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Customer Service Medical

Charlotte, NC
August 31, 2012

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• Winston Salem State University, Bachelors in Exercise Science, 8/1996-5/2001

• United States Sports Academy, Masters in Health & Fitness Management,5/2001-6/2003

• Clayton College of Natural Health, Doctorate in Natural Health, 2/2008-1/2010

• Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, Diploma in Surgical Technology,8/2011-6/2012

Work Experience:

Integrative Medicine Technician, Energetic Health Solution, Charlotte, NC November 2009-January 2011

• address the physiological, structural, psychological, social, spiritual, environmental and lifestyle factors affecting the client's health

• Recording patient interview, history and chief complaint.

• Recognizes abnormal laboratory results and follows procedure for reporting critical values

• Analysis of medical records and ordered clinical assessment exams to address chief compliant as needed.

• perform simple laboratory testing as needed, including urine dipstick, urinalysis, blood testing, neuroendocrine and immune system dysfunction

• Performed physical metabolic exam to assess metabolic needs.

• To restore normal body function and look for the underlying causes of illness or imbalance such as; nutritional deficiency, impurities in the air, water or food sensitivities or intolerances (foods, chemicals) toxic influences of chemicals or metals

• physical or psychological stresses insufficient rest or recreation infections, organisms or imbalances.

Fitness Manager, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation, Charlotte, NC April 2004-November 2009

• Performs administrative and supervisory work necessary to coordinate and supervise recreation center, recreation programming, and senior citizens center divisions of the Parks and Recreation Department.

• Hires, trains, promote, counsels, disciplines and evaluate performance of divisional staff.

• Schedules, organizes and directs work plans and reviews performance of the sections of the recreation division.

• Performs long range planning for divisional staffing, programs and facilities. Monitors ongoing quality of facilities and related programs.

• Works with subordinate supervisors individually and as a group on administrative policy issues.

• Prepares budget documents, supervises purchasing and manages personnel issues for the pools, recreation center and senior citizens center sections of the recreation division.

• Coordinates all efforts between the Recreation division, the Parks Operations division and/or other departments regarding facility repair and maintenance, facility security, etc.

• Coordinates special events such as Home school Triathlons.

• Participates in fund raising activities and represents division at meetings of advisory boards and leagues.

• Use excellent customer service skills establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, officials, and all members of the general public.

Certified Nursing Assistant, Carolinas Healthcare Systems, Charlotte, NC February, 2007-March 2010

• Administer treatments, such as suppositories, irrigations, enemas, massages, and douches, as directed by a physician or nurse.

• Bathe, groom, shave, dress, and/or drape patients to prepare them for surgery, treatment, or examination.

• Provide patient care by supplying and emptying bed pans, applying dressings and supervising exercise routines.

• Provide patients with help walking, exercising, and moving in and out of bed.

• Transport patients to treatment units, using a wheelchair or stretcher.

• Turn and re-position bedridden patients, alone or with assistance, to prevent bedsores.

• Work as part of a medical team that examines and treats clinic outpatients.

• Answer phones and direct visitors.

• Collect specimens such as urine, feces, or sputum.

• Deliver messages, documents and specimens.

• Maintain inventory by storing, preparing, sterilizing, and issuing supplies such as dressing packs and treatment trays.

• Observe patients' conditions, measuring and recording food and liquid intake and output and vital signs, and report changes to professional staff.

• Perform clerical duties such as processing documents and scheduling appointments.

• Restrain patients if necessary.

• Set up equipment such as oxygen tents and overhead irrigation bottles

Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Providence Cardiac Rehabilitation, Mobile, AL May 2001-June 2002

• Develops, implements, and coordinates exercise programs and administers medical tests, under physician's supervision, to program participants to promote physical fitness:

• Explains program and test procedures to participant. Interviews participant to obtain vital statistics and medical history and records information.

• Records heart activity, using electrocardiograph (EKG) machine, while participant undergoes stress test on treadmill, under physician's supervision.

• Measures oxygen consumption and lung functioning, using spirometer. Measures amount of fat in body, using such equipment as hydrostatic scale, skinfold calipers, and tape measure, to assess body composition.

• Performs routine laboratory test of blood samples for cholesterol level and glucose tolerance, or interprets test results.

• Records test data in patient’s chart or enter data into computer. Writes initial and follow-up exercise prescriptions for participants, following physician's recommendation, specifying equipment, such as treadmill, track, or bike.

• Demonstrates correct use of exercise equipment and exercise routines. Conducts individual and group aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises. Observes participants during exercise for signs of stress.

• Teach behavior modification classes, such as stress management, weight control, and related subjects. Orders material and supplies and calibrates equipment. May supervise work activities of other staff members.

Publication: Brown, J: (2007). The Little Exercise Book. Victoria, BC, Canada, Trafford Publishing.

Skills: Basic Microsoft Office product utilization

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