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Lead Commissioning Process Engineer

Vadodara, Gujarat, India
December 02, 2017

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Bharatkumar Shantilal Vaghela

Commissioning Lead Engineer

Address: At & Post :- Rupavati, Taluka-Gariyadhar, Dist :-Bhavnagar, State: Gujarat, Pin :364505, India.

Contacts: +91-999*******, +91-990*******(Mob)


skype id: vaghela.bharatkumar

Highly efficient Commissioning Engineer with over 14 years’ experience in the field of Oil & Gas and petrochemical plants, seeking a senior managerial assignment as…

Commissioning-Senior Level

(Oil & Gas)

Dedicated, confident and astute Chemical Engineering professional, specialized in process & utility pre-commissioning and commissioning& Start-up with 14 years of rich experience of Oil Gas sector in Onshore /offshore / FPSO/ EPCC / PMC Projects. Possess theoretical / practical skills in pre-commissioning / commissioning & start-up of oil/gas upstream and FPSO sector with reputed establishments in the Middle East, India, South Korea and Tunisia. Well versed in technical procedure write-up, development of procedures, operational support documents and pre-commissioning /commissioning procedures. Demonstrated experience in the field of oil & gas separation, exploration & production, NGL fractionation & LNG production, FPSO pre-commissioning / commissioning, development of operating manual for offshore shipyard, booster gas compressor facilities, DCS/panel operating on Honeywell & Yokogawa CS 3000 systems, turnkey project of waste water treatment plant (ETP) etc. Well experienced in environmental auditing, water treatment analysis &ambient air /stack-air quality monitoring and hazardous solid waste management; Exceptional ability to successfully deliver the commissioning service as a freelancer; proven general management ability including expertise of imparting practical & theoretical training to workers and staff. In pursuit of new endeavors, to utilize the acquired skill and competencies gained over the years.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management& Consulting

Greenfield, Brownfield & FPSO projects

Freelance Services for Commissioning

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning

Startup& Normal Operation

Refractory dry-out and BMS testing

Handle client, vendors & contractors

Home office documentary skills

Operating Manual Preparation

Commissioning of Plants/Process

Review of P & ID, PFD & UFD

Client Relationship

Pipe Cleaning by Blowing

Pipeline inerting and purging

Water Flushing

Chemical Cleaning,

Lube oil flushing

Gas Sweetening Process

Environmental, health & Safety

Team Leadership & Management

Professional Synopsis

Well experienced in Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up (CSU) activities and skilled in developing pre-comm. /commissioning procedures, operating procedures, Commissioning and operating manuals etc.

Demonstrated expertise in review of P & ID, PFD and UFD and pre-commissioning activities such as Air-blowing, water-flushing, chemical cleaning, drying out, inerting, leak test and commissioning & start-Up of upstream Oil &Gas projects.

High-performing professional with extensive skills in commissioning and operation of gas sweetening process, condensate fractionation & handling facilities, LPG recovery unit.

Highly skilled at handling Freelance job, covering a wide spectrum of areas such as Technical evaluation of petroleum products,

preparation of pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up procedures.

Ability in the DCS/Panel operation during pre-comm. & commissioning activities so as to ensure uninterrupted and successful accomplishment of commissioning operations

Well versed in all stages of pre-commission, with a track record of successful completion and commissioning of projects predominantly in the Oil & Gas sector, for safe operation and sustained operational effectiveness.

Visionary and decisive leader, noted for sound, practical management style and excellent organization, communication, presentation & interpersonal skills; Proven ability to lead and motivate large cross-functional teams to maximize productivity.

Experience Summary

Chiyoda CCC Engineering Ltd, (ADMA-OPCO's NASR FFD Project) at Das Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Commissioning Process Engineer: Mar 2016 - Jan-2017

Key Responsibilities:

Preparing pre-commissioning & commissioning procedure for the project NASR FFD PH-II EPC-PKG-III pertaining to Modification and replacement of existing facilities and allied utilities.

Rendering technical services and assistance to commissioning operations, marking up of P&IDs and checking against As-Built drawings.

Reviewing P&ID and performing other activities such as system demarcation, sub-system mark-up on P&ID, commissioning strategy/execution plan etc and coordinating with multi discipline engineers and management and leading the team.

Carrying out the monitoring of project performance in line with commissioning activities.

Preparing procedures for the operational test and performance guarantee test run, commissioning of systems etc.

Coordinating with clients to witness the testing and evaluation of the project.

Liaising with clients and vendors and implementing necessary items on work phase as per company requirements

Carrying out the review of HAZOP, HAZID, and SIL system implementation.

