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Management Project

Houston, TX, 77042
August 08, 2012

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Susanne Shipper 214-***-****

Susanne Shipper

**** ****** **** #****

Dallas, Texas 77042

Cell 214-***-****


A leader in regulatory field. Areas of expertise include:

Project Management Regulation Compliancy Research/Development Policy/Procedure Development…….Safety Regulations Employee Development


Bachelors Degree, Wildlife Biology/Health

Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

Professional Contributions

v Have worked over fifteen years with NEPA and threatened and endangered species assisting with the first Habitat Conservation Plan in South Carolina.

v Completed several successful Section Seven formal consultations through translocations of red-cockaded (RCW) woodpeckers from private property to government property.

Professional Profile

Environmental Field Scientist, Adecco Engineering, Salt Lake City, UT 2011-present Contact: Scott Taint303-***-****, 801-***-****, cell 303-***-****

v Responsible for surveying Raptors and various other birds in UT, OR, WY, ID, and WA on various transmission and distribution lines.

v Also responsible for identification of remains as necessary.

v Retrofitting all power lines as necessary to make lines safe for all avian species.

v Recording all data on GPS/GIS and Excel throughout surveys.

v Preparation of reports as necessary.

Environmental Scientist, CH2MHILL, Consulting, Houston, Texas 2007-2009

Contact: Bruce Bodson - 713-***-****

v Specialty in terrestrial and wetland ecology, ecological restoration and mitigation, and NEPA documentation

v Specializing in wetland delineations and threatened and endangered species surveys, with emphasizing pipeline surveys, wind farm surveys and other alternate energy sources

v Prepared all necessary regulatory reports (Section 401/404) and maps to obtain regulatory permits (TCEQ, USACE, FERC, EPA and SWPPP). and any other regulating bodies.

v Responsible for song birds and birds of prey surveys using song and sight identification.

v Documentation of all bird migration as necessary for the Migratory Bird Act.

v Responsible for Mapping all wetland locations using GPS equipment to prepare necessary maps on GIS (ArcView).

v Emphasis on wildlife biology and wastewater analysis including Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

NEPA Coordinator, Anteon Corp., Camp Pendleton Marine Base, CA 2005-2007

v Responsible for inspecting all ongoing projects on the Base as necessary to comply with environmental requirements such as Environmental Assessments (EA), Biological Opinions (BO), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and other documentation. Environmental laws inspected were: The Endangered Species Act, National Preservation Act, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Hazardous Waste

v Prepared reports on all inspections on all compliance issues including water sampling for lab analysis

v Developed policies and procedures for raising rates of compliance

v Assisted with safety and OSHA inspections.

v Implemented habitat improvements and restoration projects.

v Assisted with prescribe burning and invasive species programs.

Wildlife Program Manager/Forest Biologist, U.S. Forest Service, TX 2003-2005 Contact: William Taylor - 409-***-****

v Oversaw the preparation, maintenance, and revision of long-range functional plans for wildlife, habitat, and range management programs

v Resolved issues regarding endangered and threatened species, issued scientific research and collection permits, and assisted in resource management activities

v Provided technical leadership and advice to the forest supervisor, district biologists and the forestland management planning team on the management of threatened or endangered plants and animals

v Disseminated information to the general public through news releases, radio/TV interviews, program presentations, and other public outreach and educational opportunities

v Prepared documentation and current surveys used to abolish pending court orders hindering ecosystem projects

v Implemented habitat restoration projects and made recommendations for the control of exotic species

v Developed forest policies and procedures for functional inspections of wildlife, plan, and range habitat management activities

v Established and maintained the NRIS database, coordinating area species with the ArcView program

Regulatory Specialist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Ft. Worth, TX 2000-2003

Contact: Wayne Lee - 817-***-****

v Evaluated permit applications for compliancy with the Section 401/404 Clean Water Act, the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899, the Marine Protection Act, and the Sanctuaries Act

v Assisted in the development of general and nationwide permits and procedures to implement directives from higher authorities

v Counseled applicants on regulatory requirements

v Reviewed and evaluated site-specific restoration and mitigation proposals

v Served as the district representative for groups and task forces charged with completing assignments related to special regulatory initiatives

v Expedited the first mitigation project between the Nature Conservancy and private landowners (in lieu fee).

