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Project Design

Hyderabad, AP, 500072, India
August 22, 2012

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**.* years experience in Structural design of Aerospace / “New Product Design / Tool design & development”. Expertise in Aerospace & Automotive applications.

6.5 years experience on Design of Aero Structures.

2 Years experience as a Lead (Design + QC) for Gulf Stream G-VI (Spirit Aero) Project.

(PDR - CDR for Aileron, Fixed Trailing edge & Fixed Leading edge) - Catia v5.

2 Years exp. on AIRBUS (GKN) projects (Installation drawings, Ribs modeling, FTE

Composite panels & Modification Proposals – Design investigations)

2 Years exp. on Boeing projects

0.5 Year exp. on Boeing – 787 Fuselage Weight savings program.

0.5 Year exp on Boeing 747-8 Wing to Body Fairing (WTBF) Composite panels Design

1 Year exp. on Boeing 747-8 Fuselage structures conversion (catia v4-v5) project.

0.5 Year exp on Lockheed Martin C130J - “Cargo Ramp floor program” (2D-3D)

6 years of hands-on experience in New Product design / Tool design & development.

2 Years experience in New Product Introduction Projects (NPI) for Earth

Moving Equipment (Loader, Telehoe, Midi) – JCB, England.

4 Years experience in Tool Design & Tool Manufacturing (Die-casting dies, Press tools & Trim Dies) by using Unigraphics (v18-nx2)


“Graduation in Mechanical Engineering” from Institution of Mechanical Engineers, India in Dec’2003

“Post Diploma in Tool design” from NTTF, Kerala, India in Jan 2000

“Diploma in Mechanical Engg” from SBTET, Hyderabad India in Apr 1997.

Technical skills:

1). Design of Structural arrangements for Aerospace (PDR to CDR).

2). Installation drawings, Composite Moulded Assembly drawings and Detail drawings

Creation for Aerospace components

3).MBD (Model based definition – FT&A) for aero structural components.

4). Data Conversion (Catia v4-v5) of Aero structures. (3d model + 2d Installation drawings)

5). Creation of Detailed Model review Presentations for the ease of manufacturing.

6). Creation of 3D Models and 2D Drawings (GD&T as applicable) for Sheet metal, Plastic

and Die casting Components using Catia v5 and Unigraphics (V18 - Nx2)

Tools & areas of expertise:

CAD Software Tools : Catia V5 & Enovia

Areas of Expertise : Modeling (Relational design), aero sheet metal & FT&A.

Domain Area : Aero Structures (Product design and development)


Infotech Enterprises, Hyderabad, India: Working since –Sep 2006

Designation : Project Leader

Project title : Preliminary, Critical design (Structural) for Aileron, FLE & FTE

Customer : Spirit Aero Systems, USA. Project Loc: Hyderabad, India.

Software : CATIA V5 R16

Duration : 2 years (3 months Onsite) (2007 May – 2009 April)

Team Size : 40

Description : Creation of Fastener RLM from customer supplied inputs (MSF, LDF & RLM)

• Concept modeling by using Relational design (Linked with MSF, LDF, RLM & Fastener RLM) till final approval of the Customer.

• Structural design to meet customer Design criteria (Part and Weight reduction goals)

• Modeling methodology of Machined components as per Manufacturing Process (Billet, Ruled surface, MSF offset Split, Assembly body concept)

• Modeling by using work bench (Aerospace sheet metal design, FT&A modules)

• Creation of Fastener Points & Vectors as per Fastener Design criteria.

• Creation of Model review Presentations (ease of Manufacturing) for each Component.

• Updation of design changes from other Engg groups (Manufacturing / Stress Sizing)

• Quality check of Structural arrangements (Edge distances, Shim gaps, Structural clearances, Clearance for Fastener Installations, Fastener Grip lengths, Hole locations,

Joggle design criteria, manufacturing criteria, Interface components check (ICD’s), Stress

Sizing and I-check)

Projects handled:

Aileron: Structural design of closeout ribs, intermediate ribs, hinge & actuator ribs, Front & Aft spar,

Hinge & Actuator fittings and Upper & lower skins

FLE : Structural design of Ribs, Rib lets, splice costal, Plenum beams, Splice straps & Clips.