Ensuring that proper approved documents are in place prior to start of testing and commissioning activities.

Managing the testing and commissioning process, commissioning runs on compressors and recycle pumps and reviewing testing plans, directing and documenting performance testing and ensuring the completion of the works.

Successfully commissioning and handing over the project to theAuthorities

Key Highlight:

Developed whole range of plant pre-commissioning and commissioning general procedures in detail, much in advance of the execution of activities

Key Project:


NASR FFD PROJECT EPC-PK-3, Modification and replacement of existing facilities


11 month


ADMA-OPCO; Abu Dhabi, UAE.


7 HP/7LP sepators replacemnet with new set-up of mechanical accessories and Instruments

Installation of new FEED Pump, Product Pump

Injection Package pump Installation


Commissioning Home Office Engineer


Iinterface with Client, Vendor, Sub-Contractor and Site Construction team,

To develop Procedure, Manul, OTP, Performance gaurantee test run, Handing over procdure and Dossiers

ESSAR Construction Overseas Ltd, (Takreer -SCTP Project) Abu Dhabi, UAE

Commissioning Process Engineer: Jun 2015 – Nov 2015

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for all the activities pertaining to the pre-commissioning, mechanical completion, commissioning & start-up, normal operation and performance test run of plant and plant handing over

Coordinated and ensured the completion of all the preparatory works for commissioning & start-up.

Reviewed P&ID/PFD’s/ other relevant project based on operational and maintenance aspects.

Liaised with various Project Commissioning Leads to understand the requirement of operation and maintenance manuals for the assigned project.

Developed Operation & Maintenance manuals for the assigned project to meet the delivery schedule.

Reviewed if required, the existing client Operation & Maintenance manual and modified the same to meet the project requirements.

Undertook discussions with client in course of development of O &M manuals.

Liaised with the project engineering team/ project procurement team to receive relevant project data required to develop the

O &M manual.

Raised necessary queries where there is lack of clarity between various parties and incorporated changes if required.

Highlighted potential problems or delays to senior officers and recommended solutions to overcome the problems.

Key Highlight:

Developed full range of plant pre-commissioning and commissioning general procedures in detail, much in advance of the starting of pre-commissioning activities

Key Project:


SCTP PROJECT (Spent Caustic Treatment Plant)


6 month




Expansion of existing water treatment facilities


Commissioning Process Engineer


To develop pre-commissioning & commissioning procedure & Manul, OTP, Performance gaurantee test run, Handing over procdure & Dossiers preparation,

Interface with Client, Vendor, Sub-Contractor and Site Construction team

Managed offcie internal all desciline commissioning/pre-comm actvities and documentations for verifying and execution on site as per orginal based line schedules to achive completion and handing over plan for operation.

Triune Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. (PMC Project)Navi Mumbai

Lead Commissioning Engineer (PMC): May 2014 -June 2014

Key Responsibilities:

Performed commissioning &operation of LPG recovery unit, condensate fractionation & handling facilities, gas sweetening units

Carried out PGTR (performance guarantee test run)of plant/units in compliance with process design and approved procedures.

Managed punch clearing system, project document review & verification of as built on site and updated if necessary.

Oversaw site activities and controlled commissioning activities and manpower

Prepared daily progress report & reported to CM on day to day activities

Managed commissioning/operation strictly adhering to sequence of commissioning/operations stages in compliance with safety standard and PTW procedures.

Ensured safety of personnel and process plant & equipments and implemented precautions into process/utility/offsite commissioning.

Key Highlight:

Played a leading role in the successful completion of performance gaurantee test run without any major discrepancies.After the plant stabilization, it hasrun smoothly under the supervision of Lead Commissioning Engineer and Engineering team.

With 100 % feed, plant run for a schedule time duration of 72 hrs and then the plant performance test is sucessfully finished.

Key Project:


APU (Additional Process Unit )-Expansion of Existing Process Units


2 Month


Navi Mumbai; India


Consists of Crude Stabilization and Separation Unit, Gas dehydration with NGL Fractionation column and LPG

recovery plant, Crude oil storage tank, Fire water floating roof tank, Oil Booster pump, water treatment plant,

Cooling plant, Utilities DCS control room


PMC Commissioning Team Lead


Attend a interface meeting with Client, Vendor, Contractor/Sub-Contractor and Site Construction team

Review Procedure, Manul, OTP, Performance gaurantee test run of plant as per designed parameters, Handing over procdure and Dossiers preparation

attend fire water hydrant operation test, check for design parameters and approve to take it hand over

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. South Korea

Commissioning Engineer - Process: Sep2013 to Mar2014

Key Responsibilities:

Developed and wrote pre-commissioning, commissioning procedures for FPSO (Hull & Topside), operating manual, start-up and operating procedures

Reviewed and updated commissioning procedures& manual and provided technical clarification.

