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Data Service

Calgary, Alberta, T3L 3C1, Canada
a range of $120000 to 159000 annually
March 28, 2011

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Meili Zhang-MSc(eligible for APEGGA member)

Calgary, AB

403-***-**** h 403-***-**** c Email:

A dynamic rresults-oriented Petrophysicist with more than 22 years of international technical expertise on diversified projects in a range of geological settings in Canada, Kazakhstan, Sudan and China working with both service and operating companies. Areas of expertise include log & core program designs, petrophysical data acquisition, reservoir evaluation, and integrated field studies. Recognized for high performance standards with a strong sense of personal integrity and continuously updating on technology.


• Delivered quantitative formation evaluation results for 1200+ wells for Shell Peace River Venture Heavy Oil Projects by developing the workflows and the procedures for evaluating and interpreting logs.

• Developed and led a reservoir characterization study of volcanic formation for Jidong Oil Company by developing integrated study workflow & procedures, integrating new technology, and defining the final deliverables. The study introduced the application and benefits provided by Schlumberger (e.g.FMI, CMR, ECS, MDT, and Seismic Inversion) to other China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) operating units working in complex geological settings.

• Planned, recruited and quality controlled petrophysical service companies for Sun Wing Energy Limited for hundreds of production and exploration wells.

• Successfully designed, coordinated and supervised logging programs and core programs for more than thousands of open-hole and cased- hole wells.

• Processed and interpreted conventional well logs, FMI, DSI, ECS and CMR for more than thousands of wells to support geology and other disciplines by providing them with the results of reservoir properties, log facies analysis, fracture properties, stratigraphic properties evaluation, rock mechanical properties analysis, borehole stability analysis. Conducted multi-well correlation under a range of geological settings.

• Processed, evaluated and supervised cased hole logs such as CBL, VDL, RST, Production logs, tracer logs, cased erosion prediction logs.

• Knowledge of reservoir engineering technology, production operation and drilling activities


Senior Petrophysicist 2008-2010

Shell Canada Ltd.(Heavy Oil Projects), Calgary

Managed petrophysical database, quantitatively evaluated formation properties, and supported other disciplines and ongoing drilling activities, designed log and core data acquisition programs for upcoming wells and monitored the production well performance. Provided petrophysical input in integrated studies for Field Development projects and screening portfolio opportunities for Peace River Venture (Northern Seal & Caddote, Western Seal and Southern Seal, Harmon Valley, Reno and Dawson areas in Canada).

• Developed the workflows of tracking records of logs & core data and methodology for formation evaluation through analyzing 400+ wells with core data available.

• Managed the technical assurance process, reported and delivered quantitative evaluated results for 1200+ wells that enabled a series of projects to move forward from pr-DG1 to DG2.

• Conducted and participated in the development of the proposals for logging and core programs for potential wells

• Conducted and participated in designing the production log program to monitor production well performance.

Senior Petrophysicist and BDM (Business Development Manager) for DCS 2007-2008

Schlumberger, Bejing, China

Working with people – coached and guided junior Petrophysicists, introduced and developed business opportunities focused on field studies, innovative technical application.

Working with clients - continuously improved the relationships with three National Chinese Oil Companies (CNPC, CNOOC and CNOPEC). Coordinated and managed the ongoing projects by organizing internal peer review and periodic timely review of results with clients, seeking feedback, and proposing solutions for service issues.

• Promoted new technologies (e.g.FMI, CMR, ECS, MDT) widely used in complicated formations evaluation in complex geological settings such as carbonate, volcanic, and metamorphic in China oil fields through successful delivering effective formation evaluation approaches, fracture distribution, reservoir properties distribution and eventually identifying potential good sweet spots for drilling location in the reservoir characterization study for vocanic geological setting to Jidong Oil Company (CNPC).

• Initiated, planned, and organized workshops for applying new technologies and brought the successful practices which Schlumberger provided worldwide to Chinese Oil Companies, which triggered the continuous use of Schlumberger’s technology support CNPC’S carbonate reservoir development.

