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Engineer Process

Roswell, GA, 30075
$85000 per year
August 24, 2012

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Professional Experience

Feb **** – Today

Assistant Engineering Manager.

San Luis Metal Forming, San Luis Potosí, SLP (Cosma International)

Stamping, Hot Stamping and Assembly Facility.

• Manage (3) Program Managers for the launch of the GM Gamma & Nissan L12F (Sentra) programs from award of business to launch

• Support the development of process, design & developed assembly lines from the concept to the production floor as well for Stamping dies (progressive and Transfer).

• Develop and support the hiring of the engineering department.

• Follow up the plant construction from the project management process.

• Follow up the design and construction of 250 Die Sets in conjunction with the program managers.

• Responsible to process, quote and develop new business in addition to the current awarded.

• To put in place all the engineering systems required to support an operational division from the engineering portion.

• Develop all the process and quote new business opportunities. (Process, Lay Out, Capacity, Etc.)

• Generate, control budget for the different projects and department area.

• Coordinate all the documentation related to Flow Diagrams, PFMEA, Lean Mfg., and Stamping Process Sheets.

• Develop Training to educate new team members in the Cosma/Magna Culture.


• K2XX Program Processed, quoted and awarded that ended with a satellite facility for General Motors Silao Complex.

• Reprocess the entire assembly concept line due customer volume reduction to optimize capital usage.

• Developed Program Management Plan for hot stamping line that has been followed to have smooth launch.

• MRD1 assemblies supplied from plant floor instead of integrator supplier, gaining knowledge for the startup of the plant.

• Full PPAP on schedule as per customer requirements in the 100% of the finished goods.

• Creation of Project Management Plan for Hot Forming Line as a program pilot to establish a professional way to execute projects.

Aug 2002 – Jan 2011 Program Manager Sr.

Formex Automotive Industries Ramos Arizpe Coah. (Cosma International)

Stamping, Hot Forming, Hydroforming, Roll forming and Assembly Facility.

Strengthened company's business by leading implementation of several projects during this period of time within budget, time and not quality issues, high customer satisfaction proved. Trained, coached and mentored staff to ensure smooth adoption of new program. (Cosma Project Management Process) some of the business processed quoted and awarded are:

GMT 345 Hydroform X Mbr TFA Front Cradle Hydroform

DC/DM Heavy Duty Frame CD4 Hydorform, roll form and Hot Stamping package

K2XX Light Duty Frame GMT 900 Light Duty Frame

Hot Stamping Line Project

Insource tubes for hydroforming process GMT 900 Frame (general Motors)

• Development of a new tube supplier and supplier change for Hydro formed tubes (Carbon Steel), develop of new steel contracts with Algoma, Serviacero Worthington, Ternium, etc, sourcing of 32,000 MT Steel /Year, validation of tube process with different suppliers that ending in a smooth transition from current supplier Arcelor Mittal to Nova Steel that ended in a new tube facility in Mexico.

• Responsible to develop the supply chain for steel and tubes (finish good) from 3 different suppliers in the US and 3 within Mexico.

• Development of validation process for the new source of steel and process.

• PPAP and validation process with GM and Suppliers.


• Follow up closely with tube Supplier, construction of new plant and launching tube facility within time.

• Savings up to $500K USD in slitting master coils in conjunction with Customer for roll formed tubes (structural tubes)

• Savings in transportation up to$ 800K USD developing a strategy to ship by intermodal with UPDS, UP and CN.

• Full PPAP in MY changeover for the new tube supplier with no quality issues at all.

GMT 900 PU Frame 543 Project (General Motors)

• Re-Process one entire frame line to accommodate new frame in the existing place and increase the capital utilization.

• Process and accommodate the line to run 2 different products in manual mode.

• Developed and rolled out consolidation center in Canada to the supply chain for 543 PU project.

• Follow up on the construction of racks for new fleet size to supply components to Mexico for this program.

• Process Review, Design and build locally in Mexico with US Supplier to optimize implementation time of new process.

• Budget Control, Changes Control, Risk Management, Communications Plans, Quality Plan, Human Resources Plan

• Coordinate all the documentation related to Flow Diagrams, PFMEA, Lean Mfg., and Stamping Process Sheets.


• Savings up to 4.5 M USD in transportation costs

• Launch PU 543 Program within 100 days obtaining Full PPAP and R@R at the same time

• No customer complaints during this launch.

