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Senior Stress Engineer

Miami, FL, 33102
August 20, 2012

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Mechanical engineer (BSME) with a high proficiency with computer software common to engineering, an understanding of cost and scheduling constraints present in fast track projects and a proactive and practical hand’s on attitude in the approach to problem solving.

• Senior Mechanical Engineer with a wide-ranging skill set encompassing multiple engineering disciplines, CAD systems, and computer simulation codes

• Extensive Finite Element Analysis experience

• Expert skills utilizing HyperMesh, Optistruct, Patran/Nastran, Ansys, Femap, and Pro Mechanica,

• Expert in the area of stress and fatigue analysis of highly loaded structural members

• 3D Solid Modeling Experience 12 Years

• Aerospace and DOD experience

• Management experience

• Expert in the latest Quality Control methodologies

• Product Project engineering experience

• Expert skills in Optimization

• Owner of Moss Engineering Inc.


HyperMesh 6.1-11.0, Catia V4, Catia V5, Pro/Engineer 17,18,19, 20, 2001, Pro Wildfire 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 Ansys 4.3-14.0, Patran 2005,2008,2010 Nastran 2005,2008,2010 Fluent CFD, Abaqus, Optistruct,AutoCAD Release 10, 11, 12, 13, 2004, 2008,Matlab 4-7, Adams 2005, Ansys 11.0 Icem CFD, Catia V5R18, TK Solver 2.0-5.1, MathCAD 2.0-15, Excel, Designer, Axium, Mathematica 2.0-8.0, Femlab 3.4, Maple 3-15.0, Derive, Fluent 6.2, Gambit 2.1, MSC Easy 5, PageMaker, Harvard Graphics, MS Word, AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop 2.0-11.0, Solid Works 99, 2002, 2008 Word Perfect, MS Project, Project Workbench, Visual Nastran, Titan 3.0, IDAT.


Bell Helicopter / Altair Software 3/12 to Present

Senor Stress Analyst / Contract

Providing structural optimization analysis for the Bell 525 Relentless Helicopter for various bulkheads and transmission components…utilizing Hyper Mesh and Optistruct for load path optimization, stress analysis and post processing… Generating optimization reports and informing Bell management how further weigh reductions could be could obtained in primary airframe and transmission components by using improved load paths developed by Optistruct software.

NASA / Lockheed Martin 3/11 to 2/12

Senor Stress Analyst / Contract

Leading development, integration and documentation of advanced structural analysis for NASA's Orion Space Craft to establish the Command Module design…Coordinating with other engineering groups to establish the product's environment…. Guiding product design and verifying structural integrity… developing analytical methods with Matlab programming and Excel spreadsheets to build a massive loads database managed with Lockheed’s TMP Vision/ SLIM software …. Building complex finite element models /simulations using Nastran solutions 103, 106, 107, 600…performing detailed analysis on secondary structure with Lockheed Martin’s IDAT software ….performing various types of fatigue analysis including stress life fatigue analysis, strain life fatigue analysis… singular stress and displacement fields fatigue crack growth…. determining stress concentration factors and stress intensity factors…. Writing formal reports in both SAS and SARS format…Defining and documenting test lab results …All other related duties as assigned.

Pratt and Whitney 11/10 to 3/11

Stress Engineer / Contract

Working in a product development environment and performing substantiation stress analysis on new innovative aerospace hardware and components for nacelle systems. Conducting design trades and optimization considering strength, weight, cost & producibility. Generating certification reports in compliance with FAR requirements, generating reports suitable for transmittal to Airworthiness Authority and customer, and participate in Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR) and Critical Design Reviews (CDR), and LEAN Events. Methods of analysis included Classical Hand Calculations, Finite Element Modeling using Patran/Nastran and advanced FEM modeling with HyperMesh and Optistruct for global optimization. Optistruct was also utilized for composite zone based free sizing. Coordinating with internal and external customers through written, verbal and media presentations. Developing schedules and handling related responsibilities as needed.

Halliday-Wachs 03/10 to 11/10

Lead Engineer

Applying an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to plan, design, develop and verify a lifecycle balanced system of systems and system solutions for a military vehicle. Evaluating customer and operational needs to define and coordinate system performance requirements, integrate technical parameters and assure compatibility of all physical, functional and program interfaces.

