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Project Manager

Carmichael, California, United States
March 30, 2011

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Priya Pitla **** Old Placerville Rd Apt ***, Sacramento, CA, 95827, m :916-***-****, h: 916-***-****

Objective: Seeking an exciting and challenging software Engineering position.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Portland State University GPA 3.2 - August 2007

Westview High school - June 2002

Computer Skills:

Programming Languages : C/C++/C#• Perl• Python2.5• Java• HTML• VB6.0• x86 Assembly Language

Operating Environments : HP UNIX•Redhat Linux•Windows NT/XP•Ms-DOS•VMware

Database Knowledge : M.S-SQLServer 2000• MySQL• SQL

Software Testing Tools : Silktest 2006 R2 SP1• Load Runner 7.6• Unified Test Pro7.3• Quick Test Pro 8.2

Defect Tracking : Team Track 6.1

Software Project Mgmt tools: Microsoft Project 2003• Mariner Project Portfolio Manager.

Source Control : Perforce• Subversion• Clear case Serena Dimensions Change Management

Other Tools & Skills : Installanywhere• installshield•Problem solving• test & debugging methodologies

Related Courses:

C /C++/C#//Java Compiler Design Database Management Systems

Operating System Pragmatics Software Engineering Computer Systems Programming

Object Oriented Programming Algorithms and Data structure Cisco Networking

Work Experience:

Software Engineer, NSG, INTEL, Folsom, California. 08/10 – 02/11

- Responsibilities include development of GUI for Intel SSD Toolbox using C++ .Net technologies.

- Globalization of the application and installer to support various languages and platforms. It is used to

access Intel SSD management features, reporting of drive identification data for SSDs, access

to the Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART) attributes.

- Experience with DTM (Driver Test Manager) tool to create and run validation tests

- Perform Basic Acceptance Testing, Power loss testing and Data Integrity and stress testing

Web developer, BELAMI Inc, Sacramento, California. 12/09 – 01/10

- Development of web based applications with ASP.NET 2.0 using C# and ADO.NET.

- Construct SQL queries, stored procedures and design database using SQL Server 2000.

- Develop, modify and maintain ASP.NET user interfaces.

Performance Engineer, SERENA, Portland, Oregon. 11/07 – 04/08

- Interact with customers, define, test and develop scripts to support, implement projects/Business Systems.

- Create automated test scripts and data sets to assist in determining state of software in shell, Perl.

- Execute and debug test automation suites and framework.

- Create and produce performance information about Serena products. Assist in determining the quality

of software at its current state of the development lifecycle.

Software Engineering Intern, WEBTRENDS, Portland, Oregon. 06/06 – 08/07

- Develop tools in C++, MFC, and VB to assist developers with their daily roles by coding defined features.

- Fixing bugs and enhancing features in the product, Design test cases and validate test results.

- Participate in the group efforts to develop requirements, functional specifications & design plug-ins

module for Internationalization. This module is part of the Webtrends’ Web Analytics software. This

facilitates the conversion of character encoding to Japanese in WebTrends’ Analysis Reports.

Semi Northwest Workforce Development Institute, Oregon 05/01– 06/01

- Workshop at Intel location; I was Introduced to semiconductor industry and Intel Fabrication Labs.

Teaching Assistant, Rock Creek Elementary school, Oregon 04/00 – 05/02


Senior Project:

Vista Game Logs: Team Project

The purpose of the program is to study compulsive computer game use. The program collects game logs created by vista, sends it to the researcher, stores the data in the database, and generates reports based on the game log data. Features include: Game Logs – New Windows Parental Control (WPC) features in Vista, Upload Game logs, IIS – Web server, ASP.NET server side scripting, SSL – Security, Upload server side scripts, and MS Access – Database, UI, and Reports.

C /C++ Projects:

Paging Simulator in C:

Priya Pitla 2/2

This project demonstrates the functionality of the paging technique used in most virtual memory systems. It involves comparing the performance of the Random and Clock paging algorithms for real instructions traces. The application also uses Page Frame Table and Process Table and Round Robin style is issued for scheduling of the process.

Multi-Threaded Command prompt Tool, Webtrends:

The purpose of this tool is to avoid sequential execution of processes and long running commands from blocking other processes. The application allows configurable number of threads to execute in parallel. The application spawns the configured number of threads to run the commands in a CMD shell.

Web Analytic Parser Application, Webtrends:

Developed a C++ standalone GUI application. The application uses regular expressions and parses log files to retrieve data for the users. This tool was used by the development team at Webtrends to aid them during application development and handling customer escalations.

Software Engineering Projects:

System Engineering, PSU: Team Project

Was a team leader and planning manager for an Air Route Planner class project. Responsible for integration of managerial and technical activities in system engineering that control the cost, schedule and technical achievement of development of software system for the project.

Software Validation and Testing, PSU:

Software under Test: On TI Interactive software version beta 1.0.18, successfully carried out a black box testing on modules List and Matrix components, graded the intensity of errors and suggested suitable solutions for the required.

Software Testing Tool: Evaluated Mercury Quick Test Professional tool version for its effectiveness in meeting its stated function and ease of use towards web based applications based on criteria like performance, potential issues.

Software Requirements Analysis and design, PSU:

Created Software Requirement specification and design specification for a web based application.

Visual Basic / ASP.Net Projects:

Implementing a Payment Billing Application, Webtrends:

This application connects to various databases and parses text files in order to compile a monthly bill for the customers. Script connects to SQL server using ODBC driver and uses embedded SQL to retrieve data.

Implementing Spiral Model: Team Project

Development of the project followed spiral model. The project involved defining entity relationships for database design

normalization, Use cases, DBMS schema, and embedded SQL queries in VB to retrieve data.

Academic Advising Pro:

Developed a web application for academic advising purposes for students using ASP.Net2.0, C#, and SQL Server2000.

Affiliations and Activities:

Active member in Association of Computing and Machinery (ACM), PSU

References available upon request

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