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Project Developer

SantaClara, CA
August 17, 2012

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Development Experience

5+ years of experience in the field of Software Engineering involving Full

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

In-depth knowledge in OOAD (Object Oriented analysis and Development), MVC

architecture (Model, View and Controller) and OOP (Object Oriented


Experience in creating UML models and diagrams using Rational Rose.

Expert in JAVA/J2EE technologies such as Core Java, Servlets, JSP, JNDI,



Have good experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise

Service Bus, and Messaging Services like JMS, MQ Services.

Hands on experience in several J2EE design patterns (Session Fa ade,

Business Delegate, Composite View, Data Access Object etc).

Involved in implementing MVC (Model View Controller) framework using


Hands on experience in using Hibernate 3.0.

Experience in developing projects in JAVA/J2EE platforms using all Spring


Experienced in developing and deploying web applications in Application

servers like BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere and Web servers like Apache


Experience and knowledge in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures and

Triggers in databases viz. Oracle and SQL Server, MySQL.

Expertise in Database, working with JDBC, Oracle and MS SQL Server, MySQL.

Experience in using IDE tools such as Eclipse, NetBeans and JBuilder.

Used Tag libraries, ANT and Log4j to increase productivity and software


Experience in using various Configuration Management tools like Win CVS, MS

VSS (Visual Source Safe).

Team player and self-starter with effective communication, motivation and

organizational skills combined with attention to detail and business

process improvements.

Quick learner with good analytical and communication skills coupled with a

proactive attitude and good team spirit.


Bachelor of Engineering, Chennai, India.

Technical Skills

|Languages |Java, J2EE, J2ME, XML, SQL, PL/SQL |

|Operating Systems|Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, UNIX, |

| |LINUX |

|Web Servers |Apache Tomcat 5.x |

|Application |Weblogic 7.x/8.x/10.x, IBM WebSphere 4.0/5.X/6.0,|

|Servers |JBoss 3.X/4.X |

|IDEs & Tools |Eclipse 3.x with MyEclipse5.X, IBM RAD, IBM WSAD,|

| |JDeveloper, IntelliJ, Net Beans 5.0, TOAD, |

| |WinScp, Star UML, Rational Rose, WinCVS, Clear |

| |Case, Tortoise Hg,SVN |

|J2EE Technologies|JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans, EJB, JDBC, JNDI, |

| |JMETER,JSP Custom Tag Libraries, Tiles, XML (SAX |

| |& DOM), XSLT, JMS, Java Mail API, ANT, JUnit, |

| |Apache Axis, Web Services. |

|Persistent |Struts,Spring,JSF,Hibernate |

|Framework | |

|Databases |Oracle9i/10g/11g, SQL Server9.0,MySQL,DB2 |

|Scripting |Java Script, AJAX, HTML,DHTML,CSS,XML,XSLT,DTD |

|Languages | |

Professional Experience

Infor, San Mateo, CA March 2011-

Till Date

Consultant - Software Developer


This project mainly deals with the residential and commercial energy

services provided by counties of different states. These services are

Electrical energy, Water and Sewage management, Road construction

management which are management by the respective counties. The main

functionalities of this application are Administration, Accounts

management, Bill Pay Management, CSR Management.

Apps were also developed for electronic devices like Androids phones and

tables, Ipads,Iphones, etc where Linemens get the reading of the usage and

enter the value as an input in the app and calculate the amount for that

usage based on monthly billing cycles.

These applications ranged from UI implementations to middle tier

applications using industry standard frameworks Struts2, Hibernate and



Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Involved in gathering business requirements, analyzing the project and

created UML diagrams such as Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams

and flowcharts for the Optimization module using Microsoft Visio.

Developed Struts Action classes to handle HTTP client requests by using

HTTP Servlet Request,

HTTP Servlet Response, Action Mapping and Action Form objects.

Delivered the presentation tier using Struts Framework and developed JSP

using Tile

Layouts and validated the presentation tier using Validation Framework

Performed client side Validation using Java Script.

Implemented Struts Interceptors for

Implemented business logic using Business Layer and Data Access Layer.

Worked with Hibernate for developing Persistence classes to interact with

the database.

. Worked with Log4J for application logging.