Performing complex finite element analysis with Hyperworks, Optistruct, Motionview, Hypercrash, Hyperstudy, Ansys and LD Dyna to optimize total system of systems and/or system architecture. Performs analyses for affordability, safety, reliability, maintainability, testability, human systems integration, survivability, vulnerability, susceptibility, system security, regulatory, certification, product assurance and other specialties quality factors into a preferred configuration to ensure mission success. Developing the planning, organization, implementation and monitoring of requirements management processes, tools, risk, issues, opportunity management and technology readiness assessment processes. Resolving cross-functional technical issues…Evaluating complex vehicles and systems from a multitude of perspectives. This included the ability to apply figures of merit and integrated optimization tools such as Hyperworks and LS Dyna….Performing multi-disciplinary trade studies to evaluate configuration alternatives for functional and spatial integration… Collecting organizing, synthesizing, and analyzing data; summarize findings; develop conclusions and recommendations from appropriate data sources at the department level. Applying a broad working knowledge of the methodology and processes associated with risk management, and conducting trade studies, including cost as an independent variable (CAIV) trades. Ability to: identify and quantity potential risks areas within specific (depth), understand design constraints (technical, cost & schedule), identify and trade alternatives (i.e., trade studies), select/recommend the best plan for mitigating risks, implement/execute plans for mitigating risk, establish appropriate performance tracking metrics to track risk over time. Ability to effectively utilize risk management tools to support program/project execution.

Sikorsky Aviation 10/09 to 2/10

Stress Analyst - Rotary Aircraft / Contract

Providing structural analysis, design support, structural test support and documentation necessary to ensure airworthiness of aircraft structural modifications. Performing stress analysis duties for non-standard repairs. Providing documentation for FAA certification as required. Documentation of primary and secondary aircraft structures using appropriate methods and failure theories. Utilized, PASA, Patran, Nastran MS Office and MathCAD. Responsible for insuring the structural integrity of the airframe fuselage, landing gear and propulsion installations and all other attachments to airframe fuselage, including electrical, controls and dynamic systems attachments. All work was carried out in accordance with Sikorsky standard work procedures.

General Electric Aviation 02/09 To 10/09

Stress Analyst – 747-8 / Contract

Performing stress analyses on thrust reversers (nacelles) for 747 aircraft utilizing Patran Laminate Modeler, MSC Nastran, hand-calculations and GE proprietary software. Performing structural engineering analysis of composite and metallic products related to commercial aerospace projects. Interfacing with designers to optimize the optimum design, weight and cost. Analyzed designs for various thermal operating environments and special conditions. Fastener sizing and selection to meet minimum strength, environmental compatibility and aero requirements. Using Design Standards, FD&T, Digital Mockup, and analysis software tools. Prepared and participated in Trade Studies, Presentations and Design Reviews.

Boeing 04/07 to - 02/09

Engineering Specialist – 787 Dream Liner / Contract

Performing complex stress analyses on both metal and composite components by utilizing Abaqus, Patran/Nastran, Boeing proprietary software and hand-calculations. Publishing detailed stress analysis reports and optimization trade study results for management and design teams.

Engineering Specialist – MMA / Contract

Patran/Nastran finite element analysis including linear, nonlinear, thermal, sine and random vibration analysis, response spectrum, PSD peak response, and Grms response. Advanced hand calculations utilizing BCA book 1, 2, 3, stress analysis methods. Developing, integrating and documenting structural requirements to establish the Multi Mission Aircraft (MMA) system design. Coordinating with other engineering groups to establish the product's environment. Guiding product design and verifying structural integrity by using Patran/Nastran finite element models/simulations and other analysis tools throughout the product lifecycle to develop the structural environment, characteristics and performance. Developing test plans and configurations, supporting test execution and analyzing reports and test results to validate and verify systems and components meet requirements and specifications. Defining and documenting certification and test results to substantiate for customers and regulatory agencies those requirements are satisfied.

Lockheed Martin 06/06 To 03/07

Stress Analyst / Contract

Performing primary airframe structural analysis utilizing Patran/Nastran and Pro Mechanica in support of Joint Strike Fighter Control Surfaces and Edges team. Responsible for stress analysis, detail part sizing and strength assessment of inner wing structure using classical hand analysis methods and by analyzing results from Patran/Nastran finite element analysis (FEA) and other propriety codes. Assignments included detail part sizing, layout maturation, trade study analysis, weight reduction efforts, and documentation of analysis which included reports on load paths, stability of structure, and aircraft structural behavior.

