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cust serv rep

schulter, OK, 74460
September 02, 2008

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Linda Elaine Tarwater

Po Box ***

Schulter, Ok 74460

Home Phone: 918-***-****

Cell :918-***-****

**/** – 03/01 Employed at Okmulgee Memorial Hospital as a CAN ( Certified Nurses Assistant). My duties included taking total care of patients, taking their vitals, and doing paperwork. My Communication skills were further developed by communicating with the doctors , nurses, patients and family members. Working on my own and as a team member. I left Okmulgee Memorial Hospital to further my nursing skills by working at Heritage Hospice.


I am a great people person. I sharpened my communication skills by answering phones and working with the public at the hospital for 2 years. I worked with the elderly and terminally ill patients at Okmulgee Memorial Hospital, Heritage Hospice. I am able to work independently and as a team. I am a very fast learner and can catch on to any job task presented to me . My computer skills range from basic home use to web development, plus various spreadsheet applications. Basic systems include Windows 95, to Windows XP, Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office, and HTML.

04/01-11/01 Employed atHeritage Hospic e for termilly ill patients in Henryetta, Ok. I went into their homes and took total care of the terminally ill patients by making sure that they were comfortable, clean , took their vitals , bloodpressure readings. I also gave support to the familes . I left Heritage Hospice to work at the IC Corporation in Tulsa to better myself , my family

12/01-11/03 Employed at the IC Corporation Bus Plant of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I worked as a online general technician in the mainline paint and prepping area, which consisted of prepping the inside of the buses by taping, cleaning and lacquering. I mainly floated and did various other jobs throughout the plant , both as a team or by myself. I injured my shoulder during vacation and could no longer do the intense, repetitive labor that was required of the job. I was later terminated due to these circumstances which have healed and is no longer a problem. The span between jobs was due to adopting a child that needed the stability of a secure family life which has been accomplished.

04/05- 01/06 Employed at DecisionOne which is now Allorica . Working as a Super Tech. Job consisted of technical support for cell devices , customer service , knowing the products well inorder to accomplish the task. I also did upselling . I was top seller on my team . I was also labled as a Mentor to help others when the manager was unavailable . It consisted of taking escalated calls for upset customers. I sharpened my skills by processing payments . I am a very fast learner and can catch on to any task quickly presented to me . The reason I left Allorica was to care for a terminally ill family member till they passed away .

10/06 –present Employed through West Communications in Tulsa . Job duties include verifying orders and making sure the orders go through , communicating with the customer , upselling products from my home. Working on the Citrix Dashboard being able communicate clear with the customer on a one on one basis. I am also technical support and have a great rapport with the customers . I work very efficiently as a team as well as on my own .


I am a great people person , enjoy working with the public. I work great on my own and as a team . I can take on manager responsibilities if needed to. I sharpened my Customer service skills by working with the customers on a one on one basis. Consisted of fixing problems, communicating with the customer to ensure they were taken care of properly , upselling products , making sure the customer was satisfied. I sharpened my computer skills working on the Citrix Dashboard making notations on every call , making sure they had the proper plans to best suit them, fixing their problem.

More References available upon request .

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