FTE : Structural design of Inboard FTE, Outboard FTE & Cove panels.

Project title : AIRBUS A320 Wing Box Ribs Modeling for GKN Aerospace

Software : CATIA V5 R16, Project Loc: Hyderabad, India.

Duration : 12 weeks (May 2009 – June 2009)

Team Size : 8

Description : Wing Rib modeling, by using Rib body concept. (Rib split into bodies).

• Rib body is created by Customer supplied point data set & User defined features.

• Rib body is created as per manufacturing concept (Billet, Holes, L1, L2 & L3 pockets)

• Rib body is created by using dual sketches (Config, CTL) to take care about Cliff edge factor.

• Merging of bodies (matching interface edges) by Assembly body concept.

• Quality check of Ribs (Thickness, Fillets, Holes, Drawing check, dimensions…etc)

Project title : A400M Installation and DFM Drawings Creation for FTE Composite Panels.

Software : CATIA V5 R16, Project Loc: Hyderabad, India.

Duration : 10 weeks (Oct 2006 – Dec 2006)

Team Size : 8

Description: Study and understand the Airbus Standards and Specifications (Composites)

• Involved in creation of DFM and Installation drawings for Butt straps and Composite panels of Upper and Lower Aileron and Flaps.

• Quality check of Installation drawings

Project title : Boeing 787- Fuselage Weight savings program

Software : Enovia, CATIA V5, Project Loc: Hyderabad, India.

Duration : 16 weeks (April 2010 – July 2010)

Team Size : 5

Description : Conversion of metallic (Al) brackets into Composite Materials standards.

• Study of Bracket and it Interfaces. (check - possibility of change to composite Edge margin).

• Modify the bracket (New) to Composite material standards & define MBD in catia v5.

• Creating stress input excel sheet (Fastener info & Stack up, Thickness, Material details)

• Modify the component as per stress sizing. Updating FT&A, STD & Part notes.

• Quality check of components as per checklist and check-in in Enovia.

Project title : Boeing 787- Fuselage Weight savings program

Software : Enovia, CATIA V5, Project Loc: Hyderabad, India.

Description :

• Design of Fibre Glass and CFRP composite panels of Wing To Body fairing for Boeing 747-8.

• Design of secondary metallic structure components as per the requirement.

• Quality check of Composite panels.

Project title : 747-8 Fuselage structures Conversion (V4-V5) Project

Customer : Boeing USA, Project Loc: Everett, USA.

Software : CATIA V5 R16, Enovia

Duration : 65 weeks (Oct 2010 – Dec 2011)

Team Size : 100

Description : Study and understand the Boeing Standards and Specifications applicable Conversion of Catia v4 to Catia v5 Projects.

• Guiding & Coordination with Onsite / offshore teams on conversions & other technical issues

• Weekly status Presentations to Boeing Management as a Onsite coordinator.

• Quality check and Technical support for Conversion error’s resolving (fillets).

Projects handled:

• .747-8 Fuselage Structures (Skin panels, Frames) conversions of 3d Installations.

• Conversion of 2d Installation drawings and detail drawings (v4-v5)

• Data Conversion of Interiors (Galley Assemblies).

Project title : C130J Cargo Ramp Floor modeling (2d-3d)

Customer : Lockheed Martin Project Loc: Hyderabad, India.

Software : CATIA V5 R19

Duration : 12 weeks (May 2012 – July 2011)

Team Size : 4

Description : Modeling of Bulkhead caps, Cap Angles @ Ramp sta 2 & 4.

• Modeling of Fastener points & vectors between Ramp sta 0-4..

• Modeling of Floor panels as required (to locate fastener points)

TATA Technologies Limited, Pune India: Oct 2003 – Aug 2006

Designation : Design Engineer – Engg Auto.

Project title : New Product Introduction (Earth Moving Equipment–MIDI)

Customer : JCB Excavators, UK, Project Loc: Uttoxeter, UK.