• Recovered account payables with the amount of $22k for one of the field studies.

Senior Petrophysicist 2001-2007

Sunwing Energy Ltd., Calgary

Managed all petrophysical activities for Exploration (Tight Gas) and Development (Thin Bed) Projects; including recruiting service vendors, designing logging and core programs, coordinating and supervising field operations. Performed formation evaluation of all wells within project areas to support daily field operations and provided petrophysical inputs for field exploration and development studies.

• Planned the scope, managed the recruitment, and monitored the performance of two logging service vendors that were selected for Sunwing Exploration and development projects in China.

• Developed openhole and cased hole programs for hundreds exploration and development wells

• Provided Petrophysical requirements for core programs.

• Provided Petrophysical advice to other disciplines to support their decision making in mud system design, well completion decision, new well location decisions, and well performance monitoring.

Senior Petrophysicist 1995-2001

China National Logging Corp. (CNLC), Beijing,China

Senior Petrophysicist, Kazakhstan, Actobe City 1999-2001

Advised CNLC’s two operational logging units in the provision of wireline services for National Kazakhstan Oil Company; including logging items and logging programs to clients, assuring data quality control and acquisition operation, processing and interpreting log data and recommending well completions.

• Recommended logging items and logging programs, coordinated and quality controlled data acquisition operations for 20+ wells

• Processed and interpreted conventional formation evaluation, imaging data and advanced acoustic data. Reported to clients with recommendations and suggestions.

Senior Petrophysicist, CNLC Data Consulting Center, Beijing 1995-1999

Advised over 1000+ wells of CNLC’S wireline services for Sudan and China based projects; including logging items, formation evaluation and data processing of image data and rock mechanic properties.

• Processed and interpreted image data, identified and evaluated fracture properties, analyzed beds and rock facies .

• Processed mechanical properties to provide clients with rock modulus, slowness, borehore stability predication, anisotropic analysis and open fracture prediction

Petrophysicist 1990-1995

Schlumberger Xingjiang base, China

Coordinated and monitored with Schlumberger wireline services; including coordinating data acquisition operation, designing and supervising the execution of data acquisition programs in frontier exploration wells by using Schlumberger high tech knowledge service. Performed subsequent data processing, evaluation and interpretation.


• Master of Engineering (Interdisciplinary Reservoir Characterization),UC 2011-present

• Bachelor of Applied Petroleum Engineering Technology (SAIT) 2004 -2007

• B.Sc. Petrophysics, Jianghan Petroleum University, China 1983-1987

Training and Development and Special assignments

Technical Expertise

• Tight Gas Projects(6+years): Zitong Project South West China and Kazakhstan Actobe Oil Field

• Heavy Oil Projects(2+years): Peace River Venture, Alberta, Canada

• Clastic Reservoir(15+years): Oil Fields (Canada, Kazakhstan, Sudan and China)

• Carbonates Reservoirs(6+years): Oil fields( Southwest and Northwest China)

• Volcanic Reservoirs(8+years): Oil fields, China( Daqing, Jidong and Jilin)

• Other Reserve Plays: Fractures, Vugs, clastic, thinbed, low resistivity.


• Experience in using petrophysical/geological softwares of Techlog and Geoframe (ELAN-PLUS)(SLB), DPP and GeoGraphix & Prizm (Hallibuton)

• Skills in using Accumap and Geoscout

• Knowledge of using dynamic simulation softwares: such as CGM,GEM, IMEX, STARS, and WinProp.

• Knowledge of using Merak Peep Economic Package

• Petrophyscal courses in Shell (P262);Techlog; Standard in work petrophysical courses(SLB, SHELL, and third parties)

• Courses for reservoir engineering degree

Production Engineering/Heavy Oil Recovery/Geophysics/Drilling/Petroleum Economics &Risk/Project Management/Reservoir/Reservoir Simulation/Surface Supplies Design/Petroleum Geology/Project Management/Production Operation

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