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Oracle Sql

St Petersburg, FL, 33716
August 22, 2012

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• Nearly ** years of strong experience as an Oracle certified consultant which includes strong Technical and Functional experience in analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, production, support and documentation of Oracle E-Business Suite.

• Extensively worked on modules such as Human resource Management (HRMS), Payroll (PAY), Time and Labor (OTL), Advanced Benefits (OAB), Order Management (OM), Purchasing (PO), Work in Progress (WIP), Bill of Material (BOM), Shipping Execution (WSH), Oracle Configurator (CZ), Inventory (INV), General Ledger (GL), Account Payables (AP), Account Receivables (AR), Cash Management (CM) and Fixed Assets (FA).

• Good experience in Financial, HRMS, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Oracle Configurator.

• Used Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) features like value sets, Flex fields, Concurrent Programs, Profile Options, parameters and standard request submissions in the process of development.

• Very strong experience in Oracle Reports 10g / 6i development, customization of seeded reports and conversion of oracle report to XML publisher reports.

• Good understanding and working Experience of Multi Org, Multi currency and 11i architectures.

• Expertise in RICEWF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Workflow) components.

• Good knowledge in OAF.

• Expertise in design and development of Interface/Conversion programs to import data from legacy systems and integrate it into Oracle Applications using open interfaces and APIs.

• Hands-on experience in creating and customizing various Forms using Oracle Forms 6i/9i.

• Excellent experience in AIM/SDLC methodology.

• Extensive technical and business experience in Procure-to-pay, Order-to-cash and Assets to GL and Configurator to Order.

• Proficient with XML PUBLISHER, Data Template, WebADI and Discoverer reports and using various templates to publish reports as per client requirements.

• Developed OBIEE reports using dashboard.

• Developed Technical design documents (MD-120, MD-070 and CV-060) based on functional design document (MD-050, BR-100, CV-40) using Application Implementation Methodology (AIM V.3.0)

• Experience in creating and using SRs and Metalink.

• Extensive experience in Oracle Database design, development, testing and implementation of Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Packages, Cursors and Exception handling.

• Very good experience in Ref Cursors, Collections and Dynamic SQL

• Extensive experience in creating and maintained database objects like Tables, Views, Materialized views, Indexes, Constraint, Partitioning, Sequence and Synonyms.

• Keen focus on Performance Tuning using Explain Plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF.

Technical Expertise

ERP General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Assets, Cash Management, Purchasing, Inventory, HRMS, Payroll, Application Object Library, Order Management, iExpense, Work in Progress, Bill of Material, Shipping Execution, Oracle Configurator.

Packages E-Business Suite Oracle Applications R12 (12.1.3, 12.0.6), 11i (11.5.5 -

RDBMS Oracle (10g, 9i, 8i), MS Access.

Tools/Utilities FSG, SQL * Loader, SQL * Plus, Forms 10g/6i, Reports 10g/6i, Discover, BI Publisher, OBIEE Answers,Oracle Work flow, Putty, Filezilla, FNDLOAD, Sharepoint, CVS, VSS.

LANGUAGES SQL, PL/SQL, XML, Unix Shell scripting.

O/S LINUX, Sun Solaris 2.8, Windows 2000/NT 4.0/98/95.

Office Tools MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio.


MCA (Computers)



Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

Professional Experience

BIC Graphic USA, Clearwater, FL Jan '12 - till date

Project: Implementation R12.1.3

Oracle Applications Technical Consultant

Environment: Oracle Applications 12.1.3(PO, INV,OM, WIP, WSH, BOM, GL, AP, AR, AOL, Sys Admin) Oracle 10g (SQL, PL/SQL), Forms 10g, Reports 10g, BI Publisher, TOAD, SQL* Loader, WebADI, VSS SQL*PLUS,SQL Developer.

Task handled

• Excellent experience in Application objects library (AOL) and System Admin.

• Created custom responsibilities to which were attached specific menus, forms and reports for restricted user access.

• Created complex validation units based on Value Sets and list of values (LOV).

• Excellent experience in multi org environment.

• Good technical and functional knowledge in PO, OM and INV.

• Created BPA - Price Break Update, Intercompany Sales Order extension for multi org.

• Developed PO - Inbound, AP Invoice Inbound and Experian Inbound interfaces.

• Used Sales Order Import and Item Import API to import data from legacy to oracle system.

• Created Oracle PL/SQL functions, procedures, cursors, packages, records and collections

• Experience in creating Concurrent Programs, Request sets, Flex fields, lookups, Profiles, Value sets and LOV’s.

• Created the label printing program using Bartender software with oracle and VB script.

• Good knowledge and experience in Configure to Order cycle (C2O), Order to Cash (O2C).

• Very Strong experience in Oracle reports and BI Publisher.

• Developed custom reports in OM, INV, WSH, CZ, AP, AR, GL, and PO using Oracle Reports, BI publisher and Data template

Duty Drawback Report

Hold Source Activity Report

Order Catalogue quantity report

Gross Margin Report

Order Summary Reports

Obsolete Report

Commercial Invoice

• Used WebADI and Desktop Integration Manager to load data.

