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EMC Storage

Ellicott City, MD
August 22, 2012

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Reddy Certified EMC Consultant

Summary of qualifications

• 4+ years of experience in IT industry including EMC Storage, SAN Administration and System Administration.

• Experience in administration of EMC storage - Symmetrix VMAX, VPLEX, VNX, NS20, DMX-4, DMX-3, and DMX-2, CLARiiON CX-4, CX-3, and CX700/600/500.

• Experience in installation, configuration and managing Cisco Enterprise Directors like Cisco MDS 9506/9509/9513 and Departmental Switches like 9120/9124/9134/9140 using CLI, Device Manager and Fabric Manager.

• Experience in installation, configuration and managing Brocade 48k, DCX Directors, 3900, 4900, 5100, 5300 switches using CLI, DCFM and Web Tools.

• Provisioned storage from VPEX, VNX, V-MAX, DMX-4/3, and CLARiiON to various Operating Systems and used Auto Provisioning to assign storage from V-MAX array.

• Experience in Meta creation, mapping, zoning, masking and Data Replication locally and remotely (BCV, SRDF).

• Experience in implementing data migrations using Array based solution (SRDF, Open Replicator) and host based solution (Open Migrator/LVM mirroring).

• Performed Disaster recovery planning and implementation via EMC Mirror View – Synchronous and Asynchronous techniques and Migrations using SANCOPY in CLARiiON.

• Implemented Disaster Recovery solutions using SRDF/S/A/AR for production systems and tested disaster recovery readiness.

• Design and implement local replication solutions within storage devices using EMC replication software such as SnapView–Snapshots and Clones for CLARiiON, Timefinder BCV, Clones and Snaps for Symmetrix.

• Proven experience in using SYMCLI 6.x/7.x, SMC, NaviSphere Manager 6.x and Secure CLI.

• Implemented FAST VP in VMAX with Enguinity code 5875

• Experienced in generating host remediation report using EMC Host Environment Analysis Tool (HEAT), EMC E-lab navigator and grab analysis reports.

• Expertise in SAN related host connectivity for different Operating Systems like Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Windows, VMware Esx Servers.

• Installed and configured Emulex/Qlogic Fiber Channel HBA’s, Microsoft iSCSI initiators.

• Worked on creation and extension of file systems to various servers using Celerra manager.

• Experienced in configuring and managing EMC PowerPath solution for path failover, load balancing, path management and automatic I/O failure detection.

• In depth knowledge of disk storage, including SAN, NAS, SCSI, Fibre Channel, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, FCIP, IFCP, RAID, RAID groups and volumes.

• Possesses hands on expertise in troubleshooting day to day SAN/Storage, Reporting the environment and host related issues quickly.

• Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies, good team player in dynamic work group environments and also self motivated to work independently with excellent communication skills.


Storage Systems Symmetrix V-MAX, DMX-3/4, VPLEX, VNX 5300/5500, DMX 1000/2000/3000, CLARiiON CX3, CX4, CX500, CX600, and CX700, NS-960.

Directors/Switches Brocade 12K, 24K, 48K, 3900, 4900, 5100, 5300, DCX,

Cisco 9513, 9509, 9506, 9140 9134, and 9120.

SymCLI 6.x, 7.x, SMC 7.1, Secure CLI, Navisphere Manager 6.x,

Software’s & Tools Fabric Manager, Connectrix Manager, Web Tools, DCFM,

Brocade CLI, Cisco CLI. EMC- TimeFinder - Mirror/Clone/Snap,

SRDF/S/A/AR, Open Replicator, Open Migrator, Snapview,

Clone/Snapshot, Sancopy, Mirrorview, and EMC Powerpath.

ECC 6.1, Celerra manager, Recoverpoint 3.2.

Operating Systems IBM AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3, HP-UX 11.x, Sun Solaris 8/9/10,

RedHat 5.x and Windows 2000/2003/2008, VMware ESX.


