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Senior Test Engineer / Product Engineering Manager

United States
September 22, 2011

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Creative professional with over ** years experience in test solution development, electronic engineering, the design and development of automated semiconductor test systems, and engineering management.



Highly skilled in a broad set of disciplines, including:

* All aspects of automated test equipment (ATE) design and development for the R&D characterization and high-volume production test of power control mixed-signal semiconductors.

* Test plan development, semiconductor product characterization, and the statistical analysis of test data.

* The design and engineering of all types of custom test system hardware, including: specialized fixtures, load boards, probe cards, personality boxes, handler and prober interfaces, rack instruments (VXI, GPIB), test heads and complete ATE systems.

* The schematic design and component level debug of high speed/high accuracy analog and digital test circuits.

* Impedance and leakage controlled PCB design and layout using Tango PCB and ORCAD.

* Design and development in HP (Agilent) BASIC, HP Pascal, C, C++ (in HP-UX, SPARC Unix and MS Windows) of software systems for hardware control, operator interface, data gathering and generating statistical reports.

* Wafer prober and packaged parts handling system integration, hardware and software.

* The evaluation of test limits, test systems and test data using SPC, DOE, Six Sigma and Gauge R&R.

* Trained in ISO9001.

* Mechanical design and solid modeling using 3D CAD tools.

* PCB fabrication, precision electronic soldering, and mechanical fabrication and assembly.



Test Engineering Consultant/Business Manager/Inventor/Mechanical Engineer

11/2002 to PRESENT

SELF-EMPLOYED, Granada Hills, CA

* From 2003 to 2004: Designed and engineered a new expansion test head for Credence Systems (now LTX-Credence) for the ASL1000 tester (rated to 600V) to enable the test of 1200V rated parts (IR2233 and similar 3-phase driver ICs for motor controllers). This new test head featured 12+ boards, hundreds of relays, isolated floating source and measurement circuits, self test, etc. I designed all the circuits, specified all the components, designed the test head mechanical layout, and helped write and debug the driver software. International Rectifier bought several of these systems and they are still in use today.

* From 2000 to 2005: Provided technical and business management for a small toy design services company which my wife and I co-owned. (My wife designed all the fashions and accessories for the “Bratz” dolls.) Annual revenues climbed from $50K to over $1M during this period. Business ended when our primary customer (MGA Entertainment) was sued by a rival (Mattel) over this product. (Our customer eventually prevailed and was recently awarded $310M in damages and penalties.)

* From 2005 to 2011: Invented, designed, mechanically engineered, and prototyped a consumer product (an inexpensive robotic artificial flower activated by placement in water) that can be seen at (US Patents granted: 7842359 and 7861444)

Product Engineering Manager

1/1996 to 11/2002


* Led the design and development of test systems for the evaluation and final test of new process technologies and new semiconductor products, working with product designers and customers to establish test requirements, develop test plans, new tests and methods, evaluate test limits, improve product and test quality, lower test costs and increase product yields.

* Hired, mentored and supervised a team of 3 to 7 test development engineers and technicians.

* Designed and developed hardware and software for the R&D and high-throughput automated test of high voltage (to 1500V) and high current (to 100A) Power Control IC and SmartFET products with up to 28 pins for power supplies, motor controllers, lighting ballasts and audio amplifiers.

* As project leader, designed, developed and deployed test systems for final test operations at a packaging subcontractor (CARSEM) in Malaysia.

* As project leader, directed vendor development of an ATE system in Germany (SZ M3650), including detailed specification and design supervision of custom hardware modules and software drivers.

* As a team member, helped develop an extensive software database system to enable the high level review of all production test data.

Senior Test Engineer

1/1992 to 1/1996


* Developed test plans and test solutions for new mixed-signal semiconductor products.

* Designed, built, debugged, maintained and continuously improved test system hardware and software for semiconductor characterization and high-throughput production test systems.

* Supervised vendor development of wafer prober and package handling components, including probe cards, and integrated those components to the test systems.

* Developed procedures and supervised operations of R&D and production wafer probe and final test.

* Designed and developed state-of-the-art wafer prober control software to automate operations and generate detailed wafer maps, resulting in vastly improved test yields and throughput.

* Developed hardware and software enhancements to a variety of test equipment at other company divisions for new product capability and to improve accuracy, reliability and throughput.

Partner, Operations and Engineering

1/1985 to 8/1991

SA E MARLOW, LTDA., Recife, PE, Brazil

* Built an audio recording and production service business from the ground up.

* Designed and supervised construction of all facilities.

* Created all business infrastructures. Hired, trained and supervised all employees.

* Interfaced with customers, employees and subcontractors on all business and technical issues.

* Created and coded custom MIDI recording and editing software (6502 Assembly language).

* Designed and built custom audio processing hardware (analog).

* Produced and engineered recordings.

* Learned the Brazilian Portuguese language.

Senior Electronic Technician

3/1981 to 10/1984


* Built, debugged, tested and maintained custom test system hardware for HEXFET product R&D.



Penn State University, State College, PA

* Bachelor of Science in Physics (did not graduate)

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