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United States
August 07, 2012

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Academic Qualification

• Sabbatical: Computer Aided Process-Product Engineering Center (CAPEC), Department of chemical and biological engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), July-September 2011.

• Visiting scholar, chemical engineering department, University of Waterloo, Canada, July 2004- July 2005.

• PhD (2000-2005), Chemical engineering, Shiraz Un.-Shiraz-Iran. PhD thesis title: "Artificial neural network modeling and optimal control of methanol reactor with catalyst deactivation”.

• M.S (1998-2000), Chemical Engineering, Shiraz University Shiraz-Iran. M.S thesis title:" Mathematical Modeling and Evaluation of CO2 Absorption with K2CO3 Solution in Turbulent Contact Absorber".

• B.S (1994-1998), Chemical Engineering (gas industries).Final year project title: “Estimating and preventing two phase flow in Aghajari –Mahshar gas pipeline”, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

Job positions

• Associate Professor, Chem. Eng Dep., Faculty of Chemical ENG., UTM, Johor, Malaysia, Sep. 2009(Promoted to Associate Prof. in August 2010).

• International liaison manager of Prospect, Chem. Eng Dep., Faculty of Chemical ENG., UTM, Johor, Malaysia, since Dec. 2010.

• Assistant professor, Chemical Eng. Dep., Razi Un., Kermanshah, Iran, Sep. 2005 – Sep. 2009.

• Head of central library, Razi Un., Kermanshah, Iran, Jan. 2007- Sep 2009.

• Founder and director of simulation and artificial intelligence research center, Razi Un., Kermanshah, Iran, Jan. 2007- Sep. 2009.














Grad students

PhD students:

1. Mahdieh Abolhasani: application of artificial neural network in Refinery and Petrochemistry (2008).

2. Aqeel Ahmed Bazmi: Superstructure Optimization of Decentralized Electricity Generation Scenario using Palm Oil Biomass (2009- now).

3. Tohid Nejad Ghaffar Borhani: Modeling and Optimization of carbon dioxide removal using Hot Potassium Carbonate (Benfield) Process (2009- now).

4. Abbas Azarpour Hassankiadeh: Heterogeneous Dynamic Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of PTA Plant Industrial 4-CBA Hydrogenation Reactor Experiencing Catalyst Deactivation (2010- now)

5. Reza Marandi: CFD Simulation of a Fluidized-Bed Poly Ethylene Polymerization Reactor (co-supervised by me, supervisor: Dr Shahri Hashim) (2010- now).

6. Intan Salleh: Expert maintenance and troubleshooting of palm oil refining plant (co-supervised by me, supervisor: Dr Khairiah Mohd Yusif) (2010- now).

7. Vahid Akbari : CFD simulation of a recycled Fluidized bed reactor (2011- now)

8. Ali Amiri: Prediction of Formation Water Saturation in Tight Gas Sandstones (co-supervised by me, supervisor: Dr Mohd Hussain) (2011- now).

9. Suardi Suhaimi : modeling the performance of new biodiesel engine (2011-now).

10. Daryoush Gholamzadeh: performance analysis of a new developed membrane (2011-now) (co-supervised by me, supervisor:Prof. Mohd Fauzi Ismaeel).

11. Phoon Lee Yee: Physical property estimation of new biodiesel (2012-now).

12. Amjad Riaz: modeling and optimization of supercritical fluid extraction from essential oils (2012-now).

13. Syazwant abd Aziz: Modeling and Optimization of Biogas Production to Generate Electricity from palm oil mill effluents using Anaerobic Digestion Process (2012-now).

14. Hamid Kazemi Esfeh: Theoretical and computational study of hydrogen production in water electrolyzer using proton exchange membrane (2012-now).

Current master students: Fadzirah Jumairi,

Finished MS thesis:

1. Hamed Yaghoobi,” modeling of Bistoon petrochemical complex dehydrogenation reactor”, Jun., 2007.

2. Sasan Mohammad Zadeh” artificial neural network modeling of Tabriz refinery plat former unit” (co supervised by Dr Moradi), Nov., 2007.

3. Mohsen Choopani” simulation of Arak petrochemical complex etylen oxide reactor”, July, 2008.

4. Sahar Saba,”Neuro Fuzzy modeling of ozone level around a heavily industrialized area”, Oct., 2008.

5. Saeid Yahyaee,” ANN and statistical modeling of visbreaker unit”, Oct., 2008, ( Co supervised by Dr Hayati).

6. Fatemeh Yavari,” Evaluation and modeling of solvent deasphalting plant using ANN “, Oct. 2008, (Co supervised by Dr Hayati).

7. Mohammad Hasan Rasoolian, “Simulation of unifinear reactor of Kermanshah refinery”, Feb. 2009.

8. Said Azizi,” Forecasting electricity demand in Ontario regions of Canada using neuro-fuzzy method”, Sep. 2009.

9. Mostafa Tarin,” simulation of naphtha reforming reactor in Kermanshah Un.”, Sep. 2009.

10. Mohammad Hasan Almasvandi, “Fuzzy logic gas consumption pressure management in Kermanshah city during peak demand time”, Feb. 2010.

11. Fatemeh Taherinia, “extraction of oil from hempseed”, Sep. 2010 (co supervised by Dr Shah Abadi).

12. Maryam Koliaee, ”Modeling and optimization of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using anion exchange resins”, Jan. 2011 (co supervised by Prof. Mohammad Mahmood al Nasef)

13. Leila Ezzatzadegan, “Neuro fuzzy Kinetic Modeling of Propylene Polymerization”, Jan. 2011(co supervised by Dr Khairial Mohd Yusif)

14. Saeed Akbari,” Estimating Asphaltene Precipitation in the Presence of in Oil Reservoirs”, Jan. 2011(co supervised by Dr Haslenda Hashim)

15. Ehsan Rahimi,” Mathematical modeling and optimization of chamomile extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide”, May 2011.



18. Alireza Rafiee, “Designing and developing process for CO2 extraction from polluted air” 2012.


Sustainable System Engineering:

Sustainable Process Design, Sustainable Development, Dynamic Modeling Simulation and Optimization, Green Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Saving, Process Analysis and Improvement, Planning for Energy Production, Renewable Energy, Supercritical fluid extraction.



• G. Zahedi, Introduction to FEMLAB programming for chemical engineers, Razi Un. Press, October 2006, Kermanshah, Iran.

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• Gholamreza Zahedi, Aqeel Ahmed Bazmi, Abdul Waheed Bhutto, and Ali Elkamel,” Decentralized energy systems: concept, planning and modeling”, John Wiley, in Press, 2012.

Book chapters

1. Zahedi G., Elkamel A., Lohi A., Jahanmiri A., Rahimpor M. R., 2006, “Hybrid Model Formulation for the Unsteady State Simulation of a Packed Bed Reactor for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol” in Computational Methods, edited by G.R. LIU, V.B.C. Tan and X. Han, Springer, ISBN:1-4020-3952-2, 978-1402039522,143-147, 2006.

2. Gholamreza Zahedi, Aqeel Bazmi, Abdul Waheed Bhutto, "Chapter 6: The Environmental Impacts in Industrialization ", Advances in Environmental Research. Volume 20, edited by: Justin A. Daniels, published by: Nova Publishers,, ISBN: 978-1-61324-869-0, pp: 147-162, 2012.

3. Gholamreza Zahedi, ” Converting waste cooking oil to biodiesel using supercritical reactor”, In press, UTM publication, 2012.



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