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San Antonio, TX, 78207
10.000 - 13.00 ph
August 12, 2012

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Rose Mary C. Galvan

Mobile: 210-***-****



EEO Counselor, Ft Sam Houston TX, 01/2008 - 10/2010

Discussed statutory and regulatory program requirements; counseled/explained Informal/Formal EEO Complaint procedures including grounds for a complaint, complainant's rights and responsibilities; provided alternative avenues of redress. Closed out traditional counseling cases within 30 calendar days; counseled cases approved for mediation and handled walk-ins/contacts; answered questions regarding the procedural requirements for filing complaints and provided advice on complaint format, organization of facts, definition of issues, and clear presentation of complaint. Prepared In-Briefs for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Panel; framed complaints; gathered fact, and used effective analytical evaluative methods to conduct EEO counseling for federal employees and applicants.

Developed comprehensive EEO Counseling Reports and utilized all official EEO templates regarding the complaint process; conducted limited inquiries into allegations and promoted facilitation at lowest level possible. Conducted on-site inspection of Respondent facilities, interviewed witnesses and personnel; records pertinent to complainant's issues were examined and copied. Obtained documentary evidence of witnesses; testimonial affidavits were executed by the Staff Judge Advocate Agency Representatives. Conducted extensive research and gathered issue-related data, of the Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian Personnel Management System’s (CPMS) Investigations & Resolutions Division (IRD) website, thus reducing IRD's need to request additional documentation of upcoming investigations. Sanitized and provided Reports of Investigation (ROIs) along with Option to Request a Hearing/Final Agency Decision to parties involved, within 5 calendar days of receipt; assembled Case Files for EEOCCR iaw AR 690-600. Provided collateral counselors, instructions and or guidance regarding complaint procedures and provided information to supervisors, managers, and employees on available EEO services and the procedural requirements for filing complaints. Produced and prepared SADOeTEST Complaint Files per Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Administrative Judge Orders for EEOC Hearings. Maintained and updated the Army’s i-Complaints tracking system to reflect complaint status. Provided input for Agency EEO Complaint Status Reports, thus enabling the Complaints Manager with a continuing update on all Agency informal/formal complaints. Effectively communicate orally and in writing. Conducted EEO studies by use of automated data processing functions techniques and capabilities to include spreadsheets, databases and reporting procedures. Assisted higher level specialist to identify systemic EEO problems; impacting employment opportunities, thru the research of performance evaluations and, workforce analyses. Received training to utilize the BOXi; this tool aided in compiling and analyzing data for the ISR/CLF quarterly report. Promoted and supported the Special Emphasis Program, when necessary, to enhance the employment opportunities of minorities and women. Wrote and created queries in BOXi to assist with compiling the Agency MD715 Report, to show planned requirements of staffing, under representation, and aspects of the Disability Programs.

