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Project Manager Development

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States
March 16, 2011

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Yuri Malinkevich, Ph.D., MBA

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Eligible and able to obtain security clearance

A strong hands-on leader with excellent team building, communication & interpersonal skills, and advanced

project management experience; lead and manage by objectives with the focus on delivering results:

• Managed R&D programs with $2M+ budget through directly reporting R&D groups and cross-department project teams

• Hired, trained, motivated, and provided technical leadership; monitored results, delivered on time and in budget constrains

• Carried research results through to new technology and product development, and new product offerings

• Started and grew new R&D teams, built labs and testing infrastructures; instituted procedures and documentation controls

• Experienced and highly efficient in leading high-tech, multi-disciplinary, PhD-level engineering teams and groups

Broad expertise and extensive technical leadership experience in R&D, product dev. and process improvement:

• Proof-of-concept, Product and Instrumentation Prototyping, Product/Process Qualification, New Product Introduction

• Macro, micro and wafer-level optics based imaging and non-imaging, spectroscopy, and laser/quantum system design

• Electro-optical metrology and testing: instrumentation development for components, system and functional testing

• Design of optics, precision mechanics, digital/ analog electronics and embedded control, LED and MEMS systems

• Development of systems based on light propagation in passive & active media/material and in wave guides

• Development and implementation of precision processes for high- and low-volume high-tech productions and testing

• Development and institution of QA system and process and calibration procedures in product development and production

Experience in business development including establishing and growing start-up groups:

• Identified market opportunities and winning technologies; established and fostered relationship with business partners

• Developed strategic business plans and technology and product development road maps for new business units

• Led internal and outsourced market research, developed market and product requirements documents

Creative and experienced in establishing contacts & managing relationships with customers, partners and vendors; proficient in negotiation & risk management, as well as intellectual property management:

• Created and executed customer acquisition plans for new products offerings

• Negotiated, drafted, and reviewed Statement of Work and Contracts with Partners, Universities and Consultants

• Conducted technology due diligence for acquisitions, including patent evaluation, and technology competitiveness ___________________

MBA, Leadership & Business Administration, in top 10%, Xavier University, Cincinnati, 1998

Ph.D. in Quantum Optics & Electronics, Russian Academy of Science (recognized by Xavier University)

M. Sc. in Quantum Optics, Electronics & Radio-physics, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

CoventorWare MEMS Design and Multi-User MEMS Processes (MUMPs ), JDS Uniphase Inc., 2001

Exam for US Patent Agent License, US Patent and Trademark Office, 2003

Commercial Law/Risk Management/Risk Analysis for Medical Devices - ISO 14971, 2 weeks Workshops

Certificate on “Effective Project Management”, Quantum Corp, 1999

2008 – 2011 Director of Engineering

FARO Technologies Corp, Boston, MA

• Full management, budget and operational responsibilities for a high-tech division; report directly to CEO of corporation

• Built R&D team from ground zero and provided full technical leadership in all aspects of R&D and new products dev.

• Developed new technology platform, productorized and bring to the market a conceptually new product line on expedite schedule and with limited resources; developed, set up and perfected new production processes in remote facilities

2007 – 2008 Director/Consultant, Electro-Optical Engineering

Electro-Optical Sciences Inc., Irvington, NY

• Technical leadership and management for R&D, medical product and process development in FDA regulated environment

2005 – 2007 Director, Optical Testing and Metrology

Flextronics Corp, Flextronics Optical Technology Center, Boston, MA

• Technical leadership in testing, metrology, QA, and products & technology development for cell phone and digital

camera lens modules; direct interactions with customers and vendors on specs, quality, and metrology issues

• Procurement and development of testing instrumentation for micro and macro-optics systems and MEMS sub-assemblies

• Micro lens, and wafer-optics based imaging systems and CMOS-lens modules development and validation

• Development of prototypes and production processes, including products and processes qualification plans

• Responsibilities for support of high volume production of components & module assemblies in Asian facilities

• Leading quality and yield improvement of high tech processes in clean room environment; use of DOE and SPC

• Management responsibilities for direct reports; managing by influence through matrix organization

2003 – 2005 Department Manager, Testing, Metrology and QA

Melles Griot Photonics Group, Rochester, NY

• Management responsibilities for two direct reporting engineering groups; member of Sr. Management Team

• Technical leadership for all metrology and QA aspects of optical components, subassemblies, and UV, visible & IR lens assemblies, as well as opto-mechanical assemblies for semiconductor/wafer test and inspection systems: “gray” & “bright” field wafer inspection assemblies, elipsometry, etc.; testing of high-end, diffraction limited laser and imaging optics

• Technical leadership in all areas of:

* testing of optical, E-O and high power laser optical systems for military applications

