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Mechanical Engineer, Certified SolidWorks Expert

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
October 10, 2019

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Imran Ahamed M N

Mechanical Engineer

Whitefield, Bangalore-560066



Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical / Year 2005

Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology, MYSURU

12th / Year 2000

Govt. Pre-University College, CHIKMAGALUR

10th / Year 1997

St. Joseph’s Boys High School, CHIKMAGALUR

Work Experience (12.5 Years)

Emerson Automation Solutions [Formerly Tyco/Pentair Valves & Controls] / Senior Design Engineer

AUGUST 2012 - JUNE 2019(6 years, 11 months), BANGALORE

Emerson Automation Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of valves, actuators and controls.

WINTECH TAPARIA / Design Engineer

JULY 2010 - MARCH 2012(1 year, 8 months), INDORE

Wintech Taparia provides Food Processing Machines for Potato Chips, French Fries.

LUMIUM Innovations [Formerly IDEA (Innovative Design Engineering Animation)] / Design Engineer

SEPTEMBER 2006 - JULY 2010(3 years, 10 months), AHMEDABAD

Lumium provides Engineering Design Services, Product Design and Development

Software Skills

Solidworks (Certified Professional), Solidworks Simulation, Inventor, AutoCAD, Excel VBA, Oracle, SAP

Other Skills

3d Model and Drawings

1.Complex 3d models involving surfacing tools

2.General arrangement and part drawings using gd&t and stackup analysis.

3.Using driveworks or ilogic to create customized forms which can generate configuration and it's drawings according to user input values

Design Calculations

1.Hand calculations to determine the stresses under tensile, compressive, bending, torsion loads

2.Shear force and bending moment diagram for cantilever and simply supported beams

3.Analysis of perfect frames. Reactions and force acting on each member

4.Determined stresses under buckling load

5.Free body diagram to evaluate the forces on the system

6.Maximum and minimum principal stresses and maximum shear stresses using mohr's circle

FEA and CFD Analysis

Structural analysis to determine the maximum stresses under static and dynamic forces and hence adding additional material wherever stress are higher. Worked on linear static, frequency, buckling, thermal, fatigue. Leakage is determined using shrink fit contact set using contact pressure plot. Determined flow capacity or cv using cfd. Motion analysis to determine the velocity, accelerations of the components in the mechanism.

Rendering and Animation

Realistic rendered images of the products considering the texture and lighting and animations to show its working principle. Also created 2d fluid flow animation in maya to show the working of pressure/vacuum relief valve which is made for relieving pressure.

Excel VBA

Developed a macro to generate a daily kpi reports for sap eto. Also created form based macros to get the user input in a design calculation which display the variation in the strength of the component.


Created schema and superbom for variant configurator. Supported for product matrix, parts per code for cpq (configure price and quote) project by referring data from catalogue for ball, butterfly, gate, globe, check valves. Used transaction code mm01, cs01 for creating parts and bom in sap.

Manufacturing Process

Worked on sand casting, forging, investment casting, injection moulding (plastics), fabrication (sheet metal) etc

Team Leading

Managed a team of 4 members. Planning team activities and tasks according to the priorities. Mentoring them whenever required. Reporting the progress of the team to the managers and acting towards the goal.


Water Column with probes

A water column which detects the liquid level in the boiler by using probes installed in it which drives the thermal load to the boiler.

●Calculations to determine the probe location in water column attached to the boiler incorporating density level error.

Liquid Level Gages

Liquid level gauge is used to see the level of the liquid in a vessel or tank. The gauges are used as a single unit or stacked up in multiple sections to view a desired height of liquid in a vessel or tank.

●Developed excel based design calculations to determine the factor of safety of pressure vessel components of liquid level gages including glass and magnetic gages.. Calculated deflection of covers to check for leakage according to asme codes and standards

5300 Automatic Recirculation Control Valve - Quality check for 200+ drawings

This product is used to protect centrifugal pumps while the flow is not enough in the system.

●Have worked on 200+ drawings with the help of 3 engineers. Team members are required to upload finished 3d model and drawing for casting and machining components into vault with "draft in progress" status. While I supposed to check and approve the drawings and change the status to "released". While checking if I find any mistakes I was listing down in an excel with numbering. So team members can go to list and recheck their drawings before uploading into the vault. Hence reduction of no of errors while creating the drawings.

Kettle fried-potato chip line

It can produce kettle fried style potato chips of capacity 500 Kg per hr. Specification of potato chips at outfeed end is 1.5% Moisture, 35% oil pickup, bulk density 50 gm/litre to 70 gm/litre.

●Calculations for power, speed for vfd geared motor and heat load for fryer

●Added rollers at the bottom of the skid to avoid thermal stresses due to thermal expansion of the Fryer at 200 deg celcius

●Shaft is designed for fatigue loading

Pipette Controller

A device to absorb and discharge liquid which is controlled by motor speed.

●Ergonomic design which fits on to the hand with less weight

Biotech Preloaded IOL Injector

A device which contains preloaded IOL, which can be injected into eyes during surgery.

●Diameter is determined to incorporate 10 N frictional force when the lens is bent so user can push it using thumb easily.

●Performed bucking analysis to determine the radius of curvature for

9300 Series Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

Pilot operated relief valves (porv) are used for emergency relief during overpressure events (example, A tank gets too hot and the expanding fluid increases the pressure to dangerous levels).

●Size ranges from " to 12"

●Cv is increased

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