Software : Unigraphics Nx2 and Team center Engineering.

Duration : 7 Months (Onsite) (Aug 2005 -Feb 2006)

Team Size : 6

Description : Vehicle Packaging, Concept Modeling, Assembly Modeling (Welding & General assemblies) Detail Modeling and Drawing creation of Loader arms, Chassis, Tower, cab, Radiator hoses and Piping.

Project title : New Product Introduction (Earth Moving Equipment-TELEHOE)

Customer : JCB Excavators, UK, Project Loc: Pune, India.

Software : Unigraphics Nx and Team center Engineering

Duration : 2 Years (Nov 2003- July 2005)

Team Size : 12

Description : 2D & 3D Concept modeling of the New Product as per Customer specifications.

• Concept modifications of the new product till final approval of the Customer.

• 3D Detail modeling (by using Team Center Engg - UG NX2 Sheet Metal Features) and 2D drafting of the New developed products (Proto type and Production release).

• Updation of design changes (New Product) models as per other Engg groups (Styling / Manufacturing / Stress)

• Creating the General/Welded assemblies in 3D. 2D detailing of assemblies using geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

Projects handled: Outer & Inner boom, Link & Levers, Chassis, Cab, Tower & Quick-hitch.

Spaco Carburetors (I) Limited : Oct 2000 - Oct 2003

Designation : Assistant Engineer – Tool Engg.

Project title : Tool Design – (Die-casting dies, Press tools, and Trim dies)

Customer : Spaco Carburettors & Jyoti Toolings

Software : Unigraphics v18. Project Loc: Pune, India.

Duration : 3 Years & 1 year (Oct 2000 – Oct 2003)

Team Size : 12

Description : Design and development of Pressure die casting dies, Injection Moulds, Press tools and Trimming dies, right from Conceptual design to Manufacturing using Unigraphics (v-17)

• Extensive use of Unigraphics for Tool-design in Solid modeling, Surface modeling, Drafting and Assembly Modules

• Generation of Tool paths for machining of Die casting dies and Injection moulds using Unigraphics and verification the same.

• 3D Modeling and Tool path generation of Electrodes for spark EDM for the Complex and Intricate areas can not done in CNC Machining Programming for CNC wire EDM.

• Design of Press tools (Progressive tools, Compound dies, Trimming dies & Bending tools) by using Auto cad R-14, Attending tool tryouts and Modifications on tool design as required.

Projects handled:

Design of Die-casting dies for Carburetor Main Body, Mixing Chamber cover and other Carburetor Precision Parts.

Design of Progressive Press tools and Bending dies for various types of Choke Levers.

Design of Trimming Dies (Flash Removal) for Main Bodies and other Carburetor Precision Parts


2011 - Received “Pride @ Boeing” Instant award from Boeing and “Pat on Back” award from Infotech for outstanding efforts in obtaining Quality & Productivity in 747-8 Project.

Special Achievements:

Referred (Selected & Joined) 60+ Good profiles ( fulfils company’s requirements) in my career.

(For Infotech Enterprises - Hyderabad, Tata Technologies – Pune India.)

Onsite Experience:

Company Name Type of Business Designation / Department Tenure or

Years of Service


Everett, USA Airplanes Design Consultant 747-8 Structures ~1.2 Yr

(Oct 2010 – Dec 2011) Onsite from Infotech.

Spirit Aero systems, Tulsa, USA Aero systems Design Consultant /

Aero-structures 3 Months

(Dec 2007 - Feb 2008)

Onsite from Infotech

JCB Excavators, Rocester, UK Earth Moving Equipment Design Consutant /

Backhoe Loader -BHL 7 Months

(Aug 2005 - Mar 2006)

Onsite from TATA



D.O.B : 16 Jun 1977

Marital Status : Married

Languages Known : English & Hindi

Communication Address : HIG-109, Vth phase, KBHB colony, Hyderabad – 500,072.

Contact Info : +91-986*-***-***.

E-mail :

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