Interacted with client and Vendor regarding day to day activities.

Performed P&ID, PFD review & updates, clarification on project specification based on Client /vendor requirement etc.

Key Highlight:

Played a key role to develop pre-comm/comm proceudres and Manuls within the stipulated target time and client was very happy about the timely development of technical procedure and OTP.

Key Project:


Quad-204 - FPSO constructive Project, FPSO Commissioning Procedure development


7 months


Ulsan, South Korea


Various FPSO units


Commissioning Engineer Process


Interface with Client, Vendor, Sub-Contractor and Site Construction team,

To develop procedure, manul, OTP, performance gaurantee test run (PGTR),handing over procdure and dossiers preparation,

Freelancer as Commissioning Engineer, India

Oct 2012 – Aug2013

Key Responsibilities:

Preparing pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up procedures as a Freelance commissioning engineer

Developing detailed procedures for pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, handing over activities for their three phase separation system of Gas gathering plant.

Supervised commissioning field activities and ensured successful completion.

Ensured safe execution of all commissioning activities through the application of the work permit procedure.

Coordinated activities/requirements of vendor representatives and subcontractors.

ADCO, (PMC Consultant -CH2M HILL-VECO Engineering), Abu Dhabi

Commissioning Engineer Process-PMC: Apr2012 - Sep2012

Key Responsibilities:

Oversee Green field and Brown field Pre-Commissioning activities (pipeline air-blowing, water-flushing, lube oil flushing, pump mechanical run test, vessel/column cleaning inspection etc commissioning & start-up activities,

Reviewed and updated project document (drawings, Procedures and manuals& job scope, operating manual and procedures and coordinated with contractor (EPCC) and operation team

Conducted daily and weekly review meeting and discuss the progress of the project and issues and resolve it.

Key Project:

Project:ASAB-Full Field Development (FFD) Project


ASAB-Full Field Development (FFD) Project


5 months


ASAB, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Expansion of existing phase for Production development (including RDS/CDS)


Commissioning Engineer Process


Interface with Client, Vendor, Sub-Contractor and Site Construction team,

Review a P&ID's, PFD's, UFD's procedures, manul, OTP, performance gaurantee test run procedure, handing over procdure and dossiers prepared by EPC Contractor and updating based on as built

oversee a pipeline and vessel cleaning inspection, pump/compressor test run and performance gaurantee test run (PGTR)

prepare daily work progress report for commissioning & interface manager

prepars site visit report, work progress & new plant operation presentation

Freelancer as Process Commissioning Engineer,India

Jan 2011 – Mar2012

Key Responsibilities:

Managed the execution and operation of industrial wastewater treatment plant,

Developing pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up procedure as Freelance Commissioning/Process engineer for their oily-wastewater separating system and wastewater treatment plant (ETP) commissioning & operation strategy preparation,

Resolved client queries and modified the system procedures as per client requirement

JK (JV- JGC CORP. & KBR),Qatar

Process Commissioning (Shift Supervisor): Jul 2010 – Nov 2010

Key Responsibilities:

Managed the activities pertaining to pre-commissioning like pipeline cleaning, refractory dry out operation, pressure test, mechanical run test of rotary equipment, procedure write-up, mark-up of P&ID etc.

Led Site team so as to ensure the completion of the project as per schedule.

Attended the daily progress review meetings and discussed the issues coming in the way of progress of the project and resolved the issues on top priority.

Reviewed the Safety of personnel and enforced Health Safety & Environmental rules and regulations

Scheduled daily commissioning meeting to discuss about planning, execution and progress of commissioning activities.

Key Project:

Project: Shell-Pearl GTL Project, Ras-Laffan, Qatar

Gulf Petrochemical Services &Trading LLC (GPS), Oman.

Commissioning Engineer-Process: Sep2009 – Nov2009

Key Responsibilities:

Carried out booster gas compressor commissioning on site, including managing sampling, liaising with process support services to have analysis carried out.

Managed Commissioning of the Booster Gas compressor station and ensured optimum operation of the plant during performance trials

Ensured implementation of safety precautions and performed Tool box meeting/talk.

Reviewed PEFS & UFD and prepared necessary technical documentation for commissioning activities.

