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United States
August 17, 2012

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Dipl.-Ing, MBA

Kapi Kapilan

Address: Heerstr. **4, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Nationality: German


Tel: +49-160********

Key Skills


Next Generation Networks, VoIP, Mobile Applications, 3G Handsets

Terminal Technology, Streaming, Test Automation, Software Test, Handset browser implementation

Data traffic management, Social network applications for handsets,

Applications for wireless networks,

Test management, Test coordination, Project management,

Preparation and execution of 2G/3G/4G network and UE Benchmarking tests

Optimization for HSPA and LTE networks

Analysis of network traces

End to end network implementation experience with LTE trial networks

Competency to work flexible in international settings and intercultural teams

Ability to work goal oriented under time pressure

Fluent in German and English languages

Relevant Experience.

Service Optimization Consultant for various projects with T-Mobile International in Germany/Bonn

01.01.2012 – till now

LTE end to end network Optimization project T-Mobile Germany/Austria/Hungary

• International LTE network optimization project lead

• Coordination of e2e network related issues with vendors Huawei, NSN

• LTE performance measurement and KPI reporting

• Investigation of customer complaints

• Huawei, NSN related LTE network issue troubleshooting

• Identification of e2e performance bottleneck

• Speedproxy optimization for LTE

• eNB parameterisation to improve battery consumption

• Concept for 2G/3G to 4G Handover

• APN concept for 4G

• S-GW, MME related issue trouble shooting

• Voice over LTE, CS-Fall back preparation

• Consolidation of LTE network KPIs from different T-Mobile countries and present to senior management

• Consolidation of LTE end to end common issue related to vendors, Frequencies, UEs etc. and present to senior management

• Escalation of e2e chain related issues to vendors and senior management

QoS Introduction for 3G/4G for T-Mobile Germany/Austria

• Performance and user profiled QoS validation triggered from HLR/HSS to RAN

• PCRF trigger for QoS Gold, Silver and Bronze profiling

• Protocols as streaming triggered QoS for customers verification

HSDPA 21/42, HUSPA 5.76 Optimization for T-Mobile Germany/Austria

• Identification and providing solution to solve performance bottlenecks for HSDPA21/42 performance

• TCP/IP Trace analysis to identify performance bottlenecks

• End to end 3G network and service optimization

• Customer perceived performance KPI reporting

01.08.2009 – 31.12.2011

LTE introduction project with T-Mobile Germany/Austria

• Support for Rollout of Huawei LTE network

• Cluster acceptance tests

• LTE RFP, Rollout declaration for several region in Germany

• LTE end to end KPI reporting

• LTE end to end performance measurement

• LTE pilot network coordination for Huawei, NSN and Ericsson

• Coordination and implementation of Huawei, NSN, Ericsson LTE lab environment

• Involved in LTE vendor selection process

Bandwidth limitation for 3G with T-Mobile Germany

• Provided concept for bandwidth limitation for customer tariffs

• Evaluation for solutions via GGSN, Data traffic management systems

• Performance measurement and issue identification in HLR, SGSN, GGSN, DTM

01.12.2004 – 31.12.2009

Several 2G/3G Projects for T-Mobile Germany, Austria, UK, Netherland

• Nortel Core Network swap to Huawei

• Speed proxy optimization for 2G/3G networks

• HSDPA/HSUPA network launch and optimization

• International Network optimization and test coordination

• International Operator Benchmark coordination

• Automated measurement system development for performance measurement

• 2G/3G WLAN Services/Products verifications and validations

• Resolution of performance issues for 2G/3G networks

• Reporting and presentations to senior management on network KPI statistics

• Application performance improvement e.g. E-mail, Web Browsing, ftp, VPN

• EDGE network launch and service optimization

• Providing solutions for HSPA/LTE Downlink/Uplink data rate performance issues caused by Windows XP, 7 for customers.

• RAN,CN parameterization for internal and external Operator 2G/3G network benchmark

• Customer perceived service performance measurement execution and analysis

01.10.2003 – 31.11.2004

UMTS Service Consultant for Vodafone UK

• Providing KPI & Gap analysis for GSM/UMTS network and user equipment

• Providing Network Performance analysis

• Providing recommendations for Network Improvement

• Co-ordination and execution of feature integration and testing

• Test script creation, execution and validation in UMTS live environment

• Continuous reporting to customer regarding, achievements of provided services

• Primary contact for network issues for the customer

• Technical and business review of proposals to customers

• Negotiation with customer regarding new services

• Providing pre sales support for new services

01.10.2003 – 31.11.2004

UMTS Field Introduction Engineer Telefonica Spain

• System Integration and Test

• Installation and configuration of UMTS network elements

• Features integration and testing

• Integration and Trouble shooting of UMTS network elements

• Technical lead for UMTS releases

• Local co-ordination and reporting activities

01.03.2001 – 31.11.2004

GPRS/UMTS Field Introduction Engineer Lucent Technologies

• System Integration and Test

• Trouble shooting of UMTS/GPRS network elements

• Installation and configuration of UMTS/GPRS network elements

• Features integration and testing

• Performs acceptance test for BTS, BSC and NodeB, RNC software releases

• Technical lead for UMTS/GSM releases

• Local co-ordination and reporting activities


Georg Simon Ohm Management Institute Nuremberg: MBA

• Master of Business Administration

University of Applied Sciences Cologne: Dipl.-Ing.

• Electro-technics

• Telecommunications


Languages German, English

IT & other skills

• Good knowledge in GPRS, EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE

• Good knowledge in 2G/3G/4G handset apps

• Installation and configuration knowledge in Ascom QVoice, SwissQual, Garmin Units equipment, GPS

• Configuration knowledge in CAIT, Ethereal, MapInfo, QXDM, TEMS, MapSource, Agilent tracer, Nemo Outdoor, ROMES, LTE LG Handset measurement software, Tektronix K1205/1297, NetHawk, Wireshark, Coui ( XCAP, XCAL), QXDM, Actix, Tems, NQDI,

DNA (Dilithium Network Analyzer for Video Telephony),

Agilent, Focus Infocom 3GMA, TestQuest, Test Director, Romes, Nemo

• Project management experience for various operator launch and network optimization projects.

• Test team coordination experience for network and e2e tests.

• Self-motivated, confident and positive thinker who thrives in a competitive and challenging environment.

• Ability to work autonomously as well as being a team player

• Good communication and inter-personnel skills

• Well-developed time management and organisational skills

• Reputation for sharing of knowledge / experience

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