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lakeland, FL, 33810
$650 a week
November 22, 2009

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Carolyn Whittle

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Lakeland, Fl 33809



My Objective

My objective is to pursue a career in childcare as the Director. I am currently running a preschool and everything is in compliance as well as getting good reports from school readiness.


My mother has directed childcare for twenty seven years. I was raised around childcare

centers my whole life. I am currently running a preschool and everything is in compliance as well as getting good reports from school readiness and the health department. I have worked in childcare for years, I know childcare well.


* Strong willed * Energetic * Self Motivated * Team Player * Reliable *Can Multitask

* Loving to Children * Computer Literate * Can use a Fax, Scanner, and Copy Machines

* currently working on getting VPK * Webbing with Emergent Curriculum

*knowledge of school readiness * Can put Together a State Qualified Portfolio on a Child * knowledge of Arbor


First Aid/ CPR

Standard first aid

CPR infant, child and adult

AED infant, child and adult

State Mandated Hours

20 hour (Introduction to Child Care)

10 hour (Behavioral Observation)

10 hour (special needs Appropriate Practices)

5 hour (Early Literacy- birth to three)

In service hours continued

5 hour (Basic Guidance and Discipline)

5 hour (Computer Technology For Childcare Professionals)

5 hour (Emergent Literacy for VPK Instructors)

10 hour (Infant and Toddler Appropriate Practices)

10 hour (Preschool Appropriate Practices)

10 hour (School Age Appropriate Practices)

4 hour (Fire Safety and Preparedness)

3 hour (Guide to Record Keeping)

5 hour (VPK Director Endorsement)

College Courses

Facilitating Development

Child Growth and Development

Emergent Curriculum

Observing Children



Directors Credential,


Notary of the Public

Special Skills

Knowledge of arbor

School Readiness

Taking payment and keeping track of payment

I am hands on in the classroom

I can do everything from plunge a toilet to screw a table together

Organized with all paper work and office area

My Objective For The Classroom

How do children learn best?

Children learn best through play. It is best if you have the room to design the room to where children

can experience play in all kinds of ways. When children are playing they need to be scaffolded to the next

level. They need to be taught social skills. There are forty different social skills. They are Listening, Using

nice talk, Using brave talk, Saying thank you, Rewarding yourself, Asking for help, Asking a favor, Ignoring,

Asking a question Following directions, Trying when a task is hard, Not to Interrupting, Greeting others,

Reading others, Joining in, Waiting your turn, Sharing, Offering help, Asking someone to play, Playing a

game, Knowing your feelings, Feeling left out, Asking to talk, Dealing with fears, Deciding how someone feels, Showing affection, Dealing with teasing, Dealing with feeling mad, Deciding if it is fair, Solving a problem, Accepting consequences, Relaxing, Dealing with mistakes Being honest, Knowing when to tell, Dealing with losing, Wanting to be first, Saying no, Accepting no, and Deciding what to do.

What I can expect from children?

I must recognize that all children need to be busy to learn. How do children develop and what facilitates optimum development? Children learn from their environment. Children need to be in the best quality centers to get the best optimum development .Optimum development comes from what a child receives from his/her high quality surroundings. If children live in a poor environment they will not receive a high quality of life and they will not understand how it is to live well. What goes in children will come out of children.

What activities do we want to provide for children and why?

I need to provide indoor and outdoor play. I need to provide fluid and messy play. I need to provide micro and macro play. I need to provide a structured environment for the older children, not babies they have their own schedule. I need to provide learning centers for children like dramatic play, blocks, things that roll, circle time, planning time, group time, puzzles and beads, arts and crafts, books, science, and computers. I need to provide emergent curriculum with scaffolding. Children need the teacher to do her lesson plans with a web so the children can learn everything possible about any given subject.

What is the parent's roll?

The parent's roll is to make sure that their child's every need is met so that their child can reaches his/her fullest potential. Everything that will make a child successful to their fullest potential is... Physical: health, hearing, vision, large and small motor skills Cognitive: thinking, learning and problem solving Gross and Fine Motor Skill: moving, walking, grasping and coordination Communication: babbling, language, speech and conversation. Social/Emotional: playing and interacting with others and self esteem. Adaptive Development: self help skills, feeding, toileting, brushing, cleaning self and dressing.

What is the teacher's roll?

The teacher's roll is the same as the parent's roll. The reason is that most children spend more

time with their teachers than their Mom and Dad.


07/2009-current Director, Bobbies Busy Bee

I am running a preschool with everything up to regulation and arbor is pleased.

11/2008-12/2008 Teacher, Gibsonia Baptist Church Preschool

Same as Carpenters Home Church

04/2008-10/2008 Teacher/ asst director, Heavens Kids Enrichment Center

Same as job below as well as filled all the gaps in the preschool. I floated, picked up the playground, gave breaks, made the teachers schedules, made break schedules, made flyers, put the baby room together with no money, where ever I was needed that is what I was doing, in the afternoons I was with the school age, when the vans would drop off.

2000-2005 Teacher, Carpenters Home Church

I made lesson plans for the week. I watch over children to make sure they did not get

hurt. I talked to the children about things and situations they were learning about in

their lives. I help the children learn how to clean up after their self. I played games

with the children. I made sure that their parents were happy. I made sure they ate at

the right time. I cleaned the classroom up after the day was over..


Emma McLaughlin 1-863-***-****

Fran Hunt 1-863-***-****

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