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Software Engineer Development

United States
August 15, 2012

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Allen Zhang

** *** ****** *** **

Markham, ON, Canada L6B0A1



Seeking employment which will utilize my programming skill and

development experience


Good understanding of SDLC

Expertise in low level oriented development

Proficient with C/C++, Assembler, PERL, Shell script, PHP

Experience in real time embedded software development

Familiar with SQL database systems development

Experienced with security protocols

Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills

Expertise in I/O control, device drivers, communication protocols and multiprocess/multithread programming


Languages: C/C++, Assembler, PERL, PHP, ASP, JSP, JavaScript

Wide range of platform experience:

LINUX, HP-UX, AIX, Sun Solaris, and SCO UNIX

DOS, OS2 and Windows

Databases: SQL, DB2, Sybase and Informix


Miscellaneous: GNU gcc, gdb, COM, Active Directory, ActiveX, IIS, Apache, SOAP, FTP server, HTML, XML, AJAX, MS Offices, VPN, Exchange server


2011 – NOW Nortek Computer Ltd., Senior Software Engineer

System: DOS, Windows and Linux

Development Tool: Microsoft MASM 5.0 (6.0 compatible, C++ and PERL 5.14.2

As core development resource develops/supports applications under plain DOS and Windows / using C++ under Linux.

These programs are designed as testing tool to achieve parallel testing multiple hard drives on single PC.

Developed application independently for Silicon Image products under plain DOS (MS-DOS and IBM PC-DOS)

Performed benchmark and diagnostics up to 20 hard drives using a single PC

Followed PCI and SATA design specifications

Switched between real mode and protect mode under DOS, breakthrough from the common restriction of 1MB by accessing up to 4GB memory address directly without any other third party drives/services.

Programmed real-timer controlling function other than hardware controller card to dispatch and control CPU cycles in a more efficient manner.

Developed a mechanism to minimize the ATA response time to millisecond, microsecond and nanosecond.

Utilized dynamic memory and external definition structure to maximize the performance of existing resource in the system.

Appropriately encrypt/decrypt critical data to ensure data security from fraud and misuse.

Defined run-time configuration file that matches the customers’ requirements.

Built interactive pop-up menu and function keys to the user interface.

Provided flexible command line parameters co-responding all kinds of running case

Created smart log (readable data and binary raw data) for each test to support integration testing and trouble shooting.

Utilized PERL to analyze smart log and generated report.

Supplied utility tool to import/export data to database

Achieved TCP/IP connection between DOS and Windows/Unix server

Developing network communication using NIC Packet Driver only without any third party applications or drivers.

Redesigned the application using C++ under DOS 32bit protect mode; and embedded Linux under kernel version 3.0.21

Completed assignments on time and be able to handle multiple tasks

2006 – 2010 Golden-Medal SUT Co., Ltd, Senior Software developer/Team Lead

System: DOS, UNIX/Linux, Window

Development Tool: C/C++, PHP, Assembler, PERL

Participated, designed IBM ATM web platform development and implementation

Involved in self-service bank solution project and e-bank system solution design, prototypes and integration testing.

Improve and strengthen the existing system application encryption performance and communications security

Provided application development/product development and end user training

Developed device drivers and API using C/C++ under UNIX/Linux environment

Developed company website using PHP

Created various scripts using Perl and Unix shell scripting

Developed interfacing application with SQL database

Prepare and review detailed technical documentation based on functional and non-functional requirements.

Mentored junior developers

Followed development standard and software development life cycle

Worked under tight deadline and multiple tasks

2004 – 2005 Deloitte Inc., System/Network Administrator

In charge with migration using the new resources

Set up laptop(Compaq/Dell/HP) for new hires, e.g. VPN, outlook, AVENTAIL, ATSW, UUDIAL, PAL, HEAT, Lotus notes, SAP GUI, EROOM, Network, Linux

Provided field support of consultants

Set up network connection between customers and office, e.g. user creation, security management, data recovery and backup

Configured the IIS server and SQL application server

Maintained Microsoft exchange server, e.g. IP address assignment, security management

Communicated with global help desk center to resolve the request of users.

Excellent troubleshooting skills including application software, driver updates

Installed and configured Windows and Linux server environment

Setup Virtual Machines, VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server for special department

2003 – 2004 Independent Consultant

Troubleshoot user problems relating to Operating System issues (Win9x, NT, and Win 2000/2003, Snow Leopard), Network Connectivity, Outlook, TCP/IP configuration, upgrades, MS Office products and Internet connectivity.

User rights and permission, disabling and enabling accounts in AD, file and folder permissions and configuring security templates

Developed website base on LAMP

Released website to web hosting

Maintained and updated website

2003 Victoria Education Group - Advanced UNIX development

Developed programs using IPC mechanism, such as Share Memory, Semaphore and Message Queues

Expertise in APIs, libraries

Worked on communication protocols

Followed SDLC

1994-2002 IBM - Sino United Technology Ltd., Software Engineer

System: DOS, UNIX, Window and OS2

Development Tool: C/C++, Assembler

Participated in project design, development and implementation using C/C++ and assembler under UNIX, Windows NT and OS2, typically OLTP for IBM Banking system

Developed various applications base on multi-process, multi-threaded

Developed daemon programs on UNIX server using IPC mechanism, such as Share Memory, Semaphore and Message Queues

Participated the development of device drivers(Pin pads, MSR and passbook printer), APIs, libraries

Created various scripts using ksh, awk.

Developed Banking Transaction Applications

Worked on projects under IBM 4758 OpenCryptoki which following PKCS #11 in Banking solution

Worked closely as pre-sale technical support with financial institutions and analyzed complex business requirement for commercial banks and China Post

Participated DES encryptions model development

Implemented the product evaluation and benchmark test

Provided technical support and training to customers

Setup development environment including operating system installation and configuration

1992-1994 Z.H. Union Software Co., Software Engineer

System: DOS, UNIX/XENIX and Novell

Development Tool: C, VB, Clipper and FoxBASE

Developed applications using VB, Dbase, FoxBASE, Clipper and C

Developed Banking Transaction Applications using C/C++ and Informix

Maintained and provided service for customer's hardware and software

Provided sales advice for customer’s product inquires

Responsible for company market research


2003 Victoria Education Group – UNIX advanced development, Toronto, Canada

1998-1992 4 years diploma Computer Science and Mathematics

Tianjin University of Technology


Music, Soccer, Traveling


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