General Dynamics 07/05 To 06/06

Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Group Lead / Contract

Provide system level and detailed stress analysis for the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV). Developing optimized EFV deployable appendages (bow flap, chine flaps, transom flap) using Ansys, Patran /Nastran…Provide engineering analyses using Fluent and Comet CFD, Patran/Nastran, Excel, hand calcs, and in house software…Prepare part optimization analysis reports which included part weight reduction, fatigue analysis and DADT analysis …Document the design process in an computer-based design notebook…Attend and conduct meetings, prepare notes, bring IPT representatives with conflicting priorities to consensus, resolve issues and facilitate design decisions.

United Defense 2/05 To 7/05

Mechanical Engineer / Contract

Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs – IPT LEAD

Prepare the design development of structures and appendages for the Future Combat System platform. Prepare Pro Mechanica, Pro Motion, DADS, and Patran/Nastran FEA analyses…Interface with integrated product teams as required during the design process…Work with drafting layout designers and detailers…Work with the prototype shop on the fabrication and validation of prototype structures and appendages...Develop engineering design concepts via Pro E software and coordinate related stress analysis verification…Present optimized design concepts and program status to the customer and IPT members…Status functional and program management on assigned tasks as required.

Komatsu Research and Development 9/04 To 2/05

Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Contract

Developing and supporting dozer design and testing during vehicles total life cycle…Providing FEA input to design solutions and participating in design reviews… Performing FEA analysis and hand calcs for machine and detailed part optimization…Participating in the process of strain gage testing of prototype machines and components in actual field conditions in Brazil…Reviewing final Pro Engineer models and drawings from a stress analyst prospective...Operating in a multi national team environment, with other functional groups…Training less skilled engineers.

General Dynamics 08/01 To 9/04

Mechanical Engineer / Stress Analyst / Group Lead / Contract

Performing research and/or product development encompassing multiple engineering disciplines, such as electronics, electrical, mechanical, nuclear and chemical…Providing concept and detailed engineering solutions on structural, hydraulic and hydrodynamics aspects of the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAAV) utilizing Patran/Nastran, Abaqus, Pro Engineer 2001, Pro Mechanica, Pro Motion, Pro Pipe, Pro Intralink, Fluent, MathCAD 11, and Excel software. Performing stress and fatigue analysis with Patran/Nastran, and damage tolerance analysis with AFGrow…Developing technical publications in a Trade Study format…Advising General Dynamic’s management of the technical feasibility, cost impacts, and risk mitigation issues…Developing mathematical algorithms to determine the proper maintenance intervals for the AAAV…Leading General Dynamics engineering team through detailed design, fabrication and field testing…Providing stress analysis on concept designs of major subsystems on the Future Combat System.

Columbia Research 11/00 To 08/01

Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Contract

Providing hand calculations on structural, thermal, electrical, fluid systems and computerized control systems on the Dolphin Class Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (the SDV-X is a military combat submersible) utilizing Patran/Nastran for system level stress analysis, utilized Solid Works 2000, MathCad 2001 Professional and Pspice software…Directing CRC’s engineering team through detailed design, fabrication and field testing…Reviewing contract specifications and advising CRC management of technical feasibility and risk mitigation.

CTI 5/00 To 11/00

CFD / Thermal Analysis – Hand Calcs

Mechanical Engineer / Contract

Developing conceptual design ideas and presenting to management, optimizing sub-assemblies and detailed parts with regard to thermal stress, cost and manufacturability for the positron emission tomography machine (PET) market...Working with PHD research team to produce cost effective commercial cyclotrons and other support equipment for the radiopharmaceutical market …Directing the fabrication team and off site machine shop through detailed design and manufacturing efforts of PET machine parts…Performing detailed engineering calculations which included radiation propagation thru shielding, CFD work with Blue Ridge Numeric software, stress and thermal analysis on critical components…Reviewing technical specifications… Ordering materials and coordinating work with outside vendors and sub contractors.

Heat and Controls 10/99 To 5/00

Mechanical Engineer / Thermal Analysis / Contract

Developing optimized solutions with regard to weight, stress, and thermal requirements for a complex food processing machine which was over 150 feet in length and contained multiple boilers and heat exchangers…Working out complex heat transfer and control algorithm issues with a cross functional R&D development team to produce the world’s first commercial equipment which could pasteurize eggs while still in the shell without damage…Directing the machine shop and fabrication crew through detailed design… …reviewing FDA and customer specifications assuring compliance with cGMP. Utilizing the SAP system to order materials…coordinating outside work with sub contractors.