OversawN2-He Leak test, coordinated with EMI construction team to evaluate the accurate & efficient commissioning planning, and execution, PTW procedure for Project : Fahud-Booster Gas compressor facilities commissioning & start-up.

Improved the process and support process operations through optimization & continuous improvement.

Ensured all necessary commissioning documentation is produced in a timely manner & co-operated with Technical documentation

teams to ensure timely delivery of O&M manuals

Ensured Commissioning is carried out safely and in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures.

Took part in off-site testing and pre-commissioning activities by suppliers or others where ever required.

Provided regular updates to the commissioning manager about the progress of commissioning activities.

Career Path-

Petrofac E&C Int’l Limited, (North Africa),Tunisia

Commissioning Process Engineer:Jul2008 – Aug2009

Key Project:

Project: Hasdrubal Gas Terminal- NGL Fractionation facility

JGC Corporation, (Dolphin Project) Qatar

Commissioning Supervisor(Process/DCS):Oct2007 - Jan2008

Key Responsibilities:

Managed all the activities pertaining to pre-commissioning,Commissioning &Start-up of NGL extraction &fractionation onshore facilities and Booster Gas compression facilities.

Carried out the Pre-Commissioning operations, such as flushing, air-blowing, chemical cleaning, pickling, dry-out etc.

Performed various Commissioning operations such as N2-He leak test, purging & cold hydrocarbon circulation.

Managed the DCS operation (Honeywell), procedure evaluation, mark-up P&ID for pre-comm. and commissioning of pipelines, columns,HP vessels, sieve dryers, CD drums, flares, centrifugal compressors &pumps trial run test and mechanical run test & Performance test Run.

Ensured all activities are carried out in compliance to SIMOPS rules and associated HSE rules and PTW procedure

Reviewed P&ID,PFD, technical negotiation, handover activities and documentation formalities.

Key Project:

Project: Dolphin Energy Limited, RasLaffan, Qatar(Upstream and Compression facilities)

Toyo Engineering Corporation, (M/s TIJD (JV of TEC/IDRO/JGC/DAELIM), Iran

Commissioning Supervisor-Process: Nov 2006 - June 2007

Key Responsibilities:

Successfully handled onshore oil &gas exploration, production and Separation of Crude Oil & Hydrocarbon gas (C3 & C4).

Reviewed& Mark-up of P&ID for pre–commissioning activities (water-flushing/air-blowing, steam blowing, chemical cleaning, dry-out the system, HP N2-He leak test, purging, cold circulation &start-up with thorough understanding of process)

Carried out various tests such as motor solo run test/ coupled run test /performance Run test etc.

Developed procedure for pre-comm./commissioning of following systems / operations:

oPipelines cleaning,

oStatic/rotating equipment (centrifugal pumps &compressors, air fin-fan coolers, columns/vessels.)

oGas de-hydration Unit, NGL extraction & LPG recovery unit, propane chiller & sour water stripper unit.

oUtility and offsite facilities having Boiler: Cap 165 ton/hr (46 kg press.)

oDCS Pre-commissioning/commissioning check in line with field activities/operation / Fuel gas compressor Start-up/ operation

oCSU of single stage centrifugal Fuel Gas Compressor (Elliot Ebara, Japan) with capacity: 5183 M3/hr.

Hydro Air Techtonics(PCD) Pvt. Ltd., New-Mumbai, India

Project Engineer:Jul2005 – Oct2006

Key Responsibilities:

Prepared feasibility study report /analysis report/ periodic sampling, re-order-list, technical evolution of new offers, and carried out material inspection on receipt.

Prepared estimate and costing of water Supply and Sewerage projects

Carried out project scheduling by studying project plan and specifications; calculated time requirements; sequencing project elements.

Maintained project schedule by monitoring project progress; coordinated activities and resolved problems arising.

Prepared environmental audit report (EAR) to be submitted to State Govt. Pollution control board (GPCB) as per Govt. Act.

Developed hydraulic profiles for water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Provided design input and coordination for conveyance conduits and pipelines for state of the art treatment plants

Actively involved in equipment sizing for various control valves, distribution chambers and outlet structures

Managed the erection /commissioning of new Hydro-Biox System (HBS) developed for effluent treatment by compressed air system

Performed chemical dosing to decompose organic and non- organic compounds,

Analyzed wastewater and implemented new treatment method in consultation with hazardous solid waste management.

Key Project:

Project: Waste water Treatment Plant (Hidro-Biox Plant)

Oil &Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) Limited, (M/s Promantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) Gujarat India

Commissioning Specialist: May 2005 - Jul 2005

Key Responsibilities:

Managed the Commissioning of Two-phase Separators.