* implementing and applying the most advanced interferometric, MTF and image processing based testing

* development and design of special tooling & precision opto-mechanical test systems and E-O assemblies

* testing in clean room & under environmental control

* instituting of calibration procedures, identifying and procuring of new test equipment

• Directed and improved Quality Systems; led long-term quality projects to achieve ISO and Six Sigma standards

• Supported product development, customers relationships, and business & market development

2002 – 2003 President/Owner

F.E.Li.X Sensors Inc., Shrewsbury, MA

• Consulting service in the areas of R&D, product development, metrology, and business & market development

2000 – 2002 Director of R&D and Technology

Spectra-Physics/Thermo-Photonics Division, Thermo Electron Corp, Franklin, MA

• Developed strategic business plans and technology and product road map for newly formed telecom business unit

• Identified market opportunities and winning technologies, developed Market & Product Requirements Documents

• Provided technical leadership and managed all aspects of product and technology development with focus on:

* DWDM and OADM based on free space diffraction grating, * AWG and Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, * etalon based wavelength locker for source lasers, * semiconductor laser stabilization based on external resonator, * MEMS devices, and new electro-optical materials.

• Evaluated patentability and competitiveness, managed IP portfolio.

• Grew a new telecom R&D group; built R&D lab and infrastructure

• Established contacts & relationships with customers and partners; supported search and identification of acquisition targets

• Led technology and products evaluation, and performed related due diligence in regards to acquisition targets

1998 – 2000 Project Manager/Sr. Optical Engineer

Quantum Corp., Advanced Prod Group, Shrewsbury, MA

• Searched for new technologies, wrote proposals, developed project & business plans, and led project teams

• Built new R&D lab facilities for developing next generation technology of magneto-optical and optical storage on tape

• Technology development of optical data recording based on laser oblation and laser/matter interaction

• Provided liaison between marketing and development groups; supported market research

1992 – 1998 Project Manager/Development Engineer

Corning Precision Lens (acquired by 3M on 2002), Corning Corp., Cincinnati, OH

• Led and supervised projects execution along with budget responsibility; wrote proposals, reports, and presented results.

• Conceptual design and modeling of telecomm systems and DMD-MEMS display systems

• R&D for product design and process development: prototyping of aspherical, micro-optics and diffractive optical systems

• Developed optical systems for projection TV, digital projection display, laser printer, medical devices, illumination, etc.

• Tested exotic optics and optical systems (plastic molded Fresnel & diffractive optics, micro- and anamorphic optics, etc.)

• Developed unique in-house Lateral Shear Interferometer for testing aspherical/anamorphic components & systems

• Designed & conducted experiments for functional testing & image quality assessment (electro-optical & opto-mechanical measurements, null-mirror technique for testing aspherics, data & image acquisition & processing, MTF measurements)

• Product and process modeling with: CODE V, Zemax, MCAD, MatLab, Mathematica, MAPLEV, C++, FORTRAN, FEA COSMOS/M

Senior Scientist, Researcher, Researcher Asst.

Laboratory of Laser Optics, Theoretical Dept., TRINITI, Branch of Institute of Atomic Energy,

Laboratory of Quantum Magnetic Field Measurements, IZMIRAN, Russian Academy of Science

Publications and track records of results in the following major R&D projects:

• Modeling and experiments for better semiconductor laser frequency stabilization by narrow line selective reflection

• Developed new analytical model for interferometric gas temperature measurements and spectroscopy systems design

• Improved gas and UV laser performance and characteristics; improved Cs & Rb frequency standards and its sensors

• Developed model for the dynamics and kinetics of atomic & molecule multipole moments in resonance interaction with light

• Modeled linear & non-linear wave propagation in active and passive media with polarization, absorption, and dispersion

• Developed analytical model and predicted a new type of frequency shift in spin dynamics of NMR/ESR:

Methods used: - approximations for Maxwell and wave equation

- analytical modeling based on tensor analysis & group-theoretical approach

- algebra of quantum angular momentum and 3N-J coefficients

- FORTRAN and C programming for computer aided modeling

• Know-how of new detection & signal processing for supersensitive techniques in Magnetic Resonance

• Tested prototype for the measurement of bio-magnetic field by optical pumping magnetometers in a clinic environment

• Developed electronics for Magnetic Resonance signal detection/processing to increase signal-to-noise ratio

• Tested and improved optical and magneto-optical techniques of detecting NMR/ESR in Earth's magnetic field

• Performed measurements of the relaxation rate, collisional cross-section, and NMR/ESR line form

Achievements & Biography are included in MARQUIS Who’s Who in Science & Engineering, 5th Ed.

Member of SPIE and American Physical Society

List of Publications, Copies of publications and List of references are available

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