EMCPA: Associate Information Storage and Management.

EMCIE: Implementation Engineer Symmetrix Solution Specialist Version 6.0 (VMAX).

EMCIE: Implementation Engineer CLARiiON Solution Specialist Version 5.0.

EMCIE: Implementation Engineer Storage Area Network (SAN) Specialist Version 5.0.


Masters in Software Engineering.


Software Solutions Group Jan’09 – to date

SAN/NAS administrator


Storage: VPLEX, VMAX, DMX, VNX, CX4.

Fabric/Switch: Brocade 48K director, CISCO 9513.

Tools: Unisphere, Celerra manager 5.6/ 6.0, Snapshots, Celerra CLI, EMC powerpath, Fast VP, Fast cache, Unisphere Analyzer, Celerra Replicator, Open replicator, Open migrator, Vplex CLI and Vplex Management console.

Operating System: Linux, Solaris, HP UX, Windows and ESX.


• Worked with storage provisioning on VPLEX, V-MAX, DMX-3, DMX-4 using SYMCLI, SMC, Vplexcli, Vplex Management console and VNX, CLARiiON CX4-960 storage arrays using Unisphere.

• Configured Vplex (metro) ports and designed Run Book.

• Experience in thin provisioning by creating storage views on Vplex (metro) using Vplex management console.

• Migrated of data behind Vplex using Vplex mobility central with no host impact and no server downtime.

• Hands on experience with Auto-provisioning by creating views, initiator groups, port groups and storage groups on VMAX using SMC and SYMCLI.

• Implemented Virtual Provisioning on V-MAX, DMX-4 by creating data devices, thin pools, and thin devices using SYMCLI and SMC.

• Prepared proper Documentation for all the SAN Switches and Storage Systems, prior to the data migration by discussing with the storage team.

• Migrated data from DMX-3/DMX-4, CX4-960 to V-MAX using Open Replicator and host based Open Migrator, LVM.

• Created Storage Groups, FAST policies in order for hot device reallocation to improve performance on V-MAX.

• Allocated and Provisioned storage from VMAX, VNX, DMX-4, DMX-3 arrays to Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, LINUX and AIX servers.

• Implemented Business Continuity solutions for production data using Time Finder Clone Emulation, Time Finder/Snap on V-Max and DMX arrays.

• Implemented SRDF/A for production systems including creation of dynamic RA groups, creation of dynamic RDF pairs, enabling SRDF/A for the group of devices.

• Implemented thin provisioning in VNX 7500 using unisphere V1.1.25.

• Implemented Virtual Provisioning in CLARiiON CX-4 using Unisphere.

• Migrated Celerra file systems from NS40 to VNX using Celerra Replicator.

• Responsibilities also include registering hosts, creating RAID groups, binding LUNs to Storage groups using Unisphere for various UNIX and windows hosts.

• Migrated data from CX4-120 to CX4-960 using SAN Copy.

• Configured zoning using CISCO CLI and Fabric Manger on CISCO Switches.

• Creation of Device & FC Aliases, zones, zone sets and activating the zonesets using connectrix fabric manager and DCFM.

• Extensively worked on SAN related host connectivity for various operating systems including SUN Solaris, AIX, Linux, and Windows.

• Involved in troubleshooting routine critical issues including server throughput, ports availability, zoning requirements, one-path down, enabling the path on source or destination arrays, data not migrated and host not seeing storage.

• Provisioned storage from VNX and CX4-480 for HPUX (PVlinks), Solaris, Linux, Windows and ESX servers using Unisphere by creating RAID groups/pools, Storage groups.

• Implemented Virtual provisioning for Clariion CX4-480.

• Implemented Fast-VP, Fast Cache on VNX5500 and CX4-480 along with relocation schedule.

• Administration of VNX 5500 and NS20 NAS Celerra systems including creation of file systems, exporting and mounting CIFS/NFS shares and configuring network shares using Celerra manager and Unisphere.

• Configured Zoning using CLI and Webtools for Brocade 48k.