Involved in writing JUnit test cases and fixed any bugs/issues identified

during the test cycles.

Implemented SOAP based webservices like Address validation webservices,

Billing webservices .

Used ORACLE10g for the database layer and involved in reviewing/updating

the schema.

Created and implemented Oracle Stored Procedures, Views, Functions,

Triggers and complex

queries using SQL and PL/SQL as well as query optimization.

Configured JNDI and connection pooling on weblogic server.

Developed automated build scripts using ANT to deploy EAR, WAR files into


Development of Ad Microsites(mini websites) using HTML, Java script.

Performance testing using JMETER.


JAVA, Struts2 Framework, SOAP Webservices, WebLogic, Tomcat 6, JMeter,

Oracle, SOAPUI, JUnit, JSP, ANT,JavaScript, HTML5,JNDI, XML, XSLT,


State of Minnesota, Roseville, MN June 2010- Feb


Consultant - J2EE Developer


This project mainly deals with student data in all the schools of

Minnesota. State of MN will be reported with student data from different

sources, they may be authoritative or non-authoritative and each student

may be reported more than once with different information. This application

should be able to group all the related students together and should share

that with other systems or applications in State Of MN. This application

uses probabilistic analysis, statistical algorithms and proven data

grouping methodologies to group student information together. Rules-engine

will take care of all the grouping process with the help of above mentioned

algorithms and suspect-rules-engine will notify if there is any problem in

the grouping.


Developed Web-Services using Apache axis. Configured SOAP Monitor for

monitoring web-services.

Creating rich UI views using JSF framework.

Validations are done using JSF validation framework.

Defining screen navigation in the faces-config.xml configuration file of


Business logic implemented is done in backing beans.

Implemented security concepts by HTTPS, SSL Authentication and Configuring

certificate authentication.

Writing stand alone Java classes, reusable components using JDBC and Java

Beans for getting data from oracle tables.

Developed Views, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Sequences in SQL


Developed functional use cases and class diagrams.

Design and development Custom reports web application using the JSF frame


Developed automation build scripts using ANT.

Involved in monitoring and the performance tuning of applications.

Responsible for coordinating with team members in development and testing.

Responsible for overseeing the Quality procedures related to the project.

Developed and deployed applications to production.

Administered VSS for source control, change management and build/ releases.

Successfully tested all applications for Units, Functional verification and

System Integration.


JSP, Servlets, JSF, Hibernate, Web Services, axis,SQL Server

2005,IntelliJ,Tomcat, Web Logic App Server,Windows

State Farm, Chicago, IL April

2009-May 2010

Consultant - J2EE Developer


State Farm is one of America's largest insurance companies. State Farm

sells major lines of insurance, including auto, property, life and

commercial. This project aimed at building a web based Billing and Customer

Care System. Customers can work with subsystems, such as Registration,

current policy information, getting a quote, make changes to his existing

policy, apply for a new policy, make payment, checking for claims status,

place a claim and others.


Implemented MVC Architecture using Struts Framework.

Involved in High Level and Low Level System Design using UML/Rational Rose.

Created Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams as part of the design.

Designed User Interfaces using JSP 2.0 and HTML.

JQuery for loading the webpage details while image are loading.

Maintain the JQuery for loading the pages and maintain the states.

Developed JSP custom Tag Libraries.

Used Inversion of Control pattern of Spring Framework for Objects creation.

Used Hibernate for persistence mechanisms.

Always used the best practices of Java/J2EE to minimize the unnecessary

object creation encourage proper garbage collections of unused objects,

minimize database calls, and optimize queries to get better performance of


Always adhered on Quality processes during delivery on tasks to client.

Created ANT Scripts for Build and Deployment of .WAR/. JAR/. EAR files.

Provided Test Scripts and Templates with test results of each task

delivered to the client team.

Co-coordinated with QA team in manual & automatic testing of bug fixes.