Reviewed and updated the system as per P & ID and P & FD, natural gas gathering and metering, commissioning checks of instruments as per vendor’s instructions.

Tested the operation of LP, MP & HP separators, start-up of water bath heaters etc. carried out reciprocating compressor test run & operation, booster pump operation.

Kept a record of each and every unit’s performance and observation made during testing period.

Set-up the commissioning database and loaded engineering data into the package.

Liaised with the Project Commissioning Manager and discipline engineers collating marked up P&ID’s, SLD’s etc,

Updated commissioning work packages and procedures as required, reflecting the construction and commissioning activities and site conditions.

Co-ordinate the activities with the commissioning, operation and construction mechanical superintendents for all activities.

Made sure that all construction and commissioning completion check sheets are completed.

Made sure that tests related to pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, and performance testing activities are witnessed by clients and concerned officials and the required documents are signed by appropriate company, regulatory inspectors and equipment suppliers / process licensor representatives in accordance with the requirements of the QA/QC Plan.

Key Project:

Project: Gas Gathering station (GGS-8), Gandhar, Bharuch, (Gujarat), India.

M/s. Enviro-Care Associates, Hazira, (Niko Resources Ltd., Corp. Canada) Surat, India

Project Engineer:Jan2004 -May 2005

Key Responsibilities:

Handled day-to-day activity and trouble shooting of ETP

Managed inventory of chemicals / consumables required for smooth operation.

Co-ordinated for ambient air, stack effluent monitoring & disposal of hazardous waste.

Coordinated and followed up with maintenance / engineering dept. for preventive maintenance of ETP& attended break down of equipment.

Generated MIS (monthly Information Sheet) of ETP.

Coordinated with Govt. statutory local bodies regarding the environmental protection and setting up of ETP plant.

Managed the erection and commissioning of air-blowers, hydraulic filter-press etc.

Supervised the operations of pumps test-run and hydraulic testing of pipeline, tanks/ vessel testing with hydro test and floated roller oil-skimmer.

Prepared EAR, monitored Lab testing of wastewater and finalized the report

Consulted with authorized Govt. agencies for the air & water consents and hazardous solid waste management.

Key Project:

Project: Turn-Key project of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Preci-Tech Laboratories (ISO-14001, EMS Consultants), India

Graduate Engineer Trainee – ETP Plant Supervisor: Oct2002 – Dec2003)

Key Responsibilities:

Monitored the process parameters to ensure that it meets the quality & quantity of the water effluents

Maintained good housekeeping at ETP &surrounding areas

Inspected the effluent collection pits, pumps & pipeline etc. to ensure adequacy of arrangement and satisfactory working condition.

Coordinated the activities pertaining to commissioning of wastewater-effluent treatment plant (ETP) and solid waste management

Followed-up preventive maintenance of ETP and smooth execution of the same.

Analyzed effluents as per the test Procedure for COD, BOD & TDS etc and carried out the sampling of wastewater and prepared the analysis report

Ensured the segregation of the hazardous and non-Hazardous material and proper storage of waste as per category in their respective place

Ensured operation of filter press &trouble shooting regarding feed &chemical addition to holding tank.

Reported the daily work progress to the Department Head.

Key Project:

Project: Wastewater Treatment Plant Commissioning



BE (Bachelor in Chemical Engineering) - VVP Engineering Collage, Saurashtra University, Rajkot. (Gujarat) India – (59.5%) – 2002

12th Std. (Higher Secondary) - passed with a grade 71% Marks

10th Std (Matriculation) - passed with a grade 67% Marks

Computer Skill

MS-Office with Word, Excel and Power Point, Internet

DCS/Panel/Console operation (Honeywell, YOKOGAWA CS3000)

Professional Development

SIMOPS training

TRA-Task Risk Assessment with ADCO, Abu Dhabi

PTW & Confined Space entry, Inductions at Qatar& Tunisia

Working at Height training course

MSProject-2007 basic knowledge

H2S training

Plant Safety Operations, Toyo / Iran,

LOTO training course

ISO 14001 (EMS), Precitech Laboratories/India

Electrical Safety for commissioning

Personal Particulars

Date of Birth :29-06-1979

Languages Known :English, Hindi, Gujarati

Nationality :Indian

Passport No. : M-3945384 valid till 12/2024

Location Preference : India, European countries, USA, Australia, Canada, Asian Region, Gulf Gujarat (Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Kodinar, Valsad, Gir Somnath,Rajkot )

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