EEO Assistant, Ft Sam Houston TX, 04/2005 - 01/2008

Served as Pre-Complaint Contact and ensured the Aggrieved's basis & issues met Title VII requirements & timelines; upon gathering vital & accurate description of alleged discrimination, entered the Contact in the Army’s I-Complaints tracking system identifying proper MAJOR COMMAND for assignment of agency Docket number; and, prepared EEO case files at onset of complaint for assignment of EEO Counselor. Conducted Intake Interviews, ensured Rights/Responsibilities are explained/provided and offered opportunity for mediation, prepared In-Briefs for aggrieved individuals interested in mediation (with brief synopsis of bases/issues) for ADR Panel approval of mediation; prepared Requests for Informal Mediation for identification of a management official with settlement authority. When applicable, submitted requests for payment of mediation to DoD CPMS, IRD. Scanned and uploaded Requests for Investigation (RFIs) into File-X System for Sacramento-IRD and Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Review Agency (EEOCCRA). Conducted in-depth research, utilizing applicable IRD guidelines, to ensure the proper framing of complainant’s alleged discriminatory, issues. Provided requested data responses to IRD Investigators and Judge Advocate attorneys in a timely manner, in preparation of investigations. Expedited Reports of Investigation (ROI) to appropriate parties upon receipt of ROI; submitted requests for court reporter when necessary. Attended EEO Army-Certified Counselor Course (40 hrs); prepared 50 EEO Counselor handbooks for students to attend same course. Maintained active and inactive EEO complaint files with proper labels for disposal iaw Army Regulations. Tracked EEO suspenses & maintained current case files on court & administrative decisions & regulations pertaining to the discriminatory process. Ensured appropriate and expedient actions were accomplished to meet complainant's concerns. As the EEO Assistant, was primarily responsible for, and ensured that our office met time-sensitive Data Requests from IRD and provided support to JA attorneys and expedited responses to EEOC Orders to Produce Complaint Files; as well as conducted extensive research in subjective case files to retrieve critical data in response to EEOC/OFO Appeal checklists, while, at the same time adhered to sensitive data as it related to protecting the privacy interest of individuals. Suspenses of time-sensitive data were submitted well in advance and was primarily responsible and ensured that established governing regulations were met. Managed the life of each case file for up to 4 years and maintained each level of activity to include those filed with U.S. District Court. Primarily responsible to ensure accurate data was appropriately filed and tracked in the I-Complaints system to coincide with legal documents in case file. It was utmost critical that all data was 100% accurate, allowing HQ DA to view our data at any given moment for their utilization. Retrieved EEO statistical data via I-Complaints downloads for EEO Complaints Manager when required. Created requested specialized reports from raw data. As the Agency Program Coordinator for Gov't Travel Credit Card, ensured staff members were in compliance of traveler responsibilities; Defense Travel System Coordinator; and, Reviewed & Concurred time & attendance via ATAAPS when necessary.

EEO Assistant, Lackland AFB TX, 01/2002 - 04/2005

Upon arrival at the Lackland AFB EEO Office, was tasked to convert over 250 active and over 500+ inactive case files unto a newly established tracking system, EONET, per Air Force guidelines. This project was complete with 100% accuracy. Prepared EEO case files at onset of complaints. Met time-sensitive Data Requests from Office of Complaints and Investigations (OCI) and provided support to JAC attorneys in preparation of Data Responses; and expedited responses to EEOC Orders to Produce Complaint Files; researched case files to retrieve critical data in response to EEOC/OFO (Office of Federal Operations) Appeal checklists, while, at the same time adhered to sensitive data as it related to protecting the privacy interest of individuals. Suspenses of time-sensitive data were submitted well in advance IAW established governing regulations. Managed the life of each case file for up to 4 years and maintained each level of activity to include those filed with U.S. District Court. Ensured 100% accuracy of data input in the EONET system for MAJCOM and HQ AF utilization. Conducted research of the EONET web-based system and thoroughly analyzed EEO statistical data to create specialized reports. Ensured appropriate Legal and Regulatory review/compliance from JA, DP and NAF officials were obtained; quality checked same activity of EEO Clerk. Ensured timely payment of OCI Investigative services was obtained from units causing the alleged discrimination. Scanned and uploaded RFIs into File-X System for Sacramento-OCI and AFCARO. Scheduled anticipated OCI investigations and mediations; contacted court reporter when necessary for anticipated EEOC hearings. Accessed the File-X System to download Reports of Investigations and ensured complete file is provided to the Staff Judge Advocate Office and prepared a Complaint File for anticipated EEOC Hearings. Attended FAMNET-EONET training and in turn, prepared step-by-step hand-outs for each EEO staff member; provided in-house training to personnel on newly implemented EONET web-based Tracking System. Provided requested data responses to OCI Investigators and JA attorneys in a timely manner, in preparation of upcoming investigations. Served as Pre-Complaint Contact person and ensured complainants' basis & issues met Title VII requirements. Provided accurate information to callers concerning the complaint process to include time frames and if necessary direct them to the proper agency within their jurisdiction. Ensured each contact/new complaint was entered into Office Complaint Log and work closely with EEO Counselors to ensure counseling is completed within 30 calendar days of initial EEO Counselor contact. Ensured that case files were maintained, labeled, and disposed of in accordance with existing guidelines. Prepared and input Time and Attendance into DCPS Civilian Payroll System. Maintained and tracked the EEO Log and office suspense items for timely submission. Likewise, tracked and maintained current case files on court & administrative decisions & regulations pertaining to the discriminatory process. Ensured that EEO Manager was aware of suspenses which could not be met and/or where employee failed to get required support. Prepared and ensured proper coordination of executive correspondence when necessary. Assigned and performed full duties as the Primary Office Mail Manager and Telephone Communication Officer. Prepared EEOC’s required Annual EEOC 462 Report, for Air Staff and MAJOR COMMAND, with 100% accuracy. Properly and accurately, sanitized sensitive data, with no deficiencies reported.

