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Skilled, Top-notch Chemical Engineer

Cincinnati, OH, 45220
August 19, 2012

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A competent, motivated, multi-faceted Chemical Engineer with expertise in analytical chemistry, pollution control, materials testing and environmental compliance, seeking a fulltime opportunity in research and development.


• Solids Testing.

• Analytical Chemistry.

• Analytical Instrumentation.

• 40 Hour HAZWOPER.

• Technical Writing.

• CO2 Capture and Sequestration.

• Air Pollution Control.

• Emissions Testing.

• Experimental Design and Data Analysis.

• Thermodynamics and Kinetics.

• Alternative Energy Systems.

• Environmental Regulations and Compliance.


•Master of Science (Chemical Engineering) (September 2009 - present)

University of Cincinnati, USA

Current GPA - 3.7/4

•Bachelor of Technology (Chemical Engineering) (June 2005 - June 2009)

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (Anna University), India

GPA - 3.7/4 [82%]


RESEARCH ASSISTANT (September 2010 - present)

•Working on a DOE NETL (Department of Energy - National Energy Technology Laboratory) sponsored project, dealing with the utilization of Magnesium hydroxide [Mg(OH)2] for separating CO2 from coal combustion flue gases, emanating from power plants.

•Involved in the pilot plant setup of a CO2 absorber system using a packed/bubble column and achieved 90% CO2 removal.

•Developed a new volumetric technique to measure the total inorganic carbon content in slurry solutions using centrifugation and filtration.

•Tested thermal stability/compositions of solid by-products formed in the [Mg(OH)2 slurry-CO2] system by using various analytical equipment like the Thermogravimetric analyzer, Mass spectrometer, Gas chromatograph and Elemental analyzer.

•Evaluated the effects of additives on preventing solid by-product formation in the Mg(OH)2- CO2 system using Scanning electron microscopy [SEM]/X-Ray diffraction [XRD] and achieved an increase in CO2 removal efficiency.

•Investigated the kinetics of MgCO3 formation and identified the factors affecting the kinetics which would impact the regeneration and recycle capacity of Mg(OH)2 in the stripper.

•Developed a rate expression to predict the solid dissolution rate of Mg(OH)2 under different operating conditions.

•Compiled a database of various CO2 capture techniques through extensive literature surveys and patent reviews.

•Responsible for procuring material and equipment for the lab, negotiating with vendors, obtaining quotes, troubleshooting problems and maintaining inventory.

TEACHING ASSISTANT (Winter 2010 and Winter 2011)

•Subjects included Heat Transfer and Process Instrumentation.

•Duties involved co-teaching with professor, development of coursework, guiding/mentoring students and grading.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT (December 2009 - September 2010)

•Worked as a research assistant for an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) sponsored project, which involved estimating the potential use of petroleum contaminated sediment, as an energy source or as an asphalt binder, compared to other conventional remediation techniques.

•Examined elemental/thermal characteristics of the contaminated sediment by using various analytical techniques.

•Performed potential emission analysis to determine the critical pollutants in the sediment and checked for conformance of emissions with EPA regulations.

•Acquired experience on remediation techniques and contaminant analysis.


•Awarded University Graduate Scholarship (UGS) by the University of Cincinnati for five quarters of graduate study.

•Awarded Tuition Sponsorship by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for three quarters of graduate study.

•Awarded with Graduate Student Health Insurance award (GSHI) by the University of Cincinnati for three quarters of graduate study.

•Completed the senior year project on the topic "Comparison of reactors used in waste water treatment" and was nominated for Best project award by Anna University.

•Elected Secretary for the Department of Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Governance Association (2010-11).

•Elected Vice-president for the Department of Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Governance Association (2011-12).

•Completed six levels in German from the Goethe-Institute, Chennai and obtained internationally recognized-ZERTIFIKAT DEUTSCH from Goethe Institute, Chennai.

•Underwent in-plant training at CPCL (Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited) and submitted a report on Propane De-asphalting Unit (PDA).

•Was among two people selected from the Engineering School to take part in the SciFinder [a scientific search engine] focus group discussion held at Cincinnati and was presented with a cash award.


•Knowledge of Math Modeling tools like Mathematica and Matlab.

•Programming languages: C and C++.

•Excellent Proficiency in MS Office [Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access].

•Other tools: Chemdraw, PRO II, Aspen, Labview, Visio and AutoCAD.


Proficient in operating various analytical equipment like Thermogravimetric analyzer, Mass spectrometer, Atomic absorption spectrometer, ICP spectrometer, Gas chromatograph, Elemental analyzer, FT-IR spectrometer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, XRD and SEM.


•Treasurer and Committee member of the Indian Student Association (University of Cincinnati) - responsible for organizing various cultural events, budgeting and handling finances up to $10,000.

•Organized and conducted the technical events for 'PANSOPHY-07’ (Inter collegiate symposium) in Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (Anna University).

•School Quiz Club secretary for three years and secured 50th place in the All India Quiz Olympiad.


Bharadwaj, H.; Lee, J. Y.; Keener, T. C., Study of the Effects of Operating Conditions Affecting Kinetics for CO2 Absorption Using Mg(OH)2 Slurry Solutions. University Clean Energy Association of Ohio (UCEAO) 5th annual conference, Columbus, 2011.

Sasivongpakdi, A.; Lee, J.-Y.; Bharadwaj, H.; Keener, T. C.; Barth, E. F.; Clark, P. J.; Bujalski, N. M.; Yeardley, R. B., Evaluation of a Sustainable Remediation Option: Beneficial Reuse of Petroleum-Contaminated Sediment as an Energy Source. Journal of Air and Waste Management Association. - Accepted for Publication.

Sasivongpakdi, A.; Lee, J.-Y.; Bharadwaj, H.; Keener, T. C.; Barth, E. F.; Clark, P. J.; Bujalski, N. M.; Yeardley, R. B., Evaluation of Beneficial Reuse of Petroleum-Contaminated Sediment as an Asphalt Binder as a Sustainable Remediation Option. Journal of Hazardous Materials. - Under Review.

Bharadwaj, H. K.; Lee, J.-Y.; Zhou, X.; Cheng, L.; Keener, T. C., CO2 Separation from Coal-Fired Power Plants by Regenerable Mg(OH)2 Solutions. American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, 2011.

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