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Engineer Manufacturing

Minden, NV, 89423
August 28, 2012

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Optoelectronic Component Packaging • Mechanical and Electromechanical Devices

Wafer / Substrate Fabrication / Machining • Mechanical Engineering Strategy

Process Improvement • Team Building • Project Management • Staff Development

Change Management • Plastic Mold Injection • Six Sigma • Lean Product Development


Expert Mechanical Engineering professional specialized in design, manufacturing support, and project management developing complete life-cycle products for the Semiconductor, Hard disk drive, Optoelectronic, and Fiber Optic Industry. Time-tested record of achievements, including numerous awards and five patent applications for various mechanical enhancement systems.

Select, specific career achievements include development of Automated Part Sorter System to pick and place MR thin film heads reducing operation unit hours by 83%, implementation of lean manufacturing process instructions for all production manufacturing process operations, enabling Gigabit Optics to meet ISO 9001 certification requirements, and development of innovative grinding and polishing process for Read-Rite Corporation, realizing yearly cost savings of $450,000 and cycle time reduction of 6,230 hours per year. Additionally, developed innovative abrasive machining and cleaning system increasing overall product yield and saving $1,400,000 savings first year, with projected savings of $5,800,000 over four-year period.

* Proven project management skills utilized in driving profitable and cost-effective collaboration between mechanical engineering and critical business functions.

* A mentor and builder of high performance teams who thrives in situations requiring a high-level strategist and a big picture thinker.

* Extensive experience with Computer Aided Design (CAD) using Solid Works, with strength in complex design and layout issues.

* Extremely reliable, possessing a strong work ethic and a dedicated team leader.


SAP • Solid Works • Auto CAD • CADAM • Microsoft Office Suite • SPC • TQM • CATIA


Boss Engineering Minden NV

2011 to Present

Senior Research and Development Engineer.

Led process development and implementation of turnkey processes for Optoelectronic, Fiber Optic and general manufacturing product Industry, designing fixtures, instrumentation equipment, component packaging for LEAN manufacturing of high-volume precision Optics, disk drive, and medical devices/components.

OptiComp Corp. Zephyr Cove, NV

2008 to 2011

Principal Mechanical Lead Engineer

* Designed, fabricated, tested and developed test stand of an optical prototype for hyper-spectral spectrophotometric detection of up/down-converting phosphor nano crystals used for the multiplexed detection of trace biological and chemical agents in multi-market applications including medical diagnostics, bio defense, environmental monitoring and anti-counterfeiting.

* Designed, fabricated and tested Four channel transceiver module assembly, for Aerospace (F-35 Jet Fighter) industry and is in commercialization phase. Documentation in Solid Works and AutoCAD Format.

GE/BENTLY Energy Minden, NV

2007 to 2008

Mechanical Engineer

Designed, developed, and tested new and existing products, serving as project leader in technology and manufacturing teams to execute various engineering changes to save labor and material costs. Created AutoCAD drawings and product bills of material in SAP for equipment sensor transducer products, incorporating feedback from product authorizers regarding product changes and SAP structure. Tested new product designs per company’s optimization and control standards.

* Saved $100,000 annually through redesign of sensor, transducer products, and DMP projects.

FORMICA Corporation Roseville, CA

2005 to 2007

Principal / Sustaining Engineer of Lean Manufacturing

Led initiatives to realize and maintain process and yield improvement of production line. Coordinated with vendors to establish incoming materials specifications / requirements and equipment certification / qualifications. Developed, designed, and implemented new technology to realize LEAN manufacturing principles. Oversaw root cause analysis and corrective action procedures for laminates and composite material production line. Collaborated with operators, maintenance staff, and management on daily production / manufacturing problem issues, following up with corrective action plan.

* Improved yield by 15% and realized $210,000 yearly cost savings with process / yield improvement techniques for Phenolic Resin application of Kraft material application.

* Increased yield by 10% and realized $250,000 annual cost savings utilizing Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC) for three major projects.

* Earned Technical Achievement Award for design and implementation of safety roll cart used for handling of product material.

BOSS Engineering Gilroy, CA

2003 to 2005

Senior Research and Development Engineer

Led process development and implementation of turnkey processes for Semiconductor, Hard disk drive, and Optoelectronic Industry, designing fixtures, instrumentation equipment, diamond turning, grinding / polishing, and component packaging for LEAN manufacturing of high-volume precision semiconductor, Optics, disk drive, and medical devices / components. Designed, developed, and built precision fixtures for fabrication of PM Pigtail assemblies, Grin Lens, DWDM filters, prisms, shutters, and general.

* Collaborated with capital equipment manufacturers and vendors in development of state-of-the-art machining and instrumentation equipment to meet customer requirements.

* Provided engineering consulting to Gel Medical Company for process development, fixtures, and manufacturing of DNA detection tray capillary assembly.

Gigabit Optics Corp. Sunnyvale, CA 2002 to 2003

Principal Senior Staff Engineer of Manufacturing Production Line

Coordinated and led vendor (OSC) in development of automated active alignment system for critical sub-assemblies, implementing innovative component assembly fixtures for build of critical products. Developed overall project processes, improved yield, and reduced cycle time. Identified process problems, effectively providing corrective solutions and implemented with high degree of success.

* Developed, documented and implemented manufacturing process instructions (MPI) for all production manufacturing process operations, enabling company to meet component build tractability and projected ISO 9001 certification requirements.