v Spearheaded the first bird survey that included waterfowl and songbirds

v Implemented various educational programs at campgrounds and other visitor areas

v Initiated interagency agreements to install new trails at Grapevine and Lewisville Lakes

Endangered Species Biologist, U.S. Air Force, Sumter, 1996-2000

Contact: Lt. Col. Henson - 919-***-****

v Managed 15,963 acres of government land and an annual operating budget of $100K

v Oversaw ecosystem-based natural resource projects and conducted surveys for neotropical sensitive plants and wetlands

v Conducted presentations on environmental programs in educational institutions and led training sessions for representatives from federal and state agencies

v Developed environmental assessments (EA) and contributed to the creation of environmental impact statements (EIS)

v Initiated the first ecosystem-based natural resource project

v Negotiated and completed interagency agreements and provided advice and assistance to personnel in other environmental areas

v Served on a team that coordinated mission requirements with timber management, archeological sites, and endangered species

v Successfully translocated the first group of red-cockaded woodpeckers from private lands to government property

Endangered Species Biologist/Owner, Leithold Wildlife Management Consulting 1994-1996

v Developed and managed natural resource programs and wetlands projects for private and federal agencies

v Negotiated Habitat Conservation Plans between landowners and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service through formal consultation.

v Successfully completed several red-cockaded (RCW) translocations with juvenile and adult RCW groups.

v Conducted foraging analysis using GIS information for the red-cockaded woodpecker coalition

v Specialized in red-cockaded (RCW) woodpecker management, including the execution of complex investigations and research on range impacts

v Served as a board member of the RCW coalition that initiated the first Statewide Conservation Plan

Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Forest Service, Francis Marion Nat’l Forest, SC 1992-1994

Contact: Craig Watson - 843-***-****

v Supervised and trained employees on artificial cavities, trapping and banding, and augmentation methods for RCWs.

v Tabulated foraging habitats and stem counts, mapped sites and entered the data into the geographic information system (GIS), and prepared statistics and reports

v Cataloged and maintained a database of biological and physical parameters for RCW cluster sites

Biological Technician, U.S. Forest Service, Francis Marion Nat’l Forest, SC 1991-1992

Contact: Robert Hooper - 843-***-****.

v Contributed to a research project that involved studying the home range of the red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW)

v Observed specific colonies of birds and generated reports from these observations

v Measured the parameters of wildlife habitats, including species of trees and plants

v Prepared cover maps from aerial photographs and identified banded birds with the use of a Questar scope.

v Assembled the field data and transferred it into an SAS program

Emergency Care Intake Supervisor, Trinity Valley Memorial Hospital 1986-1989

Contact: Rhonda Beard – 903-***-****

v Responsible for gathering all insurance and other relative information on incoming patients using intake interviewing

v Contacted the emergency surgery team if necessary

v Performed various laboratory work

v Responsible for completing a daily census of all patients currently in the hospital during shift

v Composed the first safety plan necessary to pass the hospitals first inspection (JCAHO)



v Wetland Training Institute, 2008

v Project Management Training, 2007

v Regulatory Update Workshop, 2007

v Oiled Wildlife Response Workshop, 2007

v Wetland Conference, 2006

v SWPPP Training, 2005

v Contracting Overview, 2002

v Wetland Plant Class, EPA, 2002

v Wetland Environmental Compliance Training Workshop, COE 2007

v Habitat Conservation Planning for Endangered Species. USFWS, 1999

v Neotropical/Migratory Bird Workshop, 1999

v Air Force Wildlife Conference/Workshop, 1998

v Forest Ecosystem Restoration, 1998

v Wetland Plant Identification Class, 1998


v CPR and First Aid Certification, 2010

v Wetland Delineation Certification, 2008

v Open Water Scuba Diving Certification, 2007

v Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Certification, 2005

v Law Enforcement Certification, 2002

v Boat Certification, 2002

v Master Banding Permit, 2000

v SC Prescribe Burn Certification, 1997

v Artificial Cavities (drilled and inserts) Certification, 1992


v Superior Performance Award, 1997, 1999

v Air Combat Command Superior Performance Award Certificate, 1996

v Certificate of Recognition, Outstanding Environmental Leadership E-camp, 1996

v Exceptional Achievement in Post-Hugo Research with Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers, 1991


Maryann Cooper, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Catherine Bennett


Clarice Sanchez


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