• Created Performance reports using various parameters such as utilization, throughput, Bandwidth using Unisphere Analyzer and identified the bottleneck for CX4-480 based on best practices.

• Installed and configured PowerPath on Linux, Solaris and windows servers.

• Migrated Celerra file systems from one pool to another using Celerra replicator in NS20.

• Proactively replaced faulted drives on CX4-480.

• Performed Autoprovisioning for VMAX by creating storage groups, initiator groups, port groups and masking views using SMC and SymCLI.

• Performed Virtual Provisioning for CX4-960 using Navisphere Manager and for VMAX, DMX-4 Arrays using SymCLI, SMC.

• Responsible for day-to-day administration of EMC SAN environment, which includes EMC Symmetrix DMX-4, Clariion CX-3 and CX-4, NS 960 and VNX 5300 connected to Windows, AIX, Linux and VMware ESX servers

• Allocated storage for CX4 arrays using Navisphere, Unisphere to AIX, Windows, Sun Solaris( for an Oracle environment), HP-UX and Linux hosts including creation of Raid groups, binding LUNs, creating storage groups and adding luns to the storage group.

• Worked on creation and extension of file systems and giving access to windows by creating CIFS shares and UNIX servers by using NFS exports from VNX and also from Celerra manager.

• Created, Mapped and Masked Meta volumes using ECC to various servers for VMAX/DMX/CLARiiON CX 3 & CX 4 series arrays for storage provisioning.

• Installing and setting up Cisco MDS switches, creating VSANs, Port-channels and troubleshooting SAN Problems.

• Configured Zoning on Brocade switches DCX and 48K through Brocade CLI, Web Tools and Cisco MDS (Multilayer Data Switches) 9513 through Cisco CLI, Fabric Manager.

• Involved in migrating of data from old storage arrays like DMX-3/4, CX4-960 to VMAX using Open Replicator and from CX4-120 to CX4-960 using SANCopy.

• Implemented and configured Business Continuity Solutions using TimeFinder BCV/Clones on DMX-4 and V-MAX. Used SRDF/A for setting up Disaster Recovery between V-MAX to V-MAX and enabled consistency on the Device Groups. Created Dynamic RDF group in order to start with SRDF/A. Created and activated Clone at the remote box and saved the golden copy for Testing.

• As part of pre-migration activity, involved in running EMC grabs on the servers and uploaded them on the HEAT site to check if any updates are to be made on the server that has to be migrated. Also checked the EMC recommended updates to be done on required managed objects using the E-LAB Navigator.

• Implemented Mirrorview/A between CX4-120 and CX4-960 at remote site, for disaster recovery.

• Implemented FAST Policy based on the Performance required and extensively worked on FAST/VP.

• Backed up the servers using Timefinder/Clones for Vmax and Clones for CX4-960.

• Migrated data from smaller LUN production data with lower performance SATA drives, low protection level to larger LUN high performance FC drives higher protection level within CLARiiON.

• Gained working knowledge on RecoverPoint and assisted the client on RPA based data migration from one data center to the other.

• Created Consistency Groups, configured journal volumes and created RecoverPoint session for RPA based data migration

• Identified, resolved configuration problems with HBA drivers and cabling.

• Installed and configured PowerPath for AIX, Solaris, HP and Windows Operating Systems to support the load balancing and failover features among the HBA’s on the system.

• Installed, configured and updated drivers of HBA’s (Emulex and Qlogic) on Windows and UNIX servers.

• Created a performance summary report to rapidly observe activity of the LUNS using Navi Analyzer.

• Based on EMC recommendations, updated required patches (Operating System) and HBA drivers on all systems that are part of the data migration.

• Generated Configuration reports for both Array and servers for future Capacity planning and made design recommendations based on Raid Type, Hot spares and numbers of drives per Application.

• Identified underutilized resources (FA ports and Host based assets) using Storage Scope reporting and proactively resolved the capacity allocation issues.

