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Mechanical Technician

Vellore, TN, 632001, India
August 29, 2012

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Date of Birth : 21/01/1979

Nationality : Indian

Marital status : Married


Passport Number : Z1758223

Date of Expiry : 24/11/2018


Permanent address : 110, Sabapathy Nagar,


vellore district,vellore

Tamilnadu, India.

E-mail :

Telephone : 0091-999-***-****



Three years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (D.M.E.) completed in 1997 with an aggregate of 82% of marks.


I have worked for 14.5 years in different Oil Refinery, FPSO and Petrochemical industries. My career details in different industries are as follows:-


It is an FPSO located in Nigeria. Production of crude oil from deep sea.

Position : Senior Mechanical Technician

Period : November 2011 to April 2012


It is an FPSO in Mauritania, production of crude oil from deep sea.

Position : Senior Mechanical Technician

Period : March 2007 to October 2011


It is a massive production of polyethylene and ethylene in Qatar., Joint venture of Chevron Philips and Qatar Petroleum Company

Position : Rotating Equipment Technician.

Period : May 2006 to Nov 2006


It is the largest petrochemical in kuwait manufacturing of polyethylene, polypropylene and ethylene glycol

Position : Mechanical Technician

Period : May 2003 to Jan2006


It is one of the largest private sector petrochemical in India with a capacity of 9MMTA of Pthalic Anhydride and Malic Anhydride.

Position : Mechanical Supervisor

Period : Aug 1997 to May 2003


Carrying out day-to-day activities, preventive, running maintenance and major overhauls of rotary and stationary equipments in FPSO, Oil Refinery and Petrochemical fields. Maintenance, trouble shooting and overhauling of rotating equipments viz. Various types of pumps, Compressors-Reciprocating, Rotary & Centrifugal, Steam and gas Turbines, Gearbox, Fin fans, Conveyers, and also having experience in Extruders, Pelletiser, Dryers and Bagging Machine. Maintenance and overhauling of High pressure pumps in Water injection systems and handling Gas injection compressors in FPSO. General and shutdown maintenance of various types of valves, Heat exchangers, Seperators,Reactors,Heaters,Boilers etc.,

Involved in Erection, Installation and commissioning activities of FPSO.

Perform alignment of rotating equipments by Reverse indicator, Laser and Rim & face methods. Assisted with vendors for various equipments for commissioning and breakdown jobs.

Nature of Job and Responsibilities

Overhauling &reinstallation of service equipments as per OEM manuals

Taking the lead role among the working crew

Planning of shutdown jobs with operational frequency.

Scheduling of shutdown planning with operational availability

Trouble shooting with sequence of diagnostic method

Preparing equipment maintenance check list.

Assisted the Vendors for Commissioning and maintenance activities.

Familiar with PTW (permit to work) systems.

Familiar with SAP system by using SAP user programmed system.

Preparing of SMP for all type of rotary and static equipments.

Aware of plant equipment safety orientation knowledge

Aware of handling of plant chemicals like H2S,BENZENE,etc

Having a positive attitude and team sprit.

Having effective communication and strong interpersonal skill.

Conducting of regular tool box talk.

Knowledge on safety rules, regulations and practices.

Knowledge on Rigging and slinging Techniques.

Alignments done by using laser &dial method.(Reverse dial, Rim &face)

Doing spading &de-spading during shutdown and start up.

Monitoring of critical equipments by basis of condition.

Preparing of MTBF, MTTR for critical equipments.

Handling exposure of single coil, multi coil, seals(single and double seal)

Gas Turbines

Typical work involves,

Combustion Inspection:

Inspection and necessary replacement of fuel nozzles, combustion liners, crossfire tubes, transition pieces and boroscopic inspection of turbine buckets, nozzles & IGV

Hot path inspection

Inspection of combustion components, Removal of top half turbine casing, measurement of turbine clearances, inspection of turbine nozzles & buckets and inter stage labyrinths.

Major inspection

Inspection of combustion components, Removal and inspection of IGV, compressor and turbine upper casing, measurement of compressor & turbine clearances, complete rotor removal, cleaning and inspection, inspection & replacement of turbine nozzles, inspection of accessories and load gearboxes, coupling inspection and alignment of Gear boxes to generators, fuel gas & fuel oil and lube oil filters replacement, air intake filter replacement, inspection and replacement of bearings. Compressor washing and trouble shooting.

Steam Turbines

Typical job involves, Alignment with driver equipment, Radial and thrust bearing clearance checking and their replacement, Carbon seal and labyrinth seal replacement.

Complete overhauling and trouble shooting.(Removal and inspection of top casing, diaphragms, inter stage labyrinths, rotor, bearings, turning gear, MSV, EGV, main oil pump, rotor centering and measurement of clearances, Preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance. Familiar with Woodward hydraulic and electronic governors.

