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Takin Torabi CV

Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 7T4, Canada
January 29, 2010

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Ottawa, ON , K*B *T* Home Phone: +1-613-***-****

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Takin Torabi

Personal Summary:

Self-motivated sales manager, with experience in leading telecommunication companies like Nokia Siemens Networks and Siemens with proven ability to cope with difficult projects which meet or exceed sales quotas. Thrive in a fast-paced challenging environment; excel at building strong customer relationships, generating new business and developing effective marketing strategies.


[02/2007-09/2009] NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks)

Services SSM (Sales Solution Manager)

Services Sales Solution Manager is the position responsible for selling telecommunication services finding new opportunities and defining pains in the customer side and tailoring solutions respectively.

The responsibility for this position is mainly:

• Identifies, qualifies customer needs and opportunities

• Prospecting new opportunities inside the account

• Promotes and markets solutions

• Develops solution scope

• Provide configurations and pricing (for standard offers)

• Participates in tenders

• Building customer relationship by regular customer visit

My main focus was on MCCI (Mobile Communication Company of Iran) account which is the biggest mobile operator in Iran with more than 25 million subscribers. In the mean time I had the task of service offer preparation in MEA (Middle East and Africa) Region. The total amount of Services Sales during my role in this account exceeded 20 Million Euros.


Closing the deal in the following projects and tenders:

• Phase 3++ Service contract for Radio equipment (Network Implementation)

• Release99 Service contract for core product (Network Implementation)

• Phase 3++ Release4 service contract for core product. One of the first countries implementing Release4 projects in the world. (Care and Network Implementation)

• SW Installation Contract for all NSN nodes in MCCI Network.

• ITMC (Iranian Telecommunication Manufacturing Company) Spare parts agreement contract (pure service contract)

• Optimization Agreement for MCCI Network in Greater Tehran Area.

• MCCI Modernization Contract which includes delicate service job of some site relocation of live network and upgrading the network to the state of the art technology.

• MCCI HLR Redundancy Project. (Network Implementation)

• Radio SW Upgrade for almost 300 nodes around the country.

• Managed Services Contract for Release4 Products in MCCI network

• VAS (Value Added Services) and CSI (Consultancy and System Integration) marketing for new and state of the art telecommunication services.

• Training Frame Agreement with MCCI with total amount of 1.5 Million Euro for 2 years period.

• SPM (Spare Part Management) Offer to MCCI for solving customer spares problem.

• NI (Network Implementation) Service for 1 SMS Gateway, 2 STP (Signaling Gateway), 1 EIR and 1 Test Bed with hiS700 Technology.

• Core SW Upgrade for MCCI for 80 HLR and MSC nodes.

• Working on Iraq Railway Tender which consists of DWDM and 3rd party equipment. It was a complete project from Service point of view. Working in Omantel tender as Service SSM. The scope of tender is: Migration of transmission ring in the country to NGN (Next Generation Network) with full turn key service request.

[08/2001–08/2005] Siemens

Sales Engineer

• Sales Engineer in COM Department of Siemens in Tehran. Sales activity from Pre-Sales to Post Sales including introducing new products and solutions, taking part in tenders and Bid preparation (with support of Bid management and Sales Department of Siemens AG) and follow up, and in case of winning tenders, project follow up with Support of Siemens AG PM (Project Management) Department.

• Factory Support Role (Responsible for supporting ITMC (Local Manufacturing Company)) and close contact with Siemens AG Factory in Bruchsal.

• Documentation Control Management

• Claim Management

• 3 months experience as key account manager for Iran TCI (Telecommunication Company of Iran) in Siemens AG headquarter in Munich (July-September 2004)

• Order Processing of Local Manufacturing Company


• Tender 81/105: 33 new fixed local exchanges with 1.3 million subscribers increase in the network.

• Tender 81/125: Swapping 15 transit exchanges around Iran.

• 400K new subscribers Contracts in 2 big provinces of Azarbaijan and Isfahan in Iran.

• Smaller upgrade contracts.

• Implementing e-Documentation in the local office and reducing production documents delivery time from 6 months to 1 week.

• Order Processing improvement for ITMC CKD, SKD and CBU Orders.


• [09/2005-09/2006] MBA University of Sheffield, UK (Accredited MBA)

Gaining knowledge in key modules of: HRM (Human Resource Management), Managing Innovations, Strategic Management, Risk & Crises Management and Strategic Accounting Management.

I have done my Dissertation in field of Supply Chain and Value Chain Management in the MNCs (Multi National Companies).

I did market research for Appstation Company ( in the area of finding new market for Motivity Product.

MBA has broadened my view and enhance my knowledge in business related issues.

• [ 1995-2000 ] Ferdowsi Mashhad University, Iran

B.Sc. in Electrical (Telecommunication) engineering with the grade of 15.02.

Professional Development:

• SW Maintenance Solution Selling (W/O Certificate)

2008 Nokia Siemens Networks Web based Training

• EWSD Management in Siemens EWSD Factory

2003 Siemens AG Bruchsal, Germany

• Advance Training for EWSD System in Siemens I&C Training Institute

2002 Siemens AG Munich, Germany

• Strategic Marketing Management

2001 Siemens SSK Tehran, Iran

Languages and Computer knowledge:

Excellent knowledge of English and Persian “Farsi” (Native Language) and intermediate in French.

Computer literate and sufficient knowledge of IT and using the Office SW applications such as: Word, Excel, Power Point as well as Lotus Notes.

Knowledge about using database systems, such as OFFIT (Siemens Offer Processing Tool) and to some extends SAP.

Computer HW knowledge and keyboarding skills.

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