EEO Assistant, Kelly AFB TX, 07/2000 - 01/2002

Provided precise technical advice to management representatives; ensured information communicated was fully understood. Analytical ability enabled me to be valuable in resolving technical problems encountered by EEO internal and external customers to the Government. Assisted OCI investigators in providing accurate and timely data requests while conducting their investigations; approached above duties with enthusiasm. Thoroughly researched and accurately compiled statistical and historical data in assisting OCI investigators and attorneys upon their request. Skillfully analyzed various databases to assess statistical information affecting organizations; assisted in the transition of the EEO database and implementation of advanced automated software for the overall support of the EEO function. Maintained proper accountability of 248 EEO complaints assigned to Kelly AFB. Willingness to comprehend new system facilitated the accurate validation of case file status in an efficient manner. Conducted thorough research resulting in accurate and timely reports used by EEO Chief Counselor and staff, OCI investigators, management representatives and attorneys. Effectively coordinated efforts in executing personnel transactions and continuously assured personnel issues within the organization were resolved through proper managerial procedures. Provided error-free documents; resulting in expedient processing of personnel actions. Expertly and independently selected appropriate computer software programs for specific requirements to accomplish data requests for OCI investigators and attorneys as well as management representatives. Used good judgment to determine use of appropriate software to accomplish monthly reports; prepared comprehensive reports which could be converted into graphics without difficulty to brief the San Antonio Air Logistics Commander. Met higher-level suspense items with no discrepancies reported. Ensured database tracking system was accurate to enable final reports be accomplished to appropriate staff with 100% accuracy. Accurately integrated software types to produce accurate final products, and met the requirements of the office. Applied my skills in the preparation of content and sentence structure; resulting in error-free correspondence. Maintained awareness of work area safety procedures and identified unsafe practices and/or procedures to the supervisor for preventative measures.

Litigation Support Assistant, Kelly AFB TX, 03/1999 - 07/2000

Possess strong understanding of most Civilian Personnel functions of the organization (primarily, Recruitment, Staffing (internal & external), Management & Employee Relations and some Classification). Thoroughly researched and accurately compiled statistical data upon request. Prepared Discoveries, Motions and Findings, requested by 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the Agency. Maintained accurate accountability of all law suits assigned to the Litigation Support Unit through the Litigation Support Tracking System. Generated accurate and timely products from available databases; utilized by both management and attorneys; am responsible and accountable. Identified and troubleshoot problems related to employee automated records utilizing knowledge of staffing evaluations systems, Priority Placement and Referral Systems and Personnel Data Systems-Civilian (PDS-C). Took corrective actions, provided recommendation to improve the database accuracy in already established personnel systems. Willingly, and enthusiastically accepted projects with a professional attitude 100% of the time.

Employee Relations Assistant, Kelly AFB TX, 07/1996 - 03/1999

Responsible for maintaining and meeting required critical suspenses directly affecting both managerial procedures and employees’ careers. Ensured actions such as performance appraisals, expiration of reprimands, adverse actions were taken to meet suspense dates. Processed adverse actions, Grievances, and provided Grievance & MSPB history to EEO Office upon their request. Assigned as, and performed liaison duties for Kelly AFB and the Defense Finance Accounting System, for Military Buy Back of civilian employees.

