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Medical Device Mental Health

United States
August 18, 2012

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Surai Thaneemit Jones, M.S.

cell: 408-***-****



** ***** ** ******** ***** experience: special expertise in binary and longitudinal outcomes.

9 years of experience managing teams of technical and administrative staff.

Therapeutic areas include cardiology, oncology, genetics and mental health.

Programming experience in SAS and R/S+ (20 years) and handling complex and large data structures.


Independent Statistical Consultant

2006-present Palo Alto, CA

Medical Device Start-Ups

Strategic advisor to VP of Clinical Affairs.

Advise on trial design strategies including primary endpoint selection and adaptive design methods.

Create statistical reports for FDA submissions.

Review and edit sections of protocol, technical reports.

Healthcare Research Organizations (affiliates of Stanford University)

Published outcomes research articles as lead statistician, write statistical methodology sections of grant proposals.

Advised teams on research plans, develop statistical methodologies, explore methodologies.

Directed teams of programmers to analyze large archival datasets in SAS.

Create and validate statistical programs, publication-ready tables and graphics using STATA, R, SPSS and SAS.

Revised trial submission to achieve approval to conduct clinical trial for bipolar disorder.

Lead Biostatistician Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center (CSPCC)

2003-2006 Department of Veterans Affairs

Menlo Park, CA

Managed multiple teams to conduct clinical trials in chronic heart failure, prostate cancer and mental health.

Participated as Lead Biostatistician:

Achieved approval for pivotal phase III prostate cancer trial.

Led startup and conduct of two 30- site clinical trials.

Co-developed standards for analysis and data management for a Beta-Blocker study.

Collaborated with Statisticians from Stanford University to publish journal articles.

Supervised alls tasks performed by Statistical Programmers and Data Managers.

Improved design of new clinical trials to be submitted for merit and funding approval.

Mentored by Chief of CSPCC/Department Head of Biostatistics, Stanford University.

Coordinated extended team:

Managed 3 teams of Biostatisticians, Health Economists, Pharmacists, Clinicians, Data Managers, Statistical Programmers and Project Managers.

Established project deadlines to ensure timely deliverables for each member of study team.

Hired and supervised Statistical Programmers and Data Managers including daily task assignment, training, mentoring, and monitoring on-going performance.

Hired and coached team of 6 Administrative Assistants.

Participated in management-level policy meetings regarding center-wide issues.

Senior Statistical Programmer Cooperative Studies Coordinating Center

1996-2002 Department of Veterans Affairs

Menlo Park, CA

Supervised team of 4 Statistical Programmers and 2 Database Programmers in a phase III chronic heart failure trial.

Taught mini-courses in data management and statistical analysis using SAS.

Generated clinical data reports for Data and Safety Monitoring Board meetings and FDA submissions.

Co-developed programming and documentation standards for center-wide use.


M.S. Biostatistics Medical College of Virginia 1996

B.S. Mathematics Salisbury University 1994


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Judith Chapman, Megan Oser, Jill Hockemeyer, Julie Weitlauf, Surai Jones and Ramsey Cheung. Changes in Depressive Symptoms and Impact on Treatment Course Among Hepatitis C Patients Undergoing Interferon-α and Ribavirin Therapy: A Prospective Evaluation. The American Journal of Gastroenterology, (in press 9 August 2011)

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