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Injection Molding Plant

Bartlesville, OK, 74006
August 12, 2012

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These are some of the highlights of my career..

**-** ** **-** Phillips Pet. Co. R&D, Bartlesville, Ok 74004 Retired/downsized after 35 yrs 11 mos. Ending pay-$17.17/hr

I was hired as a pilot plant operator, but was assigned to Maintenance Dept. to assist in building my pilot plant. When it was shut down in 1958, I was placed in a control sample lab. I transferred in 1966 to Electrochemical Fluorination. I worked there for 12-1/2 years until the project terminated in 1978, 2 of those years in a pilot plant where we also experimented with the electrohydrodimerization of acrylonitrile to adiponitrile. I always designed, built, wired, and operated my own bench-scale reactor systems, and once was given free rein to produce a high-pressure reactor pilot plant. I designed, constructed, and wired all of it myself, except for special sealed passage of wires through the lab wall from the explosion barricade. I built a hydrostatic tester from salvage items and an intensifier supplied through a bargain made with maintenance and instrument departments ($1300 budget money saved). I tested to 53,000 psig hydraulic and we operated at 30,000 without incident. My innovations were thought very highly of by others. I was granted 7 patents and numerous suggestion awards. I also worked in Advanced Composites running an autoclave and preparing specimens for optical microscopic and electron microscopic inspection. Also operated a small New Britain injection molding machine and blended experimental plastics for ~6 months.

I contributed a breakthrough suggestion for finely powdering Ryton plastic for better slurry suspension.

01-95 to 12-05 Mesa Products Inc. Tulsa OK. Retired due to Co. policy when I turned 70. Ending pay-$17.94/hr.

I was hired as the whole maintenance department serving ~50 employees. My basic duties were maintaining the building and machinery in good condition. In addition I did machine work on the lathe and (my) milling machine. Also a full complement of usual shop machinery. (mostly mine). I did a lot of chop-sawing and mig welding of structural steel, making anode racks to handle 3500 lbs. I also invented machines and built them to improve and expedite production. When asked to help in production, I usually found better and cheaper methods or built assembly jigs, facilitate production and wrote procedures teaching others. I found better vendors saving thousands annually. In one case a machine shop to thread anodes for $3 and deliver and pick up stock. They formerly paid $10.each for thousands of units annually. I solved a shrinking problem on epoxy and devised a scheme to save 75% on the $12000 annual epoxy bill. I built 2 large wire winders from scratch with air-over- oil disc brakes and had many other innovations of mine incorporated. Many of their manufacturing machines were of my manufacture/creation. 13000 shunts were stamped and had to be individually wiped with a solvent rag. This was a periodical thing. I built a Soxhlet extractor from random parts and reduced the operation to solvent-stripping 1000 at a time with continually distilled dry cleaning solvent, which they originally paid $33/gal for and I found a vendor close-by that sold it to me for $24/gal. I observed an operation that was labor-intensive. Many holes of about 3-4" dia. were punched in aluminum panels and fiberglass cabinets. It required 100 strokes on the hand pump. For $300 I was able to install a Haskell intensifier pump and a drink bottle and holder from a bicycle for the oil and the hole was reduced to less than a minute. I was a certified forklift operator running Hyster XL 40, XL-50, XM 50 and a Yale on propane. I am versed in safety, HMDS,fire, team building, Lean Manfacturing,and ISO 9001

I designed and built specialty anodes for our A customers. I re-designed some of the products for improved performance and cost reduction. I was instrumental in helping Mesa win the coveted Malcolm Baldrige award of Excellence, awarded by the President of the United States as well as the Oklahoma award. I spent their nickel like it was mine.

12-93 to 12-95 Thermoplastic Pultrusion Inc. Bartlesville Ok 74003 business is defunct. $10/hr

Dr Scott R. Taylor had a patented process for pultruding composite material. He had little or no capital money, so I built manufacturing equipment of my own design out of salvage items etc. for very little cost. In one case he needed a $40,000 circumferential winder. I developed a concept in about 10 minutes and built it in 2 weeks for $600. It did everything the commercial rig did. I was able to build machines for about all his needs and discovered I was gifted in this area. Thinking outside the box, resourcefulness, and creativity are my best areas.

I am a non-smoker non-drink or doper, and have a strong work ethic as well as a 129 I.Q.. I am always punctual and seldom sick. I have many photos of some of my projects.

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