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Project Manager Construction

Sevierville, TN, 37876
August 27, 2012

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Sevierville, Tennessee *****


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Glenn Douglas Hamilton


To be a successful employee with a dynamic company that can utilize my 40 years in civil construction; the last 24 years working in the Wireless Telecommunications Industry.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:__________________________________

I have managed and successfully completed various telecommunication projects that include Cellular, specialized 2-way radio(EDACS), PCS Systems, AC/DC Power Systems(including Generated Power), E911 Systems, HVAC Systems, Inverted Power Systems, Hydrogen Detection Systems(battery backup systems), and Fire Protection (FM 200 Gas; Pre-action air pressure charged and Wet Sprinkler) Systems.

My duties working on cell sites (Greenfield/rooftops/tenant improvements/co-location) and MSC Inside Plant Facilities have included Quality Control; Safety Manager, Equipment installation, excavation, concrete placement, steel erection, lines / antennas, grounding systems, copper telco and fiber optic routing and installation.

Prior to telecommunications my construction experience included project foreman of construction on nursing homes; schools, gymnasiums, athletic fields with associated facilities / residential and agricultural buildings with custom design/build features. I have experience working in commercial plumbing and have relied on my civil / residential skills when between communication projects.


Project/Construction Manager: Verizon Wireless October 17/2011 – April 06/2012 SHREVEPORT, LA. Verizon Wireless MSC facility power upgrade: 2000 amp. main service w/two new 1750 Kw generators plus transfer switches(2 ATS ; 2 MTS) portable genset docking stations and associated transfer and distribution panels. Project required electrical tie-in with existing system and HVAC – Fire Suppression Systems upgrade.




Managing installation of SIAD /NTE units for fiber upgrades for ethernet to 400+ cell sites( phase one) in Tennesse & Kentucky.

Family concerns with aging mother’s health and wife’s health required most of my available time which resulted with me having to depart from the project to dedicate my efforts to family. I had completed 440 of 464 assigned sites.

Project Manager: Verizon Wireless MTSO

Cleveland, Ohio July 2009 – July 2010

Duties included completing GPS Antenna relocations; DC Pwr. Buss Duct re-support and bracing as preliminary project phases to a $10 million

renovation project and two story building addition including two new standby generators and all new HVAC; AC Pwr. and complete renovation

of two MTSO’s. Construction start was delayed due to VZW reviews and cost center approvals. Phases completed when my 1yr. contract ended were as scheduled ceiling and preparations of systems removals for upgrades throughout the two switch facility. The new addition construction was complete for underground electrical/ plumbing/ grounding/fiber optics rough-in; existing roof and parapet renovations, structural upgrades and building addition floor slab. All activities required protecting the operation of the existing switches as the renovations and system upgrades were installed and completed. Duties have included working with design team, VZW managers and engineering toward completed plans - contractor selection and bid process.

Project Manager: Cricket Communications MSC/MTSO Sterling, Virginia July 2007 - January 2008

Responsibilities included new AC/DC Power systems complete with battery back up 850 Kw stand by genset with associated transfer switching, Inverted Power system Fire suppression systems (FM 200 gas,wet and pre-action). GPS antenna system, facility equipment grounding, fiber Optic cable installation (inside/outside routing), switch/DC rooms cable superstructure, equipment installation (Nortel & Cricket) and security systems. Civil construction requirements included new partition walls; concrete floors/pads, control room, HVAC systems for inhabited spaces and equipment cooling and dual lighting systems.

Contracted through Network Building & Consulting requested by Cricket.

Project Manager: Cricket Communications MSC/MTSO

Philadelphia, Pa. Feb. - May 2008

Managed switch facility civil build out of equipment rooms and offices.

Responsibilities included DC power plant w/back up battery reserve and Hydrogen detection system, new AC Electric service and standby 850 kw GenSet backup, Inverted Power system, HVAC cooling equipment, Fire Suppression systems (gas, wet and pre-action), GPS antenna system, facility equipment grounding, Fiber Optic cable installation (inside/outside routing), switch/DC rooms cables superstructure, equipment installation (Lucent & Cricket) and security systems.

Contracted through Network Building & Consulting as requested by Cricket.

Project Manager: Cricket Communications MSC/MTS

Charlotte, NC. Jan. - Feb. 2007 May - July 2007

Project required a facility assessment in order to develop the scope of work required for the switch expansion needed. Nortel equipment with existing Lucent.

Responsibilities included A/C Electric upgrade, additional IT equipment installation w/DC power circuits, two GPS antenna systems (switch equipment & (3) BTS cabinets, fiber optic patch panels, Dantel alarm system, facility temperature alarms, design and installation of new work station counter and shelves, and warehouse renovation/expansion.

Contracted through Broken Arrow Communications (Phase 1) & Payroll

Solutions, Inc. as requested by Cricket.

Project Manager: Cricket Communications MSC/MTSO

San Antonio, Tx. Houston, Tx. Austin, Tx. Dec. 2005 - July 2006

Cricket required three MSC’s to be built and operational during this time frame.

Managed switch facilities build out of equipment rooms and offices.

Responsibilities included DC power plant w/back up battery reserve and Hydrogen detection system, new A/C electric service and standby GenSet backup, Inverted power system, HVAC cooling equipment, Fire suppression systems (gas, wet and pre-action), GPS antenna systems, facility equipment grounding, Fiber optic cable installation (inside/outside routing), switch/DC rooms cables superstructure, equipment installation (Nortel & Cricket) and security systems.