• Understanding the process flow and integration points between PO-OM-AR Good experience in Multi org environment.

• Very good experience in customization of seeded reports.

• In-depth understanding of the steps in Oracle Reports 10g creation, deployment and registration process through AOL and system administration.

• Created MD0120, MD070 documents.

ATKINS, Tampa, FL Oct '11 – Jan '12

Oracle Application Technical Consultant

Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.10,12.1.3(GL, AP, AR, FA, PAY, PO, iExp, AOL, Sys Admin) Oracle 10g (SQL, PL/SQL), Forms 10g, Reports 10g, BI Publisher, TOAD, SQL* Loader, SQL*PLUS,SQL Developer.

Task handled

• Extensively utilized the Application Object Library (AOL) to register PL/SQL procedures, SQL Plus and reports.

• Involved in responsibility, menu creation.

• Good knowledge in process flow and integration points between PO-AP-FA-GL

• Designed and developed reports using BI Publisher for user requirements.

• Customized Invoice aging and Aging Bucket seeded reports.

• Very good experience in customization of seeded report - customized Invoice aging report and Aging Bucket Report.

• Created Oracle PL/SQL functions, procedures, cursors, packages, records and collections

• In-depth understanding of the steps in Oracle Reports 10g creation, deployment and registration process through AOL and system administration.

• Experience in creating Concurrent Programs, Request sets, Flex fields, lookups, Profiles, Value sets and LOV’s.

• Developed custom reports in AP, AR, FA and PO using Oracle Reports and BI publisher

AR Invoice Aging by Customer

Expense Report

AP Check Printing

Intercompany Payables and Receivables

FA Monthly Asset Report

Payroll Report

Purchase Order

• Good knowledge in oracle applications architecture.

• Involved in implementation and production support.

• Created Technical design documents.

Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL Apr '10 – Sep '11

Project: Implementation and Upgradation R12.1.3

Oracle Application Technical Consultant

Environment: Oracle Applications 12.1.3(GL, AP, AR, FA, HRMS, PAY, OTL, PO, AOL, Sys Admin) Oracle 10g (SQL, PL/SQL), Forms 10g, Reports 10g, BI Publisher, OBIEE Dashboard, TOAD, SQL* Loader, SQL*PLUS, FSG.

Task handled

• Worked on System Administration Module performed various tasks like registering applications, creating users and defining responsibilities.

• Responsible for Registration of Concurrent Programs into Oracle Apps through AOL and System Administration.

• Created complex Value Sets and list of values (LOV).

• Developed AP Progress Energy Invoice interface to upload billing data from utility service to Oracle Payables for the payment.

• Worked on the ePayables outbound interface using eText template.

• Understanding the process flow and integration points between PO-AP-FA-GL

• Good experience in Multi org environment.

• Converted existing Oracle Reports to XML/BI Publisher Report through Oracle’s BI Publisher.

• Good experience in the development of executive level dashboards and complex reporting using OBIEE Dashboard.

• Worked on vendor and location code data conversion.

• Created Oracle PL/SQL programs for interface, conversion and Reports.

• Extensive experience in Oracle reports.

• Involved in design and development of CEMLI objects and AIM methodology.

• Design and Developed Custom Oracle Reports for AP, AR, FA, PAY and successfully deployed into Production.

• Experience in creating Concurrent Programs, Request sets, Flex fields, lookups, Profiles, Value sets and LOV’s.

• Used Phone, Position and Job API to load date.

• Developed custom reports in PAY, AR, GL and FA

Fringe liability report

Accrual Report

Labour Distributions Current & YTD

FA Inventory Report

AR Invoice

AR Receipt

Budget Amendment Report

• Analysed and designed staging tables, wrote inbound interface programs.

• Involved in implementation, post go-live and support.

• Customized oracle report based on user requirement.

• Created Technical design document and Involved in SDLC process.

CHFS, Kentucky Nov '08 – Feb '10

Oracle Application Technical Consultant

Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.9 (GL, AR, AP, OM, PO and CM), Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL*LOADER, Forms6i, Reports 6i, Toad, UNIX

Tasks handled

• Extensively involved in creating procedures, functions and cursors.

• Used Dynamic SQL to create temporary tables.

• Involved in Implementation of Oracle Financial and Account Receivables module for the Operating Unit at Kentucky.

• Created custom responsibilities to which were attached specific menus, forms and reports for related security access.

• Involved in Oracle Applications data conversions, interfaces, custom reports and custom applications.

• Responsible for documentation and develop the technical detail designs specifications and creation, execution, and refinement of user test scripts.

• Involved in importing PO Headers, PO Lines from legacy system to Oracle Purchasing through Purchase Order Open Interface (PO).

• Standard Invoice Interface: Developed a control file that will transfer Invoices from the Legacy System to Payables stage tables.

• Developed a PL/SQL procedure to import the Invoices from the stage table into the Payables Interface tables.

• Used Lot master conversion API to create lot numbers.

• Created a customer via TCA API.