Goodrich Aerospace 1997 to 1999

Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Mechanical Engineer

Providing stress analysis using Abaqus, Femap/Nastran and Patran/ Nastran finite element analysis software on the Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarine tooling program which consisted of a set of nineteen large tools to manufacture, handle, transport and install a twenty-five thousand pound composite dome on the Virginia Class submarine…Providing stress analysis and hand calcs on the Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarine composite sonar dome during handling, transport and installation…Providing stress analysis for the Advanced Seal Delivery System (ASDS) team’s composite components. Perform thermal analysis and hand calcs for the R&D team projects...Performing Patran/Nastran stress analysis on complex carbon fiber composite lay-ups for fighter aircraft along with FW, RTM, VaRTM, CAPRI, RTL stress analysis for other projects. Utilized BfGoodrich custom software and analytical methods to determine Micro buckling of fibers in compression... stress-strain relations along the material axes...Determination of orthotropic material constants...2-D stress-strain relation along the reference axes...In-plane forces, bending and twisting moments...Shear coupling in unbalanced laminates...Bending and stretching of unsymmetric laminates...Hygrothermal Behavior...Tsai-Hill criterion...Tsai-Wu criterion...Progressive failure analysis...Free-Edge Interlaminar Effects...Free-body diagrams of free edge stresses...Analysis of free edge interlaminar stresses...Effects of stacking sequence...Bending and Buckling of Laminated Plates...Hole size effects in composites...WEK, WN, and Mar-Lin fracture models...Typical bolted and bonded repairs.

London International Group Developmental Engineering 1/97-6/97

Contract Position – Advanced R&D Mechanical Engineer

Stress Analyst/ Hand Calcs / Design Engineer

Designing new machinery, custom tooling, and a complex part handling system which utilized both fluid and pneumatic systems for end product tool removal and part transport …Developing new machinery components for high speed surgical glove (BIOGEL) line…performing stress analysis on machinery using Femap and Nastran along with numerous hand calcs for shafting, gearing and other design functions…Review new designs, engineering solutions from other design groups and providing suggestions for improvement…Developing machine concept drawings utilizing AutoCAD software.

T. J. Snow Co. 1994 To 1996

Stress Analysis /Mechanical Engineer /Machine Design

Designing machinery, part tooling, mechanical, and pneumatic systems for the high speed robotic welding equipment industry which was used at General Motors, Ford, A.O. Smith and other manufacturing companies to produce a wide range of products …Solving engineering problems for the machine shop, manufacturing, and assembly departments. Drafting engineering drawings using AutoCAD and Pro Engineer software…Providing stress analysis using FE-Map and Calfem finite element analysis software…Writing FORTRAN 77 computer programs to solve repetitive engineering problems.

Johnson Controls 1993 To 1994

System Application Engineer / Electrical Engineer

Designing electrical and pneumatic systems for HVAC, Central Plants, Chilled Water and Steam Systems. Programming logic and application specific controllers for health care, universities and large commercial buildings…Designing and building control panels...develop engineering drawings, online computer graphics and supporting documentation using Designer and AutoCAD software. Ordering materials and coordinating electrical and controls work with outside sub contractors. Providing field check out and startup functions. Writing METASYS computer programs to solve customer control needs.

Herman Grant Co. 1992 To 1993

Stress Analysis / Hand Calcs / Mechanical Engineer /

Designing material handling systems, conveyors, elevators, asphalt mixers, baghouses, cyclones, ductwork, fans, feeder bins and power transmission parts such large gearing, chain sprockets and other large machinery such as RAP crushers, drum mixers and dryers ( over 40 feet in length) for the asphalt industry…Developing CAD drawings and product Information using AutoCAD and PageMaker software…Providing customer technical support…Writing ANYSYS computer scripts to perform finite element analysis…Utilized Visual Basic software to streamline routine engineering calculations…Writing a Paradox relational database software package to develop a cross tabbed database for customer and engineering records.


Programming Languages

FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 95, C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Design Analysis Language (DAL) Johnson Controls proprietary languages: METASYS DDL, OPL, HVAC PRO,GPL, Lisp.

Operating Systems:

UNIX, Linux, Windows XP, Windows NT, 98, 2000 Professional, OS/2.



Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1997.


Engineer in Training (EIT)- State of Tennessee December, 1994 (15726)

NICET-National Institute For Certification in Engineering Technologies, August,

1986. (072256)


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Mathematical Association of America - MAA (063584)

Chattanooga Engineers Club. (294)


Available upon request.

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