Secretary/Personnel Clk/Staffing Asst, Kelly AFB TX, 07/1992 - 07/1996

Received and input into PDS-C, Requests for Personnel Actions from employees requesting reassignment, transfer, and/or change to lower graded positions. Prepared local and High-Level Congressional and Presidential Level Inquiries within the time allotted. Provided guidance to employees and managers; specifically, qualification requirements of the Central Skills Bank and Career Program Registration programs. Was instrumental in establishing and implementing the Base Policy and Procedures Interviewing Techniques for Managers and Supervisors; a critical tool utilized, in the staffing of Bargaining and Non-Bargaining Unit positions? Assisted higher level staff members with the preparation of sensitive correspondence and Base Briefings in support of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Committee. Provided assistance to the Kelly Air Force Base Reduction-in-Force (RIF) Task Force by inputting, merging and sorting utilizing EXCEL Program for use in the RIF process. Responsible for verifying valid data prior to conversion from personnel actions to affected RIF employees, thus providing them a Notice of Reduction-in-Force Notification Letter.

Secretary/Personnel Clk/Staffing Asst, Kelly AFB TX, 07/1989 - 06/1992

Provided primary clerical and administrative assistance to immediate supervisor and 18-20 Personnel Management and Staffing Specialists of the Affirmative Employment Program Section; Special Emphasis Program; and Litigation Support Unit. Processed and maintained Real Estate transactions of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) employees. Researched and gathered Professional, Administrative, Technical, Other and Blue Collar (PATCOB) data for presentation to the Commanding General during Kelly AFB's Quarterly EEO committee meetings.

Civilian Personnel Clerk/Work Leader, Kelly AFB TX, 02/1986 – 07/1989

Custodian of 20,000+ Official Personnel Folders (OPF), of which, the Kelly AFB Central Civilian Personnel Office was the Office of Record. Supervised 4-6 students and 4 full time employees; responsible for the full operation; planned for and provided the management of the physical plant and the maintenance, security, release, disposition and the quality control of the entire Kelly AFB population’s OPFs and their performance evaluations. Successfully converted the OPFs manual file system to an automated filing system with 100% accuracy before scheduled deadline.

Word Processing Lead Personnel Clerk, Kelly AFB TX, 03/1981 - 02/1986

Distributed and balanced workload among 4 employees in accordance with established work flow or job specialization; assured timely accomplishment of the assigned workload; and assured that each employee had enough work to keep constructively busy. Kept in touch with the status and progress of work; and made day-to-day adjustments in accordance with established priorities, obtaining assistance from the supervisor on problems that may have risen such as backlogs which could not be disposed of promptly. Estimated and reported on expected time of completion of work and maintained records of work accomplishments and time expended and prepared production reports as requested. Instructed employees I in specific tasks and job techniques and made available written instructions, reference materials and supplies. Gave, on-the-job training to new employees in accordance with established procedures and practices. Maintained a current knowledge and answered questions of other employees on procedures, policies, directives, etc and obtained needed information or decisions from supervisor on problems that would surface. Reviewed completed work to ensure that supervisors’ instructions on work sequence, procedures, methods and deadlines were met. Amended or rejected work not meeting established standards. Reported to supervisor on performance, progress, and training needs of employees, and on disciplinary problems. Provided informed suggestions to supervisor concerning promotions, reassignment, and recognition of outstanding performance and personnel needs. Personally performed documents preparation characterized by a high degree of preplanning, adaptation, prototyping or requiring team effort. Utilized my high degree of knowledge of the Civilian Personnel Division function terminology, communications, purpose, intent and public; and the ability and knowledge to conceptualize within given frameworks of desired product. Served in the absence of the supervisor as needed.

