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Years Experience High School

Baltimore , Maryland, 21207, United States
$10.00 - $18.00
March 02, 2011

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Personal Information [Edit]

Name: Steven Simpson


Phone: 202-***-****

Home Location: US-MD-Gwynn Oak-21207 (Citizen) (verify this)

Experience [Edit]

Job Categories: Professional Services (14 Years experience)

Automotive (15 Years experience)

Installation - Maint - Repair (7 Years experience)

Total years experience: 20 Years


Company Information

Company Name: Omega Mechanical Services Start Date: January 2008

Job Title: HVAC Technician End Date: January 2009

Company Name: Providence Hospital Start Date: January 2007

Job Title: Mechanic II End Date: January 2008

Company Name: International Energy Conservation Start Date: January 2006

Job Title: End Date: September 2006

Company Name: Omega Mechanical Services Start Date: October 2001

Job Title: End Date: November 2004

Company Name: DC Fire department Start Date: November 1988

Job Title: End Date: August 2002

Additional Skills And Qualifications [Edit]

Managed Others : Yes (2 others) Languages Spoken : English

Most recent wage: 18.00 USD per hour Felony Conviction: No (Background Check)

Security Clearance: No Military Experience:

Education [Edit]


Computer Learning Center Major:


Bachelor's Degree Graduation Date:

January 2002


Roosevelt High School Major:

Medical Degree:

High School Graduation Date:

March 2010


Accreditations and Certifications

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Desired Position [Edit]

Desired wage : 18.00 USD per hour

Desired employment type: Full-Time

Desired commute: 50 miles

Desired travel: Road Warrior


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Steven Simpson

1007 Shepherd Street, NE

Washington DC, 20017



My job experience involves different fields. For 14 years I was employed

as a EMT DC Firemen, HVAC mechanic/ maintenance, part shop owner of a

motorcycle shop and I also have some computer skills. Here in further

detail is each employer’s duties that I would perform.


Omega Mechanical Services

HVAC Technician

January 2008 - January 2009

Here I gained experience to maintain chillers, towers, boilers, air

handlers, and package units.

Chillers- we used a punch machines to clean chiller tubes, including

dismantling the torpedo styled chambers.

Towers- we disassembled cooling towers such as remove old fill, blades,

and motor. Then prepped tower to be covered with new rubber lining.

Then reinstall all parts that have also been inspected and if needed

changed. Also installed new belts.

Boilers- we would disassembled the steam control devices to clean any

build up that might had happen. Replaced insulation where needed. We

also cleaned the high and low limit controls.

Air handler- changed filters (about every 3 months) and belts where

needed. Some instances we would change bearing, pulleys, and motors.

Providence Hospital

Mechanic II

January 2007- January 2008

My duties at Providence Hospital entailed maintaining air handler units,

responding to issues in patients rooms due to temperature related

problems or hydraulic bed problems. I also responded to temperature

problems in operating rooms. (they were small VAV boxes using a actuator

to control a damper that was not opening, so the action that I took was

to control the damper manually.) Have experience with the graphical

interface used to give specs, set point and such. In my later employment

there I also assisted the Patient Care Mechanic who was also in charge

of and mounted signs which includes creating the sign. I also assisted

in upgrading beds. I left to gain more experience with an actual

building maintenance company.

International Energy Conservation

Technician Helper

January 2006 - September 2006

Experience started working with IEC(International Energy Conservation)

which handle and installs controls devices for mostly HVAC equipment.

There I learned about different control devices such as the control

board, micro-regulators, and other control devices. I also assisted in

installing systems from mounting cabinets, wiring up control panel, and

installing different types of actuators and last but not least is

pulling wire, this company preferred to run most wire in conduit.

GP Performance

Part Owner

October 2001 - November 2004

Here we would perform the usual maintenance such as changing tires, oil,

brake pads etc. We also prepped motorbike to be chromed this entails

removing part that customer want chromed which could be quite easy. Like

levers, gas cap, wheels or something more involved as in prepping a

frame and swing arm. We did excellent work, as a matter affect the

surrounding dealers will send us customers because of are excellent

work. But there were personal reason that we had to close shop. This is

when I was employed for Omega Mechanical Services.

DC Fire department

EMT Firefighter

November 1988 - August 2002

I was employed by the fire department from June 87 through August 2002.

I was certified also as a EMT.

My experience there was very fulfilling you could not put a price on the

skills that I learned. And one of the best things is you could use your

knowledge anywhere. My reason for leaving the fire department was to

partner up with a friend of mine that was a high performance motorcycle



2002 Computer Learning Center

1987 T. Roosevelt High School - Diploma


CFC certification

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

Letters of appreciation from the Department of the Navy and District of

Columbia Fire Department.

Computer Skill include understanding some software languages C+ and

Visual Basic.

Being able to navigate through software design to help control HVAC

equipment to work more efficiently.

Knowledge and Now how, to fix mechanical things.

Thanks for Reading

Steven S. Simpson

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