Spring 2.0, Struts, Hibernate Java (JSP 2.0, Servlet), J2EE, SOA, Jboss

4.x, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, Jquery,Struts Taglibs,

Custom taglibs,SQL Server, Eclipse,ClearCase,ANT,WebSphere 4.0,UNIX

Ford Motors, Detroit, MI Sep 2008-

Mar 2009

Consultant-JAVA/J2EE Developer


Project helps to claim payment information from different Countries by the

Dealers. When dealer submit claims thru mainframe application that data

will be saved into Network Attachment Storage (NAS). These files stored in

different format. Claims processed by J2EE environment, filed will be

processed into web services format by Batch Process everyday 9.30 pm.

Generated web Services are send to the J2ee application to process and send

the response to the Dealer. Every claim has number of claims, if submitted

information is correct it will be processed and give the response success,

if submitted data might have may duplicate data then claim will be rejected

and send Exception message to the Dealer.


Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such

as requirements gathering, modelling, analysis and development.

Created UML diagrams like Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Use case

diagrams in different tiers of the module using Rational Rose.

Testing of application modules under the agile methodology.

Worked on the Struts Framework based on the MVC architecture.

Implemented pages using JSP, Servlets and Java Script used for client side


Ensure best programming standards and performance by using all the features

in Struts framework, Struts DynaForms, Struts validator.

Implemented MVC architecture, Service Locator, Session Facade, Business

Delegate and Data Access Object, Value Object and Singleton patterns.

Involved writing code in XSL Style sheet for creating dynamic web pages

based on the XML templates.

Used tiles framework for designing the layouts of multiple pages in the


Used Dependency Injection and DAO feature of Spring framework and O/R

mapping tool Hibernate for rapid development and ease of maintenance.

Implemented Session Beans to implement business logic.

Implemented Transactions and Batch Updates using Spring framework.

Have worked on Oracle 10g data base for storing and retrieving the

application data.

Developed Test cases with JUnit.

Implemented and maintained AJAX based rich client for improved customer


Involved in configuring JMS and JNDI in rational application developer (RAD


Involved in Web Logic administration like setting up Data Sources,

deploying applications.

Developed. Web Services using AXIS2 and Net Beans worked with SOAP/WSDL.

Debugged and built using the ANT Scripts for building the Web Application.

Involved in code review and deployment of the application on development,

testing of production servers.


Hibernate 3.0,JSF, Spring 2.5,Struts,Java1.4/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Net

Beans, JMS, JUnit, JNDI, WebServices (SOAP, WSDL), AXIS 2, HTML,

JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSLT, CSS,Struts Taglibs, Custom taglibs,Oracle

Eclipse, RAD 6.0, ANT, Apache Tomcat, Web Logic 8.1

ICICI Bank, India Sep 2007- Aug


Java Developer


ICICI is known for providing competitive investment performance and high-

quality client service at costs that are among the industries lowest. ICICI

offers a wide array of mutual funds and other financial products and

services to individuals, institutional investors and financial advisors. As

vanguard strives to be the premier web provider for institutional

investment professionals, it is important that we gain intelligence about

site users, identify materials important to them, and make it easier to

navigate all sites. This project will modify the registration and logon

process for the IAM and FAS web sites to allow users access to content and

tools that are restricted to professional investors.


Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Designed and Developed several multi-tiered J2EE application and products

as per an Object Oriented Architecture OR SOA standards.

Developed user interfaces using JSP framework with AJAX, JavaScript, HTML,


Involved in the design and developing of various modules using CBD

Navigator Framework.

Understand all project requirements as specified in Use Cases,


Actively participated in design and development of the Home Page,

Investment Products and user maintenance screens for internal admin in IAM

and FAS application as per UI prototypes.

Used Hibernate framework to communicate with the DB2 database for various


Used JavaScript for client side validations and used JSF frame work for

server side validation.

Used XSLT to transform XML documents into HTML templates.

Performed key role in designing and developing enterprise J2EE applications

using RAD.

Used JProbe Framework for performance testing, code coverage.

Deployed J2EE applications in Web sphere application server by building and

deploying ear file using ANT script.

Used J2EE design patterns like Spring MVC

Actively participated in the Agile Development Process.


Hibernate, JSF, Spring MVC,Java, J2EE, Java Beans, JDBC, HTML, XHTML, Java

script, AJAX, XML, XSLT, CSS, Struts Taglibs, Custom taglibs,DB2, Eclipse,

ClearCase, RAD 7.0,ANT,WebSphere 4.0

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