Clerk-Dictating Machine Transcriber, Kelly AFB TX, 01/1979 - 03/1981

Provided final/error free letters, reports, forms, informational papers, automated management products from diskettes stored information retrieval systems. Received work requests by dictating machine transcriber, telephone, rough draft, general product requests or period scheduling. Received recorded dictation from approximately 250 authors; utilized word processing equipment to accomplish production; assumed discretion as to priority upon work assignment and followed through on product, proofread self and other co-workers’ final products. Developed expertise in type of word processing and transcribing equipment utilized by learning the different techniques required such as, recording, automatically stopping, searching for specific items, skipping items, line returning, combining variable, adjusting margins after corrections deletions or insertions. Continually monitored machine operation and took corrective steps in even of malfunction. Utilized my proficiency in grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills; and knowledge in preparation of Air Force correspondence and messages.


Advocate for Social Justice (as deemed necessary), San Antonio TX

Take immediate action upon assessing a situation critical in benefiting from equal justice, human rights, and/or medical attention; albeit via professional assistance. A few examples follow:

Ensured successful investigation of Adult Protective Services in the case of an abused disabled adult; resulting in improved, living conditions.

Voluntarily drove an unknown mother with child to an out of town hospital for heart surgery, after becoming aware that child’s insurance would only pay for the patient’s (her child) transportation for his heart surgery; provided morale support during their stay at hospital and ensured their safe return.

Immediately sought and located legal assistance for an unknown, newly-widowed home owner; after becoming aware foreclosure was imminent. Voluntarily sorted and organized her documents to facilitate attorney's thorough review; drove the home-owner to attorney's office as well as to several court hearings. Attorney was successful in home owner’s case and did not charge a fee.

Upon noticing some punching motions within a small huddle of children in the school gym, took immediate action in abruptly stopping physical abuse and bullying of a young elementary child; I quickly ran to his rescue and took him to the nurse's office. I ensured that his mother was notified; upon her request, I waited for her and she informed the counselor to include me in her discussion. With her approval, I contacted the local city officials, who then went to her home for filing a report; students involved were suspended. Child smiled and gave me hugs whenever he saw me at school.

Sought notary public services for a mother in need; she was not charged a fee.

Whenever called upon, and if available, provide substitute teaching services to a private school.

Part-Time Nanny of an infant child (Jan 2011 – Sep 2011)

Assist whenever necessary, individuals needing assistance with employment resumes and/or hiring resources; translating and/or preparing correspondence, legal paperwork; immigration documents, individuals with disabilities, etc.; or, guide them to proper resources with follow-up status.

Child Advocates of San Antonio (Volunteer) - advocate for neglected and abused children; conducted extensive research into family dynamics for Child Protective Services case workers; participated in staffings, provided objective findings to assigned judge.


HS Diploma - May, 1974 - South San Antonio High School, San Antonio TX


Basic and Advanced Certified Mediator – Ft Sam Houston, Feb 2010

Examining Conflicts in Employment Law - EEOC, Chicago, August 2008

Army Certified Counselor – Ft Sam Houston, March 2008

AFNET/FAMNET/EONET – HRTEC, Washington DC, 2002 & 2003

Basic EEO Counselor Course – Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), Patrick AFB, Feb 2001

Basic Personnel Mgt Course – Kelly AFB, 1995

(Each course mentioned above, contain specified research guidelines)


Improvised Explosive Device Counterterrorism Workshop, 20 Sep 2011, Department of Homeland Security (San Antonio Police Department, Volunteers in Policing)

Sexual Harassment & Cultural Dynamics Training, 20 Aug 2011 (San Antonio Police Department, Volunteers in Policing)


EONET SUPER USER/FAMNET/AFNET; I-Complaints Army Tracking System; BOXi Application; File-X; SADOeTest EBates; DCPDS; Word Dictation/Transcribing Machine

Knowledge of Excel, MS Word, Outlook, some power point; can navigate thru an already built Access Program. Successfully navigate thru internet to conduct required researches.

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