• Capital re usage almost 100% from line converted to PU frame.

DC & DM Heavy Duty frame Program (Chrysler)

• Develop process and quote heavy duty frame with a new concept for a low volume and high mix.

• Follow up construction of assembly lines and dies construction.

• Develop prototype tools and process for

• Coordinate the all activities related to the DVP&R for the DC& DM frame with Defiance Testing and Vehma Engineering.

• Support all the activities related to approve PSO on timely manner.

• Perform executive review monthly with Customer, Cosma and the Plant as per customer procedure for frames programs.

• Full interaction with designer and customer in product development during the project phase.

• Budget Control, Changes Control, Risk Management, Communications Plans, Quality Plan, Human Resources Plan

• Develop and Support all the Home Line Try Outs for dies and PPAP.


• Launch on time with Zero Quality Issues, Program budget under control and launch on time.

• Full manual line with a low capital investment and new concept for low volumes and high mix.

• Heavy Duty frame become a benchmark for lean manufacturing purposes.

• A Base supplier developed for low volumes.

GMT 900 Process Lead Engineer

• Develop with cross functional team the transition plan for the GMT800 program to the GMT900 Program.

• Develop and validate process for Line #1 and 2 to make them reversible to support the Ramp up and Ramp down of both programs in the same time.

• Equipment re location and lines preparation to receive new tooling to manufacture 2 frame generations.

• Support PPAP activities and PTR; for both programs.

• Develop and process Pony line to produce frames for the GMT 800 as a service parts.


• No major quality issues during transition.

• To maintain running 3 lines with 2 different programs to supply to 3 different assembly plants.

GMT 800 Product & Process Lead Engineer

• Coordinate quotation and implementation of all engineering changes.

• Liaison between the Customer Design Engineering, Assembly plants and supplier for all engineering changes.

• PTR’s coordination and implementation.

• Responsible to conduct VA/VE workshops and implement ideas to contribute to the LTA’s of the plant.

• Coordinate and validate balance operation as part of the Continuous Improvement Program.

• Implement cost reduction ideas.

• Generate and maintain process documentation flow diagrams, PFMEA, Visual aids, etc.


• Support in thane floor and process changes to achieve 875,000 frames in one year (record).

• Shipping Optimization increasing packing density in frames with up to 1.5M USD savings.

April 2000 – Aug 2002 Manufacturing Manager

Victor Equipment Company (A Thermadyne Company) Hermosillo, Son Mex.

• Coordinate all the activities related to the startup of a new company in México, for the assembly operations.

• Develop and perform hiring plan.

• Coordinate shipping and receiving assembly equipment.

• Develop all the work instructions for assembly and quality.

• Develop training plan and ramp up for production.

• Helped achieve company goals by supporting production team members.

• Responsible for the assembly, quality and maintenance areas.


• ISO certification within 6 months after the first assembly was produced.

• Backlog in orders reduced to zero during the first 6 months of operations.

• Tooling Change Over in bending tube machine was set as a benchmark in the corporation.

Sep 1998 – Apr 2000 Process Engineer

Formex Automotive industries (Cosma Body& Chassis Systems)

• Validate welding process for the GMT 800 Frame Program.

• In charge of the process for the Rear, Final and Subs lines.

• Follow up assembly line construction with assembly lines integrator.

• Quote and implement engineering Changes.

• Maintain update all the weld drawing and process sheets.

• Coordinate the buy-off of the cells and shipping.

• Installation, try out and PPAP at home line.

May 1990 – Sep 1998 Product Specialist

Ford Motor Company( Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly Plant)

• CT 120 Launch Team, responsible for launch the Bolt up and metal finish area

• Coordinate the training for team member is Mazda Japan.

• Follow and cascade training for all the bolt on parts Hood, fenders, lift gate, deck lid and doors.

• Coordinate the ramp up activities before Job 1.

• CT 20 Enhancement Team. Responsible to increase the throughput of the body shop areas from 28 to 32 JPH balancing operations and with the increase of stations and capital equipment.

• CT 20 Product specialist for different production areas, production, quality metrics, balanced operations, budget control, safety, etc.


January 2011 Professional Project Management (PMP) Project Management Institue.(PMI)

1988 – 1995 Industrial Engineer Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo

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