StarLink Optics Corp. San Jose, CA 2000 to 2001

Senior Research and Development Engineer

Led manufacturing for high precision and volume fiber optic components and devices, researching and procuring instrumentation equipment and facility requirements for startup manufacturing of Optic components. Oversaw wafer fabrication manufacturing, CMP and diamond turning, grinding, lapping, polishing machining processes, testing, and reliability. Managed team of engineers, operators, technicians, maintenance and marketing sales staff, as well as coordinating qualified vendors for component manufacturing and capital equipment requirements.

* Designed and built innovative fixtures for fabrication of high volume and precision Grin Lens, PM pigtail, assembly, Prisms, DWDM filters, and 48 channel fiber array for Planer Wave guide components.

* Developed, documented, and implemented innovative machining processes for fiber optic component operations

* Established customer base requirements with ongoing marketing strategies.

* Provided logistical and installation/support to meet facility requirements.

Applied Magnetics Corp. Milpitas, CA 1997 to 1999

Senior Staff Engineer

Developed precision machining, instrumentation equipment, and tooling / fixtures for fabrication of Thin Film magnetic recording devices, supervising and leading project activities of team of technicians and operators. Developed and implemented innovative diamond lapping / polishing processes, fixtures, and equipment.

* Developed innovative diamond turning, grinding, polishing and cleaning system which increased overall product yield and resulted in a $1,466,300.00 savings in the first year and a projected $5,865,320.00 over four years.

* Qualified and implemented Inductive and MR Thin Film head LEAN / Kanban manufacturing processes in Malaysia and Korea manufacturing facilities.

Read-Rite Corp. Fremont, CA 1993 to 1997

Senior Staff Engineer

Developed equipment, tooling, machining and assembly processes for fabrication of magnetic recording head from substrate to final device. Led team of technicians and operators, implementing machining, assembly, cleaning, instrumentation, and facility equipment to meet wafer and magnetic head manufacturing requirements. Process engineer responsible for wafer fab manufacturing, under / over coat processes, CMP and precision grinding, abrasive polishing, diamond turning processes, testing and reliability.

* Completed innovative process for the machining of Nano wafer to Pico format with yearly costs savings of $450,000 and cycle time reduction of 6,230 hours per year.

* Developed Flex Probe unit for probing / measuring electrical resistance of high density substrate used in processing of Computer Hard Drive Magnetic Recording product.

* Increased Read-Rite Thailand MR Slider Fab process yield by 6% for implementation of innovative process concepts, which resulted in a 15% reduction of final Air Bearing Surface defects.

* Developed, certified, qualified and implemented several innovative automatic abrasive machining systems that resulted in a 20 % overall yield improvement and 25% throughput increase.

* Developed innovative equipment, tooling, fixtures and processes, earning Patent Award.

* Developed / implemented industry standard precision diamond facing and polishing processes for Tin / Antimony lap plates used in machining the final Air Bearing Surface of Disk Drive Head devices.

IBM Corp. San Jose CA

1970 to 1992

* Developed, implemented Thin Film Magnetic recording device fabrication processes, machining and instrumentation equipment. Supervised and coordinated project activities of tool designers, toolmakers and technicians. Specifics included:

* Coordinated with machine manufacture (ITI, Industrial Tool Inc.) in development of the first double end mount gang arbor spindle (Meyer & Burger) used in United States. Developed subject machine to meet multiple diamond blades slicing and dicing of Thin Film wafers. Was instrumental and driving force for IBM in the introduction of this machine concept, which is now industry standard for precision machining of high-density miniature components.

*Was instrumental in the development and implementation of the first non contact interferometer microscope analysis system, ZYGO, which is now industry standard. Contracted Kensington Lab to develop this system. System was used to measure the air-bearing surface (ABS) of magnetic recording sliders/devices.

Developed and implemented new wafer process concept which reduced head fabrication unit hours by 40 percent. Eliminated 30 percent of process operators.

* Designed, built and documented (CADAM) process fixtures and equipment for fabrication of a new wafer process.

Developed Flex Probe unit for probing/measuring electrical resistance of high density substrate used in processing of Computer Hard Drive Magnetic Recording product (final Electrical, Magnetic performance). Designed, built and implemented Automated part Sorter System to Pick and Place MR thin film heads. Subject system reduced operation unit hours by 83 percent. Increased productivity and eliminated parts handling damage and scrap.

* Developed and implemented precision automatic ABS diamond lapping machine to accurately control final stripe height target and ABS geometry. Transferred machine and process to San Jose Calif. and Mainz Germany manufacturing plants.

* Completed Machinist and Journeyman Toolmaker program. Projects included progressive molds and plastic mold injection.


Military, United States Army – Honorable Discharge


Technical Coursework San Jose City College San Jose, CA

Mechanical Engineering / Tool Design West Valley College Saratoga, CA

Computer Aided Design System San Jose State University San Jose, CA


Certified Journeyman Toolmaker - IBM Apprenticeship Program • Green Belt Six Sigma


READ-RITE Technical Education • Total Quality Management • Company Technical Courses – Applied Magnetics


SPIE International Society Optical Engineering • IBM Quarter Century Club • American Society for Metals

Society of Manufacturing Engineers • International Disk Drive Equipment & Materials Association

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