Contracted with PCR Wireless and Payroll Solutions, Inc. for these Texas projects.

MLC Wireless Services: Bechtel / AT&T Project

N.J./ N.Y. (New York City) / Connecticut 2003 - 2004

Construction Manager - Safety Officer - Quality Control

Completed various equipment upgrades on AC & DC power systems including Argus and MCPA installations. Installed lines and antennas, Marconi and Argus cabinet E911 systems integrated with NOKIA equipment and multi radio cabinets (indoor & outdoor). Installations on roof-tops, water tanks and towers included structural upgrades for steel equipment platforms, towers, wave guide support bridges ice shield canopies and interior structural upgrades.

Communication Site Specialties: Owner/operator

Illinois - Ohio - Indiana - Kentucky 2002

Site mapping and audits. Site maintenance; repairs and alterations.

Construction Manager: Trintel Communications

Dallas, Texas Jan.- Nov. 2001

Responsible for site development and construction from land acquisition through qualifying for Federal, State and local municipalities requirements and/or studies necessary for permitting. Duties also included coordinating contractors; erecting towers, and placing communication equipment necessary for site and system completion in Ohio; Indiana, and Kentucky selected areas.

Construction Manager/ Field Operations

Southwest Virginia (Roanoke) Feb. - Nov. 2000

Responsible for site design standards; equipment shelters, power/telco, coordination of site specifics in order to construct raw land sites w/towers, roof top builds, water tanks and collocation builds to merge Triton PCS and Crown/Castle specifications.

Construction Superintendent: Professional Site Services

Pittsburgh, PA. July - Dec. 1999

Responsible for power assessments; site and equipment mapping in order to design and build 100 & 150KW generator pads w/ice canopy protection covers, generator placement; anchoring, grounding, and facility connections.

Construction Consultant: Midwest Wireless, Inc.

Martinsville, Danville, Lynchburg Va. Feb. - June 1999

Responsible for feasibility studies / site design and construction including power/telco delivery; equipment shelters, power mount applications on power transmission towers, water tanks, new and collocation towers, roof tops and tenant improvement installations for the Triton PCS/AT&T merge.

Construction/A-E Consultant: DKP Inc.

Hartford, Connecticut Feb. - July 1998

Responsible for construction review and activities; on site construction of ‘sensitive’ sites and field coordinators for the Northern region design and build in the Hartford, Connecticut region for Omni Point Communications. While here, I managed and built the only two sites completed without punch list items from the architects.

Construction Consultant/Lead Field Supervisor: Garrett & West, Inc.

Contracted to Ericsson Wireless/Boston, Ma. Jan. - Dec. 1997

Responsibilities included reviews of architectural AT& drawings, monitoring contract firms, and directing the activities of twelve field construction supervisors in my charge. I also ensured compliance with the engineering standards and specifications while ensuring a timely project completion for AT&T Boston.

Owner, Manager, Craftsman: Specialty Conceptions of Sevierville, Tennessee 1994 - 1997

Design and construction of custom residential; agricultural buildings, historical restorations, additions and custom cabinetry.

Construction Consultant, Butler Telecom (Dallas, Tx.)

Contracted to Ericsson/GE Shreveport, La. 1993 - 1994

Responsible for bid reviews; construction of new communication towers, purchasing and placement of equipment shelters, remodeling of existing buildings, engineer sampling of materials and communication equipment installation.

Duties included working with project directors on site and building design; propagation study reviews, and budget concerns. Project was for the Southwestern Electric Power Company EDACS specialized radio system upgrade.

Supervisor/Coordinator: Telecom Specialty Services (Seattle, Wa.)

Washington, Oregon 1992

Responsible for tower construction, raw land site development, road

building and turn-key communication systems.

Construction Supervisor: Garrett & West, Inc.

Los Angeles, Ca. 1988 - 1991

Contracted to Ericsson Radio Systems on the L.A. Cellular project in Los Angeles, Ca.. Responsible for constructing communication towers; raw land site development, tenant improvements, roof top sites and equipment installations for both L.A. Cellular and Bakersfield Cellular under turn-key requirements. I was twice awarded employee of the month honors.

Construction Foreman 1972 - 1988

Various projects within the civil construction industry on residential, commercial and industrial building assignments.



Graduate: High School Diploma



Awarded a baseball scholarship



ARGUS Technologies Pathfinder 3kw rectifier system SM02 Power System Controller

training class – 2003

First Aid – CPR certification – 2003 / 4

Bechtel Safety Training Conference – 2003 (MLC Safety Officer)

Andrew Corp. transmission lines & connector Training Class – 2003

Liebert Corp. HVAC Equipment Training

Fike Fire Protection Equipment/Systems Training

Emerson Network Power equipment training

GNB Absolyte Batteries

Lucent Technologies & Nortel Switch Equipment installation training

*References :

Bill Atkins: Architect for Cricket Communications


Larry Kiesel: Switch Manager – Cleveland, Oh.


Bob Pisaneschi: Operations Mgr.

Lewis Center, Oh.

Ed Mason: owner Broken Arrow Communications


Gray HancockWireless Regional MGR.( Mastec)

Chief Engineer on Cricket communications: MTSO builds

Regional Manager for Mastec Network Services Division


Tracy Reeves: Switch Mgr. VZW Shreveport, LA.


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