• Day to day jobs include Provisioning, Monitoring and Reporting using Symmetrix Performance Analyzer of the Data Center Environment.

• Troubleshooting critical issues including threshold optimization, server throughput, ports availability, meeting zoning requirements, one-path down, host not seeing storage management problems.

• Created documents for operational management, troubleshooting the issues that occur in the SAN environment (both Storage and Switches).

• Responsible for day-to-day administration of EMC SAN environment, which includes EMC Symmetrix, VMAX, DMX2000/3000, DMX3-2500, DMX4-4500, CLARiiON’s CX3-40, CX3-80 connected to Windows, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and Linux servers.

• Storage provisioning and administration of EMC Symmetrix and CLARiiON arrays using SymCLI, Navisphere and ECC.

• Allocated and provisioned storage from VMAX, DMX-4, DMX-3 arrays to Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and VMware ESX servers.

• Implemented zoning on Brocade 48k, Cisco MDS 9513 switches.

• Created RAID Groups, bound Luns, and storage groups using Navisphere Manager on CX3-80, CX3- 40 arrays and provisioned storage to Solaris, Linux servers.

• Implemented Data Migration from DMX2000 to DMX4-4500 using Open Replicator.

• Designed, implemented and managed the Backup and Recovery environment utilizing TimeFinder/Clones.

• Involved in a “consistent data replication” for a mission critical application with Oracle database from DMX4-4500 to DMX4-4500 at remote site.

• Planned and implemented a disaster recovery solution using SRDF/AR between the two sites (production and DR) located 1500 miles apart.

• Implemented Mirrorview/A between CX3-40 and CX3-80 at remote site, for disaster recovery.

• Migrated Data successfully from DMX-2 to DMX-3 using Open Replicator and Open Migrator and LVM and provided storage to hosts using SymCLI.

• Implemented SAN expansion by joining the new switches to the existing fabric or merging two fabrics with minimal or no disturbance to the production.

• Followed proper Change Management Procedures, well prepared and submitted all the required documents for all SAN / Storage migration projects.

• Manage problems; ESRS connects to EMC support over a 128 bit encrypted channel.

• Analyzed, tracked and resolved complex software/hardware matters of significance pertaining to data center operations. Coordinated hardware/software installations and upgrades to ensure work is properly performed in accordance with company policy.

• PowerPath software installation, configuration and administration on UNIX and Windows Servers.

• Created heat map reports using SPA to identify performance issues.

• Generated health reports periodically for the entire SAN/Storage environments.

TATA Tele Services, Hyderabad, INDIA. May’06 to Jun’07

SAN Administrator


EMC Clariion CX 500, Navisphere Manager, Brocade 12000 Directors, Power Path, Solaris, Windows 2000/2003.


• SAN Storage administrator with system administration responsibilities for multiple operating systems. Implemented and administered a SAN network with EMC Clariion CX 500 Storage array & Brocade 12000 Directors.

• Worked on EMC Navisphere Manager 6.0 to manage multiple storage systems, multiple hosts, storage objects, assign / re-assign storage to hosts and monitor storage system for errors.

• Provisioning SAN Storage for Windows/Solaris Host for Clariion CX 500 using Navisphere Manager, duties include creating Raid Groups, Bind LUNs, and Creating Storage Groups, allocating Storage Space to Storage groups and connecting Hosts to it.

• Configured Zones for the fabrics Brocade 12000 using web tools.

• Installation, Administration and troubleshooting of Sun Solaris 8 on various servers, performed Package / Patch Installation and regular System Updates.

• Installed EMC Power path for automated path management, multi-path I/O capability, and automatic load-balancing and enhance application availability.

• Resolved performance issues with the I/O’s targeting a particular disk, dissolved MetaLuns and implemented new MetaLuns to reduce channel address issues.

Provided 24 / 7 production support for the existing servers, interacting with the users and their problems. Making sure that the systems are up and running and there is no down time for the users.

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