Pump for blowout preventer operations.

• (BSc. Research Project) Development plan for E-field –matured field situated in the Sirte basin in

Benghazi Libya.

o Determined the remaining oil in place and its recovery factor.

o Determined the best locations for producer and injector wells and the required number.

o Determined the optimal production rates.

o Compared and analysed the capital expenditure and operational costs.


Heritage London United Kingdom July 2009 - Present

Administrative and logistics: To ensure that appropriate staffing levels are maintained at all times. Ensure staff duty rotas are prepared in advance. To implement staff supervision and appraisal systems within the workplace in accordance with Heritage’s policies and procedures.

To take responsibility for areas of financial management including petty cash and payroll returns.

To ensure that accurate and up to date records are maintained in relation to the delivery of the service.

Project Engineer


Drilling and Completion- Deep Offshore:

• Involved in risk assessment review meetings on projects worked on.

• Preparing and analysing cost lists of each contract accounts with clients.

• Involved in contract administration including reviewing bid packages, preparing contracts and also ensure that procurement and contracts comply with regulations.

• Involved in reviewing and checking engineering plans, computations, estimates and reports for completeness, accuracy and soundness in accordance with engineering standards.

• Implemented the use of new technologies, cost saving techniques/materials and improved safety procedures.

PETROLEUM ENGINEER Aug 2007 - Jan 2008

OMV Vienna Austria: OMV is the leading exploration and production company in Central Europe.

Duties & Experience Summary (Crude oil samples from Vienna basin and Romania oil fields): minimizing of production problems a Laboratory investigation carried out in the Exploration and Production Laboratory of OMV Vienna Austria. The research took half of a year for completion. Developed a useful and reliable methodology for reasonable comparison of the efficiency of different inhibitors. The viscosity increase was measured with rheometer as the temperature was lowered slowly. During this evaluation the actual used field inhibitors were also tested as benchmark and by this the laboratory results were validated, since the used test concentrations reflected the ones used in the fields. The research I carried out established two inhibitors that can be applied world wide to respond to crude oil production problems due to paraffin deposition. From estimates, it is anticipated that the results of this research can save OMV Vienna hundreds of millions of dollars as they were experiencing high paraffin deposition in most of their wells. In addition to laboratory analysis on paraffinic oil, I carried studies on flow assurance in wellbores and pipelines. I looked into the nature of Emulsion, hydrate, scale, corrosion, surfactants, dispersion and dispersants. I did presentation on the topic Minimizing crude oil production problem due to paraffin deposition. I also participated in the technical presentations and workshops in the company.

TRAINEE ENGINEER Aug 2003 - Aug 2003

OMV Vienna Austria: OMV is the leading exploration and production company in Central Europe.

• Determined PVT correlations for crude oils

• Test of corrosion on samples of drilling pipeline

• Hardness test

• Research review on Heavy Oil and cold heavy oil production with sand

• Test on the effect of pressure and grease/thread application on the tightening of pipeline


Jen-Decas Associates Nig Ltd, NIGERIA

• Initiated Aluminium Longspan Roofing sheets colour coating

• Introduced fixed double glazing for Aluminium doors and windows

• Initiated anodising of Aluminium profile which made the company excel high against its competitors

• Widen the company’s range of sourcing its raw materials by linking it with European manufacturers

• Introduced staff award for the best timely finished production.

CHEMISTRY LECTURER (Natural And Applied Science Department) May 1994 – May 1995

Kaduna Polytechnic Kaduna Nigeria

• Lectured introductory physical chemistry, introductory inorganic chemistry, and introductory organic chemistry to Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering, Agricultural engineering, Civil engineering Textile students.

• Mentored, marked, and assessed year one engineering and textile students.

INTERN Nov 1992 – Jan 1993

Nigeria National Petroleum Co-operation Kaduna (Chemical Laboratory- Internship):

• Determined distillation rate of premier motor spirit

• Determined viscosity of lube oil

• Analysed different boilers for the refinery

• Determined octane rating for various premier motor spirit


Analytical and Problem-Solving: At OMV Vienna Austria, the use of rheometer to measure crude oil viscosity is a very sensitive task as the amount of sample introduced into the rheometer and the handling of the sample during loading can significantly influence the results. The weighing accuracy, introduction of chemicals and heating can as well influence the results. I mastered, analysed all the samples effectively and established a standard for future research on minimising crude oil production problems due to paraffin deposition.

Teamwork: I played a key role in our group project on cuttings transport in an open hole well completion during my master degree studies. I was responsible for all the documentations, organising and finding venues for our meeting as well as being a link between my group and our professor.

IT and Computing: During my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and work experience, I gained a good working knowledge of Reservoir simulation, Well construction, and cuttings transport softwares/packages such as SURE, ECLIPSE, MatLab, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project XP, spread sheet(Microsoft Excel XP), Microsoft word, Microsoft power point, I used table processor to determine the potential area of paraffin deposition.

Communication (Oral and written): During my postgraduate group project on cuttings transport, I was responsible for disseminating information by arranging venues and sending e-mails to group members. I have successfully presented seminars on recent developments on artificial lift and drill construction process. I initiated and organised every fortnightly briefing on the achievements and challenges on minimising crude oil production problems due to paraffin deposition.

Work Style: I am a highly motivated team player, can work efficiently on my own and can work under pressure effectively.


• Drilling Engineering

• Production Engineering

• Reservoir Engineering

• Chemical Society of Nigeria (member)

• Society of Petroleum Engineers(Student member)

• Institute Chartered Chemist of Nigeria(member)


SURE, ECLIPSE, MatLab, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project and MS Office


• MSc Petroleum Engineering (Sept 2007 - Sept 2008 at Mining University of Leoben Austria)

• BSc Petroleum Engineering (March 2002-Sept 2007 at Mining University of Leoben Austria)

• BSc Applied Chemistry, University of Uyo Nigeria(Nov 1989-May 1994)


• World heavy oil congress Edmonton, Alberta Canada 14-17 March 2011.


• Nationality – BRITISH/Nigerian (NYSC Completed)

• Full and clean drivers license

• Interests include motivational speaking, football, travelling and keeping fit

• Excellent references available on request

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