Centrifugal Compressors

Typical work involves, Alignment with the driving equipment, Radial and thrust bearing clearance checking and their replacement, Axial centering of rotor, Seal replacement.

Complete overhauling & trouble shooting, Preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance.

Reciprocating Compressors

Typical work involves, Alignment with the driver, Valve reconditioning, Piston & rider rings replacement, Piston & cylinder maintenance, Gas & oil wiper rings replacement, Complete overhauling & trouble shooting, Preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance.

Worked on various types of compressor valves like Plate, Concentric and Channel valves.

Good experience working on hydraulic fit piston rod nuts. Involved in the failure analysis of piston failure and development of work procedures.

Screw compressors

Involved in changing of thrust bearing and auxiliary jobs in compressor.

Diesel Generators

Involved Start-up, shutdown and trouble shooting of Diesel engines

Breakdown and Preventive maintenance of engines and it’s auxiliary units.

Experience in taking precision measurements of bearings clearances &installation. Crank shaft Inspection, generator air gap checking. Web deflection reading, maintain spares and annual re order spares, Erection and re erection, Grouting, major overhauling.

Centrifugal Pumps

Typical work involves, Alignment with the driving equipment, Checking Radial & thrust bearing clearance and their replacement, Axial centering of the rotor and seal replacement, complete overhauling and trouble shooting. Preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance. Also worked in various gear, screw, plunger, multistage, diaphragm, Water Injection, liquid ring vacuum pumps.etc.,

Gear boxes

Changing gears, bearings seals and measuring bearing clearance and backlash of Reducing and increasing gear boxes such as spur, worm & worm wheel, bevel, spiral bevel and helical gears used in petrochemical, refinery and power plants.

Good experience on various types of speed reducers and speed increasers.

Fin fan gear boxes, pump’s gear boxes, cooling tower gear box etc.

Shaft seals

Good knowledge and working experience on the following shaft seals. familiar with seal failure analysis and solutions.

• Liquid film bushing seal with and without pumping ring employed for gas compressors.

• Mechanical seals for pumps (single and double seals, pusher and non pusher seals with different API plans.

• Carbon ring packing and spring backed labyrinth seals for steam turbines.

• Gas packing rings and oil wiper packing rings for reciprocating compressors.

Lubrication systems

Worked on different lube oil systems such as

• Pressurized lubrication system

• Pure oil mist system for pumps

• Splash and sump lube system.

• Forced feed lubrication for reciprocating compressors

Blowers and Fans

Worked on various types of centrifugal rotary blowers and F.D fan erection and commissioning activities.


Very good knowledge and experience on the following types.

• Tilting pad thrust and journal bearings with and without leveling plates such as Kingsbury, Mitchell bearings.

• Sleeve bearings and Antifriction bearings


Well versed with the following methods. Familiar with hot &cold alignment and magnetic center of motors.

• Laser alignment – Using Easy Laser, Rotalign Kit

• Reverse indicator method both analytical and graphical.

• Face and rim method with one and two dial indicators on the face.

Static Equipments

General and Shutdown Maintenance of various types of Heat Exchangers, like Fixed tube (fixed head), Floating head, U-tube, Breech Lock and Kettle types, plate type Exchangers. Hydrotest and Tube plugging in the Shell and tube exchangers.

General Maintenance Repair and Over Hauling of All types of Valves, like Gate valve, Globe valve, Ball valve, Plug valve, Diaphragm valve, Needle valve, Butterfly valve and Flush bottom valve. Servicing, testing and Calibration of Safety Valves.

Repair and replace the Gland packings on the valves.

General and shut Down Maintenance of Distillation Towers, Flame arrestors, Reactors, Extruders, Pressure vessels, Seperators, Glycol Contactor and Deaerator.

Involved in Major overhauling and General Maintenance of Boiler and its accessories, Involved in cleaning, hydro testing, burner repair works and gun replacement. Furnaces, Evaporators, Scrubbers and Heaters.

Knowledge on pipe fittings, maintenance of Distillation columns, Storage Tanks,Cooling towers, Replacement of Filter Elements like Carbon, Glycol, Water filters and so on.

Carried out the Spading and de-spading in Pipelines, Connection and disconnection of

Pipelines. Well versed with Equipment selection, Piping Specification, Standardization and implementation.

Servicing of Thermo static and Thermo Dynamic traps, Bucket and Ball Float Traps etc.,

Well Knowledge of equipment drawings, P& ID drawings

Vendor support activities and co-ordination at Plant site

Assembled hydraulic components by hand tools

Familiarity with design and construction codes/standards

Having Valid OPITO BOSIET Certificate

Computer Literacy :-

• Well Conversant with all applications of MS office.

• Having Knowledge in SAPR/4.6 Interim Database Population of plant maintenance data and Material cataloguing.

• SAP – PM & MM Module


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