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Armament, Electrical and Avionics Systems Technician

Georgia, United States
$60,000 annually
May 30, 2010

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Pedro J. Vincenty

**** *. ******* ***. *** # ***

Killeen, TX 76543



Cell: 254-***-****

Work Experience

United States Army (10/2003-07/2010)

Maintenance Specialist Rank: SPC

615 ASB (AVIM) 1 ACB 1 CD Fort Hood, TX, United States

Supervisor: SSG Calkum – 303-***-****; Contact: Yes

Salary: $2,583.90 per month

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Armament, Electrical and Avionics Systems Technician.

Responsible for all aspects of assessing, troubleshooting, diagnosing, testing and inspecting all Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems on the Army Helicopter 64Delta model. Perform scheduled and unscheduled AVUM / AVIM maintenance including proper removal and installation of all electrical components. Knowledge of systems to include testing and troubleshooting the Modernized Target Acquisition System (M-TADS), Modernized Pilot Night Vision System (M-PNVS), M230 Area Weapon System, Infrared Zoom Laser Illuminator (IZLID), External Stores Subsystem, LBA HELLFIRE (HF) subsystem that consists of M299 MIL-STD-1760 HELLFIRE missile launchers, Common Missile Warning Subsystem (CMWS), Modernized Signal Processor Unit (MSPU), M261 rocket launchers, MK66 2.75" aerial rockets, and the Pylon Interface Units, Jettison Subsystem, Integrated Helmet Sighting System (IHADDS), Fire Control Radar (FCR), Flight Management Components and Systems, Data Management (MIL-STD-1553B MUX data bus), Electrical Power Distribution/Generation, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), Fuel System, Internal Auxiliary Fuel System (IAFS), Longbow Apache Lighting Subsystem, Communication Systems comprising of AN/ARC-186 solid-state VHF (Very High Frequency), AN/ARC-164 UHF-AM Radio (Ultra High Frequency), AN/ARC-201D VHF-FM SINCGARS (Frequency Modulated), KY-58 COMSEC, KY-100 Cryptographic Device, LBA Improved Data Modem (IDM), and ARC-220 High Frequency (HF) Radio, Air Force Application Program Development (AFAPD), AN/APR-39A(V)4 Radar Signal Detecting Set, AN/AVR-2A Laser Detecting Set, AN/ALQ-144 A IR Countermeasures Set, AN/ALQ-1369V)5 Countermeasures Set, M-141 General Purpose Aircraft Dispenser, APX-100 Transponder, KIT-1C/TSEC IFF, Aircraft Identification/Tracking Systems including Blue Force Tracker (BFT), Inertial Navigation System (INU) and Embedded GPS Inertial (EGI) units, Environmental Control System (ECS), Integrated Pressurized Air System (IPAS), Apache Pitot/Static Subsystem, Helicopter Air Data System (HADS). All above mentioned systems require extensive knowledge of Technical Manuals, Wire Schematics understanding, IETM, Fed-Log, Unit Level Logistic System-Aviation (ULLS-A), SCP-6, Form 2410 procedures.

To troubleshoot the AH-64D, practical knowledge of operation and understanding of test sets for the various Aircraft systems is essential. This test equipment includes the Captive Boresight and Harmonization Kit (CBHK), Air Data System Alignment Kit, Navigation System Mount Alignment Kit, PC-GBS (Personal Computer Ground Based Station), HDU Alignment Verification Assembly, TS-3614A/ALQ-136(V) FLTS Radar Jammer Test Set, Chaff Dispenser Test Set, SM-674A/UPM Radar Signal Simulator, MX-9848A/APR-39(V) Radar Signal Test Adapter, TS-4530/UPM Radar Test Set, TS-4463/P Pitot Static Test Set, AN/APM-424(V)2 Transponder Test Set, AN/AWM-101a Test Set Guided Missile System, PSD60-1AF Fuel Quantity Systems Test Set, TS-1836D/U Transistor Test Set, Box Magazine Ammunition Loader, ME-563/U Ammeter, TS-4165/G Electrical Cable Test Set, AN/PSM-45A Digital Multimeter, AN/USM-488 Oscilloscope, and Nitrogen Purge Kit.

Repairing the AH-64D requires extensive experience in repairing RF (Single, Coaxial, and Triaxial) wire as well as multiple other wire types. Coupled with correct maintenance procedures, plus calibrated tool usage, and task specific equipment, as well as understanding of all safety requirements, is essential.

Dedication to mission includes maintaining the highest level of efficiency by managing, supervising, training and mentoring soldiers. Developed mission focused maintenance procedures to accomplish a ninety-five percent Fully Mission Capable Rating while serving in Iraq multiple deployments under Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF 06-08, and OIF 09-10).


High School: Ellison High School Class 2002

Army Correspondence Course Program:

2007 AV0568 Aviation Accident Prevention

2007 AV0583 Armament Safety

2007 AV0695 Airfield Operations

2007 AV0595 Airfield Facility and Operations Safety

2007 AV0551 Aviation Safety

2007 AV0534 Human Factors in Aircraft Accident Prevention

2007 AV0550 Aviation Petroleum, Oils/Lube Operational Maintenance and Safety

2007 AV0567 Introduction to Aircraft Accident Prevention

2007 AV0569 Crash Safety Concepts

2007 AV0570 Aviation Shop and Flight Line Safety

2007 AV0574 Aircraft Accident Investigation and Reports

2007 AV0582 Safety Office Administration

2007 AV0584 Safety Programs

2007 AV0585 Measuring Safety

2007 AV0587 Safety Management for the Supervisor

2007 AV0593 Aviation Medicine Program

2007 AV0653 Military Aircraft Designation Symbols

2007 AV0661 Aviation Survival, Part I

2007 AV0662 Aviation Survival, Part II

2007 AV0663 Aviation Survival, Part III

2007 AV0664 Aviation Survival, Part IV

2007 AD0426 Corrective Maintenance of Patriot Radar Set

2007 IS0875 Combat Lifesaver Course

2005 AL0907 Basic Hydraulics and Hydraulic Plumbing

2005 AL0926 Basic Hydraulic Systems and Components

Additional Training:

AH-64d Armament/ Electrical/ Avionics Systems Repairer Course (15Y), Highest GPA Attained,

July 2004 Fort Eustis, VA


2009-2010 OIF, 1st Calvary Division, Iraq

2007 OIF, 1st Calvary Division, Iraq

2004-2005 1-2 Attack, Republic of South Korea

Awards and Recognition:

2009, 2008 Army Commendation Medal for Valor

2010, 2008 Iraqi Campaign Medal – Campaign Star

2009, 2006 Army Good Conduct Medal

2008 Meritorious Unit Citation

2007, 2005, 2004 Army Achievement Medal

2005 Korean Defense Service Medal

2003 National Defense Service Medal

2003 Global War on Terror Service Medal

2003 Army Service Ribbon

2003 Aviation Badge

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