• Worked on purchase order workflow in order to set the tolerance levels and some of the attributes.

• Developed Out Bound Interface to extract Cancel Purchase Order details

• Post go-live production support was provided to resolve the issues

• Designed and developed Customization of standard Oracle reports according to client requirement using XML Publisher.

• Customized Requisition Approval workflow for Procurement.

• Responsible for developing the assigned RICE component i.e. Report, Interface and Conversions by following the development standards for the project.

• Developed Custom report for Accounts Payables,Fixed Assets and Accounts receivables

Fixed Assets Period Wise Depreciation Details

Fixed Asset CIP Schedule Report

Daily Receipt Report

Petty Cash Schedule Report

Trade Creditors Report

• Prepared and provided the specs like MD-120 and CV-70.

Bahwan Cybertek, India Dec '04 – Dec '06

Oracle Application Technical Consultant

Oman and Indian Fertilizer Company (OMIFCO)

Task handled

• Created procedures, functions and cursors for interface and conversion

• Extensively Used Ref cursors for P/SQL programming.

• Involved in modifying various existing packages, procedures, functions and triggers according to the new business needs

• Performed query tuning using Explain plan, SQL trance and TKPROF.

• Developed various Forms with Triggers, Alerts, Multiple Canvases, Multiple Windows, LOVs and List Items.

• Created procedures and SQL*Loader Scripts to populate Customer interface tables with data such as Customer Profiles, Phone Contacts at various levels, Payment Method data & Customer Bank data.

• Developed a PL/SQL program that is scheduled to submit concurrent programs in a desired

sequence as per the functional document

• Designed and Developed Forms for tracking the account details of the customer.

• Customized pick slip, packing list reports based on functional specification

• Extensively worked on complex Data Models and Data Layouts in Oracle Reports 6i,

• Interpreted the end-user business requirements to design and develop Discoverer 4i reports.

• Developed custom reports of Accounts Payables, Purchasing as per client requirements such as

PO Enquiry Report

Good Receipt Note (GRN)

Supplier Listing Report

Bahwan Cybertek, India Mar '04 – Dec '04

Systems Analyst

Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.5(GL, AR, AP, PO, OM, AOL, Sys Admin), Reports 6i, Forms 6i, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, TOAD, Oracle Discoverer, UNIX.

Fund and Portfolio Management System

The System is an advanced portfolio management solution; a Government body efficiently manages their reserves, investments in the International capital market and market data. The Fund and Portfolio Management System enhances the real time decision-making capability of Civil Service Employees Pension Funding.

• Created procedures and functions for FPMS project.

• Extensive experience in cursors and packages.

• Involved in creation of tables, synonyms and sequences.

• lead the report development team and deliver reports to onsite team

• Used ref cursors and dynamic SQL.

• Responsible for SQL tuning and optimization using Explain Plan, TKPROF utility and Optimizer Hints.

• The project involved detailed design using E-R Diagrams and Data Flow Diagrams.

• Extensively used PL / SQL features such as procedures, stored procedures, functions, packages & database triggers for maintaining complex integrity constraints and implementing the complex business rules.

• Developed master forms, master details forms for market data, trading transactions and security settlements

• Designed ER diagrams using MS Visio

• Designed and developed matrix reports and master details reports.

• Involved in writing complex queries for generating different user defined reports

• Training the new resources and knowledge sharing by in-house training sessions

• Designed and developed charts using Oracle graphics builder.

Kaizer Spatial Solutions Apr '02 – Mar '04

Senior Software Engineer

Environment: Oracle 8i / 9i, SQL * Plus, PL / SQL, Forms & Reports 5, SQL * Loader

Production Processing System (Jan 2003 to Mar 2004)

LABS -Lending Automation Business Solution (Apr 2002 to Jan 2003)

• Designed and developed PL/SQL Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Packages in accordance with the technical specification documents.

• Used Oracle Import/Export Utility.

• Used Cursors and ref cursors for application needs.

• For audit table I used Autonomous transactions.

• Written complex queries using joins, sub-queries, inline views and correlated sub-queries

• Created reports using oracle reports 6i

• Development and testing of various Reports 6i and associated Forms 6i using Developer 2000.

• Developed the new reports for the application utilizing Oracle Reports 5

• Created master forms, master detail forms using Forms 5.

Athreya Info Solutions, India May '00 – Mar '02

Software Engineer

Environment: Windows 95 / 98 / NT, UNIX, Delphi 4 / 5, Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 8, MS-Access, SQL Server, Crystal Reports.

Production and Inventory Management Systems (PIMS) (Dec 2000 to Mar 2002)

Purchase Management System (May 2000 to Dec 2000)

• Involved in requirement gathering and analysis of data.

• Worked closely with the users to understand their requirements,

• Created all database objects like tables, Triggers, indexes, views, packages, functions and procedures,

• Developed Business logic using Delphi 5 by designing and developing front end forms,

• Design and develop reports using Crystal reports and Q Reports,

• Customized the front-end forms and reports for client needs

• Involved in testing and documentation of the application

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